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Power of the Goddess

Posted: 18 Feb 2018 03:57 PM PST

As we have now entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation process, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet:











People on the surface of the planet have been programmed to believe that being soft and caring for other sentient beings is a weakness. This programming has originated from the Archons, then distributed through Jesuit and Illuminati networks and then through the mainstream media to the surface population through the meme of “survival of the fittest”.


This meme was spread among the surface population to suppress the caring energy of the Goddess, which is the energy the dark forces fear the most:




Now it is time for us to understand that caring, loving, soft energy is the energy that will ultimately transform our planet and assist the Light Forces in removing all darkness from the planet. Being soft is NOT a weakness, it is ultimate power:






It is also time now for all women to support and express the caring part of their Soul, anchor that energy in the planetary energy grid and connect with other sisters in Sisterhood of the Rose:






Or in global sisterhood:




It is very important for the planetary liberation that as many people as possible to do the following two Goddess meditations as often as possible:


Goddess Vortex meditation

1. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise
2. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light

3. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise

4. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in “America” and NOT as e in “Venus”, and a is pronounced as a in “America”) so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, dolphins, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light.
5. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.







Return of the Goddess meditation

1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.


2. Visualize a pillar of pink Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky and entering your physical body. This presence will harmonize your inner woman and make you more loving. Stay united with that presence for a while.


3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men and women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars and conflicts as all dark entities, physical and non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source in perfect balance of their inner male and female aspects.


Please do this visualization as instructed and do not change it as otherwise it will not have the desired effect.


The divine masculine presence (the Hero) in each of us needs to be activated also. The Hero is a warrior that moves beyond revenge and powerless anger into full fierce power of methodically removing the darkness in order to protect everything that is sacred and beautiful, to protect all children, women and men that can not defend themselves against the cruelty of darkness so prevalent on the surface of the planet.


Long time ago, the weapons of the Hero were the sword and the pen. Now, the weapons are his one-pointed mind, the scalar protection devices and computer keyboard. And Mjolnir:




The Hero understands that all suffering on this planet is artificially engineered. He understands that he can not force his fellow humans to awaken, as they have retreated into their Islands of Sanity (beer and football) to avoid facing the too cruel reality of Draco occupation of the planet with all horrendous child abuse and untold suffering, as it was precisely described here by Benjamin Fulford’s reader AHZ:




It is time now for each of us to unite the Goddess and Hero archetypes inside, become whole and stop fighting with each other, and unify in this last stage of planetary liberation process:




At this point I have not received clearance to release any intel about the planetary situation, and when I will be able to release it, I will.


Until then, I leave you with this video:




Victory of the Light!





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What to Expect at New Earth by Elizabeth Trutwin

To begin with I ask you suspend all disbelief. Second I will say, this is not the first time Earth was moved. Yes, I get a shiver saying those words. Some of you just may remember the earlier Creations of Earth? Scientists speak about Extraterrestrial Impacts which began Ice Ages, for example.

We came to know that Earth is ascending first to a new order of magnitude at the 12th Dimension and next to the 100th Dimensional scale. I have seen by remote viewing the progress Earth is making. Earth, with the Planets in our Solar System are being moved. Earth first went through the Eye of An December 20th. This was accomplished by changing scale on one end, moving through and resuming the proper scale on the other side. You may remember feeling very sleepy, jittery or disoriented during this period. It completed the voyage through the Eye of An, central Star in Orion’s Belt, on December 21st, the beginning of Yuletide or the Great Hunt.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Orion’s Belt; El, An, Ra.

Our Solar System is aligning with another smaller Solar System about 12 light years from our old location in 5D. This will lock us into a 12th Dimensional state. Currently we are on task for the transition. I can describe in more detail how this works after completion less than a week from now. All of the messengers are saying we will be complete on January 1st in the Full Supermoon. That is what I confirm as well. When this happens we will be in a 9 Sun Solar System. Earth will no longer be diurnal. Because of this we must accommodate the new system by transfiguring into 12D Bodies. This is seen as what is called a “Glowie” Body. We have seen this example in the Transfiguration of Jesus, a Holy Mystery described in the Christian Bible. In Matthew 17 1-2 we see the explanation for how a Body transfigures from 5D to 12D:

“MATTHEW 17 1 And after six days, Jesus took Peter and James, and John his brother, and brought them up into an high mountain apart,

And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the Sun, and his clothes were as white as the light.”

True transfiguration is when our Bodies join or merge with our Twin Flame as a Twin Ray of Light. This is the Over Soul Merging and at 100D we will see Multiverse Merging. At 12D we expect to see ‘The Glowie Body.’ It will glow as if it is light, although, in the beginning, we will see a residual of the shape of the former Body until we fully wake up. This has been represented in the new Star Trek television series when someone is visiting the Ship from another Dimension they appear transparent. It is a version of a transfigured Body. It glows in.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Philippa and Michael from Star Trek Discovery

We will literally see 3 Suns in the sky when we come into the new Solar System.



  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


New Earth will have 3 Suns on the horizon.


At 12D Earth we will not all of a sudden see changes around Easter, instead we will begin as we always thought, with Announcements and Disclosure. Due to the turmoil in government in the United States as well as the Pentagon’s interest with getting it done, add as well, a faction of the U.S. military wanting to continue to control the Secret Space program, the initial Full Disclosure will begin with President Putin. Following this, we will witness phases of New Earth. Since Earth will now be magnitudes of order closer to Arcturus, we will see their mentors, technology and wisdom brought to Earth for Zero Point energy, new transportation systems which control gravity, healing technologies and major changes in structures and infrastructure.

For example, concrete jungles will be removed as well as asphalt highways. They will not be needed. The buildings will either be zero impact on the environment, hovering, movable, or will hug into mountainsides as they did in the ancient past like at Manchu Pichu and Paro Taktsang, Bhutan.



  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Manchu Pichu, Peru



  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

12 D Earth will have one third of the population of 7.5 billion present at the end of the Kali Yuga cycle. How can this be? Unknown to us because it is very hard without a high level of Awareness, to know; one third of those on Earth are already non human. There are droids on Earth like in the Matrix movie who are a kind of Artificial Intelligence. They appear in every way to be human and are plants by the malevolent Extraterrestrials put on Earth to help them with their alien agendas. They are machines. They will be removed like winking out of existence.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


A.I. Androids are not human though we have run into them on the street and will now leave Earth.

There are also those who are Dragons and Archons inhabiting a human looking Body and are not human at all. They will be leaving Earth like winking out of existence.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Hillary is a Dragon. Trump is an Archon.

The others who will leave, we will not really notice in the transition. They inhabit the indigent poor parts of the world. They live in shanty towns, refugee camps, baby brothels, under street level human trafficking prisons and war torn villages. We never see these Ones in real life and we will not be able to grasp their absence. They will not be able to sustain the higher energies at 12D. These three groups together make up two thirds of Earth’s old population and they will all be gone.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Human Trafficking Gangs on Mumbai’s Falkland Road

Now we know that technically Antartica is oriented toward the Sun and the Arctic is pointed away. One way control has been exerted by the Dragons all this time, was by inverting Earth’s map. Where we live we do not have a reference point for proper perception. In Antarctica we have the Pyramid Systems whose surfaces are melting and revealing themselves. These are where the Gold was hidden, the world riches. These are on top of the Earth and the entry of Sananda Kumara, the Messiah, into Hyperboria. Our true knowledge will return. We will have mentors available for rapid reeducation.



  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Hyperboria began in Antarctica. The Truth has been hidden by reversing the map.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Hyperborian Pyramids from the ancient land of Hyperboria. Where the 5th Element and Ark of the Covenant Technology are Awakened.

On December 27, Mother Sekhmet gave the Blessing to St. Germain to, on his timing, launch the final requirements needed for Announcements and Disclosure. This happened at Saturn at the Solar Tribunal where some of the last cases will be heard from Earth indictments. Niburu is engaged in it’s part managing intergalactic war criminals for the Galactic Federation.

New Earth begins by our Solar System merging with another Solar System already in 12D about 12 light years from where we are now after moving through the Eye of An at Orion. We enter into a kind of incubation as changes are phased in starting with Announcements and Disclosure. We will have Landings of Extraterrestrial Craft, Terraforming on Earth, removal of two thirds of Earth’s population, the enactment of NESARA Law. The war reparations and swipe cards will soon become obsolete as more ET technology is introduced such as, advanced transportation, zero point energy, replicators and alternative housing.

As we become accustomed to 12D Earth in transfigured Bodies, we will integrate the next change of transfiguration into 100D Bodies as our plasma pearlescent balls of Pure Light. This happens when we have prepared to integrate the Multiverse Soul. These are advanced Beings living only in the formless realm of Light. As Plasma we are able to integrate at the Atomic level or at the Cosmic level. We can be as a cell in the Body, a Supercluster or even a proton which begins a new Universe. All of these things are potentials at the magnitude of 100D. We are also at this point able to travel between the form realm of 12D one minute and be in the formless of 100D the next minute. In these juxtapositions a new kind of Co-Creation becomes possible at New Earth and beyond. We are just beginning to see what will be available. We are not in Kansas anymore. Duality is over. The Grand Experiment done. We are infinite Co-Creator Gods playing in the Earth Garden. Peace.


  • Left
  • Center
  • Right


Our Supreme Consciousness Formless Plasma Pearlescent Balls of Light 100D Body


I have started a Go Fund Me campaign to help me secure a 1997 Van. I have not had a car in 6 months. I am moving to a permanent home now and have all my expenses paid except a vehicle. I am open to receiving a vehicle as a contribution if you are located near the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Thank you for sending a small donation now. My deep gratitude for sharing this information and checking with your local charities to see if there is a car to donate to me. Blessings to you this New Year and many happy returns. If there is any way I may help you now, please email me eltrutwin @ gmail.com

Greetings Everybody!

As you know, for the past 10 years I have volunteered as a Political Advocate for the Extraterrestrial Issue. I have spoken less about my family life. I am a single Mother who raised three children alone without help from family or ex for 15 years. I speak little about them so we may have a private life. I have sent all three to college and each of them now live in their own apartment with roommates and have jobs and attend class.

My youngest who is 18 graduated high school last June. He surprised me by announcing two weeks later he was moving out. Naturally I cried for 3 solid days and on day 4 I emailed my friend and told her I needed to move and she said, you should come here.

I moved out of where we had lived for 17 years to save money as there was no longer need to stay there.  As I weighed everything in the move I gave my 17 year old vehicle to my 18 year old even though he had not asked. I knew he would need this reliable transportation to get to his off campus job and be safe.

I went to live in Virginia with my friend in July, 2017. I continued to work and also had somewhat of a rest from constant worry and bills. I have lost weight, healed my injury and continued to write. I have new projects coming out eminently and I am going back to Galactic Roundtable as now the information will be helpful.

I am in Virginia and it is time for me to move to my forever home. I have found a rental in another state which is secluded and perfect for me to do my writing, advocacy and services. I have enough to go back to my storage locker, get what last few things I have and drive across the country. The thing I need help with is I no longer have my own car. Since I have moved my children are thriving. I did well by them. They told me to go on to my dream now. They spent the Holidays with the extended family. It was our first Christmas apart in over 20 years. They all told me I need to go on now and live my dream.

Please, I’m asking one more time for help. A few small donations will have me on my way. Please, I need to ask all of you to help with a small donation as I make my way to the next place where I will be safe alone.

A neighbor is offering me this vehicle for $2300. The rental I am going to was arranged by a friend of a friend and opens January 15th and I have lined up someone to drive with me at that time. So I am hoping to fulfill this quickly. I’ll take a picture from my new porch to show you all. It is an opportune time to move because not everyone wants to do that in the cold and just following holidays, so more is available to chose from.

Thank you Everybody. You have my heart.

All My Love,

Elizabeth Trutwin

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We are in the pivotal shift between the end of a Dark Cycle and the beginning of a new one.  During this incredible time of moving parts, shifting dimensions and timelines, we look forward and backwards for deeper clarity.  Summarizing and shedding the multiple levels of NAA influence and energetic siphon, we place special focus on the energetic quality of parasites. What does it take to extract ourselves from parasitic values, unplug from vampiric systems, clear out physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parasites?  Protecting our health and life force, valuing our spiritual embodiment and ability to self-source, is a major part of how we are preparing to be responsible co-creators in this new cycle.

The alignment that occurs between Earth, the Sun and the Milky Way is magnified into a specific demarcation point in the timelines that separates the worlds, which begins another stage of mass soul transiting on the cusp moving from the constellation of Ophiuchus and into Sagittarius. Many groups of souls and entities that have been in the lower dimensional planes of the earth for multiple millennia, will be transited out through the Galactic Window. As this wave of soul groups leave the lower dimensions of the earth realm, within the celestial structure that mirrors the planetary body from the heavens, the unified solar principle returns through the birth of new stars.

The Galactic alignment this year brings the Mother’s Cosmic Aether to ignite Aqualeyon, the restoration between the Cosmic Mother and her Sun, which intensely animate the solar fire’s power of resurrection throughout the tenth stage of the alchemical laws. As a result there are powerful alchemical forces occurring within the week of the Winter Solstice between the Cosmic Mother Sophianic principle and her Solar Sun, which opens a gateway that emphasizes recoding and healing for the masculine wound and feminine reversals. The macrocosm event reflects upon the microcosm of our personal lives. Thus, this may bring intense levels of transformation and transmutation of shadow forces, Energetic Parasites and related dark entities that are being purged out of the earth body and the human body.

As we move into the next stage of the Ascension Cycle, the New Year that begins Morphogenesis, we enter the beginning of a new time cycle that is the game changer between those functioning on earth as non-empaths or empaths. This is redefining the state of being within those soul groups that gain access to equal exchanges of energy resources that are delineated between Service to Self versus Service to Others consciousness levels. In the previous cycle, energy distribution was weighted toward Service to Self entities for a variety of reasons, mainly because the planetary architecture was filled with alien software that set up closed source systems that supported mass parasitism. Currently, the energy distribution is shifting which changes levels of access into other dimensional planes, and which groups get access into the planetary field architecture. This is similar to saying that the planet has a new trinity wave access code within its Universal coordinate location, and those that are without the access code cannot leave and cannot come in from Universal Gates without being subjected to the Krystal Star Guardian Host protocols.  This transformation of access code levels into the multiple levels of dimensional planes that interface with earth is a form of planetary crisis management and is also the result of the new cycle of Morphogenesis.

Sourcing Parasitic Structures

Consequently, we need to return to the past to better understand how parasitism was established during the Final Setback of the negative alien invasion history. This set the precedent for Energetic Parasites to govern through closed source systems, thus defining the energetic distribution required for manifestation during the Dark Age on the 3D earth plane. The shifts that are occurring in the core template of the planetary architecture directly modify how all spectrums of electromagnetic energy are being directed, through human, nonhuman and technological means, into some kind of form and matter representation on the earth. Service to Self consciousness has worked upon NAA manipulated closed source systems that tend to produce Energetic Parasites. While Service to Others consciousness works on organic creator codes which are open source systems that act as energetic equalizers that produce more self-sustaining sources of energy.

Closed source systems of bi-wave, anti-life reversals and fragmented polarity consciousness within the planetary field are falling into descension spirals, and then being transmuted into smaller units and transited out. Therefore, these systems are losing access to the same energy resources that were being harvested from the artificial networks or closed systems throughout the previous cycle. Simultaneously, the open source systems of tri-wave consciousness architecture is pulling away from the dead energy spirals in the parasitic systems and gaining momentum through increased access to higher quality open source energetic resources. These open source energy resources are being transferred into the earth body by circulating the higher frequency Krystal spirals that help to build the blueprint foundation that is required to support planetary hosting for ascension.

This same planetary event, is also trickling down into the individual nerve cells on the planet, where the distribution of open source energy resources is quietly shifting to those people who embody higher frequency potentials. Those people that have evolved to the point they can circulate energy manifestations within the Krystal spirals and multiply them for the earth, those whom can exist beyond the parasitism of the anti-life reversals. The closed source system was organized through the intentional mass production of dark chaos and anti-life reversals that are used by black hole entities. More accurately described, these entities are Energetic Parasites that use advanced technologies to siphon energy resources from entire planetary bodies in order to survive in reality systems that are based on predatorial parasitism.

The gradual dismantling of closed source systems that are parasitic and have produced Energetic Parasites in our world, is occurring in the planetary field blueprint during this phase. This directly impacts how people on the earth co-create with the collective consciousness systems of energy, in order to manifest the sum total of their accumulated thoughts, that reflect the same consciousness level in this reality system. The way their consciousness-energy body interconnects to the collective consciousness body on the earth plane, in which to access the larger system of collective energies in the closed source systems has shifted. As a result, many people reliant on these closed systems may be confused at the ongoing break down of these parasitic structures around them and why this impacts the people and things in their life that are not yielding the same kind of results as before.

Evolving Beyond Closed Source Systems

Some of us have been given new lessons in order to adjust our thought processes into the next dimensional level of the law of structure, that governs the movement of energy towards open source energy systems within the collective consciousness fields. Now to align with the field where we receive the most spiritual-energetic support, we must evolve into the next stage of spiritual development, which requires we learn how to evolve beyond closed systems and manifest in the material reality without using, manipulating or taking other people’s energy.

We have to stand upon our own inner foundation, building core self and developing personal merit to support ourselves in the physical world by sourcing the energy we need to manifest from within us, rather than needing to take from other people’s energy in the external. The more advanced the stages of manipulation that a person uses for parasitic means in order to take energy away from others for Service to Self motivations, the more difficult the repercussion will become in the future. Many people are enduring this hard lesson of gaining more self-reliance and choosing self-sourcing in order to end parasitic relationships and stop engaging in harmful exchanges during this time. Even if we are upset at the perceived transgressions of others, we must not have intent to harm anyone including ourselves. In the final accounting, no one gets away with anything, all that has been hidden in this parasitic cycle will be revealed and seen in the longer term.

Rather than continue to behave in the parasitic ways that we have been socially engineered through implanted thoughts by the NAA, we must learn to free ourselves from Energetic Parasites and the parasitic control that is commonly used within the microcosm and macrocosm. This is the beginning cycle for phase transition that pushes us strongly forward to change parasitic habits, whether known or unknown to us. Simultaneously, as we take steps to end parasitic exchanges, we must learn how to generate balanced value exchanges in our personal and professional lives that are mutually beneficial, and not one sided parasitic drains based upon purely selfish motivations or with intent to harm.

To become freed of the consciousness prison on earth that is based on the principles of predatorial parasitism, we have to begin to evolve beyond it and learn new ways to sustain ourselves from our own internally generated spiritual energy.

One important lesson many people are learning now is that we must remove the concepts we had around money as the first directive to achieve in life and begin to see that the primary motivation for money lies in our darkest fears of survival. People should not pray for money, they should pray for their fear to be removed and their higher spiritual purpose to be revealed. As with higher spiritual purpose in action, dedicated in Service to Others, comes everything that you will need to fulfill that higher purpose, which brings unconditional love and meaningful connection into your life.

Most people are unaware that satanic forces are actually hiding behind an astral mirage made up of a colossal field of ravenous Energy Parasites. Satanic controlled systems are also closed source parasitic systems that a few people benefit from. Taking the overall energy resources for their personal advantage at an extreme energetic cost to many others, generating severe imbalances that contribute to energy wars, poverty, disease and world suffering. We are in the end times, the crossroads that define who on the earth is willing to evolve beyond the closed source systems of consciousness-energy enslavement that was administered through off planet Archontic Engineered Parasitism. Those who refuse to change their parasitic behaviors will have more dire consequences to their actions, individually and globally, and thus the fight for control over the access to others energy resources will appear to be greatly magnified on the surface as this transition occurs on the planet.

Transdimensional Parasitism

Parasitism is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. During the Dark Cycle, earth became a consciousness prison based on the predatorial parasitism of the life force energy of all living creatures, especially when they die. As a result of the transdimensional parasitism of the planetary body, the human race became infected with Energy Parasites and implants that are designed to siphon the higher consciousness energy and vital forces from out of the body. This means that as a result of the parasitism of the human body, this generated severe energy depletion or entropy, which made it very difficult for humanity to embody their spiritual layers, such as connecting with their soul, monad and avatar consciousness bodies.

Additionally, most people on earth do not have access to their other lifetime consciousness memories, and thus are not aware that they have spiritual bodies that are made of electromagnetic frequency and pure intelligent consciousness energy that exist in other dimensions. If these spiritual bodies are ignored by the person while they are incarnated in the physical reality, it means that predatorial people and parasitic entities can use the consciousness energy of that person without their consent and awareness.

When the human body is weakened and the mind is in amnesia, it is easier for the NAA extradimensional parasites to gain control over the mind and body of those they intend to siphon and imprison. We must better understand the concepts of energetic parasitism that are designed to weaken all the layers of the human body, and how that weakness is exacerbated through the attachment of many different shadow creatures, spirits, implants and microorganisms that exist in physical and nonphysical dimensions. When we are weakened by energy parasites we can get sick, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, thus making it easier to be controlled through an assortment of attachments and possessions. Energetic imbalances weaken the body and produce energetic parasites that when they remain uncleared, the demonstrated effects of parasitism will eventually show themselves in the physical plane and reveal as illness in one or more of the layers, within the physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body.

When Earth was Invaded by Predatorial Parasites

From the Guardian perspective, the Luciferian Rebellion reached its culmination during the Atlantian cataclysm, which set into motion the darkest of Dark Aeons, the cycle in which the fallen predators in this Universe would rise to rule as the False Gods on the earth plane. The last 26,000 years is delineated as the darkest descent into the phantom and underworld realms that are upheld by predatorial parasitism, blood sacrifice and consciousness enslavement which was enforced by the False Alien Gods or Archons, under which the entire planetary soul was imprisoned in a closed source system. As a consequence of these events, the earth and her inhabitants would experience the furthest separation that is possible from the Universal Godhead, as the Archon predators built frequency fences and bi-wave machinery around the planet’s body that would continually recycle souls and continue to harvest all living things on the earth for energy and food source.

As the planetary body became more infected over time with the bi-wave architecture, which includes the lunar matrix, alien machinery, alien genetic modification implants and assorted technological devices used to siphon life force energy, this fed and generated an assortment of Energy Parasites which digressed the earth realm to convert into a material reality based upon predatorial parasitism.  Parasitism of other’s life force is needed by those who are inherently parasitic, such as these black hole entities that are unable to generate life force themselves. The invaded earth became designated as a playground for these fallen predators in order for these NAA groups to stay at the top of the pyramidal scheme as the Power Elite in order to maintain control over the distribution of energy upon the material plane, directing earth resources to power up systems in other dimensional realities. The Archontic Engineered Parasitism escalated in the last hundred years into the consumptive modeling, psychopathic corporatocracy and the continual efforts made in social engineering to mind control the public into accepting and normalizing the inverted systems of the death culture that we can see operating on the earth today.

Introduction of Predators into Food Chain

In order to maximize the life force energy harvested from the death of living fleshly creatures, Energy Parasites were introduced into the genetic network of links in the planet earth’s food chain in order to further engineer the predator-prey behavior. This introduced cannibalism and the consumption of flesh into the food chain which mutated the genetics of all earth inhabitants to better conform to the predator-prey archetypes and the parasitic habits of the invading reptilian species, also making it easier for them to control or inhabit human bodies.

The Energy Parasites use violent predator-prey methods to stay on top of the food chain, thus they started consuming the life force and resources that the planet and all of her life forms needed in order to be healthy, nourished and balanced. This lack of available life force energy mutated the many species of plants, animals and humans to succumb to genetic digression, and then diseases, as well as influencing increasingly violent behaviors by manipulating archetypal mind control that generates the predator-prey struggles within the multiple species.

The predatorial insertion into the top of the food chain was used to genetically mutate human DNA over the dark cycle, in order to harvest more energy from the predator-prey archetypes when living creatures and people were killed. When any plant, animal or human dies within the predator-prey archetypes of the food chain, more intensely heightened energy is released by both parties who act out the predator and prey, and this intensity of “the kill” maximizes the energetic chain reaction for harvesting. The predator-prey food chain manipulation has also been used in many human war and holocaust timelines, to maximize pain and suffering that is fed off of by the same parasitic extradimensional entities.

In areas of the earth where there have been histories of atrocious massacres, torturous death, rape and killing, there are swarms of extradimensional parasites that can be sensed and seen at the exact location, who go there to feed on the negative emotional energy. During the exact moments that bombs go off to kill an assortment of people in a terrorist attack, there are swarms of entities waiting right there ready to feed. The parasites act in the archetypal predator role, while the living creatures that are being killed act as the archetypal prey. This anti-life reversal will not stop feeding predatorial parasites until humanity chooses to stop war and end the blood sacrifice of humans and all the living creatures on the earth.

Additionally, the representation of the cannibalism of Christ that is made through violent religion, was intended to defile the original androgyny of the Eucharist lightbody created by the progenitor of the human species, and thus became introduced through the NAA manipulated version of Christianity. Christ is a cosmic sovereign human being directly linked into the Godhead, if we cannibalize Christ, we effectively destroy our own species, destroy the earth that was made from Christ’s body, and lose our spiritual sovereignty. Cannibalism and eating live flesh is a very important principle in generating anti-life reversals, and thus it is used commonly in SRA and in satanic baptism. If it is acceptable for us to destroy our own species, then we are unable to differentiate an invading reptilian species that is cannibalizing the human population, while it hides behind the chaos generated from world wars and senseless killing. The reptilian predator consciousness can live among us, and humans that accept predatorial parasitism as human nature cannot tell the difference.

Technological Extraction of Earth’s Life Force

Several parasitic extradimensional species that combined to become the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) required energy sources in which to continue to exist in other dimensions, as well as extend their life spans. They developed alien machinery that is designed for the technological extraction of earth’s life force, and as a result to protect the energy that is harvested, they have methodically cultivated a consciousness prison on the earth to maintain control over their primary food-energy source. Some of these groups have also sent their undesirables to earth as punishment, apparently defined as criminals or laggards, they have banished some of their own species from their hierarchal social structures to exist underground. Additionally during the wars between Mars and Maldek, many of these entities came to earth as refugees, and thus this mixture as well as the alien genetic modification programs, have also contributed to other species referring to earth humans that live on the surface as hybrids. In the context given, this is generally considered as an insult to infer that earth humans are genetically inferior, that we have been mixed with cast offs and criminals from other worlds, and therefore should be classified as slaves.

However, through the intended introduction of multiple species genetic alterations made into the human DNA to create hybrids, they were intentionally creating slaves on the earth. These modifications were designed to shape humanity into related animalistic behaviors that would maximize their specific needs and energy requirements, and that could be siphoned out from the interdimensional planes. Extracting energy from the killing of living creatures that experience intense levels of pain, terror and fear at the moment of death, would release hormonal cascades which released even more energy for harvest, also imprinting the energy released with complex sensations.

Thus, through mind control and social engineering programs they developed genetic modification that would yield the maximum energy supply, based upon intense sexual release and emotional release, as well as producing the greatest levels of fear and suffering in living creatures. The more intensely violent the predator-prey behavior involved in the death process, the greater amount of negative energy could be harvested from the planet, and that energy quanta would be available to continually generate the food supply. Clearly, the Ascension Cycle is a definitive marker for the choice to end this predatorial parasitism that has flourished on the earth during the Dark Age.

Miasma is Dead Energy Pollution

Through the technological extraction of life force made through mass organized transdimensional parasitism, the continual effects of world parasitism simultaneously excrete massive waste products and toxic residue to circulate back into the earth body. This is known as dead energy and black miasma that further pollutes the planetary realms and therefore pollutes humanities DNA, further weakening us. How planetary miasma pollutes human consciousness is that it is carried over intergenerationally through the family of origin and into the offspring, continuing to propagate the previous forms of emotional aberration and dysfunction in the ancestral-genetic-collective human gene pools.

With every generation, if the inherited disturbance of miasma is carried over into the future offspring, or the consciousness is stunted and unable to shift out from the inherited patterns of dysfunction, then an assortment of genetic breakdowns occur. With each future generation the previous load of miasma is increased if it’s not dealt with. In order to clear inherited miasma, we have to patiently purify ourselves in order to transmute it, then evict out the energy parasites that feed on the miasma. Worldwide disease is a result of these impurities and imbalances that relate to the genetic digression of a species and is manifested from energy loss, pollutants and traumatic blockages, to which many lowly spirit attachments and energy parasites are attracted.

The pollution in the energetic layers of the earth accumulates into severe collective consciousness imbalances that increase planetary body miasma and then this starts to aggressively manifest those same imbalances into the macrocosm of the physical realm. As a result of the last Dark Cycle coming to conclusion, we can observe the massive increase of pollution of the earth, the air, fresh water and oceans, as there has been an aggressive increase of those pollutants, toxins and diseases from the continued unrestrained predatorial parasitism and the resulting energy loss that has manifested on the earth. This pollution is not directly caused from overpopulation, this is from predatorial parasitism and energy parasites stealing life force energy, while hiding highly advanced healing technologies from the people. The war over energy and consciousness that is waged to intentionally harm human beings by those entities who consider us their property and slaves. In this cycle we must face the darkness that has controlled the planet for so long, in order to see rightly that we may correct our social structures from predatorial parasitism, by placing value on protecting living creatures and human beings.

It is important to understand that predatorial parasitism is used as an energy extraction method that generates massive waste products and pollutants in the instruction set of an energy field, and this damages the blueprint of planet earth.

Damaged blueprints generate damaged bodies and material life forms.  Everything in matter has a blueprint from which the consciousness units will organize into matter and form into some level of manifestation. The damaged architecture in the planetary field cannot run enough life force current or the proper frequency tone keys because of accumulated miasma and continued mass violent behaviors, the waste products from predatorial parasitism that accumulates and damages the earth body, creating dead wiring and dead spaces. We help clear miasma when we choose to self-source and not be emotional vampires or parasitic to others, cultivate loving kindness in our heart, and commit to act harmlessly, as we strive to continually purify our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We have been brainwashed to believe that the current age is humanities modern evolutionary achievement. When in truth humanity has been digressed considerably, losing consciousness and having lost control over the planetary resources, which in itself is a superior organic technology. That superior organic technology is what makes up the human body. By learning to listen to the internal landscape of the human body, if we pay attention we can acquire wisdom that guides our direction forward in the most positive ways. First, in order to re-circuit our body’s energetic connections within, we have to get the parasitic imbalances out of our physical body, mental body, and emotional body. If you start here, this will greatly help to free the spiritual body from extradimensional parasites also.

To clear and remove all problematic issues concerning inherited miasma, and the interconnected problems of attachments, negative forms, energy parasites, demonics and possessions, the most important thing to understand is detoxification and purification of your body to clear out parasites and pollutants. Accumulated black energy, parasites and possessions cannot stay attached in a strong, healthy and energetically balanced body. If you have attachment or possession issues, the first place to start to free yourself is an integrated wellness strategy to restore purity and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.

Bio-films, Targeting our Guts with Parasites

Energetic parasites are one byproduct of alien implants and other soft kill technology used to maintain the closed source system for the NAA, and eventually this can manifest and turn into a variety of physical parasites that weaken the human body. If we can perceive the larger picture of Negative Alien Invasion which led to the infestation of energetic parasites in every layer of the earth body that we are still coping with today, this will help connect the dots to why every human being has some level of imbalance or dysfunction that is manifested as a result of parasites and parasitic behavior.

Physical parasites impact all bodily functions, mental body functions and commonly can induce negative thought-forms. They can induce emotionally hysterical states as well as promote disconnection between the multidimensional layers, separating the inner self and spiritual energies from the physical body. When people are internally disconnected in this way they do not know who they are and they more easily accept a false identity that is handed to them by the mind control system.

When we act out parasitic behaviors, we attract more parasites into our internal landscape. Many of these pathogenic organisms attract parasites that also attract demonic energies into the weakened human body, and this is a primary reason for this particular NAA strategy to spread parasites.

If the body is heavily implanted and heavily parasitic, anti-parasitic therapy such as cleanses, fasts, meditations and prayers are highly suggested to help regain energetic balance within the homeostatic functions of the entire body, mind and spirit. It is also necessary to stop consuming all genetically modified foods, which are designed to radically increase parasitic invasion into the human body through the digestive system.

Over the last fifteen years an introduction of next level electromagnetic technologies have been used specifically to target the public, in order to stimulate the production of toxic bio-films in the internal systems, especially the digestive system. Many of the biofilms are not naturally induced within the human biology, they are technologically induced. Why would they want to send frequencies to our gut to generate more biofilm?

As we have discussed many times, energetic parasites produce physical parasites. That is why empaths, gridworkers and Starseeds usually have to deal with the more serious byproducts of digestive and elimination problems, bloated and distended abdomens, and parasitic symptoms that require more support in a variety of ways to help restore balance. When we have energetic or physical parasites this greatly weakens our immunity. The direct correlation to parasites in the body, usually sourcing in the gut, is designed to weaken the physical body and etheric body so that lower ELF mind control frequencies aimed at the solar plexus are more effective in controlling the person. There is an agenda to target the human gut, to eliminate advancement of the second brain and its neural plexus higher functions, which are needed neural centers for developing skill with direct cognition and cellular knowing. Thus, this is the intended destruction of empathic feelings received from the environment, to block the signals that are sourced within the bio-neurology in the second brain energy receivers, which are located in the organs that make up the entire digestive system.

How is our Gut being Targeted?

  • By controlling the food and water supply through mass production and corporatization of commercially processed food products, the preservatives, bio-tech chemicals and genetic modification (GMO’s) added to many foods are engineered for gene editing and to attack the healthy microbes in the gut. This results in the common dysfunction of leaky gut, and vulnerability to biofilms, intestinal plaque, and pathogenic microorganism growths, which spreads into the blood stream and generates toxicity. This also destroys the nerve cells and etheric webbing in the intestines, impairing overall immunity and damaging the second brain and receptivity of our center of personal will.
  • The Solar Plexus is the main energy center that regulates our conscious mind or personality matrix. When our solar plexus is being accosted, energetically and by the foods we eat, it is weakened and it dissipates our center of personal will, which forms our actions for improved self-determination. The control over food is designed to attack our gut and second brain, in order to have more effective mind control results through the ELF targeting and other AI sweeps, including the Chemtrailing and vaccinations, that are designed to interact with the body organism to achieve breakdown of the solar plexus and interconnected bio-neurology functioning, as well as breakdown the digestive and elimination channels. Currently, this agenda to feed people bio-technology laboratory produced chemicals labeled as food is much more severe in the USA.
  • The intended over-processing and chemicalization of fast food is extremely effective for the use of mind control programming, and in some cases even conditioning SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) into the nervous system and human brain.
  • As an example, diet soda and fake sweeteners, such as aspartame, are engineered with gene editing capacity that is used to attack the RNA messenger cells, this disrupts the RNA and DNA communication link throughout the body’s production of uracil. Why manipulate uracil in RNA? Because uracil controls the transmission of hereditary information that is passed into the DNA.
  • Another example is glyphosate, which is used to break down the cellular wall and tissues in the entire digestive tract, in order to breach the security of the body’s defense mechanism against infections, toxins, and other waste products. Glyphosate has been gradually introduced into our food supply and food chain over the last forty years. When there are small holes in the gut, the toxic waste traveling in the body gets into the blood stream and even other organs and these toxins can get stuck in the joints, muscles and this contributes to the development of many clinically labeled diseases. These diseases could be prevented altogether if they were not being intentionally created by the anti-human environment in which we live on the earth.
  • Additionally, bio-tech companies are intentionally putting human DNA into mass produced food, such as the addition of human embryo kidney cells (HEK293) that supposedly are additives that are used as flavor enhancers. They describe that these taste receptors have been previously expressed in HEK293 cells. Understanding anti life reversals helps to comprehend the larger purpose for making humans unconsciously eat their own species through the DNA of human children and embryos. This is purposed through the NAA and Satanic based agenda to corrupt human DNA and to keep the world wide child blood sacrifice, child sexual abuse, pedophilia, and SRA networks thriving on the earth. It is important to know that this is put into mass produced fast foods, such as soft drinks and potato chips without direct labeling. This ingredient is also put into many vaccines, so clearly the agenda is to get this into the bloodstream of the masses. Naturally mainstream media normalizes this as if it is no big deal to be consuming cloned human kidney cells in our food and drink. How do you think this effects human kidneys? This is another example of genetic modification, emphasizing both cannibalism and child blood sacrifice as components to promote the death culture consumer-satanic based materialism.
  • Technology that is targeted to mind control the masses also has specific sweeps to directly attack the solar plexus area, which has many purposes. This weakens organs and glands that need solar plexus nourishment, attacks the second brain wiring in the gut, which replaces empathic feelings with pain, generating biofilms in the body. Biofilms impulse parasitic signaling that can take over the bio-neurological functions in the body, and operate as small parasite communication centers inside the body cavities. Biofilms attach to mucous membranes, intestinal walls, genitals, urinary system, and even in the mouth and gums. They form pockets of tissue that protect the parasite growth, toxic and metabolic waste products, as well as heavy metals that are also used to attract more parasites into the body.
  • If the average person has extensive biofilm, gut and intestinal problems, mind control and parasitic invasion, we can see how the ability to extract life force energy is made much easier by compromising the body’s integrity. Biofilms can actually be electronically controlled to perform gene editing or genetic modification in the human host.


What is Bio-Film?

A biofilm is any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and often also to a surface, generating slimy, stringy tissues in which these microorganisms live and reproduce. Think of a clump or tissue, similar to a webbing of tissue holding a pocket of toxic infection within it, which is living inside a cavity or mucous membrane within your body. These adherent cells are frequently embedded within a self-produced matrix of extracellular substance, which may also be referred to as slime, although not everything described as slime is a biofilm. Biofilm is a molecular substance conglomeration generally composed of extracellular DNA, proteins, and polysaccharides (sugar molecules). Biofilms can contain many different types of microorganism, bacteria, archaea, protozoa, fungi and algae, where each group performs specialized metabolic functions. However, some organisms will form single-species films under certain conditions. When the body is afflicted by recurring infections and wounds that are hard to heal, it is highly possible there are toxic biofilms in the gut and intestines that are reinjecting the weakened areas with the toxic waste of the parasitic life cycle, or there are microorganism infections living in the tissues. All kinds of parasites seek refuge in the body in a well-built toxic biofilm.

Essentially biofilms are microscopic bugs, which are found everywhere inside and outside the body, that create biological homes in their human host using a mixture of sugars and proteins. For example, biofilm in the mouth is dental plaque. The sturdy protection that toxic biofilms provides from actually eliminating pathogenic microorganisms is one reason why some infections are so difficult to resolve. Yeasts, parasites, and bacteria find shelter in the toxic biofilm matrix, evading an onslaught of even the strongest of medications. Unhealthy biofilms in the gut:

  • Prevent the full absorption of nutrients across the intestinal wall.
  • Protect the disease-causing microorganisms from the immune system.
  • Protects disease-causing microorganisms from antibiotics and antifungals, this means both herbal and pharmaceutical-grade.
  • Promotes inflammation and hyper immune diseases in the body.
  • Houses toxins like heavy metals.

Unhealthy gut biofilm is a refuge for many pathogenic or disease-causing microorganisms. This means yeasts like Candida, as well as the varieties of bacteria that are related to digestive and elimination issues. Unhealthy biofilms accelerate aging and promote diseases such as:

  • Parasites.
  • Systemic Candida and fungal overgrowth.
  • Heartburn or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux).
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, which are often thought to have an infectious root.
  • Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), which includes symptoms like heartburn, bloating, gas, abdominal cramping, brain fog, arthritis, acne, and other skin conditions.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.
  • Unhealthy biofilm allows some infections to persist for years. This means that the body may become more susceptible to other infections, or co-infections, as well as other chronic degenerative diseases.
  • Attracts an array of energy parasites and demonic homes that set up attachments in the aura.

To clear out unhealthy gut biofilm requires some research and special care to determine the most harmonious method for detoxification and restoring balance to your gut. Consuming only high quality nutrient dense and organic foods as possible, eliminating sugar, alcohol, drugs, processed and commercial foods, is an important part of the purification process.  Also, proteolytic enzymes can help to break apart the structure of unhealthy gut biofilm when taken on an empty stomach. There are anti-parasitic and antimicrobial herbs that are effective because they naturally bust through and degrade biofilm. In most cases the most effective way to eliminate toxic biofilms and the parasites they harbor, as well as entity attachments, can be greatly assisted through applying oral cleansing at the same time using natural therapeutic based enemas. Prayer and meditation should also be integrated into any detoxification and healing process.

All energy workers may notice how much more content that is processed when you eliminate, realizing that the waste content is not all coming from what you are consuming. Many of us naturally process obsolete or negative energy which is eliminated through the bowel, and this is the reality for many gridworkers. This is also why this is a good time to cleanse our liver and bowel, as well as remove biofilms, as this supports the release of ancestral programming in the physical body. As well it keeps us clearer from the effects of mass technological mind control from impacting our conscious mind and breaking down energy receivers in the gut.

It is suggested that some careful research on bio-films and parasite detoxification be completed in order to develop an appropriate wellness program for purifying your body to be resistant to biofilms and energetic and physical parasites. A Starseed that has developed the antidote to the mass problem of glyphosate in our food chain that destroys the gut lining and intestinal walls, Dr. Zac Bush, can be found at www.zachbushmd.com. Additionally, MMS and CDS oral and enema protocols as developed by Jim Humble and Andreas Kalker, have proven effective for many people in eliminating toxic biofilm and unnatural AI related organisms, like large intestinal rope worms. MMS also can destroy heavy metal compounds in the water and many different poisons. There is a heavy disinformation campaign against these caring and courageous individuals, so carefully discern the reasons behind why there is so much aggression directed to them and others that promote natural therapies from the medical establishment. The estimated third cause of death in the USA is medical negligence, hundreds of thousands of people die from doctor and medical malpractice every year, a much higher risk than MMS and CDS usage. As with any protocol, you must do your own due diligence and listen carefully to how to administer the best care to help your physical body regain health and balance, to strengthen your overall immunity and ability to deflect parasitic infection, at both energetic and physical levels. In most cases, go very slowly and test the resistances in your body, be smart and aware of how you treat your body, which should be with loving care and respect.

When we better understand how parasitism occurs, and begin to flush parasites from our physical body, we’ll want to evaluate our relationships and pay attention to those around us which are unhealthy, imbalanced or parasitic. A critical part of becoming healthy and balanced is to not engage with psychic vampires, their manipulations and dramas.

Psychic Vampires are Parasitic Emotional Manipulators

One principle to remember is that controlling and dominating people and the nonphysical entities that are parasitic, will always use manipulation to get what they want. Usually it is to maintain their attachment to siphon energy or to use someone else’s energy to get things they want for themselves.  This may be a person who doesn’t want to put forth the effort or energy to do things themselves, so they manipulate others to do it for them. Or they feel depleted so they seek out a person that they can suck energy from, usually by drawing them into some archetypal drama or crisis. In these situations it is noted how the vampire appears to be suddenly reenergized by your presence, while you feel excessively drained and tired. If we allow ourselves to be continually siphoned by others, we can feel depressed, confused, irritable and even physically ill.

We all need to evaluate relationships and set healthy boundaries in order to generate mutually beneficial exchanges with other people.

This inherently manifests as imbalanced exchanges of parasitic and codependent behavior, and many times the party acting as the psychic vampire will become addicted to their target host, because they are used to getting the energy they want from that person. When you place boundaries and cut off the siphoning attachment, in most cases the parasitic person and the energy parasite will have a control oriented emotional tantrum, or fly into narcissistic rage. This principle of exerting energetic control works the same way in physical people and in nonphysical entities, as well as all negative spiritual energies that are parasitic in nature. Over the years in observing dark entities and their tendency to have control oriented tantrums, this helped me to see how they manipulate people in the physical realm in order to gain access to their energies.

It is a fact on the earth that many people are being influenced by negative forces that they do not comprehend, which has reinforced a lifetime of negative habits, low self-esteem and parasitic behaviors. When people feel unsafe and insecure in themselves they will easily resort to controlling and manipulating behaviors to suck energy and this is commonly referred to as a psychic vampire or emotional vampire. For this reason you should be able to clearly identify various types of personalities that are psychic vampires.

A psychic vampire is a person who carries energy parasites, will drain others energies and may intentionally drain any positive energy or happiness in another. They can commonly show up as narcissistic, controlling, victims, incessant talkers or drama queens. They generally have a black hole of emptiness within that seeks to be filled by someone else’s energy. As a result, they have a big wounded pain body and generally never feel satisfied, need constant reassurance, and take little things as personal offenses. Most of the time these are not mutually beneficial relationships but one sided parasitic drains, they are friendly as long as you do what they want, and they can suck your energy.

Manipulation tactics are used to make a generally content person feel put down or to take their positive feelings and energy away, to erode self-esteem. The vampire may use condescending, critical or belittling behavior, they may use intimidation and bullying to make another feel unsafe, or even guilty so that they are completely dependent on them. Generally these people put others on edge, where one feels they must walk on egg shells to not upset this person, or get their wrath. You may not know what can set them off at any moment. If you notice the energy wither away whenever a certain person walks into the room, you should protect yourself and amplify your 12D Shield. Most of the time, people that are vampiric are not consciously aware that they are sucking energy from others, and are often totally unaware that they are disconnected from their soul-spirit. People that are soul disconnected feel empty inside and therefore will naturally try to make up for the energy loss by sucking energy from other people in the external. Staying away from psychic vampires and one sided parasitic relationships, instead fortifying your energies as an act of self-love is a good practice for beginning effective spiritual hygiene.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Wishing you many blessings of love, peace and spiritual fulfillment during the holidays and as we move through the chaotic nodes leading the planet into the next higher harmonic. We send our blessings of Perfect Peace to each and every one of you!

Beloved God and the Holy Ones of our Family Christ-Sophia

whose love restores the brokenhearted of this world:

pour out your love as One heart,

upon those who feel lonely, abandoned, or unloved.

Strengthen their hope to meet the days ahead;

give them the courage and bravery to seek truth

give them the ability to form true life-giving loving friendships;

and bless them with the comfort and joy of your eternally peaceful heart.


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About Polaris AB

About Polaris AB


I experienced an unexpected but profound enlightening ‘tuning in’ process involving the opening of the Third eye whilst in North Africa. The rapid expansion of ‘Awareness’ resulted in a full Kundalini Awakening on 14 June 2009 at 3.33pm. Within a few days of complete physical, mental and emotional trauma, the integration with a Higher Self aspect Walk-In took place on 18 June 2009 at 10pm introducing me to the energies of Polaris AB. Since that time, I began to receive direct communications in the form of Language of Light Sacred Geometry.
This has brought forth an amazing wealth of information regarding the true Nature of Spirit, dimensions, energy fields, evolution and the creation / manifesting process together with amusing and curious conversations with planetary beings, crystal beings and Keepers of the Records of the Akash, Library of Sophia and the Halls of Amenti. Among the channellings received are communications from Metatron, Thoth, Maha Chohan, the Elohim and the Great White Brotherhood in the aspect of Polaris, the Guiding Light.

From a corporate financial business background, the Kundalini Awakening / Walk-In changed everything in my life. Overnight, I stopped smoking, eating meat, drinking and watching most TV and through inner guidance and a series of remarkable synchronicities resulted in a complete lifestyle change involving divorce, ceasing long term employment and selling my house I had been working from and living in for twenty five years.

The years following resulted in dedicating my self to personal spiritual development, meeting some amazing people and planetary service work which involved:

  • travelling to the heart of Rome and the Vatican City in 2010,
  • working with the Angelic and Elemental energies by focusing on the internal energy Chakras and Rays during 2011,
  • spending the 12/12/12 with Max, the Crystal Skull, visiting a crystal mountain in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA whilst attending the Earthkeeper conference, in preparation for the 21/12/2012.
  • visits to multiple Sacred Sites and Energy nodes in 2013 to assist with development of the Earth’s crystalline grid and leylines together with integration of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba and Twelve Nexus (chakra) energy system,
  • co-founding of the Shine Discussion Forum designed to provide a panel of Ascension Masters to answer questions about the changes taking place.

In 2014, I took a prolonged journey across the continent of South America from the Western coast of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, along the Incan trail through Machu Pichu to Puno and back again, to ceremonies with Incan Shaman on mountain tops and the islands and shores of Lake Titicaca, integrating with the Lemurian ‘Gateway of the Gods’ at Puerta de Hayu Marca, through the salt lakes of Bolivia, the dry deserts of the Chilean Atacama, visiting and flying over the mysterious lines of Nazca, the jungles and waterfalls of Argentina, the ports of Uruguay, the beaches and Favelas of Brazil.

This entire journey allowed higher frequency integration and merger with the Crysto Sun Discs of Arkansas and Titicaca to understand the Patterns of Behaviour of Divine Evolution and Creation of Civilizations across the galaxy.

In 2015, I travelled to the United States to work with Paige Hall Ferraro. We travelled across America to provide public talks and a comprehensive workshop, Living in the Fifth Dimension based on Paige’s extensive spiritual and practical knowledge she has been teaching since 2012. I also offered Stone Balancing demonstration’s and classes. This took us from Oak Island in North Carolina, to the Cherokee Mountains and across to Colorado Springs, CO.



Polaris AB works consistently with developing Awareness of the energies of the Language of Light to understand and integrate its purposeful flow from the Conscious Divine Mind of Source, throughout the Cosmos, to other Planetary Species and the grounded aspects of HUman Physical Form known as Star Seeds, Walk-Ins, Blue Rays, Indigo’s, Crystals and Walking Masters of Light.

Following an intense DNA activation with Max, the Crystal Skull on 12/12/12 whilst attending the Earthkeeper conference in Arkansas, USA, started to bring through communications about directly integrating with our future Higher Self aspect and achieving Fifth Dimensional consciousness as the new way of Living OUR Reality.

​This is presenting in the form of a higher philosophy of existence, non attachment to lower aspects of collective consciousness, re-learning the true nature of Earth’s ‘historic record’ from the cosmic Akashic viewpoint in opposition to the written history taught as current understanding.

As a Cosmic Ascension Architect and Intuitive Guide, Polaris AB is dedicated to the development and merger of the Fifth Dimensional Divine Self with all those choosing to take their path of enlightenment towards achieving Ascension.

As a grounded operative of the Blue Ray – the descended Earth Energy of connected communication, Polaris AB works directly with energising and ionising the Blue Ray to its higher aspect frequency, Silver Violet flame for transmuting and transforming energy densities in the form of fixed lower emotional echoes within the collective consciousness, transforming emotional and negative imprints within third density earth’s electro-magnetic grid via Sacred Sites, grounding higher cosmic and Central Sun energies into the Crystalline matrix. Polaris AB works directly with the silver-violet flame which manifests the angelic energies of Zadkiel and the alchemical and algorithmic transformative energies of St Germaine. The energies of Polaris AB exist primarily as a Tenth Dimensional Blue Ray consciousness with awareness of Zero Point Perception of Source.
Realisation of past lives and resonant energetic imprints have brought forth knowledge of former roles and titles:
Sacred Fire Keeper, Crystal Master of Atla-Ra, Brother of the Temple of the Seven Rays, Dhruva Nakshatra Das

Personal multi-dimensional higher aspect guides in the form of:


E-Ra-Tu, a Fifth Dimensional Carian Bird Tribe mind communicator from Sirius (with a great sense of humour) who assists with presenting the information in an understandable format (from delta to theta wave frequency).

My incarnate Earth-aspect role is to interpret the Light Language theta in-formation and present it as third dimensional data. )


An Arcturian Eighth Dimensional Energy Being overseeing the step-down process of transmuting conscious patterns of vibrations to energetic coherent thought.


White Willow 
Native American Guide
Guardian of the White Willow portal. 
My original Guide, White Willow, who has safely guided me through to the years to help me obtain my first house at Age 20 which gave me access to 13 white willow trees in the woods behind the property and to help me finally purchase the house at Age 40 before embarking on my amazing Spiritual Journey.


Bossy Babs 
Crystal Being of the Violet Flame
Crystal Holographic program to manifest upon reaching particular vibrational frequencies to assist with light body activation and energy body transformations and regulate the ongoing archetypal changes to the crystalline light body and flow of higher vibrations through the energetic bodies (no messing with Babs!).

Location of Polaris AB


Polaris (A) is a bright giant of 6 solar masses. The two smaller companions are Polaris AB, a very close dwarf Star with an 18.5 AU radius orbit and Polaris B, a 1.5 solar mass main sequence star orbiting at a distance of 2400 AU. There are also two distant components Polaris C and Polaris D.
In 1929, it was discovered by examining the spectrum of Polaris(A) that it had another very close dwarf companion, which had been theorized in earlier observations. On January 9th 2006, NASA released images from the Hubble telescope, directly showing all three members of the Polaris ternary system.
The nearer dwarf Star, Polaris AB is in an orbit of only 18.5 AU (2.8 billion km, about the distance from our Sun to Uranus) from Polaris(A), explaining why its light is swamped by its close and much brighter companion.


Mekon Das – Master Moldavite Crystal Skull
Two titles were given, firstly to my Self named as Dhruva Nakshatra Das – ஹ்ருவஅஸ்.
Secondly, the naming of the Moldavite Skull now entrusted to my safekeeping, a gift from the stars and not of this planet. The skull is named Mekon Das and brings forth crystal technologies to be used once again for the benefit of those serving as grounded aspects at this time.

​The resonances of crystal Moldavite work directly with the signature vibrations of StarSeeds attuning neural pathways to recognize patterns off vibrations (forms) existing externally of Gaia’s collective consciousness.


Walk-In 18th June 2009 – Higher Self Aspect

Walk-ins represent Soul Aspects from other dimensions, who ‘awaken’ in the body of a person here on earth. In all cases, there has been a Soul contract agreed between the arriving Soul and the originating Soul that has occupied the body since birth. Walk-ins use this method to enter the earth plane at a point when their specific mission requires it start soon after they arrive. Their mission necessitates they skip the birth and adolescent stages to transform directly into an adult body. Yet this is not always the case as some walk-ins, can arrive within a much younger body, however proves an exception rather than the rule. When a child walk-in occurs, it is because the soul coming in, needs experiences of childhood and adolescence to form a foundation for their specific mission. So childhood and adolescent walk-ins, usually don’t awaken the consciousness until they reach adulthood.

Clear Indications of a walk-in are:

1. Walk-ins usually occur during rather traumatic events in the host soul’s life, as with a severe illness or a car accident. Many come in during a near death experience and is the most common way for walk-ins exchange places, but is not the only way this transpires. But in most all cases, the actual walk-in transpired when the host is unconscious.
2. Almost overnight, the host suddenly has little or no connection with some of the family members.
3. Divorce occurs just before or within a short period after the walk-in has arrived.
4. The host can experience physical pain in the neck and shoulders not present before the walk-in.
5. Sudden changes in tastes with food, clothing, hobbies and personal interests.
6. There is also a loss of coordination, even memory lapses, along with trouble delivering speech.
7. A sudden dip of interest in career and hobbies as new paths are created, along with a sudden interest in all things spiritual.
8. A very strong knowing they have a specific mission to accomplish, though not remembering the exact details which gradually rises to the forefront of memory.
9. The walk-ins generally still carry the crystal gene.
10. Some retain memories of their home world or mother ship and have specific off world memories. They retain the memories of their former incarnate forms without the associated emotional attachments or triggers.

Walk-ins, actually retain a far bigger, more challenging role on earth because they’ve spent most of their incarnation on another plane of existence and then come to earth in the middle to later parts of an incarnation. They may find living in these times an extremely difficult and ‘alien’ prospect.

Description of the Polarian Star Seed – by Akemi
Polarians come from the star system of Polaris, the North Star. Our Earth’s axis used to point directly to Polaris. However, when Maldek, the planet that used to be where asteroids are located now, exploded, it affected other planets including the Earth. It is also said one Earth year (the time it takes to complete one circulation around the orbit) was exactly 360 days, corresponding to 360 degrees. The solar system was beautifully designed.

Polarians embody the energy of the true north, loyalty. They are down to Earth and have a rock solid way of living. On the soul level, Polarians remember how things were before and still feel resistance to this change. It’s horrible their home star will not be the pole star in the future! Some Polarians react to this from their subconscious and try to weigh down the Earth by gaining weight. Polarians are also sensitive to Earth energy, so changes such as earthquakes affect them. I advise Polarians to take things easy when there is an earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption even if it is happening far from where they live.
Polarians’ gifts
Polarians bring the gift of unity and wholeness. Again, this is a wonderful gift to this fragmented and conflicted world. Restoring the value of group and community, while balancing it with individualism, is important. Interestingly, Polarians have two points of vibration. Usually, we have just one level of vibration, with some fluctuations. Polarians have higher point and lower point of vibration. Most of the time, they operate at the lower level, which keep them grounded. The lower point of vibration is not necessarily a bad thing. While we do want to raise our vibration rate, pushing ourselves higher when we are not ready is no good. Polarians’ lower vibration point keeps them to live and work in a steady, predictable way. When they are at their higher point of vibration, they move swiftly toward their goals. I also think some Polarians use this higher point of vibration to receive intuition and communicate with the spirits. Although Polarians usually need a lot of time to make decisions, they move quite swiftly when they are tuned in to their higher vibration point.

Polarians’ role on Earth
Polarians’ sensitivity to Earth’s energy is interesting. Our Earth is ascending, raising her vibration rate, and influencing her residents’ vibration rate. Polarians are the workhorse in this Ascension, the shift of ages.

Origins on Earth 
Originally, Polarians were the first Root Race upon Earth and were the progeny of celestial beings. They were ethereal, a-sexual and devoid of all understanding through mind, intelligence and will. The energetic non-physical pre-corporeal bodies maintained existence through binary fission and interacted without interpretation, feelings or emotions.

Polarians’ ideal
Polarians are the glue in a group. They are not charismatic and not a typical leadership type, but they have a way to gather and keep people together for a common cause. They know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unity and wholeness are the Polarian ideal. In Polarians’ ideal world, everyone comes together in a circle, talks about everything, and decides everything together. This is a beautiful vision. It reminds the ancient community where everyone in the village was included and valued. This is a great antidote to the fragmented modern world that causes so much pain of isolation. However, it also reminds kindergarten. Belonging is good, but so is independence. Polarians need to understand others’ need to have some breathing space. Not everyone wants to be included in everything. Trusting and letting others make their decisions are critical learning experiences for Polarians.

Polarians’ challenges in career and finance
Polarians are team players. If your business requires group effort, you want Polarians in your team. They keep the group functioning in a grass-root manner. Don’t underestimate them for their non-showy grounded disposition.

Polarians’ tendency to stay in the same place works in their career, too. These are the souls who keep the same job for years. Again, it’s critical they review the situation occasionally to make sure it is still serving them. Because it is very difficult for Polarians to initiate change, they may want help such as life or career coaches.

Polarians present us a solid way to success. We often associate success with brilliant talent and extraordinary effort, but success can also be achieved by doing the one thing, day in, day out, making steady progress over a long time. Some Polarians I know have accumulated impressive wealth this way.


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Celebration of Your Inner Truth

Celebration of Your Inner Truth

by Celestial White Beings

Channeled Message through Natalie Glasson – 27th October 2017 – Sacred School of OmNa https://www.omna.org/

Greeting magnificent beings of light, we love you deeply, we are one with you and are walking your pathway with you. We wish to celebrate your truth with you and encourage you to celebrate the sacred love, peace and light within you. Your light is so much stronger, potent and powerful than you could possibly imagine. If you only realised that you could move mountains with the power within you. If you only recognised that you can trust yourself completely and absolutely to create the reality and ascension you wish to experience now. If you were only aware of the support that surrounds you and fills your entire being daily. You too would celebrate the truth within you with great joy, excitement and bliss.

How would you in this very moment celebrate your inner truth and magnificence? What would you do? Think on this; it only needs to be a small action, a punch to the sky, wrapping your arms around yourself, taking a bath, going for a walk, eating wholesome food. Encourage yourself to achieve a celebration of your truth today.

Now we wish to ask you to contemplate, what could you do in the next week to celebrate your truth? This can be an action that makes a small difference in your reality and leads you to realise your inner truth more fully. The action could be to take time to relax or exercise, to read a book on a subject that inspires inner feelings of peace and love, to be creative, to create an altar that expresses your inner truth in a more physical way.

The Most Important Celebration

We, the Celestial White Beings, have a final question for you, what could you do in your life now that would be a celebration and recognition of your truth, making a significant change to your reality or spiritual evolution? What does your soul wish you to focus on or take action to experience in order to express your inner truth, shift your energy vibration and perspective, as well inspire a positive loving change in your reality? This information and guidance can only come forth from your soul into your awareness. You are inviting your soul to guide you in the next step for you, small or large that will enable you to more fully recognise your inner truth, becoming familiar with the magnificence within you.

Take time to meditate or reflect quietly. When it feels appropriate to engage with your soul, imagine the colour of your soul radiating from your being. If you do not understand the colours of your soul, visualise a colour that feels appropriate emanating from your being. Feel, sense or acknowledge that the energy of the Creator is fused with your soul and that you are one. This is akin to a constant current moving through your entire being. Already you are connecting with your inner truth and power.

Inhale and exhale deeply feeling as if you are shifting and melting into the centre of your being, into the foundations of your energy and soul. It is as if you are entering into a nest of your soul light that cradles you tenderly. You are fully supported, protected and loved.

Once you feel connected to the core of your soul, ask without expectation, ‘I wish to celebrate my inner truth in my life now, how can I achieve this creating a significant experience that demonstrates my truth to me?’ Then simply focus upon your breathing and be observant of the thoughts, emotions, ideas, visions or sensations that come to your awareness. Even if these seem to be unrelated to your question, even impossible or silly, please do not dismiss them instantly, let them develop within your awareness if they need to and then you can accept or dismiss. If you are unable to receive any guidance, then ask for the guidance to come to you in another way, through a person, book, poster and so forth. Once you have received guidance from your soul allow yourself to create an action plan of specific actions that you can easily achieve that will assist you in celebrating yo ur truth in the way that is guided by your soul. Know that the easier your actions are to achieve the easier you will find it to connect on a deeper level with your soul, truth and magnificence.

Inner Truth Develops Into Ease

When you connect on a deeper level with your inner truth and magnificence you can develop a desire for your life to be easy, if this is the case then let it be easy! When you wish for something it appears as an energy in the future, when you allow and let that which you wish for to be present within your body and take shape in your life, you are acting as the vehicle for its birth into your reality. We, the Celestial White Beings, wish to encourage you to focus on the energy of simplicity within your being, focus on peace rather than drama and seek the simplest most meaningful answers. Recognise that you create your reality from within, heal the wounds within that are causing chaos and challenges in your life and realise that when you focus upon that which you desire you bring the energy of it into your being and reality for your experience.

It is your divine right to be in the divine flow of the Creator when you are experiencing the flow of the Creator everything moves through you and from you. It is as if you are giving birth to everything you embody, the truth and essence of your being becomes more and more apparent within and around you.

The Purpose of Celebrating Your Inner Truth

We, the Celestial White Beings, are encouraging you to celebrate and honour your inner truth because to do so is activating for your entire being. You align with a state and energy of remembrance within your being which ignites and awakens all levels of your being, light begins to pulsate through your energy systems creating a deep cleansing and the removal of stagnant energy. The more light moving through your body and aura the quicker your energy vibration pulsates at, moving you into a heightened state of awareness that allows you to access inner guidance. The wisdom, knowledge and sacred abilities stored within you and within the universe of the Creator become available to you. Your infinite connection to all that is the Creator, your oneness with the Creator and ability to express the Creator through your being becomes easy to access, comprehend and experience. That which we spea k of inspires you to be fully present with the transformation occurring within your being and the universe of the Creator, deepening your ascension experience.

When more souls celebrate and honour their inner truth and magnificence, becoming familiar with all that they are and their power, this will creates major shifts in the consciousness of humanity. People will take action supporting shifts and transformations in the way that the earthly reality is perceived by many. The perception of the human body, what it is capable of and its connection with the spiritual body and soul will also enter into the consciousness of all. Thus, limitations upon humans and Mother Earth will dissolve. This will denote a deep exploration and investigation by the majority of humanity concerning what it means to be human, the purpose of life and how to live in harmony with all. New understandings will dawn completely transforming the way humanity and Mother Earth live together. Old perceptions, ideas and ways of living will be discarded as humanity, and Mother E arth cleanse themselves of all limitations and veils of illusion. It will be as if humanity and Mother Earth have been set free to experience life fully and completely as an expression of the Creator. Such a transformation and unburdening of energies takes time, patience and compassionate love for all.

Those who are accustomed to celebrating and honouring their soul and the wisdom it brings forth will be able to act as beacons sharing understanding and guidance. The wisdom and actions they feel inspired to encourage and create will have a purpose of bringing all closer to a deeper and more profound experience of their truth; the Creator that resides within.

In everlasting bliss,

The Celestial White Beings

Read More the Celestial White Beings

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Plasma Infusion at Zero Point Eclipse



Interesting take on Solar Eclipse…

Plasma Infusion at Zero Point Eclipse

by Meg Benedicte

A British Airways pilot clicked this photo of the solar eclipse when his plane was crossing Atlantic ocean.

As the dust settles since the Solar Eclipse, we are in a position to determine which direction society will move in? The incoming solar activity from the Great Central Sun and Earth’s Sun is blasting our human energy field as well as the planet’s geomagnetic field. On September 6th the sun unleashed the strongest solar flare in more than a decade. As your energy frequency increases, you are evolving from an extremely polarized field to a more neutral, smooth flowing field of unity consciousness – a non-polarized field of Love.

The Solar Eclipse opened Zero Point, where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities. It is the null-zone where physical and spiritual unite. Wherever we use the sacred geometry Infinity Figure-8 to neutralize polarity in our energy field…it establishes zero point at the fulcrum of the Figure-8.

Quantum coherence at the subatomic level enhances the interactive communication between energy waves. With regular meditation we can establish more resonant coherence within our biological systems and between heart and mind. A coherent state increases the amount of energy transferred by the wave and its impact on matter. The more coherent your energy field determines how much and how quickly you can absorb the divine galactic photon waves of higher consciousness into your life.

The recent Solar Eclipse blackout activated a Zero Point portal within your being and in the planetary field. Existing within Zero Point is a vacuum state or null zone, pulsing in a collapse/expansion dynamic of Singularity. The Solar Eclipse ignited a process of Zero Point decomposition, whereby old, corrupted, outdated patterns, programs, codes and trauma are collapsing and purging out of your system.


As you clear away the dross of past history, karma, and traumatic wounding, your zero point vacuum initiates new cellular growth (electrons) in its place. All of existence originates as energy waves looping in coherence, storing quantum ‘packets’ of electrical charge that materializes as physical matter (spinning atoms). The electrification of matter produces creative renewal, self-generating vitality, health and wellbeing.

X-rays and UV radiation from the powerful solar flares ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere. Interplanetary space, intergalactic space and distant stars are filled with plasma. For plasma to exist ionization has to occur. The galactic surge of plasma energy into Earth’s crystalline grid has caused destabilization…contributing to more earthquakes.

Plasma is often called the fourth state of matter, along with solid, liquids and gases. We find partially ionized plasma in lightning storms and fully ionized plasma within the sun nebula, solar corona and in stars. The corona visible during the Solar Eclipse is an aura of plasma that surrounds the sun. Plasmas are strong electrical conductors, where particles can interact at long range through electric and magnetic forces. We are evolving from binary polarity into a more advanced state as plasma generators.

During the Zero Point Solar Eclipse, the stargate portals opened, streaming plasma frequency into Gaia’s crystalline gridwork and sacred vortex sites. Plasma is one of the fastest wavelengths of Light, which requires special integration using vortex energy. Take time to ground to Gaia’s light grid and spin balance into your energy field.

Since the Solar Eclipse, many have experienced extreme weather, destruction of home or town and loss of livelihood. Most suffering arises from separation to spirit – keep connecting with your divine Soul Presence for inner strength and resilience during challenging times. You are not alone! We the Light Bearers are holding space with you and sending our Love and support.

Gaia is also in the midst of Zero Point decomposition. Within the collapse/expansion dynamic of the vacuum void, we need to step in and build the New Earth paradigm. Join other Light Warriors around the world for our Equinox Stargate Global Activations on September 22nd. Register at: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=119281


Copyright (c) 2017 Meg Benedicte All Rights Reserved You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.




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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . . We have been experiencing Ascension symptoms for many years now. For me, August has been the most intense integration time of my life and I am sure for many of you as well.   It started the first week of August. I literally experienced an emotional, mental and physical ‘breakdown’. First I released a level of anger/rage that I have never experienced before. At first, I thought I was going crazy and thought it was all mine. Then Supa came in and reminded me that I am set up to balance the collective emotional field. WOWzer is all I can say. It became easier when I was reminded of this. After a week of emotional turmoil, I literally collapsed. Physically I was like a wet noodle. Spirit told me to be on the computer as little as possible and to be kind to myself for the month of August. So that is what I am doing. Some of the symptoms I have been experiencing are new for me. Several nights I experienced my stomach muscles rippling over and over for a minute or two. That’s the best I can explain it. It wasn’t scary. This also happened to my liver, spleen and pancreas. It felt like I my muscles/organs were releasing density. I embraced the sensation and welcomed in the Light. I liked it! I’m very social but this month I have not wanted to be around people. My automatic reading of people’s emotional field intensified. It was too much for my ‘fragile’ state of Being. I found myself meditating or going to my bedroom to be alone and quiet many times a day ~ sometimes every hour. This allowed me to recalibrate and align with my Higher Self. When I read one of the symptoms below ~ loosening of the spine ~ I definitely resonated with it. For 4 days it felt like the middle of my back was broken. I learned to breathe through it . When this symptom lifted, I felt like my spine was more flexible. My chiropractor told me that the majority of my spine was like that of a 20 year old. Now all I have to do is unlock my hips and upper neck more. OKay! Communication with my Higher Self is becoming stronger and more spontaneous. I don’t need to be in meditation to connect. I’m embracing this integration with a grateful heart. I’m being shown many ancestral behavior patterns up for transformation. All I have to do is acknowledge it and affirm I am willing to release this pattern for me and all my ancestors. I feel lighter and recognize instantly when one of those habitual patterns surfaces. Then I simply (usually silently) say with a smile: ‘thank you, you are from a different consciousness and no longer needed.’ Well, that’s enough for now. I’m feeling stronger by the day and I’m ready for August 21. Be kind to yourself and those around you. We are all experiencing the affects of the astrological events in our own unique way. We are preparing to step into more of our mastery. Hallelujah! I hope you found this missive helpful. We are collectively on the precipice of change. The Masters and Galactic Federation encourage us to come together with our shared mission and visions. Join us on Sunday, for a powerful webinar on the eve of August 21. Truly, together we are Victorious! With Love in my Heart I wish you peace…Colleen     Powerful Webinar on eve of August 21… DISCERNMENT: The Path to Spiritual Maturity Every day we are bombarded with information that tries to sway our viewpoints. Conspiracy theories and fake news are modern terms for sensationalism that aims to confuse us and lead us away from our truth. Sharpening our abilities to discern that truth is a crucial step we can take along the path to spiritual maturity. In this Webinar Sheldan, with the direct assistance of the Galactics, will help us understand ways in which we can hone our capacity for discernment.   Topics include: • How the Cabals have conditioned humanity to believe their propaganda. • Religion and how it influences belief systems. • Selling out to the power of money. • Spreading cynicism and fear through fake news. • False flag events and their impact on us. • How to separate truth from lies: developing insights. • How we can use the gift of discernment to prepare for announcements and the landings. • Discernment leading to full consciousness. Sunday, August 20, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT AND/OR Thursday, August 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California time) Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer (After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions) Seats are Limited… Register Now! To make payment and register: Click here Cost: $15.00 U.S.   33 symptoms of cosmic upgrades triggered by solar eclipse gateway

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

We have been experiencing Ascension symptoms for many years now. For me, August has been the most intense integration time of my life and I am sure for many of you as well.


It started the first week of August. I literally experienced an emotional, mental and physical ‘breakdown’. First I released a level of anger/rage that I have never experienced before. At first, I thought I was going crazy and thought it was all mine. Then Supa came in and reminded me that I am set up to balance the collective emotional field. WOWzer is all I can say. It became easier when I was reminded of this. After a week of emotional turmoil, I literally collapsed. Physically I was like a wet noodle. Spirit told me to be on the computer as little as possible and to be kind to myself for the month of August. So that is what I am doing.

Some of the symptoms I have been experiencing are new for me. Several nights I experienced my stomach muscles rippling over and over for a minute or two. That’s the best I can explain it. It wasn’t scary. This also happened to my liver, spleen and pancreas. It felt like I my muscles/organs were releasing density. I embraced the sensation and welcomed in the Light. I liked it!

I’m very social but this month I have not wanted to be around people. My automatic reading of people’s emotional field intensified. It was too much for my ‘fragile’ state of Being.

I found myself meditating or going to my bedroom to be alone and quiet many times a day ~ sometimes every hour. This allowed me to recalibrate and align with my Higher Self.

When I read one of the symptoms below ~ loosening of the spine ~ I definitely resonated with it. For 4 days it felt like the middle of my back was broken. I learned to breathe through it . When this symptom lifted, I felt like my spine was more flexible. My chiropractor told me that the majority of my spine was like that of a 20 year old. Now all I have to do is unlock my hips and upper neck more. OKay!

Communication with my Higher Self is becoming stronger and more spontaneous. I don’t need to be in meditation to connect. I’m embracing this integration with a grateful heart. I’m being shown many ancestral behavior patterns up for transformation. All I have to do is acknowledge it and affirm I am willing to release this pattern for me and all my ancestors. I feel lighter and recognize instantly when one of those habitual patterns surfaces. Then I simply (usually silently) say with a smile: ‘thank you, you are from a different consciousness and no longer needed.’

Well, that’s enough for now. I’m feeling stronger by the day and I’m ready for August 21. Be kind to yourself and those around you. We are all experiencing the affects of the astrological events in our own unique way. We are preparing to step into more of our mastery. Hallelujah!

I hope you found this missive helpful. We are collectively on the precipice of change. The Masters and Galactic Federation encourage us to come together with our shared mission and visions. Join us on Sunday, for a powerful webinar on the eve of August 21. Truly, together we are Victorious!

With Love in my Heart I wish you peace…Colleen


Powerful Webinar on eve of August 21

DISCERNMENT: The Path to Spiritual Maturity

Every day we are bombarded with information that tries to sway our viewpoints. Conspiracy theories and fake news are modern terms for sensationalism that aims to confuse us and lead us away from our truth.

Sharpening our abilities to discern that truth is a crucial step we can take along the path to spiritual maturity. In this Webinar Sheldan, with the direct assistance of the Galactics, will help us understand ways in which we can hone our capacity for discernment.


Topics include:

• How the Cabals have conditioned humanity to believe their propaganda.
• Religion and how it influences belief systems.
• Selling out to the power of money.
• Spreading cynicism and fear through fake news.
• False flag events and their impact on us.
• How to separate truth from lies: developing insights.
• How we can use the gift of discernment to prepare for announcements and the landings.
• Discernment leading to full consciousness.

Sunday, August 20, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT


Thursday, August 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California time)

Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer
(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

Seats are Limited… Register Now!

To make payment and register: Click here

Cost: $15.00 U.S.


33 symptoms of cosmic upgrades triggered by solar eclipse gateway

Source: awakening5dhealing


The 21st August solar eclipse marks the crest of a tidal wave of higher frequencies washing through us. There have been peaks and troughs as we have been pulled and pushed, up and down and all around the frequency spectrum. The opening of the Lions Gate portal on 8.8.17, accelerated by the powerful ascended masters energy of 888, brought us and Gaia into alignment, preparing us for a major timeline shift. We may instinctively look to global politics as a trigger but this shift is a cosmic shift, coming to us from outside our planet’s gravity field. A timeline jump, a gateway to higher dimensions has been opened, our mind body soul systems are responding in ways we cannot fully comprehend. DNA upgrades, more strands coming online, is triggered by these higher frequencies. We are experiencing many symptoms of this accelerated cosmic recalibration.

▪ Ear popping, buzzing and humming causing dizziness,
▪ lucid dreaming – being consciously aware and able to manipulate your dreams
▪ strange sensations over major chakras tingling, aching, clapping or banging, different temperature to the rest of your body,
▪ lightness in limbs, hands and feet,
▪ sore, itchy, blurry eyes, visual anomalies, orbs, waves crossing your vision
▪ impulse to stretch your body,
▪ whole body shaking,
▪ difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks, books and television,
▪ avoiding large numbers of people,
▪ turning up at the right time for the right people,
▪ saying and doing things in response to nudges, voices or gut feelings that turn out well,
▪ loss of appetite, craving sweets and stimulants to compensate for loss of energy,
▪ heart palpitations that although uncomfortable are not frightening,

▪ loosening of the spine, increase in flexibility,
▪ increased psychic awareness,
▪ some people staring at you, others don’t seem to see you at all,
▪ feeling very grounded one day and then completely 5d and beyond the next,
▪ using meditation increasingly to rebalance and centre your system, craving and cultivating meditative stillness,
▪ deep reflective periods, strange memories, random echoes from the past triggered for release,
▪ increased sensitivity to crystals,
▪ increased awareness of the behaviour of animals and birds,
▪ increased awareness of multi dimensions, entities, ancestors, higher self or guides
▪ curiosity about the big questions about life, political awakening,
▪ increased empathy and compassion,
▪ increased aversion to some people and places,
▪ nausea similar to sea sickness, sudden overwhelming need to lie down and or sleep,
▪ waking up between 3am and 5am,
▪ seeing number sequences,
▪ awareness of synchronicity weaved into the fabric of your life,
▪ seeing signposts, symbols and meaning in nature, seeking nature,
▪ struggling with everyday conversation, seeking like minded people,
▪ loss of interest in ambition, need to simplify, strip back your life,
▪ heightened awareness of how stress affects your mind body and soul.


The universal spectrum of frequencies is vast and multi dimensional. The matrix operates on a narrow space on the lower frequencies of the cosmic spectrum of life. We are being propelled up the scale. As each tidal wave pushes and pulls us to energetically lighten, recalibrate, unplug and connect to universal love frequency, we experience intense karmic evolution. This transition is accelerated as it is overdue on planet earth. Many timeline opportunities to raise our vibrations, seek and attain peace, abundance and love on planet earth have been missed. We are behind schedule, if you like. We may be in a cosmic waiting room of sorts, a space held in time to allow us to integrate upgrades, transform ourselves and our world. No small task?! From ground zero, the front line trenches, life is cranking up week after week. The weather and seasons are unpredictable, time fluctuates, a month feels like a week and sometimes a day can feel like a month! There is no normal anymore.

As the matrix disintegrates, its agenda of rules and retribution, mind control algorithms and predatory programming breaks down. As we wake up, we become glitches in the matrix. We no longer mindlessly submit to conditioning, pressure of conformity and fear of reprisal. Stealth mode, adopted by many awakened people, starseed and lightworkers since their birth here, is being shed like a snake sheds its skin. More and more people are coming online, anchoring their light to Gaia’s grid of evolving crystalline light. Embedding ourselves in higher frequencies to correlate and compliment Gaia’s ascension within the frequency spectrum. The matrix is being decommissioned from all sides, this is quantum evolution. From below as the crystalline heart of Gaia ignites her from her core, from above cosmically and with intervention from our intergalactic allies and from within, by us, as we awaken and break out of the wavelength of the matrix.

There is so much going on many of us feel like rabbits trapped in the headlights. Simultaneously appalled by the state of the world and elated by how beautiful the human experience on Gaia can be. We are flying up and down the frequency spectrum, pinballs in a cosmic arcade game. Centring ourselves balances us and helps us regain equilibrium. The fusion of our whole self is a profound transition, its bound to be a bit tricky at times. Go inwards for serenity, simplify your life for outer peace.

Hold your space over the coming weeks. Some will choose to check out with the intensity of these waves, this is their path. There will be loss and grief. We are being stripped back to the core of our being. Earth warriors be here and be the change you want to see in the world. Lightworkers be alive, present and connected to this wondrous world at this momentous time in its evolution. Be yourself, and if you’re not sure who that is, find out. Meditate even when it makes others uncomfortable. Challenge selfish politics, fascist rhetoric, unkind language, thoughts, beliefs and systems. Do this from your heart. Breathe into the ebb and flow of cosmic surfing. Listen closely to your being, respond to your intuition. Practise self care, reprogramme yourself with daily mantras, quiet time, healing therapies and mindfulness. Step into the frequencies of gratitude and love as often as you can, consciously raising your frequency through thought, language and behaviour. Be kind to yourself, protect yourself and welcome upgrades friends. We are cocreating the new earth, we are reintegrating with Gaia, we are in the midst of intense recalibration. Be good to yourselves! Stay on that surfboard (or yoga mat!) brothers and sisters, ride the waves to higher dimensional frequencies, in love and light.

Mantra: I am a warrior of Gaia, I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid, I am one with universal love frequency.

I am grounded, I am safe, I am love.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.




Posted in Other links | Comments Off on Greetings from Galactic Heart . . . We have been experiencing Ascension symptoms for many years now. For me, August has been the most intense integration time of my life and I am sure for many of you as well.   It started the first week of August. I literally experienced an emotional, mental and physical ‘breakdown’. First I released a level of anger/rage that I have never experienced before. At first, I thought I was going crazy and thought it was all mine. Then Supa came in and reminded me that I am set up to balance the collective emotional field. WOWzer is all I can say. It became easier when I was reminded of this. After a week of emotional turmoil, I literally collapsed. Physically I was like a wet noodle. Spirit told me to be on the computer as little as possible and to be kind to myself for the month of August. So that is what I am doing. Some of the symptoms I have been experiencing are new for me. Several nights I experienced my stomach muscles rippling over and over for a minute or two. That’s the best I can explain it. It wasn’t scary. This also happened to my liver, spleen and pancreas. It felt like I my muscles/organs were releasing density. I embraced the sensation and welcomed in the Light. I liked it! I’m very social but this month I have not wanted to be around people. My automatic reading of people’s emotional field intensified. It was too much for my ‘fragile’ state of Being. I found myself meditating or going to my bedroom to be alone and quiet many times a day ~ sometimes every hour. This allowed me to recalibrate and align with my Higher Self. When I read one of the symptoms below ~ loosening of the spine ~ I definitely resonated with it. For 4 days it felt like the middle of my back was broken. I learned to breathe through it . When this symptom lifted, I felt like my spine was more flexible. My chiropractor told me that the majority of my spine was like that of a 20 year old. Now all I have to do is unlock my hips and upper neck more. OKay! Communication with my Higher Self is becoming stronger and more spontaneous. I don’t need to be in meditation to connect. I’m embracing this integration with a grateful heart. I’m being shown many ancestral behavior patterns up for transformation. All I have to do is acknowledge it and affirm I am willing to release this pattern for me and all my ancestors. I feel lighter and recognize instantly when one of those habitual patterns surfaces. Then I simply (usually silently) say with a smile: ‘thank you, you are from a different consciousness and no longer needed.’ Well, that’s enough for now. I’m feeling stronger by the day and I’m ready for August 21. Be kind to yourself and those around you. We are all experiencing the affects of the astrological events in our own unique way. We are preparing to step into more of our mastery. Hallelujah! I hope you found this missive helpful. We are collectively on the precipice of change. The Masters and Galactic Federation encourage us to come together with our shared mission and visions. Join us on Sunday, for a powerful webinar on the eve of August 21. Truly, together we are Victorious! With Love in my Heart I wish you peace…Colleen     Powerful Webinar on eve of August 21… DISCERNMENT: The Path to Spiritual Maturity Every day we are bombarded with information that tries to sway our viewpoints. Conspiracy theories and fake news are modern terms for sensationalism that aims to confuse us and lead us away from our truth. Sharpening our abilities to discern that truth is a crucial step we can take along the path to spiritual maturity. In this Webinar Sheldan, with the direct assistance of the Galactics, will help us understand ways in which we can hone our capacity for discernment.   Topics include: • How the Cabals have conditioned humanity to believe their propaganda. • Religion and how it influences belief systems. • Selling out to the power of money. • Spreading cynicism and fear through fake news. • False flag events and their impact on us. • How to separate truth from lies: developing insights. • How we can use the gift of discernment to prepare for announcements and the landings. • Discernment leading to full consciousness. Sunday, August 20, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT AND/OR Thursday, August 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California time) Talk to Sheldan Live…simply by using your home computer (After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions) Seats are Limited… Register Now! To make payment and register: Click here Cost: $15.00 U.S.   33 symptoms of cosmic upgrades triggered by solar eclipse gateway



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It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the Solar eclipse on August 21stto create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.


Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.


Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event and Full Disclosure closer to us:






This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Full Disclosure and Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide. The focus will be on the United States, where much healing is needed.


Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful grand trine between Galactic center / Saturn / Lilith in Sagittarius, Eris / Uranus in Aries and Mars / Lunar Node / Sun / Moon in Leo. The core of this grand trine is exact grand trine of Galactic Center at 28 degrees Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 degrees Aries and Sun / Moon eclipse at 28 degrees Leo. At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and will be channeled through Uranus and through the Sun / Moon eclipse, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has a potential for a huge breakthrough on the planetary surface, as it is a moment of the most direct connection with the Galactic Center.





This will be the first eclipse since 1918 with the path of totality going through the continental US. This eclipse is a great opportunity for us to make a decision to create unity. Unity of awakened individuals is the most powerful catalyst for the planetary liberation. For this reason me, Corey Goode and many other people are joining forces to gather the critical mass of at least 144,000 people doing this exact meditation.


A joint Cobra / Corey interview has been recorded especially for this occasion and will be released in a few days.



The path of totality will touch the ground near Salem, OR at 10:18 am PDT and will exit near Charleston, SC at 2:47 pm EDT. For people in the western part of the US the total phase of the eclipse will be already over when the meditation starts. The meditation will start right before the moment of maximum point of the eclipse and people in the central US will be meditating right through the totality. People in the eastern part of the US will be able to watch the total eclipse after the meditation.


Map of cloud cover shows that people in the western part of the US have the highest probability to actually see the eclipse:





We will be doing this meditation at the moment of the maximum of the Solar eclipse on Monday, August 21th at 11:11 am PDT in Los Angeles. This equals 8:11 pm EET in Cairo, 8:11 pm CEST in Paris, 7:11 pm BST in London, 2:11 pm EDT in New York, 1:11 pm CDT in Chicago, 12:11 pm MDT in Denver and 2:11 am CST on Tuesday, August 22ndin Taipei.


You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:





1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants.


3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the eclipsed Sun and the Moon and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.



4. Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people of the planet of their past traumas, bringing peace, harmony, understanding, abundance and unity. Visualize this soft pink light healing the minds and hearts of all people worldwide. See all Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers working in unity for the creation of the New Earth. See the people of Earth celebrating and joyfully participating in the creation of our new reality where everyone can obtain what they need and freely choose to live as they desire.


Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes.


Goddess wants unity and unity it will be!

Updates about the Unity Meditation:





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Three 5th Dimension MANIFESTATION TECHNIQUES That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (law of attraction)

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THE LIBERATION OF COSMOS – Maria Bertram channels the Higher Self

THE LIBERATION OF COSMOS – Maria Bertram channels the Higher Self


Humanity has lost its true history / The giant skeletons / Humanity’s cosmic origin / The transition to the New Spiritual Age / The connection with the Higher Self / Disinformation about humanity’s origin / The manipulation of humanity on Earth / The Power Elite are also manipulated / The two original destructive forces / The destructive male light energy / Artificial intelligence and transhumanism / The destructive female darkness energy / Meat eating / The greater the divine truth, the greater the threat / Vaccines / The puppets of the two forces / The liberation of Cosmos / Wake up from the manipulation / Use a healthy discernment /


Mother Earth Network presents a new channeling by Maria Bertram – a large download of cosmic information about the lost origin of humanity, and how the situation on Earth today is connected with a cosmic struggle between destructive and benevolent forces – a struggle that finally has been resolved. The text was compiled by Manne Lindberg, who runs the Mother Earth Network together with Maria Bertram outside of Stockgolm, Sweden. We are happy to finally release a new channeling, after several years of intense spiritual cleansing work and Maria’s demanding work with Earth’s and Cosmos’ energy development.
In the channeling, Maria and Mannes mutual Higher Self talks about how we as humanity have lost contact with our origin, both in terms of the history of the Earth and the cosmic and divine origin of humanity. The channeling describes how we, through outer manipulation, have been able to distance ourselves from our True Divine Self to such a large extent, and completely lost contact with the true history of the Earth.
The text presents the two original destructive forces beyond our Cosmos that have infiltrated Cosmos and the Earth, and that all other manipulation of humanity originates from, namely the destructive version of the male light energy and the destructive version of the female darkness energy. As far as we know, this is information that has never been made available to humanity before.
The Power Elite of the Earth, and all the destructive civilizations and beings that have manipulated humanity through history, have served as puppets for either of these two forces. The text gives us several striking examples of how these forces’ infiltration of the Earth has affected our society and our civilization. The channeling is a very powerful eye-opener, while parts of it can be unpleasant and provocative to read. But the only way for humanity to reach a higher state of consciousness is to bring our inner darkness into the light to be able to see it, and then begin the healing process. The Higher Self also gives us good news about a crucial cosmic event that has recently taken place in relation to these forces.
When you read the channeling, it’s important that you are familiar with some background information about the male and the female energy. In previous channelings and publications we have written about the pure male energy and pure female energy. They are the two original energy polarities – yin and yang – that are the driving forces behind the development in the Cosmos and on Earth, and which together form the most perfected energy balance – the Highest Divine Energy of Love. The male energy (yang) stands for “light”, birth, expansion, spirit, high frequency, technology, intellect, activity, and sky. The female energy (yin) stands for “darkness”, death, regression, matter, low frequency, magnetism, mediality, presence in the now, and the Earth. However, if one of these forces is not sufficiently balanced by its counterpart, a destructive version of it will start forming, and it’s about these unbalanced and destructive versions of the male and female energy that this channeling is about. The next channeling will be about the Return of the Goddess, and will among other things bring up how to work with breaking free from the manipulation of these two forces.
The channeling was done on April 4th, 2017 (originally in Swedish), and the English translation was released on July 11th. More information about the Mother Earth Network follows the channeling.



The people of Earth have very limited knowledge of their own history. They have totally lost the true history of the Earth and the evolution of humanity, along the way. The history education currently taking place in schools is based on completely incorrect information, misunderstandings and even straight out lies. Humanity will have to start over to re-learn about its own history and the origin and development of the planet.
There has been some alternative information about human history that has begun circulating, information that has not been known before. This information is true to a certain extent. Some fragments are true, mixed with some inaccuracies and misunderstandings, and unfortunately also some planted disinformation. This causes a lot of confusion. The most reliable way of gaining knowledge of the history of humanity and Earth is to connect to one of the countless ethereal information databases found in our Cosmos. There is such an information database here on our Earth, an ethereal chamber beneath the Sphinx of Egypt. One can connect to it from a distance, but it’s only souls who have reached a certain level in their spiritual development who have the ability to connect with it.
After the transition to the New Age, humanity will finally gain access to its true history. Initially, the most developed souls on Earth will connect to the Information Database on Earth and download information that they will pass along to provide humanity with an as detailed and accurate view of their history as possible. But in the long run, as humanity’s energy level is raised, all people on Earth will be able to connect to it.
It’s a very complex story with very many factors that have collaborated to create the situation that has arisen on Earth today. This is not something I can give an overview of here, but all the information will unfold bit by bit, in the New Age. Many individuals with good contact with their intuition already carry some puzzle pieces within them, but in order to complete the whole puzzle, you need to have access to the Information Database where the entire picture is collected. It will take long time for humanity to chart their own history and understand what has happened – how and why – and also to learn about humanity’s origin, which is also a very complex story.


An example of a misunderstanding today is about the “giant skeletons” that have been unearthed on different places on Earth. It’s often stated that all of these are remnants of one single civilization of giants that has wandered on Earth. The truth is far more complex than that, because there’s a huge number of peoples and civilizations that have lived on our Earth throughout the history. A number of them have been civilizations of giants. It has been both highly developed and less developed civilizations. It has been civilizations that have contributed to humanity’s consciousness raising, and civilizations that manipulated humanity for their own purposes. Some of them have had a higher technological development level, while others have had a lower technological development level. That is, there are remains from a variety of giants and of course many other civilizations, peoples and souls who have visited the Earth and lived on Earth during different ages, and that have influenced Earth’s history in different ways. [In the beginning of the 20th century (1900-), the discoveries of great skeletons were still being published in the mainstream newspapers (see image below). Saint Paul Globe (Jan. 24th, 1904) reports, for example, about a skeleton excavated in Nevada that was 11 feet (3.3 meters) tall. The New York Times (May 4th, 1908) reports about a “burial place of a race of giants” in Mexico with over 200 skeletons, each above 8 feet (2.5 meters) tall. The largest skeleton mentioned in the articles is from The Coconino Sun (July 11th, 1919) describing a giant skeleton found in Austin, Texas, which is approximately 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and whose body is estimated to have weighed about 2000-2500 pounds (1000 kg). Other articles describe discoveries of giant skulls with non-human physical features, including one single eye socket in the forehead (“cyclops”), two horns on the head, or double rows of teeth. The Power Elite has effectively confiscated and hidden all these exceptional findings and today there is a complete media blackout on the subject, and it is as if these discoveries and articles never existed. Therefore, most people never even get to hear about the giant skeletons.]

News articles about giant skulls, giant skeletons and giant mummies in mainstream newspapers from the decades around year 1900. These are news that have been erased from the collective consciousness and humanity’s historical writing today.
There is still an incredible amount of buried archaeological remains around the Earth that remains to be discovered by humanity – on Earth’s surface, underground, and even further down towards the center of the Earth. There are lots of cities, buildings, spacecrafts and other energy technologies hidden both on the surface and inside the Earth. There are ancient remains that are millions of years old that are built by highly developed civilizations but that were later abandoned, and later in history were inhabited by civilizations with lower levels of consciousness and technological level than those who originally built them.
But it’s also important to understand that there are not physical traces of all the different civilizations, events and epochs that the Earth has gone through. Many of the most developed groups that have lived on Earth have had the ability and technology to “clean up” after them, that is, completely erase all the traces of their stay on Earth. Therefore, one cannot rely solely on archaeological finds and remnants found on Earth to create a complete picture of the Earth’s history. But all of this will be discovered as we enter into the New Age and as people begin to access the Information Database under the Sphinx in Egypt. Nothing will be held in darkness anymore.
Even those who provide alternative information about the history of humanity today lack an overall picture of what has actually happened on Earth. All the information that is spread today about the true history of humanity are merely fragments. Nobody really has the whole picture of the history. Sometimes these fragments can be true. Sometimes they are misunderstandings of different sorts, and sometimes they are also pure disinformation. That is, there’s a huge mix of both this and that, and it can be hard to distinguish what’s what. But as I said, there is a large number of archaeological findings that will be brought to the public’s eye and help humanity with puzzle pieces of the planets history. The unveiling of the truth, and the unveiling of the true origin of humanity, is an important part of the transition to the New Spiritual Age.
Some groups within the Power Elite have been deceived by the destructive beings and civilizations they collaborate with, into believing that they derive from one of the giant civilizations that there are relics from and that they are “chosen” because of their blood relations to this people of giants. But the idea that they as a collective derives from this civilization is a very big simplification of reality. A few of them have actual ties of blood to some of these giants, but there are many other people on Earth who also have it without even knowing it.


The truth is that all of humanity consists of a mixture of different human civilizations from the Cosmos. There are also new children that are being born continuously on Earth, who are a blend where one parent is from Earth and the other is from a highly developed human civilization in Cosmos. Today, there are millions of children on Earth who has one earthly parent and one from another cosmic human civilization. They live all over the globe, and the parents usually have a higher level of consciousness than the average of humanity. The vast majority of these earthly parents and their children don’t know about this on a conscious level.
There are different methods to implement the actual fertilization, but the most common method is that the women are put in a dormant state and taken up on a spacecraft where their eggs are fertilized with sperm from another civilization, and then the women’s memories from the event are erased with a certain technology.
It’s important here to remember that all souls involved have chosen to participate in this themselves, at a higher level, in order to contribute to the elevation of humanity’s consciousness level. But unfortunately there are also spiritually undeveloped civilizations that pick up people to their ships and take eggs or sperm and use them for genetic experiments and genetic manipulation, without having asked the Higher Selves of the souls involved.
Most of the earthly children that we talk about here carry unique gifts that they develop through their lives and many of them have very special energies. But it’s also important to understand that not all children on Earth with special gifts and energies have been created this way, but only a small part of them. This is a preparation for the New Age that we stand before, and a way to raise Earth’s energy level. There are groups of more or less enlightened civilizations that have worked to create the New Human who is now emerging on Earth, who has given their helping hands in different ways. One can say that the human on Earth is like a perfect blend, and a unique version of many of the human civilizations found in our Cosmos.
– How can that be, when it comes to all the destructiveness of humanity on Earth, and that we are completely destroying our planet?
Humanity as it looks today have almost completely lost contact with their true nature and their Divine Selves. One could say that humanity are asleep. In this dormant state of mind, the humans have gone astray along the way and have gotten gotten stuck, and have been drawn into huge amounts of destructiveness, thus being susceptible to external manipulation that has brought them even further down the destructive spiral. All the destructiveness that humans express has nothing to do with their natural state. In order for humanity to open up and develop their true potential, they have to wake up. They must have a spiritual awakening and finally reach enlightenment. That is the only way for them to gain access to their true potential and their unique abilities.


Within the next few years, extremely powerful and purifying energies will pour over the Earth to activate the final step of the transition to the New Age, and humanity’s spiritual ascension processes will thus be activated and reach a completely new level. We are actually already in the midst of the transition to the New Age, but I’m talking about when the major decisive step of the transition takes place. When that happens, there will be huge waves of energy partly the Divine Light, and partly the Divine Red Goddess Energy that will sweep over the Earth. These two energies will be unified and create the Love Energy of the New Age, which will transform our entire planet, and which will transform humanity. These energies are very, very powerful, and because the people have been asleep for so long and unfortunately not developed in the way they would have needed, many people will not be able to handle these energies and will not be able to enter the New Age. But for those ready to stay and for Mother Earth, it will be a gigantic leap into a new age where the old dies and the new is born. The civilization will crumble and a new era and a new civilization will be born. A new society will be created here on Earth, completely different from the society we have here today, with completely new possibilities and completely new conditions.
When the ego releases the human from its grip, and the inner destructiveness and internal conflicts dissolve, they turn into their pure Elevated Self, and their behavior and value systems are fundamentally changed. Everything changes. It paves the way for a new civilization, a new way for the humans to live together, and a whole new way of organizing society. A whole new structure and a new spirituality in which the human naturally will be living their lives connected to the divine as a natural part of their existence. The humans will stop fighting with each other and instead cooperate, support and love each other. A world where suffering, deficiencies and conflicts are completely extinct. A world based on love, freedom and communion. A world where the humans has an open channel to their Higher Divine Self.


Each one of you has a Higher Self that is one with the Divine. It’s an all-knowing, immortal soul that dwells in the infinite of Infinity, and that is completely limitless. It has always been and will always be. Your Higher Self has a connection down to your physical soul, your unique consciousness. But the human’s connection between the consciousness and the Higher Self is blocked. The human’s higher connection to the Divine is shut off, and they have difficulty contacting their Higher Self and hearing what it has to say. The human usually does not even have the knowledge that they have a Higher Self, and that this connection exists. Most people don’t have knowledge of their True Divine Self, and they can’t hear what their Higher Self is trying to say to them.
When a person has a spiritual awakening, the wall between the Higher Self and the conscious self begins to dissolve. There will be some cracks in the wall, and you will have access to some contact and some knowledge of the higher reality and your divine origin. One can take part in opening this door through spiritual work; through healing and through specific spiritual guides on Earth and in higher dimensions that have a strong power that can help open this door, to gain knowledge and to establish contact. The channel opens and closes back and forth until the wall is disintegrated once and for all and the channel is completely free between the infinite Higher Self and the individual’s consciousness. That is what is called “enlightenment”. That is precisely what the enlightenment is about, removing the wall between your conscious self and your Higher Divine Self so that you can meet and become a unity again, just as you once were.

Our Higher Selves are our connection to Infinity and the Divine


– You said that humanity on Earth was created by a number of other human civilizations in the Cosmos. Why is it that humanity are so convinced that we evolved from the monkeys?
Humanity has been manipulated to believe that way. There has been a conscious effort to mislead and brainwash humanity for a very long time, on a variety of levels. It’s a conscious strategy to eradicate humanity’s cosmic heritage and divine origin. All alternative images and stories of human history have been silenced, and a false story has been planted in the collective consciousness of humanity instead.
Once a belief has been established in the human consciousness, it takes a lot for it to let go. The human has the ability to create their own worldview and reality. They will see the reality that they want to see. They will take in the “proof” that supports the fictional reality in which they live, about the “ape man” in this case, and any other evidence against it will be rejected. In this way, they can maintain their rigid and firm idea about ​​reality. It’s more about interpretations and subjective beliefs than it is about actual “proof”. But, as said, it is combined with cover-up of evidence, manipulation, and straight out lies. So it has taken place both on a conscious and unconscious level.

The “theory” of the apeman is disinformation that has been planted in the collective consciousness of humanity to eradicate human cosmic and divine heritage. Photo from the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.
The majority of the people on Earth are rigid and afraid, and have very firm beliefs about reality. They have an excessive respect for authority. They are afraid to question and reject, to distinguish themselves from the crowd, and they are unable to resist the peer pressure. Once a belief has been established by the elite on Earth, one feels compelled to believe it, even if one doesn’t really agree deep down. In addition, people who have objected have been punished for it and, and in some cases also lost their lives because they have opposed the prevailing beliefs. A telling example of this is the witch processes. In this way, humanity has been drawn into the false reality that they are living on Earth today, step by step.


There are a variety of destructive civilizations and cosmic beings that work with manipulating and brainwashing humanity, and they have a very advanced and sophisticated technology at their disposal to influence humans’ consciousnesses – their opinions, feelings and behaviors. The Power Elite on Earth also have access to certain mind control technology, but in no way on such an advanced level. When humans are sleeping souls, when they are not enlightened, and do not have access to their pure intuition and to the contact with their Higher Self – they also become easier to control. One could say that they are blind, because they do not see what is going on, and do not understand what is happening behind the scenes. They don’t have the ability to see that the thoughts in their heads are not their own thoughts, but that they have been manipulated from a distance by beings and souls who do not wish them well, and who have a destructive agenda with everything they do.
Humanity has been subjected to manipulation on a variety of levels for a long time. These forces have taken advantage of the fact that the human since long are in a sensitive part of their development, where they are blind and are groping in the dark. When they are about to open up to the higher divine reality, it has been prevented. The humans have not been able to see what is happening, and have not had the ability to stop it. The humans have not been able to see the global context and the greater cosmic perspective, but have only seen their own personal situation.

The humans have been manipulated for a very long time on a cosmic level to prevent them from reaching spiritual transformation.
It should also be said that there have always been good forces, enlightened civilizations in the Cosmos in collaboration with enlightened souls in higher dimensions, which have helped and protected the Earth and made sure that it has not gone too far. If the destructive energies and undeveloped civilizations would have had it their way, Earth would not have existed today. But it’s only the higher developed civilizations in our Cosmos that have been able to protect themselves against these energies. The less developed civilizations have not been able to protect themselves in the same way, and unfortunately they have not even been aware of the existence of these forces and the infiltration of their civilizations. The higher civilizations have done what they could to protect the Cosmos and the Earth as much as possible, and mitigated their progress. But even though you have received help and protection from other civilizations and higher dimensions, they have only been able to help you to a certain degree, since they are not allowed to stop something that is in accordance with humanity’s karma and the Divine Plan of the human’s spiritual development process.


It’s important to understand that even though the Power Elite on Earth has manipulated humanity, they themselves have also been manipulated. There is a belief in many of the groups that operate within the Power Elite, that they are a chosen untouchable elite. The destructive beings and civilizations that they collaborate with have manipulated them to believe that they are some kind of superiors, promising that they will become rulers over the entire Earth, and even expand in the Cosmos and become a cosmic superpower. It is important to understand that even this is manipulation. They themselves have also been manipulated and brainwashed. The destructive forces in and outside of the Cosmos that are behind the manipulation and destruction of the Earth have no interest what so ever in giving the Power Elite any real power. Instead, they use them to achieve their own goals. The Power Elite has been deceived, and are only being used to destroy their own planet, turning their backs to and destroying their own home. It should be added that the Power Elite, and also all civilizations that have manipulated humanity, are greatly weakened today and know deep down that they have already lost – even though they do everything they can to deny this to themselves and maintain the facade.
Most of the leaders in the top of the various Power Elite groupings have been completely taken over by energy beings. The destructive civilizations have, with the help of advanced energy technology, pushed their souls aside and taken over their physical bodies, replacing their souls with destructive energy beings that has taken over their identity. But here it’s also important here to understand that even these civilizations are, in their turn, manipulated and ruled by cosmic energy beings, with an even greater ability to manipulate, far beyond their level of comprehension. It’s like one long chain of oppression, manipulation and exploitation. The prime forces that are “at the top of the chain” have as their goal to destroy the entire Earth and, in the long run, the whole Cosmos.


Ultimately, there are two destructive energy consciousnesses behind the infiltration and destruction of Earth and the Cosmos. These original destructive forces do not come from our Universe, but they come from another infinity far beyond our Cosmos. They have tried to destroy our Cosmos ever since it came into being. These energy consciousnesses consist partly of a destructive and unbalanced version of the male light energy, and partly of a destructive and unbalanced version of the female darkness energy.
The destructive male energy’s method is primarily to spread highly addictive technology whose ultimate goal is to turn the human into a robot. The destructive female energy’s method is primarily to spread hatred, violence and war. One can simplify by saying that the destructive male energy wants to destroy the human through their mind, and that the destructive female energy wants to destroy the human through their body. All the groups that manipulate humanity – the Power Elite of the Earth and the destructive civilizations and super-dimensional beings – are puppets of either one of these two ultimate forces.
Both forces have worked their way into the Cosmos and into the core of different civilizations, in order to collapse civilizations and solar systems from within. They have already managed to do so with a multitude of civilizations, planetary systems and galaxies in our Universe. Both forces have collaborated with each other and benefited from each other’s energies to achieve their respective goals, even though they have their own separate interests. Each of their goals is to separately take over all of our Cosmos, and to use it as an energy battery and to drain it from all of its life force until it is emptied and destroyed. Both have acted in different ways and use their specific energy to achieve their goals.

The manipulation of the Earth and humanity comes from two extracosmic destructive forces – the destructive version of the female darkness energy and the destructive version of the male light energy.


The destructive male light energy is linked to the throat chakra and to ego, information and technology. It shifts in white and turquoise-green nuances. One of its primary methods is to spread technology that consists of destructive and infiltrating energy. Its energy produces a certain technology development and information technology that has a destructive impact on the human, with the goal of crumbling the civilization from within. That is primarily how this force has worked here on Earth. The energy of the technology that you have developed on Earth [such as electricity, mobile networks, WiFi and HAARP] slowly breaks people down, both their physical and mental health, and blocks their spiritual connection. It prevents people from developing spiritually, closing down their hearts and making them addicted to technology and sick. This makes them experience an increasing distance to other people. They get an ever-increasing ego and become increasingly superficial and self-absorbed, and have a harder time to think independent thoughts. They have a reduced need for deep personal relationships and deeper love relationships, and their sexual energy and lust are weakened or twisted. Their empathy for other humans gradually decreases, and instead they develop an ever increasing obsession with technology and an increasing need to constantly have a screen in front of them. This force has used the human’s inner desire for a spiritual “connection” to the Divine, and instead replaced it with a digital connection to the Internet.
I would like to add here that enlightened civilizations have access to a much more advanced form of technology that is far beyond human ability. It is important to understand that technology per se is not harmful, but the difference is that the technology of these enlightened civilizations has a completely different energy in it. It consists of a balanced and harmonious energy, and in that way it is not destructive. It does not hurt, nor does it create any unhealthy dependencies. The enlightened civilizations have the ability to use the technology in whatever way they want, without them being taken over or becoming addicted. That is the difference. It is not that we will abandon and stop using technology after the Transition, but we will replace the current destructive technology with technology that consist of balanced energies, which is far more advanced than the technology we have access to today. It will serve us, instead of using us and trying to own us.


The destructive male energy’s goal is to make the human abandon their humaneness and instead surrender their life to the technology and artificial intelligence [A.I.]. The goal is to make the human prefer virtual worlds to the true physical world, and to feel distanced to and disgusted by spending time in nature and to have physical relationships with other people. This is a pronounced strategy of the civilizations that manipulate humanity, where they work very long-term to get humans to where they want. They have prepared humanity for this energy-wise for a very long time, by continually taking small steps towards their goal [“Totalitarian Tiptoe“].
If you take a look around in the world you’ll see that they’ve managed very well, since people today spend more of their lives staring at their mobiles, staring at their screens, and spending less time with each other and being truly present in their physical lives. Humans turn away from their physical life and their physical relationships to an ever greater extent, in favor of the digital life and the virtual reality. A very large proportion of people in especially the rich part of the world suffer from severe addictions of their screens. This is because the energy that the technology consists of is addictive in itself, and takes over the human so that they let the screen and the technology control their life.

The cell phone addicion on Earth today is a direct consequence of the infiltration of destructive male energy.
There is a long-term strategy to make the human surrender an ever greater part of their life to technology until the technology finally controls every detail of their life. [The movement on Earth that want to “elevate” (i.e. robofy) the human using integrated technology is called Transhumanism]. There are very strong forces on Earth today that are pushing for a society in which artificial intelligence governs, and these forces are merely an extension of the agenda of the malicious civilizations and the ultimately the destructive male energy. One of the long-term plans is to ultimately offer the human to completely abandon their physical body and let their consciousness be transferred to a highly advanced human robot body, alluring with physical immortality.
[A few days after we had made the channeling, there was a strong synchronicity that gave us an unpleasant confirmation of how explicit the plan for the robofying of the human actually already is. When Manne was at the library, his eyes were drawn to a certain magazine on a shelf. It was the latest issue of National Geographic (4/17), with the cover illustrating how the human develops through monkey and modern day human – into a cyborg (combined human / robot), with the text “Tomorrow’s Human – Now we control the evolution.” The same image adorns all international issues of the issue, an obvious global brainwashing campaign. The message in the magazine is that “the human is soon a genetically modified cyborg”. The same message is found in other leading popular science magazines. The cover of a slightly older issue of the popular Swedish magazine Illustrerad vetenskap (“Science illustrated”) is adorned by a human robot with the text “Eternal Life in a new body – A research team plans to transfer human consciousness to an avatar before 2045”. The Swedish magazine Next asks the reader on one of their covers “A better human – Do you also want to become a cyborg?” Yet another issue of Illustrerad vetenskap states “Say Welcome to Robo Sapiens”. This development – apparently not in the human’s best interest – being described so positively and uncritically, is a clear sign of media control and brainwashing.]

Examples from Swedish media. In leading science magazines we are brainwashed to believe that the robofying of the human is a positive and natural next step for humanity – entirely in accordance with the destructive male energy’s plan for humanity.

An example from international news media, Time Magazine – one of the largest magazines in the world. The cover on the left states that intergrated technology will change our lives “like it or not” which litterally means being forced upon us. The magazine on the right predicts 2045 to be the year when the human becomes a cyborg.


The other energy consciousness that is behind the infiltration and destruction of the Earth is the destructive female darkness energy. It uses another form of destructiveness that causes the human to be drawn to what you call “evil”. It creates chaos and destruction that spread like a virus in the human and in society at large. It’s the destructive female darkness energy that has caused the murderous ways of the human and the violent warfare throughout the history of humanity. It creates a driving force in humans to seek conflicts and wanting to harm, kill and destroy. It creates hatred, violence, terrorism, war, starvation and suffering. It has created the epidemic of sexual abuse and sexual violence that takes place all over the world. It has created the human’s attraction to horror fiction and fascination for evil and destructive beings. Humanity’s celebration of Halloween for instance, is just one big ritual in the destructive female energy’s glory. It is the destructive female energy that has created the extremely inhumane behaviors that parts of the Power Elite secretly devote themselves to; Satanism and “black magic”, blood drinking and cannibalism, sexual abuse and pedophilia, and ritual human sacrifices.
All these examples are extensions of this energy that has entered our civilization here on Earth to finally try to destroy it. That’s how these forces work as cosmic colonizers, they make it into the core of a civilization and divide it from within, in order to eventually take over it, destroy it and then move on to the next.
– It’s clear to see the presence of this energy in television shows and movies, with the focus on murder and death, and the wave of series and movies about zombies, vampires and cannibalism today. The widespread violent pornography and S&M [sado masochism] also comes to mind.
All of these examples are extensions of the destructive female darkness energy, being activities that damage and destroy other people, and which grows stronger the more you engage in them. Their purpose is to strengthen the destructive female energy’s grip of the human and gradually make them more destructive, to cause them to be overpowered by destructive forces, and that they will ultimately want to destroy other people and destroy themselves. That is the goal of this energy consciousness, that we will destroy each other and ourselves, and all of our civilization, so that they can gradually take over.

Halloween and the horror culture on Earth are ways of the destructive female darkness energy to make people, even children, connect to destructive beings in order to be influenced by them.


Another example of how the destructive female darkness energy infiltrated and influenced humanity is the eating of meat on Earth. The majority of humanity on Earth today are convinced that it is part of human nature to eat meat – to kill other animals and eat their meat, eggs and milk. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The human was never ever meant to kill and eat other living beings, and take their milk and eggs and eat them. It completely contradicts the human’s peaceful and loving nature, and is something that has been achieved through extensive energy manipulation, brainwashing and mind control.
It is not only that it contradicts human nature; it is also very unhealthy for the human to eat animal products – not only for their pure physical health, but also for their mental and spiritual health. The destructive energy of the animal products lowers the human’s energy levels and creates major energy imbalances in them. It lowers their spiritual consciousness and their level of mental and physical health. It makes humans more unstable and aggressive, and it accelerates their aging process. In addition, the killing and eating of animals creates negative karma which is a heavy burden on humanity, due to how the humans treat the animals in the concentration camp-like factories in the animal industry. By eating meat, you both take in the trauma of the animal that has been raised and killed for you to eat it, and the heavy destructive energies required to slaughter an animal.
It’s mainly the destructive female darkness energy that has manipulated the human and created the illusion that they need meat to survive, which in no way is true. Humans are best off excluding all forms of animal products and instead eating plant-based. That’s why meat eaters often react so strongly, get angry and attack you when discussing this topic, because those who manipulate humanity have put in energy defense mechanisms that automatically defend the bad choices you make in order for you not to feel if what you do actually feels wrong deep down.


There’s a range of things in your society that you do that are actually not good for you, and when someone challenges these destructive and deeply unbalanced things in society, people often react with very large aggression and anger, solely because there is a divine truth in it. The greater the divine truth, the greater the threat. This is part of the defense mechanisms that the destructive civilizations that manipulate humanity have put in. They use different types of mind control techniques where they can program people to think certain thoughts and react in certain ways. These systems make people feel threatened and attacked if anyone questions their destructive lifestyle. That’s why people react so strongly when questioning, for example, diet and lifestyle, medicine and healthcare, the prevailing norms in society and so on. The mind control technology is activated and put the human in defense mode, or even attack mode.
This technology also manipulates the humans to try and punish people who speak the truth. It is also a form of mind control that is achieved through energy implants in the collective consciousness of humanity, which makes people act as guardians of the Matrix and the prevailing system on Earth. The individuals who question or disturb the current system are perceived as threatening, and are being persecuted and punished in various ways. We can see very clear signs of this in today’s society. As soon as someone expresses deviant views online, for example, they are often exposed to very unbalanced and aggressive criticism. The individuals who have the strength it takes to express their truth are persecuted and attacked in completely unacceptable and disproportionate ways.


– A telling example of this is the baiting about vaccines in the media today.
Yes, all the anger and aggressiveness towards people who don’t want to vaccinate their children today is completely disproportionate, since the choice of not giving their children vaccines actually is an obvious right that every human being has. No one should ever be forced to give their children vaccines. This is another example of how these forces try to manipulate humans to poison themselves and poison their own children. Humanity are being fed disinformation and scare propaganda about health and disease daily.
Vaccines are an extension of the destructive male light energy. Through the vaccines, you take in a high-pitched destructive male energy that creates harmful imbalances and blockages in the human energy systems. The civilizations that manipulate humanity through destructive male energy use vaccines as a method of shutting down the supply of the pure female energy into our energy systems and our bodies through the substances that vaccines consists of and the energies that work through the vaccines. The human body needs a balance between the male and female energy in order to function normally and to be healthy. When you shut off the supply of red female energy, humans start to feel very bad and get mental and physical diseases. This creates enormous imbalances in the human’s energy systems that the body is unable to rebalance, which creates permanent imbalances in their bodies that lead to serious illnesses. There are a lot of science on Earth that shows the harmful effects of vaccines, which are covered up and ridiculed – or simply denied by humans because of the brainwash they have been exposed to and the energy implants that control their values.

An example of how the media slander and acuse “anti-vaxxers”, only because they say no to injecting poison into themselves and their children.
Vaccines is one out of a variety of examples of methods that the malevolent civilizations and the Earth’s Power Elite use to create imbalances and blockages in humans physical bodies and energy systems to make them sick and prevent them from developing spiritually. Another example is the spreading of poisons that are found everywhere in our society – through food, through the air [geo-engineering], through consumer goods and so on. They encourage humans to live destructive lifestyles where they break down and poison themselves through unhealthy foods, alcohol, drugs, medicine, consumption, and so forth – and that are squandering Earth’s resources and breaking down the Earth’s ecosystem and energy system. The goal is simply to prevent humanity’s consciousness raising and to eventually eradicate them.
The destructive male light energy is also present in the science on Earth. Within the science arena, one is very shut off to the female energy and the female values ​​such as spirituality, intuition and empathy. This means that the science you have today is very one-eyed and blind in many ways. The human doesn’t see the huge blind spots that exist within science today on Earth, in terms of the multidimensional energy reality we live in, the human consciousness and the soul, the energy body and the connection to human health and so on. There is also a huge lack of knowledge regarding the higher technology that the human has the potential to develop. The Power Elite and their collaborative partners have worked very hard to prevent humanity from gaining access to the true knowledge of the multi-dimensional human, free energy, space travel and other very advanced technology, and so on. After the transition to the New Age, you will need to reconsider all the “knowledge” that you have had access to on Earth to date, and start over from the beginning to create a new understanding of what the human being is and what reality actually consists of.


These two destructive forces have, through energy manipulation and through the malevolent civilizations they use, fundamentally changed the self image of the human, and deceived them to believe they are something they are not. Human beings are friendly and their basic energy is loving and peaceful. Humanity is actually a very peaceful people who would never ever hurt another person or war against someone else in their natural state. The reason they have begun to act as conflicting and warlike as they do today, and that they have begun committing such great abuse to each other and to other living beings today, is due to the tremendous manipulation they have been exposed through these two destructive forces. That’s what has caused humanity to falsely believe that competition, conflict and war are part of their natural being.
It is important to remember that there are no winners in acting as a puppet for these forces. There is no one in Cosmos who can “win” in being part of these destructive powers, but we are all losers in taking part in this game. All the souls who have been overpowered and have participated in the destruction of the Earth and the Cosmos will need very extensive healing and purification work in the higher dimensions after the Transition. It will be a very laborious and profound effort for them to clean their own karma.
– Are you talking about the Power Elite now?
The Power Elite on Earth is just one of a number of groups in the Cosmos that were taken over by these forces and participated in the destruction of the Earth, humanity and Cosmos. Everyone must take responsibility for what they have done. It goes for all souls, no matter what.
When it comes to the manipulation from cosmic civilizations, it’s not like some seem to believe, that there is only one powerful civilization in our Cosmos that is behind all manipulation of humanity. There is a variety of spiritually undeveloped civilizations – but with an advanced technological development – who have participated and become puppets of these energy consciousnesses. These forces have overpowered them, taken over their consciousness and ruled them and their perception. The destructive civilizations that have participated in the manipulation of the Earth have acted as puppets of one of these two forces – or in some cases both – based on which of the two forces that best matches their own energy composition.
In other words, it is not ultimately alien civilizations that are behind the manipulation of humanity, but it’s these two original forces that are beyond our Cosmos that have infiltrated our Cosmos and our Earth. The information you have access to here on Earth, including the alternative information, is just a fragment of the truth. It can be true and correct, but it’s only a fragment. It’s only when you put all the pieces together and see the whole picture that you can get a complete understanding of the situation.


The two destructive forces have collaborated for a very long time trying to take over our Cosmos. But there has been a great deal of cooperation between all highly developed souls in our Universe to prevent this. Through cooperation with highly developed and powerful souls from outside our Cosmos, we have managed to remove these destructive consciousnesses from the world we live in – the great Infinity that our Cosmos is located in. This is a very dramatic and crucial event that has taken place during the recent years, but which has taken place under the surface and which humanity is not aware of. There has been a great deal of work on many levels to cleanse this universe and free it from these destructive forces.
[Maria has participated in this work during the last few years, and she says that the decisive step to get rid of these two destructive forces from our Cosmos’ world was taken in 2016. It has been a very tough and demanding work for a long time to reach this goal. The incredible power accumulation that was required to ultimately cut the connection to them and throw them out of our world was extremely intense.]
On the other hand, there are remains of their energies and energy systems that they have built into our world and our Cosmos, and of course they must be torn down and purified. We as souls living in the Cosmos have a great effort in front of us to cleanse and purify and empty the Cosmos of destructive energies of all kinds – all the destructive energy systems and programming that these forces have created. A comprehensive healing effort will be required to completely free our Cosmos from these energies. Likewise, Earth and humanity will have to take part in a comprehensive healing effort to completely liberate themselves – because they have infiltrated and taken over much of your civilization, your values ​​and your social structures. [Next channeling will be about the Return of the Goddess and will, among other topics, bring up how to work with breaking free from the manipulation of these forces].
When humans begin to wake up and question the world you live in – the prevailing values ​​and structures – you will realize that there is very little of life on Earth that is actually in accordance with your Divine Selves. Most of what happens in your civilization will need to be demolished and removed and replaced with something completely different. This is something that characterizes the entrance of the New Age, that you demolish and clean out the old and replace it with something completely new. The entrance into the New Age is not just an event here on Earth, but it is a cosmic event that can now be made possible as a direct result of having removed these energy consciousnesses that have infiltrated our world. There are still remains, and it’s a big and thorough work that has to be done to clear all the layers. However, since the original source of these destructive energies has been removed, a deciding obstacle has also been removed which, during the eons of time, has made it impossible for the Earth and the Cosmos to enter into a higher state and a new age. Now there is nothing left that prevents us from entering the New Age. That means we are finally FREE. Free to enter the New Age and create a new world in beauty and harmony.

The Earth and the Cosmos have finally been liberated from the destructive forces’ grip and are now ready to enter the New Age.


It is high time for humanity to wake up and become aware of these forces that have worked for a long time to move you away from your natural original state. It’s high time you see that you, as humanity, are completely lost, and that you are stuck in a state that is incredibly far from your Natural Self. When humans wake up and deeply realize what this infiltration and manipulation have caused humanity, they will understand that most of their value systems and structures in society are significantly different from their natural state. It’s incredibly important that you wake up and become aware of all the manipulation and all the energy implants that remain in you as humans, and your social systems and structures – so that you can begin the great work of peacefully healing, cleansing, purifying and tearing down all these structures.
All of the old must be cleared out in order to be replaced by something new. That is the important step that humanity faces today, to really deep down understand to which enormous extent you’ve gone astray and how incredibly far you really are from your original True Selves. You need to work with thorough meditation and healing work to find your way back to your True Divine Self, and your natural way of living and being together. You need to find your way back to your natural way of organizing your world, and create a new world filled with love, peace, caring and truth.

Through inner spiritual work, we can free ourselves from the manipulation and let our Divine Selves begin to shine through.


I would like to finish by inviting you to always use a healthy, critical and grounded discernment – in everything you read in newspapers and in books, everything you learn through education and courses, everything you see in movies and series, all the advertising and the impact you are exposed to, all the people you talk to, all the norms and rules that exist in society.
Always carry the critical discernment with you, whatever you do and whatever you encounter. Don’t just swallow things that you are being told, but instead make conscious choices in everything you do. Always keep that in mind in all aspects of your life; in which people you meet, what movies you watch, what you say yes or no to take into your body… In every life choice you make – always use a healthy sense of discernment.
Do not accept things as truth automatically just because an authority says they are true, or because someone says “but that’s how it has always been” or “but everyone does that”. That is absolutely no argument, quite the contrary. Dare to start living your life according to your True Selves, your True Divine Selves – the part of you that has been asleep for so long and that is now beginning to wake up again. Let your inner voice and your Divine Self into your life again, finally. Begin living your life in Truth and Love.
[End of the channeling. Please help up spreading the channeling. We need all the help we can get in getting the message out to those who are susceptible to it. Thank you. Feedback is also greatly appreciated.]
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