The Three Fold Flame of God ~ Saint Germain by Sharon Stewart

iu-3 The Three Fold Flame of God I am St Germain and wish to memorandum this reminder to you, the people of Earth. You are in a part of the process now, the wonderful process of awakening of the souls and minds of the people of planet earth. Yet you do not understand the significance of this process. Some do, and others do not. And some are lost within it. Allow me please to give you guidance. At this time in the history of earth, timelines are being created that will enable again, the ascension of the soul through the earth school. For many years, these timelines were not available to many on account of manipulation of your minds; only those seeing beyond the manipulation were able to escape the trap that had been set for you. Now, this is changing. You, again, can begin an organic ascension process. Rather than remaining stymied in the mire of negativity set before you by yourselves and by your extraterrestrial controllers, yes, extraterrestrial because none of them originate from earth, be they of spirit or of matter it does not matter. These beings have controlled your world, and your minds, to reduce the flame that is innate to your hearts to a minimal level. That flame is the flame of God which is placed within each of you. That flame is threefold and is pivotal to your successful ascension process. The flame is comprised of power, the power of God and how you use or misuse it; love, the love of God for you and you for God and His creations; and wisdom – the wisdom to use the love and the power within you for the greater good of all. Do you not see how this is being tested in you already? Do you not see it?! Indeed, your world leaders are allowing you to wake up – they are releasing their domination and control over you and so many of you are lost. All you need do is look to yourselves to see the flame within you. If you cannot sense the flame, then sense your level of power, your level of love and your level of wisdom. Admit your shortcomings with humility; there is no shame for not being the best you feel you can be. How could you be the best you can be in a system that was constructed to destroy you? Please forgive yourselves your shame and your guilt, and please move on fearlessly to work with the divine powers to empower yourselves again. Wisdom: Are you assessing the information provided to you and making wise choices or deductions with this information? Or are you allowing yourself to be led by new gods who seek to empower themselves at your expense? Both exist within your community. Both exist in this alternative scenario. Oh, indeed!
iu-6 Do you believe what the news casts tell you about what is going on in your country? Or do you find alternative sources that tell you another story? Can you listen to both these narratives and decide for yourself what you wish to believe? Are you using what you see before you to raise your consciousness or to assume a new set of limiting beliefs? Love: Are you using all that is put before you, and all who come before you to learn how to love them, or to continue to fear them? Why do you hate others, and why do you love others? Is it simply because they agree or do not agree with you? Do you not realize that now is the time that your beliefs will change because that is the reason all is being conducted as it is. You are to change. How do you use who you meet to learn how to love others more? Do you forgive yourself for making mistakes, or having your “bad days” and try again, or do you condemn yourself indefinitely for being unloving once? Are you being forgiving or are you simply condemning all around you? And do you forgive yourself as well? Do you not recognize that the way you interact with a stranger wearing a mask in the grocery store is as pertinent to your spiritual growth as the way you interact with any other person? You are all part of God. Do you respect others their choices or do you put them down? Do you correct others or allow them their fair say? Are you out to destroy another person or do you truly love your brother? Are only those of like mind your friends or can you love anyone? Do you expect all others to make this world a better place or do you do your own part? Power: Are you not seeing that there is a process in place to re-empower the people? Because there is. The St Germain funds are going to be released to the people in order that they stop their lack mentality and realize there is more than enough to feed them indefinitely. The companies that restrict shipment of foods will be replaced with companies who ship all and feed as many as possible. New standards will be set for these companies and promoting lack will become illegal. Yes. High prices will become a thing of the past. The world will become affordable to all. There will be no preferential treatment based upon greed. The process will follow a three pronged approach: Each prong will correspond to a chakra in the hopes of your rebalancing it. When enough money and food is provided to you, your fear of not having enough will dissipate. When you see the children have been rescued and their abuse has stopped, the sacral chakra will be able to be balanced again. When gender issues are resolved with the rise of divine feminine and the proper empowerment of the divine masculine within you, rebalancing the sacral chakra will be possible. When you have enough food, money and major divisional issues in your society are healed, you will begin to step more into your power, and the solar plexus chakra will seek rebalancing. This all leads to the opening of the heart. Some have undergone this process already and their hearts are open. Not all upon earth are so, and there is still much learning to be done. However, once this program has finished playing out in front of you, you will understand that you will be living in a society that supports your ascension rather than discourages it. You will feel more like a human, not the humanoid that you are now. Your DNA will change and re-engage to bring you to greater power. It is willed that this be so and so it is. I remain always at your avail, St Germain Me: We love you, Saint! Kiss kiss from all of us! St Germain
I AM God Incarnate
March 10, 2021 I AM GOD INCARNATE
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My dear friends,

it is more helpful to face truth rather than loose oneself in illusions. Truth makes us strong, the latter weak.

Therefore I decided to publish my insights, visions and higher understanding about the things to come.

I always have found: only truth sets us free! Because of its strong, spotless and radiant frequency that allows all energy currents to freely flow.

There will be no perfect peace on earth anytime soon. Too many people, whether consciously or unconsciously, still support the old world and its crimes because they lack the capability to think independently, spiritual awareness and discernment. 

Basically, this chaotic world, supported by a huge lie,  is a result or product of those who believe in it and are addicted to the hocus-pocus of the media. They are the ones who create what the mainstream media dictate.  The dark ones take advantage of this. And they don’t intend to ever give up their plans to destroy humanity. They will continue to fight. But the foundation of their own energy and information in this realm has already crumbled before 2012. 

To many it is becoming more and more obvious that the whole process is about evolving consciousness.

It is claimed by various sources that we are on the verge of a positive change, but this is nice, wishful thinking. We will have to wait a bit longer for its true fulfillment. Everything depends on those who would still awaken to the true situation in this realm.

 In other words, it depends on how many will continue supporting the old prison matrix.  But the awakening on a grand scale seems to be rather unlikely, because the supporters of this ailing world are justifying it by all means. They seem to lack – what I call – the “truth-gene”. It is easy to observe that a majority of people prefers to be lied to and to be deceived, rather than claiming their own sovereignty and independence from outer authorities.

The quality of Unconditional Love will touch only those who are ready for it. Love does not simply overcome those who have resisted it until now. It requires an inner developmental process and human growth.  The diamond does not appear in a few days. Therefore, the time of collective Love has not yet come. Unless those who resist it would leave earth. Love is something that everyone must choose for themselves. The Power of Love does not just suddenly manifest without those who can receive it.
One must understand the law of cosmic and also of karmic processes.

At present there are many spiritual trends, and all of them appear as true from their personal point of view, because they create and attract into their lives phenomena that correspond to their ideas. Everyone lives in their personal universe that seems to prove its truth by itself. But beyond that, there is a collective reality in which everyone on this planet participates. 

The wishful ideas that are approved at most, will determine perhaps the energy of the day or of a certain sequence of time. Therefore, the personal experience can be far different from the determination of earth. 

But this does not mean that it prevents inevitable collective karma, which is nothing else but the present state of consciousness and belief-patterns of the majority that have become manifest and are the results of mankind’s dark activities in the last centuries and milleniums that repeat themselves in these times.

All of this belongs to the old timeline. Who is on the new timeline, which is free of deceit and darkness, is being carried by it and must see to it to hold on to it with heart and mind in the midst of the increasing madness and chaos of the old world. They are the ones who are manifesting islands of light, love and truth. It is not possible to enter these islands with mere wishful thinking. It must be truly earned by renouncing the old world in the way of living in it, but not being of it. 

Some esoterics say that karma  is only an invention of the dark forces. However, these esoterics have become victims of the suggestions of these powers for their part. There is no arbitrary cosmos. Without Divine order nothing can grow and prosper. Mind creates matter. And we grow the more we understand this.

Decisive learning steps are possible for the vast majority only by overcoming obstacles and the realization that comes with it. That is the nature of life in this earth-realm.

Many follow those who offer convenient and comforting prophecies that create a false hope of not having to be responsible for one’s own actions. Humanity has become lax and has lost its power and straightness. Remember the tests in ancient civilizations a young person had to pass to become an adult. We don’t have these tests anymore. Children and young people are left to arbitrariness. Or parents overload their children by treating them as adults.

In this godless time, everyone is riding on the track of their own separate, personal, and thus limited, imagination, with no need for Dharma, for Divine Alignment and Divine Law. Even those people who call themselves spiritual. But Divine Law or Dharma is always supra-personal and requires the surrender of the limited personal will to the Divine Will and Law, i.e. the Divine Impulse in the Higher Heart of man, which lives the Unity of all life. And what is Dharma? The Dharma of fire is to burn. The Dharma of air is to blow. It speaks of the inherent rightness of all Divine Creation.

This realm serves the growth of consciousness and is a touchstone to see if man wants to turn to the Divine, to develop and fulfill his/her Divine potential. And this will not change. The die is cast so far, in regard to a person’s choice: For Love, Evolution, Joy, Living Life and the Divine, – or the opposite.

However for this dark place applies: Whoever decides for the Divine, must expect great obstacles. That is, only strong people are capable of moving towards and living in a New World. Only they are able to integrate the higher frequencies that are flowing into this realm. Higher frequency always comes with higher consciousness. And thus, once again, it becomes clear that this challenging time is for the development of human consciousness.

Therefore, everything will not suddenly become “good”, as some esoterics proclaim. This is wishful thinking and is based on illusion, since the cosmic processes, which serve the development of consciousness, are disregarded. Moreover, this would deprive many of the opportunity for true growth.

Will the dark Ones now be allowed to rage on to fully eliminate the yet immature part of humanity? Will it be allowed that human souls will be destroyed against their will, perhaps e.g. by forced genetic vaccinations?

It will not happen that way. The destruction will happen through purifying earth cataclysms. These are to be considered as mercy. They did already slowly begun. There are more and more reports about waters disappearing in some places and appearing somewhere else.

Not by human or superhuman efforts, but only by the power of earth changes the evil forces can be removed from this earth completely, as they are so profoundly ingrained in this realm’s existence. Death through these earth changes will people allow to keep their souls and continue a blessed evolutionary process on other planets. See also the message „My Conversation with Gaia on 21.12.2011“

In this respect, all is well when we consider the Great Divine Cycles and their Wisdom.

But there is also still a greater intuitive vision to which we can connect in every moment: The Absolute Divine Consciousness, which Remains Always The Same, and in which all beings and all worlds and all evolutionary and involutionary processes arise and pass away. It Is our True primordial Divine Nature of Love-Bliss and Exists always as our True and strongest Force of Life.

May you choose wisely!

With love and blessings,

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Rising Light

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Posted April 10, 2021 – Ⓒ 1995-2021

On the 14th of April 2021, for 20 days, humanity will travel through a cosmic chakra system and activate our kundalini. These days are powerful and activating as we merge the past, present and future. They are more powerful than an equinox, or a class X magnitude solar flare… but continuously for 20 days straight! The center column of the sacred Mayan calendar, the Tzolk’in, represents the spinal column of the human body and the core of the Earth running from north to south.

An ascension process begins in these 20 Core days, which will burn a holy fire through our chakras. This energy descends to Earth from the great central sun and God / Hunab Ku. Every 260 days, these energies return over and over, but each time with an ascending frequency. These 20 days will be beyond powerful at this pivotal and unique time where we have been pushed beyond of our comfort zones, and we have no reserve energy to control the things we try not to face. Yet… the Mayan Core days, if worked with conscious intent, can help anchor and manifest new frequencies into form. This is what we want to explain here. It is bit complicated with words, so I hope I don’t lose you. 😉

These 20 powerful days are beginning on 4/14. We are being asked to absorb this trial by holy fire, by raising our frequencies to contain more energy and light than ever before. We will be asked to discover a new equilibrium and anchor our higher self’s orientation point. It is a time to become self-empowered and protected, and not get distracted by failing old programs.

There will be 5 pulses of energy that will burn though 5 Mayan chakras … the crown, throat, heart, solar plexus and root chakras. Each pulse will hold 4 days each, and each day holds one of the 4 directions (east, north, west and south).

What happens during these 20 days is this…
Fresh cosmic energy, coming from the great central sun, begins to descend into our physical body starting at our crown chakra.

At the same time, newly upgraded energy, coming from the core of the Earth, begins to rise up into our physical body beginning at our root chakra. This process is very much like when a lightning bolt strikes the Earth. When a lightning bolt descends from the sky, the Earth’s energy also reaches up to meet the descending bolt. This merging point of descending cosmic energy, with the rising physical energy, reaches each other at a very powerful center point … our HEARTS! I just love this. The heart is the center of centers.

Then the new cosmic energy descending from the great central sun will continue down through our chakras until it is grounded within our physical body and anchored into the core of the Earth. Our ascending physical energy will also pass up through our heart and rise up through our crown and beyond until it reaches and anchors to the great central sun. This process will take 20 days.

The beginning of most traditional Mayan ceremonies begins with calling in, and sending love, to 7 cardinal points.

Great creator of all life, Hunab Ku.
Heart of the Heavens.
Heart of the Earth.
Heart of the East.
Heart of the North.
Heart of the West.
Heart of the South.
Heart of the Hearts, or center.

We suggest you start each day with honoring these cardinal points and God of all creation with great love and humility.

We appreciate your Heart Donations … especially during these times.
The FIRST PULSE will be from 4/14 – 4/17. These are the days of 4 IMIX, 5 IK, 6 AKBAL and 7 KAN. This first phase will activate your crown chakra, from the Great Central SUN, and your root chakra, from the core of the EARTH. These days will initiate a great ocean of creation, breathe life into this process, release an immense wisdom from the depths of our inner temple, and plant a seed for the intent of this process. This begins the process of merging heaven and Earth within. If we are paying attention, we could experience flashes of enlightened consciousness, and we may feel quite elevated.

The SECOND PULSE will be from 4/18 – 4/21. These are the days of 8 CHICCHAN, 9 CIMI, 10 MANIK and 11 LAMAT. This second phase will activate our throat chakra from the descending cosmic energy, and activate your solar plexus from the elevating energy from the core of the Earth. These four days begin collecting foundational wisdom. We will begin to let go, like a death of the past, and align with pure healing creation activating and transducing wisdom into a useable form. We exit the mental world and enter the world of spirit.

The THIRD PULSE will be from 4/22 – 4/25. These are the days of 12 MULUC, 13 OC, 1 CHUEN and 2 EB. This third phase will activate our center point, our HEART, now in balance between the cosmos and the Earth. These days are initiated with the energy of the cosmic moon of creation. Information is refined through spirit in a way to make it accessible. Some deeper issues may be triggered with emotions and heightened sensitivity. We can either destroy or create within the vastness of the heart. It will begin a starting over process. Health will need attention.

The FOURTH PHASE will be from 4/26 – 4/29. These are the days of 3 BEN, 4 IX, 5 MEN and 6 CIB. This fourth phase will now activate your solar plexus from the descending energies of the great central sun. It will also activate your throat chakra through the elevating energies from core of the Earth. These four days will begin with an activation called the pillars of light. It is where the Earth’s energy will begin to knit together with the energy from the great central sun. This phase will also be embedded with shamanic-like wisdom that is timeless. We will have access to higher forms of natural forces from the cosmos, and we will be able to anchor it into a more usable form on Earth. This is also where the real work will really start to kick in. Complex human relationships could feel unwieldy as we soar with broader vision and clarity about our service in the world. We will gain new boundaries that rise to a higher standard. This will trigger a more honest self-confidence, assisting us with being comfortable with authority figures without giving up personal power. During these days, we can learn to foster true community if focused upon.

The FIFTH and final phase will be from 4/30 – 5/3. These are the days of 7 CABAN, 8 ETZNAB, 9 CAUAC and 10 AHAU. This fifth phase will activate your root chakra from the descending energies of great central sun. It will also activate your crown chakra with the elevating energies from core of the Earth. These four days are the highest frequency of all 20 day signs, and they offer the most evolution … but they can also trigger the deepest work. Progressive and controversial creations could be birthed with strong convictions, but the challenge will be to hold it together. We might need space to face many new things that are reflecting back in the world mirror to us. If your focus is on community, we can develop cooperation skills instead of it having to be limited to self-interest vs self-sacrifice. Lightning flash clarity can come regarding accessing your own inner truth. We may be able to receive wisdom from physical or ethereal sources. We could be disappointed with unrealistic expectations triggered by our refined idealism. These are four very spiritual days where purification will rise to the forefront and even trigger our inner healer.

The end of the 20 core days always leaves us a little frazzled, and we may feel a bit overwhelmed. We have absorbed so much in such a short amount of time that we may need to stop and breathe and just let it all settle in. Don’t try to force yourself to understand anything at first, because when you do, you push the wisdom away. Just allow all this to settle into your body, while the great central sun and the core of the Earth anchor inside of you. Once you gain some distance from these 20 days, you can look back and understand where you have grown and what transpired in these powerful days.

Keep in mind that these 20 core days could be viewed from many perspectives. There are layers within layers, and cycles within cycles, within infinite spherical time. This is only the front page of a huge book of knowledge that we all have access to. Keep your eyes and heart open. This is the energy that we all walk through together.

Read about all our SACRED SITE ESSENCES made in the Maya world here… Mayan Sacred Site Essences

You can download your Mayan calendar with the year’s forecast here… It is free or by donation … this is up to you. Mayan Calendar

If you have already ordered your pure Egyptian oils from us, here is how to work these 20 days with the intent to merge the ascending energy, from the core of the Earth, with the descending energy, from the great central sun, into your heart in the most balanced possible way while still in a human space suit. Or you can order them here… Pure Egyptian Oils

For the ascending Root Chakra use Red Amber Oil.
(And / or with)
For the descending Crystal Chakra use Sakkara Flower Oil.

For the ascending Solar Plexus Chakra use Jasmine Oil.
(And / or with)
For the descending Intergalactic / Divine Source Chakra use Golden Oil.

For the ascending Heart Chakra use Rose Oil.
(And / or with)
For the descending Galactic / Star Gate Chakra use Frankincense Oil.

For the ascending Throat Chakra use Amber Cashmere Oil.
(And / or with)
For the descending Earth / Universal Chakra use Nile Flower Oil.

FIFTH PHASE (final phase)
For the ascending Crown Chakra use Lotus Oil
(And / or with)
For the descending Higher Self / Soul Star Chakra use Papyrus Oil.

We are happy to receive any heart donations to support our work in these times.
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Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
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Magenta Pixie

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The 4~4 Healing Portal ~ Photonic Light Bombardment Incoming Source: Jen McCarty on GoldenAgeofGaia

one-earth-one-heart-500x357 Dearest brothers and sisters, Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever evolving Humanity. The Earth plane is currently experiencing an influx and bombardment of photonic light particles that is unlike anything the Earth realm has ever experienced before. The Ascension codes that are pouring forth from galactic central are activating so many shifts and transformations in literally every single person on the Earth. For those that are on the awakening path, please know that these photonic light particles are interacting with your DNA, and work very much like a microwave. A perfect analogy to describe your DNA is popcorn. Humanity’s DNA codons could be very much likened to popcorn kernels, and the photonic waves or light particles could be likened to a microwave oven. As the photonic light particles (also known as God particles) stream forth from galactic central, this activates a somewhat heating-up process of the popcorn kernels. It activates the transformation in the kernel and literally transforms its cellular and molecular structure. This is exactly what is occurring for everyone on the awakening ascension path. For those of Humanity that are not on The Awakening path, the photonic light particles are still managing to interact with their DNA, however, there is what could be perceived as a filter. The filter ensures the particles / upgrades are stored on a more subconscious level as opposed to a conscious level (which is what is experienced by the awakened star beings). There is always hope for everyone. If you are reading these words and feel like you would like to shift your spiritual vibration, all you need to do is drop your attention to your heart consciousness and place your ears very closely to your heart, to listen to the message of your heart and begin to take heed of these messages.
coconutscopy-300x200 Many people are experiencing huge ascension symptoms at the moment, and it is highly recommended that you stay on top of your hydration by drinking lots of spring water. It is also recommended to drink electrolytes and also to drink coconut water that is infused with electrolytes. The electrolytes enable the assimilation of the photonic light particles to occur in a much easier way. They carry the information/codes throughout the entire system as opposed to the energy getting stuck and concentrating in one particular area of the body. We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated at this time of intense photonic light bombardment. Welcome to March madness, everyone. There are so many shifts that are taking place in this multi-dimensional chess game that’s being played out on the world stage currently. From our perspective, it’s clear that the White Hats are in control, and what’s occurring is pure optics to awaken the sleepers. Nobody knew quite the extent of how attached to sleep many of Humanity’s children and adults would be at this time. And we can all agree it is absolutely unprecedented. The energies are now building up for the 4/4 ascension gateway. In this transmission, we are being guided to work with the extremely powerful and transformative energies of Yeshua and Magdalene. We are being called to work specifically with the divine masculine consciousness to send forth a boost of spiritual protection and awakening energies to many, many divine masculines who are currently incarnated on planet Earth at this time. We’re being asked to activate an alignment with their Christic blueprint and higher self consciousness. The divine masculine has suffered a great deal in the third dimensional realm, many of them forgetting the memo that this is indeed Heaven on Earth. We’ve all incarnated to experience the most extraordinary bliss with our best friend and highest soul consort in the universe. Many of the divine masculines have naturally gone into survival mode. It’s very important that this timeline of survival collapses now to make way for true awakening within the divine masculine consciousness. Due to the fact that everybody has been challenged to our deepest core, in the 4.4 transmission we will also be working with the Arcturian rejuvenation pools. This is a profound blessing that has been dispensed from our Arcturian elder brothers and sisters, and they wish to share the frequencies of their rejuvenation pools, particularly for the 144,000 light warriors.
Superheroes popup-300x225 We are on the verge of a huge planetary awakening, and all that was hidden is about to be revealed. Many of our brothers and sisters are about to have their eyes opened to the profound atrocities that the deep state has inflicted upon humanity, and the 144,000 are being called now to step up as the true spiritual leaders and warriors that they have come here to be. We are all positioned strategically on our grid points in order to assist in the harnessing of this awakening energy as the entire collective is flooded with the truth about what has really taken place within our planetary history. As ever, we guide you and advise you to remember that what you are searching for is your consciousness being fully aligned and at home in the present moment. Your ego would have you believe that you are searching for something outside of yourself, something external, but the truth is you are seeking to know that you are at home in this present moment. You are seeking to become one with your master avatar self, which is fully grounded in the zero point field, the present now moment. Please take this coaching message of the highest order deeply to heart. There is no external savior that will give you permission to step up to be the leader and masterful being that you have incarnated to be. Mother-father God placed your etheric crown safely in your auric field, awaiting the moment for you to reach up into your etheric field to place your crown on your own head. The greatest illusion of the third dimension is waiting for someone that we perceive to hold a higher spiritual authority than we do to place our own crown on our head. This is what activates the timeline of procrastination and time-wasting. It is very important that all of you reading these words realize that if you’ve been waiting for a sign from spirit, this is it. Please stop waiting for permission to be the leader and illuminated being that you’ve incarnated to be. This is your invitation to step up now and speak clearly, even if your voice shakes. There is more information to share with you regarding the four-four transmission, which I will share in due course. I would very much appreciate all of you reading these words to please share this message. I have been heavily censored on all social media platforms and the only way this comforting message can read who it is meant to is by you sharing it. I’m very excited to also share with you all that I will be offering the transmissions in a new format. Please see below for full details on how to book onto the transmission. In love and light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe
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iu-6 Achieving the full realisation of your light body will take a lifetime for most people if they get there at all. For those consciously moving towards this sacred state of being, the process is a lot quicker – but still not a quick process, by any means! There are twelve stages you will go through during the long process of Lightbody ascension. To see what lies in store for you, read through the description of these twelve stages below: First Stage During the first stage, your DNA and chemical makeup begin to undergo subtle changes. This effect is most notable in the brain, where restructuring begins to mend the fissure between your left and right brain. Your pituitary and pineal glands may change in size, too. This stage is marked by physical mutation, causing symptoms like spiritual flu, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, and sometimes skin conditions like rashes and spots. Second Stage The second stage is defined by transitional upheaval, causing bouts of spiritual flu and a general feeling of lethargy and laziness. You might also experience some disorientation as light unlocks within you and your Merkaba spins more quickly than ever before. Third Stage In the third stage, you start to see some benefits around your physical perception. Colours seem more vivid, smells more pungent and even your taste in food can change overnight. At this stage, you can no longer regress back to your previous state. Light is unlocked within you and your journey towards ascension. Fourth Stage Here we get a whole new host of physical symptoms including headaches, nausea, blurred vision and even chest pains for some. All these symptoms are due to your senses realigning for higher dimensional perception, the same way as when you step off of a merry-go-round or rollercoaster.
iu-6 Fifth Stage You begin to tune to the frequency of spirits, and your dreams will become more lucid. Thought processes change and you might notice your personality begin to shift as your concept of yourself changes. Sixth Stage Relationships take on a new light, and you begin to evaluate which ones are positive and which are negative. This is a period of upheaval in your social life and your attitude to it. Seventh Stage More physical symptoms appear as the ascension energy rises once more, this time bringing about emotional clarity and newfound honesty. You start to see yourself as a higher dimensional being. Eighth Stage You operate from a place of self-awareness and begin to speak the higher language of light. The ego begins to dissipate as you consider what is best for the collective over what is best for you. Ninth Stage You start to feel physically different as you begin to inhabit your burgeoning light body. Your soul makes connections left and right, and you get a sense of being connected to the whole Earth. Tenth Stage You become one with Source, and this mutates your DNA, opening up ten more extra strands and your ancestral DNA. The Merkabah is now fully formed. Eleventh Stage Your light body finished construction and activation, with cellular regeneration complete. Time, space and dimensions become merged within you, and you gain access to them all. Twelfth Stage The twelfth stage holds the rest of your journey, as you continue with the healing work for your light body.
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Portal 2012

Planetary Situation Update Posted: 01 Apr 2021 01:04 AM PDT Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases. Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet. The Light forces are also rapidly clearing quantum primary anomaly around the Earth. Quantum primary anomaly is a random quantum field which is preventing Ascended beings from manifesting into the physical realm and thus preventing them directly assisting humanity. The amount of this quantum primary anomaly around Earth was simply enormous, much bigger than expected, and it encompassed the quantum timeline potential for all negative events that might happen. Most of this general anomaly has been cleared in the last two months and most negative event potentials canceled out. Very small amount of that anomaly extends beyond lunar orbit throughout the solar system and even throughout the whole universe, as until the last planet of darkness is liberated, none of the universe can be completely free. Even one cancerous cell in an otherwise healthy body is too much, and healing needs to happen. Due to the huge amount of anomaly that needed to be cleared, the Age of Aquarius meditation last December did not lead to bigger physical breakthroughs in the months following the meditation, and many people were disappointed, myself included. However, we need to understand that we are clearing millions upon millions of years of cosmic darkness and we can not expect results overnight. Therefore I would also appreciate if people posting comments do so in a benevolent and meaningful way, as negative and meaningless comments will not be approved, there is more than enough anomaly and negativity elsewhere already. It would also be beneficial if people reread old articles from this blog as then they will be able to put fresh situation updates into a broader context. In a week or two the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity. On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen.  
  On the planetary surface, the dark forces still control the energy grid through wars and through animal slaughter: To help restoring the energy grid into the hands of the Light forces, regular Flower of Life meditation every 4 hours is still needed: On the physical plane on the surface, the Chimera group is still present within DARPA, from where they exert considerable amount of influence on the surface Cabal through Orsini, Torlonia, Theodoli families and other black nobility families. Through top Jesuits they control the rest of the Cabal: Through DARPA, they are planning to develop a new generation of biochips to be put into vaccines, as they want to upgrade old Siemens biochips that the vast majority of humanity has now: Those biochips would be based on a cushion of hydrogel a few milimeters in diameter which the body would recognize as its own tissue and would not reject it, with the actual chip between 50 and 100 micrometers in size embedded into the hydrogel. The biochip would monitor biochemical activity in the body and could detect Pleiadian stardust technology and counteract it with its own negative stardust technology, similar to this one: It could also connect with the already existing main Siemens biochip in the frontal lobe of the brain, which most of humanity have received with vaccination campaigns from late 1940s to early 2000s and through soft drinks. The purpose would be to control and monitor brain activity and emotions: This biochip would use ultrasound for communication, as old Siemens biochips do: This technology is still in development and is currently not present in existing Covid vaccines. Our team has checked some current Covid vaccines in a lab and did not find any microchips larger than 50 micrometers (which is the smallest practical size of a working microchip) in either Astra Zeneca or Cominarty vaccines, but they did detect lipid nanoparticles in Cominarty vaccine. Although Covid vaccines may have side effects, they are not a tool for depopulation of humanity, as many people are afraid. Nevertheless, the Cabal is using the vaccine passports as a tool for population control, and this is one of the main reasons why Alliance forces have arranged mysterious sabotages and delays in vaccine distribution. More evidence has emerged that the Coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan:  
  And everybody responsible for the pandemic and for lockdowns will answer for their crimes in Nuremberg-style trials: With the pandemic plans slowly falling apart, the Cabal wants to engineer a new world war: Two weeks ago, the Pleiadians have again contacted top brass within Russian Space Forces and have given them strategic intel for Putin. Surprisingly, intel about that contact has leaked into alternative media: Pleiadians have communicated that if a full war escalates in Ukraine, they may trigger a release of full disclosure files through Russian mass media and even risk showing a small part of their fleet publicly. Despite that, urgent meditation for peace in Ukraine and Middle East is still very much needed to help preventing the situation spiraling out of control:  
  Mass media are deliberately censoring all intel about the situation in Ukraine because the Cabal wants to surprise everybody with a sudden war coming out of nowhere. Yet, the story is leaking out: Dragon families and Alliance forces within BRICS countries are making some covert geostrategic moves that will ultimately lead to the fall of the Cabal. The only hint I can give is this: For those who are interested, reliable sources from Trump’s innermost team have said that they have indisputable evidence of election fraud, but now is not the time to present it. Although there are no bigger positive breakthroughs on the surface of the planet happening yet, much preparatory work is being done. If you feel so guided, you can experience the healing energy of the Tachyon chambers: Please be aware that Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. Med beds were developed by the Resistance in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the assistance from the Andromedans and will only be available to the surface population after the Event. Victory of the Light!  
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ARCTURIAN MESSAGE by Marilyn Raffaele

LightIsTheSymbolOfTruth 3 Dear readers, we greet you with love and light. Although it doesn’t look that way, increasingly more outgrown and low resonating energies now present on earth are beginning to transmute to a higher resonance, one that flows in and on streams of love. All is proceeding according to plan. It is important to have attained a consciousness of spiritual trust. “Do I really believe that One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Source/ Consciousness/God is all there is? If so, could anything exist outside of IT? Where could anything unlike IT come from if IT is omnipresent?” Omnipresence automatically eliminates there being any reality to duality and separation. Bring this knowledge into every facet of your life where it can then grow, expand, and eventually become your state of consciousness where trust is automatic. It is tempting even for the very evolved to slip into fears that arise from outer appearances but never doubt that the Divine Plan is solidly in place. You the awakened ones, are today’s spiritual warriors simply because you carry the Light of truth in consciousness. Because there is only one, the higher resonating energy that you secretly and silently carry with you acts to lift and assist others to recognize how much of what has been accepted as normal, is in reality false, cruel, and unnecessary. Life is difficult for most at this time. People are tired and want things to be normal. Try to think of present times as a pause rather than a problem. A pause that was necessary in order to stop the three dimensional merry-go-round that so many have been living on in the belief that it was normal. The “pause” has allowed many to step back and re-evaluate their beliefs and life choices. This “pause” in normal activity has forced many to courageously make changes that align more closely with their awakening state of awareness. Rather than continuing to plug along with choices made from a previous and less aware state of consciousness, the break from habit and routine is helping many to examine themselves more honestly, a process that would have taken much longer without the “pause”. As higher frequencies of Light flow to and integrate on earth more will come. There is only ONE energy, and IT is omnipresent, but after it became conditioned with the false belief in two powers, it began expressing as duality and separation. These false interpretations have no law to sustain or maintain them for they are not real. Spiritual evolution is the gradual elimination of that which is false and dense through the presence of high dimensional, real frequencies in global and personal consciousness.
iu-6 As higher frequency energy integrates into the cells of your physical body and displaces the heavier energy that humans have become used to, you may feel ill, tired, and/or emotional. Allow the process. These high resonating energies are clearing and replacing energies in cellular memory that you may have carried for eons. Your body doesn’t always understand what is happening and reacts in the ways it is familiar with. You have been preparing for this through lifetimes and have reached a readiness to move beyond that which is finished. This may cause you to feel different from the you that you were as well as confused about many things. Activities, interests, people, food, and beliefs that were once an integral part of your life simply no longer resonate with your new state of consciousness and can leave you feeling sad and longing for what once was. Remember–nothing real ever disappears into nothingness but rather only changes form. You will once again experience those things that represent your completeness, but in new ways. The presence of high resonating energy will activate the deeply buried negative emotions, beliefs, and fear filled experiences that you have consciously or unconsciously kept buried within throughout many lifetimes. Higher Light frequencies act to expose these “hidden places” simply because reality will always override the false–energies formed from concepts and beliefs based in two powers that have no law to support them. This is what is behind the violence and destructive behavior you are witnessing at this time. It is the effect of the presence of increasingly more light (reality) on earth as it moves toward becoming a higher dimensional planet. Just as with people, earth was never meant to remain three dimensional and everything now taking place is part of earth’s ascension process. Feel into the energy that you are experiencing. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise from your clearing/ integration process. Stop ignoring or forcing the painful ones back inside where will not go away (they are energy) but rather will continue to express outwardly when you least want or expect them to until looked at and cleared. Long ago souls chose to experience separation and did, but then forgot who they were and got stuck in it creating a collective consciousness based in separation that in turn allowed alignment with low resonating energies and beings that brought to earth the suffering, negative experiences, and outside interference that has plagued mankind for eons. The Christian celebration of Easter is soon to take place all over the world. However as with the Christmas story, Easter is not the story of just one man but is rather everyone’s story. At some point in every soul journey, there comes a crucifixion which has been called the “dark night of the soul”. It is the experience of having the one’s foundation crumble without warning leaving the person floundering in doubt, confusion, mental anguish, resistance, and questions.
iu-19 After a period of suffering (three days in the tomb) and futile attempts to restore what once was, there comes the realization that familiar outer solutions simply no longer work and at this point the inner search begins. As new insights unfold, he/she begins to see their old foundation from a new and higher perspective which allows them to build a new and more evolved foundation (resurrection). There are many crucifixions and Easters along the path to realization, each one serving to lift a person to their next level. Learn to live in each now moment. Attempting to hold on to or recreate the energies of yesterday, regardless of how wonderful they may have been will only serve to block something new from manifesting. Even after one day, one hour, or one minute the energy is old. Become an observer living from your highest level of awareness and embracing each now moment without fear. This way you do not block what may be “in the wings” waiting. Living in the now moment can be difficult because everyone has been taught to plan every aspect of their lives according to three dimensional standards. Living in the now moment does not mean you stop making plans, but rather means that if or when those plans change you allow it without a lot of struggle, resistance, and effort to force the original plan. Those not yet awakened, who live fully in third dimensional energy are not yet spiritually prepared to live spiritual allowing, but you as evolved beings, have reached that place of readiness. Spiritual allowing means knowing and accepting that your Higher Self, your Divine Self, knows and is guiding the perfect plan for your spiritual growth. It means that when personal plans totally dissolve in spite of your best efforts, you understand without resistance that something is unfolding on a level you are not yet aware of. Allowing is the ability to stand back and watch life unfold from a place of spiritual truth rather than attempting to fill each moment with activities based in concepts of obligation to some person, group, or societal belief. It is a letting go of the “shoulds and should nots” that have kept you in bondage and unempowered. Allowing is a facet of trust, a trust that flows automatically from the realization that one is a Divine Being/Consciousness embodying all the qualities of Source. Allowing knows that that there is a Divine plan taking place even though things may not look that way to human eyes. It is knowing that whole picture is not yet able to fully manifest physically, but is fully present on a higher dimensional level. Allowing becomes automatic as you begin to accept self as SELF. Let life unfold as seems best for you without trying to direct, plan, force, eliminate, or change it. Allowing does not mean doing nothing in the ordinary sense but rather means trusting that your intuition (the voice of your Higher Self) is guiding your decisions and choices and then allow them to be what they are. Higher frequency energies of Light are bringing new ideas about everything to collective consciousness and are also giving a little “push” those teetering on the edge of awakening . Some are choosing not to awaken at this time. Perhaps they require learning experiences that can only be had in third dimensional energy or simply want to enjoy three dimensional energy for a bit longer. Some souls are choosing to leave now in order to reincarnate into the new and higher resonating earth. Free will allows all to have choice and choice is unique to every individual. Everyone has had different experiences over their many lifetimes making every person’s lessons and levels of spiritual awareness different. Never feel that you must cajole, force, or trick another into believing as you do out of the belief that you have the higher and better truth. Love means honoring everyone’s journey through the realization that all paths lead up the mountain and come together at the top. Awakening to the truth of ONEness cannot be avoided forever because Consciousness is and will continue to express ITself infinitely even when ITs expressions are colored by false concepts and beliefs. It is inevitable that at some point a breakthrough in consciousness takes place for every person because no one can cease being what they are. Many intellectually accept they are Divine expressions, but have not yet allowed themselves to actually BELIEVE it. The time is now and you are ready to integrate– I am that I am. We are the Arcturian Group 3/28/21
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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we extend our energy to you now, we are the Andromedans. We come forth as a collective, as a collective energy of pure love and truth. We are known as one of the most evolved and enlightened civilisations of the star beings. We bring forth an expression of the Creator, we bring forth the truth of the Creator.

Today we wish to speak of transforming your multi-faceted self. There are multiple transformations taking place within your being now and multiple transformations taking place for the Earth and Mother Earth. Transformations within your physical body, your cells, energy bodies and of course even within your perspective. This is the same for Mother Earth. There are numerous star beings and star civilisations surrounding the Earth now, we are energising the Earth, giving the Earth, her humanity and all beings, the energy, nourishment, and vibrations they require in order to transform. This heightened energy and greater volume of energy means that everything is awakening.

You have within your being the New Earth Ascension Blueprint which allows for new possibilities and opportunities to manifest in your reality. This is a collection of energies that is somewhat unknown or has not been seen upon the Earth before, it creates a tremendous opportunity for you in this lifetime. It is wonderful to think that the coming years are for you to really fulfil your existence and your expression of the Creator on the Earth. We would say to fulfil your purpose, however, this often creates a feeling of stress or that you do not know your purpose. It is important for you to be happy, to be fulfilled, experience joy, to express the love of the Creator. When you are doing this, when you are doing things that you love, that fill you with so much completion energy you can be certain you are following your purpose. This is what the coming year is all about. You are being guided to create healing and transformation for the Earth, humanity, and yourself, and to fulfil your dreams. To fulfil your destiny, you do not need to know what your destiny is, simply follow your joy, follow your happiness, follow that feeling of being complete, in doing so you will walk the path that is appropriate for you.

With this opportunity of the intense energy vibrations the star beings are collecting and gathering for the Earth, humanity and all beings, an incredibly beautiful awakening for all will take place. Each person’s awakening will be different. We, the Andromedans, wish to offer an insight into the awakening that is occurring now. We wish to draw attention to your multi-faceted self. Your multi-faceted self is all the aspects of yourself in existence on the Earth, the inner planes, within your soul, within your soul group, we might add all the aspects of yourself within the entire Universe of the Creator.

Imagine with us for a moment you are standing still in a very peaceful space, maybe you are inside, maybe you are outside, but your surroundings are clear. There is this energy of peace. You become aware of a diamond; this diamond shape is like a mirror; it manifests before your third eye chakra. As you allow yourself to gaze into the diamond shaped mirror you see another being looking back at you. This being is you, another aspect of yourself, maybe on the Earth or the inner planes, just by connecting with this other being there is an essence of completion. Maybe this other being in the diamond shaped mirror needs healing or maybe that being is there to inspire you.

Now imagine that all around you there are multiple diamond-shaped mirrors and they come together creating a tiling effect surrounding you. When you look up you can see millions of diamond-shaped mirrors, when you look down the same, from side to side everywhere you look they are surrounding you. Each diamond shape mirror holds a being, you can see through that mirror like a window into another dimension, into another reality where an aspect of yourself or an aspect of your soul group is in existence. This may seem overwhelming; it is impossible to connect with every being and it is not essential to connect with every being because some beings do not need it. You are already connected with all aspects of yourself, so it is more important to say that there is no need for you to be aware of every being.

As you gaze into these different diamond-shaped mirrors, you are recognising your multi-faceted self. As we send energy to you of encouragement, nourishment, love, and support from the star beings, absorb it deep into your being, let it activate and merge with your New Earth Ascension Blueprint. Emanate the energy to every diamond shaped mirror with every aspect of yourself which creates your multi-faceted self. As you do this recognise you are amazing, you are more than you could ever imagine, and all of these aspects are connected to you. In this moment, you are simply gaining a glimpse of that which is within your being.

We invite you to experience this in the coming days, to absorb our supportive and nurturing energy, to merge it with the blueprint within your being and to allow this energy to flow outwards into your multi-faceted self. Acknowledge that your multi-faceted self is within your being and that you are projecting this outwards so you may recognise it with greater ease. In doing so you may observe that your multi-faceted self will transform, that all the beings may transform or that you may be drawn into one diamond shaped mirror to acknowledge one being’s transformation.
Whether you recognise one, two or the collective as transforming, what is truly happening is that you are transforming within your being with a greater acceptance of the oneness of your being and your soul, soul group and the Creator. It allows you in an amazingly simple way to access your complete energy, the completeness of your being and the Creator thus further nurturing and nourishing your being and your Ascension process. You may gain information or wisdom from the collective multi-faceted aspects of yourself or maybe from one diamond shaped mirror or two or three. We, the Andromedans, will support you and we invite you to explore this process thus understanding more of yourself, bringing forth into expression your truth. We invite you to not get distracted by the different aspects and labels of the beings that you connect with. We invite you to accept, acknowledge and to be at peace with all aspects. This will allow a deep connection with the Creator and with aspects of yourself, which you may have been disconnected from or unaware of.
We invite you to enjoy this exploration.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans

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