Your Purpose In Life

Beloved one, let’s talk about your purpose in this lifetime. It is not by accident that you have chosen this incarnation. It is not by accident that you find a lot of things in upheaval. It is not by accident that you have come to till the soil of ones who want to awaken but do not know how.

You have been in training in this lifetime, and you have brought certain characteristics from other lifetimes which help you relate to the brothers and sisters. You have brought a certain knowing, maybe even at what you would call the unconscious or subconscious level of mind, that influences how you look at something, at least at first. Then you bring to bear what you have read, studied, heard in this lifetime to see where you are going with the message that you came to share.

Your purpose in this lifetime is to help, to aid, to augment the awakening, the awareness of divinity, first of all within yourself, but as you are doing that, it is contagious. It spreads to other ones. As it was two thousand years ago, I had a message. I had a purpose. I came with a message that you are the Christ incarnate. You are love, and you are divine. And in truth, you have never been separate from your Source—capital “S”.

You come here as an extension of the Source, of your divinity. Sometimes you know it. Sometimes you act on it; a lot of times you do not. A lot of times you are so focused on what is right in front of you that it is hard for you to see the larger picture. That is why I often tell you that it is a good idea to spend some quiet time in meditation and quiet time in nature.

You do not have to do a formal type of meditation. That is good, if you want to do that, but you can just allow yourself to expand into the frequency of nature, expand into the frequency of the trees, of the plants, of the flowing water; expand into that frequency and own it for yourself. Know that truly you are the one making it right at the moment that you see it.

There could be someone standing next to you and they would not see the river; hard to believe, because you say it is quite obvious. It is right there. But it is a very individual thing that you see and interpret.

Frequencies are all around you. Frequencies are different colors. Sometimes even with the human eyes you can pick up certain frequencies and see the different colors, as in the rainbow. There you have frequency of energy coming forth, being obvious as different colors, and you see those different colors with the human eyes.

All around you right now are frequencies. You could be hooked up to one of your technological machines that would show you your frequency.

And if someone came to you and said that your most beloved pet had just been hit by an automobile, your frequency would change. Or if they came to you and said, “You have the winning ticket in the lottery, and you are a multi-millionaire,” your frequency would change. You could feel the frequency change and you could see it; it would be registered on one of your technological inventions.

Every moment when you are quiet, every moment when you are caught up in energy and there is something really going on, your frequency changes. Others can feel this. That is why you are drawn to ones of like frequency, why you are drawn to ones who are happy, because their frequency is where you want to be. It feels good, it feels lighter. Ones who are sometimes into more heavy frequency, you love them, but you do not always want to be in that frequency. Even if you are not having it measured, you can feel it.

Two thousand years ago I came with a message. I came to tell you that you are love, that you are Light, that you are the extension of the divine Source of energy, and that truly, even while you are activating a body, you can know your Source. You can know the surge—let us put it that way—of energy, when you come to the place of knowing love of Self, and I do not mean selfish love, but love of Self— capital “S”—where you take hold of the truth of your being and go forward with that in a happy way.

That is what I am charging you with now: take hold of the joy of being. When you look at your beloved pet and your heart opens, that is what I am talking about. When you are looking upon the innocence of the beloved pet—and sure, they have their certain traits that they use to get you to do things that they want you to do, but they are truly innocents walking on four feet or flying with the wings or swimming in the water, however they go. They are Love incarnate, the same as you are.

But oftentimes humankind is looking so outside to see various frequencies of what is going on that there needs to be a calling back of, “Okay, come and focus upon the divine Self that you are.” Know that truly you do not take one step unless you use the divine frequency that you are. You cannot live and move without being the divine person that you are, the divine example. So it behooves you to come up higher, to come up to that place where you truly know your worth.

Many in your world at this time do not know their worth. They do not know the divinity from whence they have come. They do not know that they can be happy. They have been taught from the time that they have been very little that they should try harder, and they take the message from that that they are not the best, not perfect, because obviously they are supposed to try harder to be the best.

But already they are being the best that they know how. Even when they are throwing a temper tantrum, they are coming to a place of saying, “I am not happy with self,” and they are acting it out. But they want to be happy with self, and they want to have someone who can be the presence of calm, the presence of divine being with them to show them the way.

I have been called a way-shower, and I am. But you also are a way-shower, and you have come into this lifetime charged with a job to do, to be a wayshower, to show how you can live the human life and be happy in it, how you can be the human life and be excited about it, how you can live the human life and love each and every one you come in contact with, even if they seem at first not too lovable.

But you can love them. And by loving them, you love yourself, because there is no separation. When the eyes of a human fall upon another human, it is an opportunity to abide in love, to be in the place of exalted being, out of the world voice for a moment or so, long enough to rise up in the frequency that you are. That is what you really want to be. That is what you really want to do.

You want to be in the space of exalted love, the place that knows, “Hey, I am okay,” and you are. “I am the emissary of love. I am helping others recognize what good there is in life.” Because, as I have said, many do not recognize that there is good in human life. They see only the faults and the failings, and they often turn that back on themselves, and then they are not happy and no one around them is happy.

But you can look through to the center of their being. You can help them with words, with a smile, with encouragement to know that truly there is something good about an incarnation. And there is; there is much that is good about an incarnation.

You have signed up because this is a very important time. It is a choice time for humankind. It is a choice time where many will be making choice as to whether they go forward or they go backward. The stakes are that high. If they do not make choice to go forward, they will slip backwards.

You have said before the incarnation, “Send me; I will go. I will be the voice calling in the wilderness. I will be the voice that speaks of love. I have come through my tests and trials to the place where I know that there is choice, and I make choice to live in the Light.”

You have come through lifetimes of darkness. You have come through times even in this lifetime when there has been darkness as you perceived it. But you have come through to this time right now where you are claiming your purpose, where you are being consciously aware of your purpose, and where you are living from the place of love, the place of Light.

You have chosen already to make choice in this time as example for other ones. Whenever something comes to your awareness, pause for a moment. Do not rush, but take a deep breath and ask, “What is truly going on here?” Someone is being unhappy. Someone is acting out from a place of unwholeness, a place where there is sorrow and judgment.

In that moment, hold them in Light. In that moment, stop, breathe, hold them in Light. They will wonder what you are doing, and you will smile. And you will say, “I know how worthy you are. I know that you have value. You have value to me because you are my friend. You have value to me because we walk together.” You will find words to say to them, because you will know their value.

You have all had training in this lifetime to bring you to this point that is going to be and is most necessary for the Light. I cannot emphasize that enough. This is, in your next six months, the most wondrous choice point—point of choice—for you and for the brothers and sisters. It is no small thing. And you have said, “I am ready.” Even before the incarnation, you said, “I am ready. Send me. I will go.”

You see, before an incarnation you meet with what you would see to be masters. You meet with a council of ones who are of the Light, and you formulate in rough outline what you are going to do in the incarnation, in the next lifetime that you have; not all the details, because you have free choice as to details, but the overall has been chosen before you do the incarnation. The overall has already been planned, and you have said, “Yes,” to it.

You have said, “I will do whatever it takes,” as far as training. This can be formal training or it can be informal training, just by all the choices and the learning, in broad terms, that you do in a lifetime. And your learning, as you know, comes from various avenues: the books you read, the people you associate with, the classes you take, the experiences that you come through. That has been training.

Each one is an expert in something, and many times it is more than one thing. You are an expert at seeing where another person may be hurting. You are an expert in seeing the Light, even the tiniest spark of Light that one himself/herself does not see, but you see it for them. It is always there. You can find it. And that is the greatest gift of all that you can give to another one: to see their Light, to find the spark of Light that they are, and then to mirror it back to them, however they will understand it.

That is what you have signed up for, and it is no small thing. You have felt this already, because you have been through some of the upheavals and the knocks that you have taken from the world, and it is no small thing. You have said, “I am strong enough. I will go to hell and back—and you have in your lifetime; you have known moments of hell—and to heaven. I will know how it feels to be in the depths of hell and to wonder, “Is there any reason to keep on?” And then at a certain small point within you, there has come the still small Voice which has said, “There is reason. You are the Light.” And you have started the upward climb at that point.

You have come through wondrous training, and not only formal training, but the training of the world that says there is a language that the brothers and sisters understand, and it is the language of support, of friendship. Sometimes they may be a very hard acorn to crack, but you do not give up on them. You see their Light. You see what can be, and you keep believing in them. You keep knowing that they are of that divine spark of Light, and you encourage the Light as often as you can. You encourage it by being the Light yourself, which draws out the Light of other ones and allows them to see that perhaps for one more day, one more hour, they can keep on keeping on. Because many of the brothers and sisters, as you have seen, especially in this time, which is a choice point time, are wondering, “Is there anything worth living for?” You come along and look them in the eye, and underneath you say, “I believe in you.” You may even say it in words: “I believe in you.”

That, my dear one, my beloved one, turns everything around, when you say to another person, “I believe in you. I know who you are. I know what you’re made of.” They may want to toss it off, because they have not heard it before; they do not know it. But you keep on being friends, and they may try very, very hard to push you away. Because, you see, if they acknowledge that they are the Light, then they have to begin acting like the Light, and they have to, from time to time, put a smile on the face. And maybe that has not been in their training. Maybe it feels very strange to them.

But you keep on smiling at them and keep believing in them, and you keep on being their friend, and then they say, “Well, if he believes in me… well, I don’t really think he’s wrong, but….” They get to examining themselves to find a little bit of Light, and you encourage them. You ask them, “What makes you happy? What makes you feel that you are worth something?”

“Well, absolutely nothing. I was told from the time that I was very little that I wasn’t worth anything. Nobody knew why I was here incarnate.” And you say, “Yes, but that was then, and this is now, and I believe in you. I know the job that you have come to do, and I know it’s tough, but I believe in you, and I know you can do it.”

“Okay, well, all right.” You see, you speak to another one straight and say to them, “I know you can do it. I know you’re here for a reason, a very good reason. I know”—however you want to put this in words—“our Father does not make junk. You have heard that saying. I know it is very true. There’s something about you that is worth a lot. I see it. I know it. I believe in you.”

Ones at that point can run, but they will come back, or they can say, “Well, why?” And then you begin to enumerate what you see of Light about them. There is truth of Light about each person. There is something that you can find that you can elaborate on, you can tell them. And that can mean the difference between life and death; death at the soul level, where they go back to sleep.

The job that you agreed to before the incarnation was to go through human life so that other brothers and sisters could see you as human, because they see that you have come through the tests and the trials; life has not been entirely easy for you. And you have come through to a place where you can believe in something good.

When they see that you have come through the tests and the trials, they have opportunity for choice. You cannot make that choice for them. You would certainly like to, and I would. Two thousand years ago I would like to have been able to choose for all of the ones. But I put it out there and I said, “Your life is worth more than you know. What you are living is worth more than you know. You are expanding into everlasting life that is good; not everlasting hell, but everlasting heaven. You can have it, even if you have not the golden coins, even if you have not the body that works, the legs that work, the eyes that work; you still have life,” I said to them.

And while there is life, you have choice, and you can choose for happiness. Even if you do not have all of the worldly goods—in fact, worldly goods sometimes get in the way— even if you do not have everything that supposedly makes you rich, you have life and you are rich, because you have life. And you can go forward, moment by moment, believing in the best of yourself.

Even when you are down and it seems to be the very lowest point, there is always someone who believes in you, and you are to be that person for others.

That is what you signed up for, and it is not too bad a deal: to be the Light to others. You have been in darkness; you know how heavy it feels to be in darkness. You know how heavy it feels to have everything taken away from you, and yet the one thing that you cannot have taken away from you is life; you keep on living. Even if you decease the body, you keep on living.

And I say unto you, for those who would do away with the body, that does not do away with consciousness; sorry. But ones who do annihilate the body find themselves to be still alive, and they also find themselves at a choice point: “What am I going to do now?” Because there is consciousness, there is consciousness. There is knowing. There is choice.

Even if you do not have the body, you are still life. You are you going to choose over and over, until finally you choose for life and you say, “Okay, I’ve had enough of being at the bottom of everything. I’ve had enough of that.” And you begin to look up.

All of you have been at that place, either in this lifetime or another, where you have been at the bottom level, could not sink any farther, and then you have made choice to come up, to look up. And oftentimes there has been someone right there beside you to help you. Because, you see, there is no separation, and when you call out for help, there has to be an answer. And you, quite often, can be the answer to another one’s prayer, to another one’s desperate prayer.

That is what you have come for. I want you to hear that deeply. I want you to hear, because you have wondered. You have wondered, “Why am I here? I’m doing all the right things, but it doesn’t seem quite enough.” And that is because every day brings you opportunity to be Who you are, to share the Light.

Every day of every incarnation and every day past an incarnation, there is opportunity for choice. There is opportunity for Light. There is opportunity for the expanded heart; the one heart that lives in love and knows only love. When you get to that place, there is ecstasy. When you get to that place—and you can touch that while you are incarnate; you can touch that place of ecstasy where you know, “My God, I am more than I ever thought myself to be. My God.” And I use those words advisedly, because truly that is your GodSelf answering you.

Do you feel the energy? That is what this message is all about, about feeling the energy, the God energy that runs through you, and to come truly alive in it, to know that truly, “I am made of God stuff. I am made to give the smile, the Light to other ones. That is what I signed up for. I wondered why I was here. I kept asking, ‘Why am I here? Why am I still here?’” Well, because your job is not finished yet. Because there are ones who need to see the Light, ones who need to see the love, ones who come to you and ask, “What is life all about? Why am I still here? What should I be doing?”

As we have said many times, there is no “should” except for choice, what you choose in each moment to feel, to live, and to share. Choose wisely, because if you do not, you will have another time of choosing. Because our Father, the GodSelf of us, is always giving, always offering opportunity for love, for knowing and experiencing and expressing All that It is.

And when you get to the place of expressing All that It is, you will have done your job. But once you have done your job, I will share with you, you do not stop. You come back to do it again and again, because it feels so good, because it is your own awakening, it is your own choice to choose for love, to choose for life, and to choose for happiness, the exalted happiness of knowing that I am Light. “Hey, well, that feels good. Yes, I like bouncing around as the Light. That feels good. I want to share it.”

So you get really turned on by it, and all those around you either have to put on the sunshades because you are so bright, or they join you in the Light. More and more brothers and sisters are going to be joining you, because this lifetime, this next six months is a choice time when many will be making choice: whether they will keep on with the pattern of darkness or they will choose for the Light. And because you have come through experiences of darkness, you can speak to them. You can example to them how it feels to be Light and how you know and believe in them, because you know what they are made of.

In the next six months of your timing you are going to be very turned on, because it is most necessary. In the next six months, especially, you are going to see opportunity to live, to love, to be Light. And what happens after six months? Ah, that is up to you. It has not been written.

But I will join you there. Never do you walk alone. Always I walk with you. Always I whisper into your ear. I tell you a funny, a story, a joke, an easy way of looking at something. And before you know it, you are smiling, you are laughing, you are saying, “Ha, okay, that’s kind of a funny thought. I like that.”

We walk together.

So be it.

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Two Deep Fears

I am Mary Magdalene. I kneel down before you with admiration and respect for what you do on Earth. You are opening up new paths of consciousness and you are doing that while still carrying the burden of the past within you. Old pain and anxiety come up precisely because new ways of consciousness are entering into your awareness, into your body, and into your emotions.

In the actual creating of new paths of consciousness, you heal the old pain. It seems as if this should have happened in the past – you have been on Earth so many times before – but it was not possible to create new paths then. There was still too much consciousness trapped in the old institutions of power and authority, and people were imprisoned by their fear for survival – by anxiety on the physical plane – or by fear of being socially ostracized.

These fears run very deep in people. If you do not know who you are, if you are immersed in the structures of unconsciousness that are maintained by society, then you believe you are your body, and fear for survival touches you in your deepest core: to die means to be destroyed. Then very deep impulses arise to resist, and that can lead you to destroy another person, if necessary, to ensure your survival. It is a basic primitive fear. Then there is also the fear of being ostracized socially, of no longer belonging to the group. That, too, is a very deep fear in people.

If you are not aware of your soul self, your divine core, then you think that: a) you are your body, and that b) you are a socially shaped personality in that body. The personality, which is formed through social influences from the past, was and still is being shaped by fear. You want to belong to the group; you want to be accepted by other people. There is a helpless part in each person that wants to be supported, approved of, and embraced. This is the part of you that wants to belong, and that part is still very strong in every person.

You have only just emerged from a way of thinking and living that was dominated by power and powerlessness, from domination by fear. Feel in yourself, in your own energy field, where those old energies are still working. Feel it intuitively. See if there are gray or even darker areas visibly at work in your aura or in your body. Feel those old energies at work, such as anxiety, exaggerated obedience, fear for survival, and fear of being rejected and lonely, of being alone. These are the two greatest fears that limited people in days gone by.

The transition to the new takes time. You can well imagine that, in order to let go of old fears, there is much work to be done in order to really come to trust in heart-consciousness, in a new consciousness that says: you are not only your body. Your body is a part of you, a precious part in which you live temporarily and through which you express yourself. But you are so much more than that. You are a soul-consciousness; you are a living light that is independent of physical and material forms. What a leap in consciousness that is! And perhaps an even bigger leap is that you are free of social coercion. Because social coercion, belonging to the group, often moves people to the lowest vibrational level: crowd- consciousness. It is often the case that what dominates a group or a crowd, a power structure or a person, calls up the greatest fears in people and manipulates them.

These fears are the two greatest obstacles that people experienced in the days past. And because of those fears, people go down to the we-space of belonging, which opposes other people or something outside their group. So you then begin to think in terms of “us versus them”; it becomes vital to belong to your group. The fear then must always be confirmed, along with its justified remedies: the way to deal with those fears include violence and dominance toward those outside the group. These themes have come to the surface very strongly at this time, as you can see in the world around you.

A greater consciousness is called for now, one that connects and sees the sameness in all other people, even though they come from a totally different environment with a different history and a different culture. See what we share in the other person, even when that person is very different. That is the task of this time, both on an inner level and also between countries and cultures. That is the big breakthrough that will heal this world. And the biggest step toward that healing is to let go your identification with the body and with your socially formed personality; to rise above those identifications and to again recognize the call of your soul. Your soul tells you that anything is possible, while the fear in you insinuates that very little is possible, that you need to protect yourself, for example, against others or against diseases. But the soul that lives in you is brave and strong, it transcends limitations.

I would like to say to you, the person to whom I speak, that you have already, through many lives and for a very long time, helped to increase consciousness on Earth. Before this life, you already tasted the feeling of unity of which I speak: the fact that you are more than your body; the feeling of being one with another, even though the other comes from a very different background. You already know the feeling of wanting to rise above class and social status, even though this energy was not always welcome on Earth. It was a learning process for you to have to deal with the difference between how you feel and think, and how the world around you feels and thinks, or how the majority of people perceive things. And do not forget that a lot of people would like to think otherwise, would like to feel differently, because no one is happy being in the grip of fear, no one wants that.

What is happening during this time is that an increasing number of people have had enough of a life based on fear. There is now so much new energy in the Earth’s atmosphere – such a feeling of possibility that things can be different – that people are waking up. And certainly the young, the new generations that are now being born on Earth, more and more taste this new energy that you have carried with you for centuries, and they take less and less pleasure in the old ways. But from the perspective of the existing patterns of thought, this energy of the new generation is seen as wild, not fitting into the established norms, as chaotic or leading to behavioral problems. Yet this energy contains the birthing pangs; something new wants to be born.

I now come to the main point of this talk. You are here as mentors, to serve as the midwives for the birth of this new energy in this time. However, this requires a lot from you because you still carry within you the traumas of misjudgement and rejection: you know what it is to be judged for your new ideas. It is part of your legacy to be socially isolated, to be different, and it has left emotional wounds in you from the day you were born. In fact, they were in you even before this life began.

Now is the time when you will be asked to come out of your shell, to show yourself; to help with the new energy that now mainly manifests itself through the young people and to guide them, as it were. You can be a channel because you have a deep understanding of both the old and the new. You stand with one leg in the old, and you have become wounded by the old, so you are able to have compassion for people who are afraid to be rejected and lonely. You also have compassion for people who are terrified to die because they believe there is nothing other than this physical body. Your consciousness has been expanded, precisely because you have had to live and work in the dark, and therefore you are the ones who can be a bridge between the old and the new.

And so I appeal to you. I ask you to take your natural place, although I know how much this effort can cost you. You have become so used to thinking there is no place for you that you feel completely worn out by the effort. But it is just at that point that you are brought to the task. When you are at the point where you think: “I give up, there is nothing more I can do”, then that becomes the turning point when you can finally allow whatever will happen to flow through you. You surrender your personal will, your ideas on how you think things should be, and you allow yourself to move along with the flow of your soul.

The power you have developed, and also the pain you have suffered, have in some way broken your ego. And it is a painful process, because every ego is opposed to pain and to being broken. Yet this is the only way, because the pain and the trauma you carry with you are, in a sense, part of the way. When you really feel this pain, and you surround it with compassion, you let go. You become, in a sense, willing to “die”, because of the knowledge that something greater is carrying you. You surrender to your deepest and truest core, and you no longer struggle with the earthly reality.

You also give up trying to convince others, because you have truly become yourself. You are no longer here to change others and also no longer here to change yourself: you are just being you. And this is exactly the bridge function that is your natural place. It is what I mean when I say: taking your natural place. Have compassion for yourself and the old pain that remains in your life, and let healing just happen. By seeing this process as part of your way, and leaving the old pain there, healing will take place by itself. You will be helped from all sides. Everything that aspires to life and growth and joy wants to be of service to you: guides, helping forces from the universe. You just have to be willing to take your natural place and say to yourself: “I will no longer live according to fear. The fears may still be there, but I’m more, much more than that. And I remind myself of that every day.”

Then you will see that life brings you to the place where you belong, where you feel well, where you can experience joy and gladness. To be a lightworker, the bringer of change, no longer needs to be a heavy duty and full of agony. That belongs to the past and is no longer your destiny. The road to the new also means for you a new birth: in peace with the Earth and where you take your place in a natural way.

And finally, see if those words, “taking your natural place”, spontaneously bring up pictures in your mind. Maybe places from your daily life come to mind; or situations, or pursuits, or maybe something rises up as a possibility for the future. Where do you feel really relaxed and happy? Those are the places where you can let your energy flow naturally. See if someone calls out to you; maybe it is the face of someone you know. Or maybe an environment appears in your mind’s eye; is there anywhere that invites you, in a happy way, to go there? And do not be afraid to try out things, because there is a lot of room for free play.

To come into your power is coming home on Earth as who you are and taking your place here. It sounds very simple, but it is the culmination of a long journey that you have created as a soul. I ask you to surrender to that place; it is no longer that far away. Thank you so much for your attention.

Mary Magdalene

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The Phenomenal Acceleration of Mind in October 2016

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Lord Adama brings forth his weekly lesson to talk about Wave-X along with all higher accelerations that are occurring so that we can balance the energies and accept the changes we are experiencing.

~ Rev. Christine Meleriessee, Integrative Channel

Greetings My Friends,

It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian and Agarthian Councils of Light opening up the energies of all the Agarthian Cities and the network we are all a part of.

Once again we are in the midst of great changes through the higher frequencies of Light coming into the planetary levels making adjustments and changes within the planet and within all of us.

As we stand in this cornerstone of light frequency of Wave-X, we have to understand what these higher frequency alignments represent.

They are coming into Gaia, in the core of her substance which is her crystalline system to emit these energies through all the kingdoms within her domain which includes each of us in human form. As this energetic exchange comes into each individual, it will make you feel quite different in many ways because this frequency of light is a 7th dimensional level. As always as what I have shared previously, it is a vortex of energy coming into your system and through it to help you make the necessary changes within your lives, and your pathway. That is why so many individuals that are not aware of these energies are going through great physical issues and ailments because of the debris they have held in their consciousness within their Etheric Body is going through their four-body system.

Now for each of you that are desiring to be in a higher state of excellence each of your bodies are being affected also. It relates to your lessons and what you learn in your daily life, in your physical consciousness, and how you are able to ascertain what is occurring for you from the higher realms and what is actualizing in the physical realm.

These planetary alignments are opportunities for more growth to occur. I hear so many lightworkers say that they are challenged and hurting during these times of acceleration. But each of you has a responsibility to your own self-healing. No one can do it for you. Others can show you the way. We, as the masters can assist you, but in truth you are the one that is the driver of your vehicle. You are the one that decides which turn to take, which road to travel upon, and when it is time to sit and rest.

These are all important elements to consider as we are working within the Law of Relativity. We have to understand that this energetic exchange that is coming into the planet is not changing the planet into a 7th dimension. It is a trial run.

It is moments of time that is occurring at the end of this month to allow every living organism upon and within the planet to experience a higher realm of light within their consciousness and hopefully, within their physical actualization of those energies. That will depend upon the elements that are arising, how much work that needs to be done within those elements, and if you can hold that energy physically.

It is also a great time of healing. It is a powerful time of manifestation of what you have been desiring to receive can come to you during this time. It is about the synchronization of elements coming into a movement. It is like a flow of a river which has been roaring across rocks with small waterfalls that come into a place of complete serenity. It arrives into the space where the water is running and flowing down for all elements to come together. As the rocks, the trees, the sun, the water and the elements within the water come into a pure existence of serenity, of acceptance.

This is actually what can happen during this time if you allow it to be.

During the times of high accelerations, it is important to be in the flow of what is occurring. I want you to consider what is occurring for you within your life.

What has happened to you through this process and are there any other elements that need to come into the synchronization of the moment?

Is there a flowing energy occurring for you in any of the phases of your life?

And how is this effecting you emotionally and mentally?

At this mid-point stage through the end of the energetic alignment, there can be many issues that are occurring.

As this energy comes in, it can be disruptive as it opening up those centers, the elements within your system that need to be healed, that need to be purged. The most important part of this process is to accept the healing, to accept the change that needs to occur as you realize within yourself that you are going through a transformation and there is always a transitionary phase from one part unto another before that transformation can occur.

It is representative of moments of time coming into completion, coming into the circumference of all elements being the same and allowing them to be part of your experience.

As you sit in the middle of the energy and it starts to come towards you, it spins around you, notice what is occurring for you in all phases.

What is happening for your physically, what happening you emotionally, what is happening within your thought processes and how your think?

What is occurring for you in your soul body of light?

What healing is happening to you?

I know many of you concentrate on the purging that don’t have the realization within yourself that you are becoming someone different. This is very, very important. You must have a stabilization period after you go through purging so that the body can readjust. Not just within the body but all of your internalizations of your emotions, and your thoughts so that the Etheric Body can become one within the physical body.

As this energy comes through you, you vibrate at a different level through this process. Depending upon how well you can ground it, you can become part of those energies in any of your bodily functions. So part of your emotional body can heal the different levels and it will bring forth the ability to understand what you are experiencing.

This brings us to the Law of Relativity. We have to look at this energetic exchange and not just because of Wave-X, or the moon cycles. We are coming upon the New Moon. This is all part of the realization that all things are coming into Oneness. But it must be within each of us individually, first and foremost before it can happen as a Universal or Earth Consciousness.

These are important elements to remember as you are going through these high accelerations. Don’t be so negative in what you are experiencing and don’t allow yourself to get into that phase you are continually ripping yourself apart by finding more that needs to come out of you. You have to find those periods of stabilization as they are the moment that you ground that higher energy into your physical self. If you continually move from one negative element unto another to purge, what happens in between?

There is no space for any adjustment to occur. It truly has to be a process, otherwise you will put yourself into a state of frenzy, you will be in those negative emotions. You will continually think that is who you are and you are not changing at all.

So it is really imperative through these stages to write in your journal;

“Today I purged my insecurity issues representative of my relationship with my co-workers. I saw how I was different. I really want to affirm within myself, that is who I am becoming”

What happens if you just go to another lesson that occurs when you have not learned the lesson. It means that you have not grounded that energy, and that it needs to be repeated until you step away from the old energy to become the new essence. This is all part of the Lesson.

So it is essential to take the time to realize within yourself that growth is happening.

It is very much like when growth within the human body occurs  from the infant to the toddler to the little child stages. Each of those are periods of renewal. Sometimes in those growth processes it can be painful for that child as each of you know.

So I ask you to take a moment, many moments after doing cleansing and purification to readjust your energies.

This happens a lot with these higher energies coming in as it is stirring up that Etheric Body. It is creating charges of light to come within yourself so that the elements that do not fit will come out of you. But it is not healthy to be continually be going through that process. It makes you feel worse, it makes others uncomfortable when you are around them because it feels like you are not allowing yourself to realize that you can be healthy in different moments of time.

So I ask you through this process as these energies come about to realize the potential that you have to make necessary changes in your life and to look at the manifestations that you are creating even if it is small like finding a parking spot in a very crowded area. Look at the little simple things that happen to you and then they will grow.

I believe that many of you are receiving great gifts at this time. Being in the right space at the right time allows you to realize that you are changing and growing. Your full body system is accepting all of those elements to come into the circumference of whom you are to bring forth the acceptance of those gifts.

What you receive is going to expand out of you automatically.

Let’s embrace this movement that is occurring and allow the electromagnetic fields of light that represent the Masculine and Feminine Divine in being One from the Source of Light to be part of your existence. These are the elements that are coming up, the parts of you that don’t reflect that totality of balance.

Please know that you are not alone, that every soul upon this earth is going through these elements in different ways, but each of you have the awareness of what it is and how you can get through it.

Embrace that part of yourself fully within you that you are one step ahead of many others.

That is this Law of Relativity. It is all relative as many are not able to do what you are doing presently.

I walk with you deeply; I am Lord Adama, your brother in Telos.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna

Rev. Christine Meleriessee, Integrative Channel

Walking Terra Christa provides several opportunities to be apart of these important New Earth vibrational teachings while learning more about your own pathway.

© Copyright 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).



Dear friends,  I am very pleased to be with you and to have my energy commingle with yours.

You are radiant beings of light and you have no idea of the strength and beauty that you demonstrate daily in your life. Even though the outlook is dark at times, and sometimes you feel exhausted from trying to move forward in your life, you are ever courageous. You need to be aware of the incredible courage and power that you demonstrate day after day. You continually bring more and more light on to Earth just through your being here. By anchoring yourself in your body, you spread your light on Earth. You are the living light on Earth, and your body is part of that embodiment.

You incarnated here with a purpose, with a deep intention. You are here for yourself, to bloom inwardly, and to deeply experience and know every part of yourself. But you are also here for the Earth, for this planet and to inspire and nourish her with your angel light. Your body is composed of the same elements as the Earth and the kingdoms of the plants and the animals. That is what you share with them; you are not separate from the life around you.

The body is a wonder in itself. Consider all those tiny cells in your body and how they know their separate roles as well as how to work together as a unified whole. They give expression to a higher power, and that higher power is you, the soul that lives in your body. Your soul is the inspirer and giver of your life. Thanks to your soul’s choice, the body it has chosen for this lifetime has come into being: this particular body with everything that gives you pleasure, as well as all that is painful and burdensome.

We will now take a look at this body, and feel the wonder of being embodied, although experiencing this embodiment is not always easy for you. And one of the reasons why it is difficult to experience the wonder and the beauty of the body is that your culture is the result of a tradition that has become alienated from the body. It is not commonplace in your culture to view the body as a living intelligence, as a field of consciousness with which the individual soul is intimately connected. There are many reasons why this view of the body has not been taught to you, and one of those reasons goes back to the time before Christ.

It began in the time of the Greeks, when a way of thinking emerged that you would now call rational thinking. There emerged a way of looking at the world where the ego became central, the ego that sees itself as something other than what it perceives. Nature, and with it the body, then became slowly objectified and seen as something that exists independent of you. What is external to you could then become the subject of study, and this is the beginning of the development of science.

Later, in the Western tradition of the 17th century, modern science emerged, and the dualism between ego consciousness and the world of the body and of nature increased even further. There emerged a dualism where matter was seen more and more as something lifeless, the body as a piece of clay, as it were, something that does not possess a living consciousness.

The emergence of medical science was only made possible through objective study. The soul, or the individuality of the person, was thought to be irrelevant. It was thought to be not important, because the body was seen as a material entity that is the same in everyone. This objective view of life makes it possible to classify types of illnesses and to invent medicines. A complete science can be developed on such a dualistic world view. I do not say that this view is wrong, only that it has become a tradition in your culture, and it still exists.

In modern times, you can also see that tradition in a very different way in your cosmetics industry. Look at how beauty is experienced in your culture; it has become something objective. There is a certain image of beauty that can be measured: such and such dimensions are ideal for a female or a male body. The complexion and texture of the skin, and the facial features, even when they change over time, are always subject to objective evaluation, something outside you, upon which you should rely for judgments.

Disease and health are also judged in such terms. If a body is ill, there must be something wrong with it and therefore it should be made well. The body as here viewed is like dead clay, or a type of mechanism. You are thus living in a dualistic tradition, and what is most near to you, what you reside in day in and day out – your body – is no longer something with which you are naturally and intimately connected. You have become alienated from it.

There were earlier times on Earth which had a quite different view. Seen through modern eyes, people then lived in a kind of mythical era in which they believed that everything was connected to everything else. You could talk with trees or animals or plants, and all those non-human creatures were carriers of something that was meaningful. Nature itself was full of meaning. There was a flow of life that went through the animals and the trees and the plants and they were all interconnected.

However, there were also disadvantages to that naturalistic view, because people who believed in it could sometimes fall prey to what we now call superstition and fear: the fear of the forces of nature and the gods who were hidden behind and within nature. It was an earlier tradition, and science, and the rational way of thinking that is the foundation of the sciences, has put an end to that tradition. Unfortunately, the scientific, objective view has led to a very unnatural schizophrenic split in your culture and in your perception of yourself.

Just think how different is the view that you are able to continually experience your body from within. How does it feel inside; is it hungry or thirsty; does it feel fine or tense; does it feel pleasure or pain? There is a constant inner sensing of what the body feels. From the opposite point of view, you look at and judge your body from without, of what it should be according to an image of the body that is perceived externally. What should the body be able to perform, where should it be now in its development, what should it look like? Does it fulfill those external standards that are imposed upon you?

Usually, if you are dealing with illness and complaints, you go to a doctor who represents the scientific, objective tradition of dualism. A doctor who can tell you what is wrong with you, what medications are available, and what the prognosis is based on the type of complaints you have. However, all this is done without you having made any connection with the energy field that is your body.

The doctor also does not pay attention to that energy field and does not connect with it. He merely looks at the symptoms and diagnoses them, then classifies and determines where they fit into a bigger picture he has acquired so he can take the necessary action based on that knowledge. At the same time, your body gives continual signals that are unique to you, and they sometimes do not fit with the general rules and ideas you get from outside yourself, such as from a doctor.

It is extremely important for you to again awaken to your body from within, and to allow your body to be the yardstick for your actions relative to it. If you are sick, or have physical complaints, you need to go inside yourself, and from there find the basis of how to handle these complaints and symptoms. Only afterward should you look to the outside world where something can be of service to you, say a doctor, or an opinion, or something you read.

However, those outside inputs come only secondarily. What comes initially is the inward connection with your body, and to do that, you need to first believe differently than what the culture tells you. You need to let go of the whole idea of the body as a mechanism, as matter without consciousness. You should come to really believe that your body can be your guide; that it can give you answers; that it has in itself a natural intelligence and wants to be of service to you; that it is divinely inspired.

I want to ask you, at this time, to take a moment to intimately connect with your body. And you can do that by paying attention to your breath, to feel how it flows through your chest and into your abdomen, and then direct your attention to your feet. Take your awareness to the soles of your feet, and feel how they touch the ground. Feel not only the bones and skin of your feet, but feel the energy field in and around your feet. This energy field is not readily perceptible, but you can do it. Perhaps you feel a little tingle, or maybe something else, but whatever you are able to sense is helpful.

Then observe your hands with the same attentive awareness. Imagine that your hands are full of consciousness, made perceptible by your attention. Let your awareness extend to the tips of your fingers, and feel there is something more to your hands than just their material form. Feel a vital, energetic presence in and around your hands, and you may also see or sense a soft glow.

Now, I ask you to allow your attention and awareness to extend throughout your entire body. But do not make this into too much of an effort – this is not a mental exercise. It is a bringing of your attention to something that is already there. A living body is notsomething you have to acquire, and it is not something you have to earn. Simply feel, from head to toe, the living field that alreadysurrounds you. Try to sense and feel the totality of your energy field and body as a living entity.

Imagine that this silent flow of energy, which is always there throughout your body, wants to tell you something. The first thing your body wants to tell you is that it is consciousness, the living light that wants to serve you. Your body is there for you. It gives you the ability to express yourself, and it would like to be at your service. And if you are suffering from pain or illness, then let us look at how that has come about.

The body itself always strives for balance. All the cells in your body are oriented toward that end: they work and build toward balance. Even as you get older, and your body loses its vitality, all cells are focused on creating balance. It is possible to be older in a very gracious way, without a lot of pain and effort. This is possible from the body itself even when the body is genetically taxed. There is such an incredibly powerful, vital energy present in your body that allows it to heal and bring itself into balance, even when imbalance has been extreme.

Have faith in your body’s ability to balance and heal itself; the forces of nature are very strong. Just look around you at the sea and the sun. Know that your body is built from the same living matter and the same consciousness as those natural elements. Just think of the ocean, feel the eternal rolling of the waves, and the inexhaustible renewal in that movement: the self-cleansing power. Or an old big oak tree that has withstood everything: wind, rain, sunshine. Your body is also very strong, for it is made of the same elements.

Now, it is true that a human is a very complicated being. You, as a soul, have had a vast amount of experience in the earthly reality, some of which has resulted in negative emotions. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, pain, anger – you name it. These emotions can act on the body, and over time the body gets out of balance. Emotions are also very powerful forces. Their energies are very strong and can act upon the body where they may create blockages at an energetic level. The awareness of your body that I mentioned earlier serves you there, however, because the body awareness sees the soul as its master.

When the soul is experiencing constant anger, or some depressing emotion, the body will eventually absorb it into its awareness and give way to it, so to speak. The emotions can then take hold of the body and take the form of complaints or disease. The body is still doing its best to restore the natural state of balance, but if the emotions are all-pervasive, and a person does not have the ability to feel through and transform those emotions, then illness may be the result.

It is important to note that the origin of a disease is almost always emotional. What creates the most havoc with the body are the emotions you experience in life, the spiritual pain that you gather. And there are reasons for this. It is not that there is some external judgment about the emotion and your reaction to it, but rather that it is important for you to know your emotions from within so the body can help you deal with them. By connecting again with the natural awareness of your body, which strives for balance, you can detect which emotions are depressing you, or blocking you.

I want to ask you to now do just that. Earlier we connected with the living energy field of the body itself – the undercurrent that is always there – and with the natural intelligence of the body. And now imagine that you also have an emotional body. In the esoteric tradition, the body consciousness has been called the etheric body, whereas the emotional body is called the aura, or the astral body, and is something that extends beyond your physical body.

Let us now imagine, for a moment, that there is an energy field around you, and it is composed of the energies of changing moods and emotions. Imagine that this energy field around you extends outwardly about three feet from your body. I am going to ask you a few things about that field, so try to hold on to the first impression that comes to mind without thinking about it.

You are in the middle of that energy field. Is it peaceful or is there tenseness within it? And if there is tenseness, where do you feel that tension located in the energy field? Is it before you or behind you? Allow your attention to go to that spot in your emotional body where you feel tense because of pressures from external events in your life, and simply allow it to be. You need not attempt to fix it, just know where it is.

Then go to a place in your body where it is quiet and calm. Find that place in your energy field where you are peaceful. Perhaps happy memories arise spontaneously from a time when you felt relaxed, or from a situation where you felt joyful. Feel that energy for a moment.

Finally, imagine you are a magnificent angel. You stand behind yourself and you encompass, within your light and your wings, both your aura, your emotional body, and your physical body and the etheric field it contains. With loving respect, the angel-you embraces your entire being. And because this magnificent angel who you are, is filled with wisdom and compassion and strength, you therefore feel understood and loved and supported.

The embodiment of your soul – your body – wants things to be well with you. It strives for equilibrium and for balance and, in a sense, it is also your guide. And from the other side, there is the angel-you who cherishes you and who is unconditionally there for you. This angelic being is your higher self – this is you. And in between the two is your astral body, in which emotions can become stuck or blocked.

Try to accept right now as it is; just allow now to be as it is. And have respect for who you are, because you are the brave ones among the angels. You have taken this journey for yourself, although not only for yourself. You have come here and have descended into the deepest darkness, so convinced are you of the light that bears everything in the Cosmos; the light that infuses all. The smallest branch and leaf of a tree, the smallest beetle and blade of grass, are imbued with living light.

Feel that both the forces of nature, as well as the spiritual powers of heaven, are with you to support you on this path: the road of transforming heavy emotional moods into light and knowledge and understanding. You are not alone, we are right beside you. And remember that your body is your friend, your ally, and along with the angel-you, wants to help you to bloom. Accept what is the truth: that you are brave; that you are mature; that you are a beautiful being. Believe in your own wealth and the treasures available to you, and you will find you experience more light-heartedness and relaxation in your body. There is healing for you, believe in it.


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By Sharman the Pleiadian—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 25

We Welcome Your Nightly Visits


I, Sharman, wish to remind you that if you awaken feeling tired or feeling as if there is something that you can’t quite remember, please consider the possibility that you were busy on the Ship the night before.

You will usually forget those experiences, except when you “document them,” because the knowledge of being in a reality which is completely safe and totally loving makes it very difficult to return to a reality that often appears to be on the verge of the latest disaster.

Fortunately, many, but not all, of these “disasters” are yet another brainwashing technique that is sent out via low frequency/fear-based energy patterns. There are actually vans that drive through neighborhoods looking for those who are resonating to the fifth dimension.

Once they find someone with a higher dimensional consciousness, they send a low frequency beam of directed fear, sorrow, and anger in an attempt to lower those persons’ consciousness. If you are in the process of reminding people that they are ALL higher dimensional beings, you may be being targeted.

However, we your Pleiadian, Arcturian, Antarian, Sirian and Venusion friends and family members, (“family members,” is what we would call you on the Ship) remind you that you, as all of our “away team” to Earth, are surrounded by constant, higher dimensional protection.

This protection is amplified by Gaia’s operating system of, “energy out is energy back.” When one sends out energy that comforts, teaches and educates, that is the energy field that returns to him or her.

Also, please remember that the energy field that one sends out is amplified when it is returned to them. On the other hand, those who send out fear and anger will receive the amplified return of that negative message.

All planetary “operational systems” are programmed into the Core Crystals of each planet, just as the human operating system is implanted into every human. Planets can be abused, such as Gaia has been greatly abused by Her inhabitants, just as humans have be abused. By “abuse” we mean that a fearful, angry and/or sad energy field is being sent to a person or to a planet.

Personal trauma is best healed if it is brought to the surface so that one can participate in their personal healing. If someone else were to “just heal them” then they would have lost an important opportunity to fulfill their Birth Contract and clear old karmic issues for themselves.

In the same manner, Gaia, who is a living being that has evolved into being a planet, is in the process of healing Her planetary self. Gaia has learned, through Her very long life of habitation by third and lower fourth dimensional humans, that there are those humans who cannot be healed and who will not turn towards the Light.

Gaia has waited for Her humans for a long amount of what you call
“time.” But now, she has made the decision that there are those who resonate to a lower frequency who will not be able to ascend in their present incarnation.

Most of these humans are the “dark Illuminati ones,” and some of them were from the darkness before they took this incarnation and have not been able to heal themselves, nor does it seem likely that they will be able to embrace the Light within the “time” left before Gaia’s transition.

Therefore, Gaia has decided that she will no longer wait for these lost ones, as they have little chance of turning towards love, much less assisting with planetary ascension. Because of this decision, she will begin a slow “releasing process” of darkness, as well as the dark ones who created it.

Those that have served the Darkness will not be able to have a return incarnation on Her planet. Because, it will take more “time” than She wishes for a total clearing of the darkness, she has called for assistance from the higher dimensions.

Together with Gaia, we of the higher dimensions have created a plan. We have learned that our higher dimensional instructions to the third dimensionals are only effective for those who can expand their consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension and beyond.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix of power over others, or the 3D Matrix of being a victim to those who hold power over them, will be taken into a sub-frequency of the fourth dimension. We have made this decision because third dimensional Gaia is extremely wounded and needs to come to our higher dimensional “hospital.”

All the third dimensional ones who have served Gaia will be called on to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into Gaia’s Core Crystals to best amplify her innate planetary, healing abilities. The “unconscious” humans on Earth who are unable to serve their planet because they are still learning how to survive, will be taken to a fourth dimensional realm in which everything seems the same to them.

Since they were “unconscious” to the true reality of the third dimension, they will remain in the mid-fourth dimension until they are able to expand their consciousness enough to perceive, and hence inhabit, the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix will only be able to shift into a fourth dimensional holographic projection of a third dimensional reality that will slowly expand into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension.

Since these humans were “unconscious” on third dimensional Earth, but are good and loving people, they will be able to play out the remainder of that incarnation in the fourth dimensional matrix that “appears” to be the same as their life has always been.

If they chose to expand their consciousness, they will be invited to enter the threshold of fifth dimensional Earth. If they are unable to perceive that invitation, as they have not been able to expand their consciousness beyond the third dimension, they will be sent to another young, third dimensional planet to continue their process of awakening.

Basically, these humans have not noticed what is really occurring in their present incarnation. Therefore, they will not be aware of what is occurring during their slow, sequential shift into a slightly higher dimension. It is because so many humans on Earth fall into this category that we, the Galactics, decided to volunteer to wear an earth vessel on physical Earth.

Since many of us had not had any third dimensional incarnations, or had only taken incarnations during Peak Societies to assist with the blooming hope of peace and love on Earth, most of us had no idea what we were signing up for.

Yes, we were briefed about the conditions on Earth during your present era, but we had never experienced such an intensely polarized reality where the dark energies had so much power over those who were attempting to live within the frequency of love and light.

We need to tell you that we “take our hats off” to you for your great courage and commitment to find love and peace in a reality so infiltrated with fear, deceit and war. It is for this reason that we are creating this collective message from all of us on the Fleets of Starships who are waiting to assist you.

Because of Gaia’s operating system of “individual choice,” we can only reveal ourselves to those who have sent out a desire for personal contact. Even then, we only have clearance to give hope and promise, as it could be dangerous for them to know too many details of our plan.
Also, as a protection for the grounded ones, we must stay within the resonance of the fifth dimension and above, or the dark ones could perceive us, which would cause great havoc in your world.

The dark ones could not harm us, but their attempt to harm us could create problems in your third dimensional reality. Also, we must keep our conversations with the grounded ones at a high enough frequency range that the dark ones cannot intercept our message.

We clearly perceive, and totally understand, why the awakened ones are anxious for the shift into a higher frequency. However, there are many inhabitants of Earth that are “on the cusp of change,” but need assistance from their fellow earthlings.

There are also those of you who are totally ready for the process of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional gamma waves. There are also many of you, more than you might expect, who have already calibrated your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond.

As you may have discovered, daily life within the myriad lies and illusions of a third dimensional reality, while your own consciousness is fifth dimensional, can be quite difficult. It is for that reason that we invite those of you who have been able to awaken to your fifth dimensional consciousness, to communicate with us and visit our many Ships that surround dear Gaia.

In fact, many of you are visiting us within your NOW, but the deceleration from a fifth dimensional reality, back into a third/fourth dimensional reality, makes it too difficult for you to remember. Hence, we are assisting you to remember your nighttime visits to our Ships.

One of best ways for you to remember your visits is to close your eyes while your write or type your experience. Your vision has the habit of determining “real” from “not real.” Therefore, if you read what you are writing, your may fall into doubt and/or limit your transcription.

You can always “edit” your writing at a later date. Also, as you become accustomed to allowing your hand to do the writing, while your mind focuses on staying connected to the higher dimensions, you may be surprised as to the amount of information that you receive.

As we stated before, you eyes are “in charge” of determining “what is real.” You can turn that monitoring off by closing your eyes while you type or speak into a recording device. Then, when you are editing what you have documented, your vision will be able to encompass the entire message and be less likely to “judge what you are writing.”

As you all know, judgment is another common component of your third dimensional reality. Most of you have some judgments against you as a child, and have learned to be careful about what you share with others. Fortunately, after a few visits to our Ships, you will return to Earth with greater confidence in your “higher dimensional perceptions.”

Please remember that, “the reality you perceive is the reality that you live.” It is for this reason that next-door neighbors could be experiencing totally different realities than you. Also, as we said before, there are many, many frequencies of reality.

Each of these frequencies of reality offers you different situations, perceptions, and communications. We ask you each to allow your own process to guide your path.

As you remember to surrender into the FEEL of the higher dimensional energy waves that are increasingly entering Gaia’s ascending planet, your body will resonate to higher and higher frequencies.

Then, your two eyes will be guided by the visions of your Third Eye, and your hearing will be directed to that which feels like unconditional love. In other words, you will begin to focus your attention on the NOW when a higher dimensional message is coming into your consciousness.

You can then honor that information by taking the responsibility to document it and share it with others whose personal resonance matches the frequency of that energy field.

As you move deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension, you will care less and less about the myriad third dimensional distractions and remember more and more of the birth plan that you chose before taking this incarnation.

As you “live the life” that you chose before your birth, you will remember more and more about your own higher dimensional expressions. As you remember your SELF in the higher dimensions, you will be able to create a “bridge to freedom” between the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions and into your innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Blessings to you all,

We are ALWAYS with you because WE are YOU

Recording of the message HERE

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Ray 17 ~ Universal Light ~ Accepting the 5th Dimensional Body Allows for the Divine Light I AM ~ Utilizing the Multi-White Light Flame with Lord Melchizedek (Melchizedek Priesthood) with Lord Sanat Kumara (Father of the Brotherhood of White Light) to access the 5th dimensional frequencies within the Root Chakra. This is the beginning stage of allowing the higher frequencies of light to become more manifest within the base chakra which holds all of the lower elements of fear, anger, and debris held from dark timelines. Working within this ray will assist in clearing the cellular structure of the 3rd and 4th dimensional constructs held within the physical body. We will access this ray through the Golden Etheric City of Vanerathian-Laneeah located in the Etheric Earth over Kashmir. We will work with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara in the consecutive weeks.

Ray 20 ~ Beingness ~ I Vibrate with the Lightness I Am ~ The Violet-Gold Ray is represented through the Lord of Sirius representing the Feminine and Masculine Divine fully embodied within the Throat Chakra. The Ray of Beingness is associated with the Throat chakra, Light Blue, on the 5th dimensional grid with the color of Violet Gold.  It blends with the 3rd dimensional ray of Deep Blue of Will & Power, and the 4th dimensional ray of Violet-Pink representing Vibratory Communication.  As each of these rays blend within each other, the Violet Gold represents the ability to allow the vibratory energies to blend within the Throat to the other parts of the body to create One United Being of Light. Lord of Sirius teaches us through the connection of this Ray and the Golden Etheric City of Astleranschiamm (Columbia, South America) to learn how to access the beautiful qualities represented within the spectrum of this light frequency.

(*These additional teachings are an ongoing part of being a Student Member of the Academy of New Earth Mastery.

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Metatron via Tyberonn – Live in Banff – Infinity Point of Manifestation 2016



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Lord Metatron Shares a Message about the Equinox of September 2016

Lord Metatron Shares a Message about the Equinox of September 2016

~ Integrative Channel Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Dearest Comrades of the Light,

I Am Lord Metatron, here to speak about the Equinox of September 2016.

As I speak in this moment, the Equinox has fully arrived around the world. It does not matter which hemisphere we are speaking about, it represents the entire earth and all her inhabitants.

As we stand at a very important precipice of time upon this planet, changes will create a new reality to be birthed unto your world. It is a time of standing at the edge, ready to go forward into the next creation of your life or to stay within your present conditioning as the world crumbles around you.

Since 2012 the world has been in a state of turmoil. Each of you are part of that creation with every thought, every feeling, and every action that you have experienced. Every soul upon this planet is going through some kind of upheaval within their four body system. The sad part of it is that many individuals do not realize the potential they have to make necessary changes within their world.

Each of you stands at the center of the earth, you are fully learning to see things differently as everything changes around you. Some of this movement is in a positive direction and for others it may seem it is not going as well as they had hoped. It all depends upon the individual consciousness of every living being at this time.

The Equinox of September is that cliff – the movement of stepping off into the unknown and allowing faith to be your guide. It is happening everywhere around the earth. Many people are waking up to the control, to the darkness, to the elements that have held this Earth in bondage. It is now time to allow the awakening to happen in various degrees to all souls.

Each of you has chosen to be here at this time, but yet there are so many thoughts that come into the consciousness of the all that truly do not understand how it is occurring right here and now. But yet each soul is responsible for the changes that are experienced. The collective energies that are felt is a mixture of both the dark and the light. But yet, many of you, the awakened ones are tired of the same energy occurring over and over again. You look to the Spiritual Hierarchy, to the Inter-Galactics, and to the Inner Earth Beings of Agartha and Telos to give you the answers.


And the answer is not within your Lower Mind, it is not within your experiences of the duality of this earth; it is within your Higher Consciousness, it is within the Divine Beingness that each of you are a part of.

Presently, what is occurring is that your prayers are being answered. What have your intentions represented in the last quarter since the June Solstice? That is your answer.

As now within this period of the Equinox, you stand upon the mountain. You are ready to move forward or are you? That is a very important question that can only be answered by you.

You see, the energy that is occurring presently is allowing everything that you have been working upon, within your lower and higher consciousness to become your reality. What you have asked for, what you have been releasing, what you desire to manifest is right in the next step of your pathway. All you have to do is take one step forward away from the reality that has bound you for eons of time to fully embrace the next movement of your desired awakening.

Now this advancement into the New You can come in varying degrees depending upon where you are within your mastery pathway.

It can be part of your four-body system, the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, or the Mental body. It is an area in which you truly need the most healing that will take you into a different part of yourself than you experienced previously.

It could be a study of mastery that you have been delving upon within your life and taking those principles into a deeper part of yourself.

It can also be the desired effect of your intentions to allow them to become your physical reality.

It all depends upon who you are as an Initiate and the level of experience that you are bringing forth into your physical life. It is a time when the desired effect of your consciousness become your true reality.

This movement is allowing the Earth to receive these energies so that she can also do her part. Every cell and particle within Gaia and each of you is being challenged to be more than the previous cycle. This is allowing every soul an opportunity that has not been acknowledged previously, mainly because the time was not right.

Many individuals feel that this means the New Earth has arrived; I am sorry to share with you that we still have a very long way to go; but this Equinox is allowing the energies to move in a direction that has never been experienced before.

If you will recall, during the June Solstice we stated that the 22nd Ray of the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchiee was emitting particles of light into Mount Shasta, California (it resides above this area). This was bringing forth the Feminine and Masculine Divine energies more physically into Mount Shasta so that it could be emitted through all of the Majestic Mountains around the Earth.

I am happy to share with you that this energy started it first journey around the Earth to assist each area to be infused with these light frequencies but more importantly, for each soul to start to experience change within their creation. The activations that took place during the months of June, July, and August has allowed more infractions to be put into place within Gaia and each of you.

Now what has occurred is an opportunity for more to happen. This is what this Equinox represents – it is a parting of the energies so to speak as the Feminine and Masculine Divine comes into balance it helps each soul to go more deeply within themselves to see what needs to be changed.

It is a moment in time when each soul has the ability to be more to themselves (the physical essence) than they have been previously. It is the splitting of the dark energies from the light and jumping into the abyss of unknowingness but having full Faith and Trust that you are in the Right Time, the Right Space.

We have been awaiting this time to occur and each of you have done the same. It is a time of letting go of the past in order to see the future and it is all based on your previous intentions from the Higher Self, from the I Am Presence, and from the Source of Light.


The entire planet is going through an upload of more light within her system. Each soul upon the earth is going through the same upheaval; for some it may represent their present consciousness they have been dealing with or it can mean COMPLETE REVIVAL OF THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

It is truly a moment in which each soul must decide –

“Will I move forward with what I have acquired or will I stay in the same energy I have been dealing with?”

The element of Free Will now comes into a new perspective than ever before as it is becoming a Physical Reality and not just a statement of the souls of humanity. It becomes a conscious effort of every person upon this planet.

Now this is just a raw beginning but it is a movement that needs to be experienced in order for this Earth to accelerate into the level of a higher dimensional frequency. It represents looking at the 4th dimensional self of duality and saying to yourself, “I no longer desire this experience so I will step over the cliff and allow my Free Will to take me into another paradigm of light that I desire to create.”

This portal of light is open right now and will continue through the entire season until the December Solstice. It will be an open-ended condition of allowing the continuance of light to come into each soul – it is a time of great reflection, of seeing the inner self from the perspective of the dark and the light, and then choosing to be that light.

This period of time will be powerful for each of you; it will allow you to step into the processes you have been trying to create for some time as long as you allow yourself to have faith. When your lower mind comes into play, then that will stop the movement and you will fall back into your duality.

It will not be easy for some individuals; for others that have walked the pathway of master for a longer time, it is the moment that they have been asking for, working towards by allowing themselves to step into a higher level of consciousness.

This cycle is going to help the planet immensely. There needs to be an internalization of every soul upon the planet to go through this doorway. It is not being given, it is to be earned. It is not a quick fix for the Earth, it is an opportunity to be and do more for humanity, for Gaia, and for your eternal self.

Many will be feeling ill effects within the physical body or the emotional and mental levels. It will come in waves and for different types of individuals. Those that have been upon the pathway for several years will find that more of their crystalline energies are being accepted. The physical body will feel the effects. Others may need more psychological balancing within their subconscious minds to find the balance they need. One thing is sure is that each of the four bodies must be in full alignment so if there are elements that you are dealing with in any of those bodies, they need to be healed and changed. So there will be challenges physically, emotionally and mentally as your Etheric Body catches up with the other three.

Take time to reflect upon what I have shared. It is not an easy time but the results will be tremendous. Be diligent with yourself; reflect upon your past mistakes so that they do not occur again. Then, and only then is when you will know that you have the Faith to move forward in your journey. Without this element in place, you will not be able to achieve the results you desire as all needs to be released unto the Light.


The Light Infractions of the Fifth Dimension cannot be held within the body until all four bodies are in alignment within each other. This means that in order to raise your light quotient continually you must work through these issues that you are experiencing. Many times the physical body will e the last one to go through this process so physical ailments can result within the system. Many times they are not acute just elements from the Etheric Self that are arising so they can be healed. This time period will be a huge forward movement for the acceleration of healing to occur especially for the ones that are beyond the Planetary Ascension and well within the Cosmic Level. But these souls are a very small minority; very few on the planet have reached this level of ascension and been able to ground themselves to stay within the body.

That is now changing with the higher energies coming into the planet. The bodies can become Crystalline in the higher initiations within the Cosmic Levels. This process is absolutely necessary in order to be fully grounded. Otherwise, the New Earth will not be able to occur.

It is a Doorway of Light with Great Opportunity That is Now Upon this Earth and Each of You.

I walk with you as all of us doing within the Spiritual Hierarchy of the 144th dimensional state of reality.

I Am Lord Metatron, at your service.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Walking Terra Christa provides several opportunities to be a part of these important New Earth vibrational teachings while learning more about your own pathway. We also offer a free New Earth Frequency Divine Light Language Mastery Code Transmission(sm) of the EQUINOX INITIATION by LORD METATRON and LORD SANAT KUMARA.

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