Quantum Awakening

From Your hostess of Light: Gillian Macbeth-Louhan

Whew….What a couple of weeks it has been, I feel like I have spent 14 days in the belly of the beast. The energies here in the Smokey Mts have been totally liquid and demanding. An imposing liquid downloading for days, dressing the summer leaves in their autumn colors. At this time of year All the colors of change, Blur together like a Salvador Dali painting. A collage of shift is created as we and the autumn leaves hang on for dear life, praying they we the strength and courage to get thru this whirlwind of energies before the 11:11 gateway is activated (fortunately they cannot cancel that) . Drama is spelled with a capital ‘D’ as everyone goes thru the wind-tunnel of love alone, surfing the seas of self and trying to ride their karma.  Didn’t we already do this karmic wash? We can blame it on blue moons, Halloween, eclipses, retrograde and every thing that pushes our buttons, but ultimately we signed up for this part of the journey. We did this knowing full well that we would be asked to go that extra 100 miles and do more than we thought possible

The secret to this place and time is to stand tall against what tries to steal your peace. The distractions come to steal your power away from what truly needs addressed. Stand your ground, stick to what you are currently involved in per life. All  seem to demand our complete attention like a newborn baby. We jump up obediently, every text, every tweet, being swayed word by word, seduced away from what is important to us. With every text and email we are manipulated by another’s mood, needs, wands, demands. This very pliable side-tracked amnesia creeps into our lives every day we continually get escorted out of the building of self-exploration into the building of restriction.

Stay sharp as the summit of your spiritual awareness hones itself like deer on a tree. Do not jump from a craggy cliff like an anxious lighthouse always trying to save those drowning at sea. Stand tall in your Light. Many have lost their trust in the universe; they have lost their way in the mirage of confusion. Some have lost the landscapes of their future. Yes your wings have been clipped but they are now growing back bigger and stronger. The ‘great hope’ that you hold for earth demands flight which demands movement forward, remember birds cannot fly backwards!   

Wisdom teachings from Geese for 2020

 When you see geese flying along in “V” formation, as each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the bird immediately following. By flying in “V” formation, the whole flock adds at least 71 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own. People who share a common heart direction can get where they are going more quickly and easily because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone — and quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front. If we have as much sense as a goose, we will stay in formation with those people who are headed the same way we are. When the head goose gets tired, it rotates back in the wing and another goose flies point.

Geese honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed. What messages do we give when we honk from behind? When a goose gets sick or is wounded and falls out of formation, two other geese fall out with that goose and follow it down to lend help and protection. They stay with the fallen goose until it is able to fly or until it dies, and only then do they launch out on their own, or with another formation to catch up with their group. Here in dear friends lives the teaching!

Time has grown its own wings

And takes flight into previously unknown patterns

Father Time makes Himself known rerouting the very best of intentions, sidestepping the 24 hr day and running us around in circles. The Master teacher mercury retrograde is substituting for the next several weeks until Election Day! (Yes the universe has a weird sense of humor) Time as we know it cannot be forced into slots nor trained to do our bidding.  Time has grown its own wings and takes flight into previously unknown patterns, reconstructing highways and byways, Crossing the past with the future and the future with the now. The sextants of humanities genetic material demand a quickening to move past the speed limit of viruses. Do not take for granted what was etched in sand still teeters at the top of the hourglass. For what was once carved in stone has fallen thru time.  Timelines are like broncos they cannot be tamed nor ridden into submission.

What was taken for granted is challenged internally non-stop.  what you know to be truth is challenged, what you believe in your heart is challenged what you thought was truth is challenged.  The body has received so many mixed signals; it feels like a long island ice tea on a 3-day weekend. All of humanity is in overload, no one is answering questions but ‘Alexa’, all circuits are busy.  Senses are so stressed they are taking a leave of absence which creates that fuzzy disconnected feeling. Earth is at an intersection of time with no clear directive.  The playing field of earth is being changed forever.

We are traveling in and out of time sequences, and past present and future. No longer are we anchored and docked. The time fluctuations are accelerated when the sun shakes her golden locks and her hot-headed nature is seen by all who are brave enough to look. We are being escorted into different time portals and holograms of experience and this will continue in a dramatic fashion for the next several years. Earth is experiencing a Time-storm that comes from a place beyond our knowledge. This is one of the side effects of disrupting the flow of time. When a wormhole travels close enough to a star its time-path may be altered.  A side effect of this is Time Dilation. Time Dilation slows down or advances the speed of time, reversing time in a localized field.  Time is nt only altered within that field but throughout the entire universe.

Solar cycles always play an important part in the ungradement of humanity. Solar light stimulates change in matter and consciousness. It pushes us into a higher position of knowing and the ability to integrate and use that knowledge for the betterment of all Universes. Evolutionary change is always Sun/star driven. The Sun as the pulsing heart of this solar system. The Sun is a portal which streams information in the form of photon light from other light sources to earth.  It is a storehouse of vital energies and is considered to be the Great Heart.  Stars like our sun are the visible raiment’s of celestial beings. Their inner aspects are invisible, just like ours. The sun is simply the heart and brain of our little Universe. With each beat, the sun ejects its accumulated energy through sunspots projecting to the remotest corners of the solar system. The sun feeds its family: just as the heart feeds the body. Earth and all her inhabitants are living receivers and transmitters. Solar activity illuminates consciousness allowing old patterns to be illuminated and eliminated.

Live like someone left the barn door open!

What was once sought is now freed into expression of purpose, like someone left the barn door open!  Truths that were once hidden unwrap themselves in the schematics of a new time-frame.  Energies that went un-harnessed now entrain themselves like blood hounds on a trail.  Duality of purpose seeks a partner, as all of Earth dances around and around with their upcoming choices. We all sit at a place of less resistance as the time doors open to experience themselves in new longitudes and latitudes.  ‘Thy will be done’, seems to be the title of upcoming events, personal and planetary but with all the little ‘g” gods jousting for position we have no idea what that really means! As we sit looking out the window of our heart thru time, (with our microscopic view at maximum exposure) we begin to truly understand that we do not know anything. Facts use to be facts, truths use to be truths now they all run together like spoon pie ( when a pie does not cook right they call it spoon pie in east Tennessee)

Time passages announce doorways that have been dormant, waiting for the Skelton key to unlock them. As we move to 11:11 this bulk of energy cannot be bridled or harnessed, but only ridden in a free form. Hold on tight to all you once dreamt was possible; do not give up on what still lives in your heart.  You are asked to embrace the solitude of your thoughts and allow them to be birthed into a place of possibility.  Just like a baby, timing is always divine. Dancing in the arms of one’s own dreams allows one to unfold in perfect timing. 

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, humanity’s future is unveiled in a gamut of possibilities.  As each person walks forward in their life, there is but one set of footprints.  Time asks you not to give up on what lives in your heart and your footprints.  The Universe has placed within you a seed of Light that cannot wither, nor be sown under by life conditions.  The Universe has placed within you a living seed that asks to be seen thru the lens of your heart not the bi-focals of the world. 

Every individual upon Earth has the opportunity to ask for divine assistance and intervention.  Many allow themselves to be washed about in a cesspool of the past, as they try to cling to the slippery sides of their life.  Each thought that humanity has is more powerful and important than the thought before.  In each thought the wisdom has increased exponentially from the limited perception of moments before.  Move your heart and your energies up to a safe place.

So many of Earth have chosen not to move forward, not to believe in miracles and not to trust, anything or anyone,  even their own counsel.  So many of Earth have given up, have not seen their absentee vote does count. With the universe is in teaching mode there is nothing to do but float during this time period as the oceans and seas meet to show you divine truths.  Hold your light high above the watermarks of life.  Do not falter but continue walking forward, looking for the rainbow at the end of this 2020 storm.

Mirror Mirror on the wall
 Inner-beauty crackle Crystal
 Reflecting beauty from that which has been fractured in time space and life

As we all move forward like a school of fish swimming to the end of 2020 we realize just how much of our inner-self we have lost in translation of this year’s events. Very little sparkles in this time and place even though we try hard to keep the sparkle alive in our actions and clothes. We wear sparkle socks, sparkle eyeshadow, and sparkle jewelry trying to breathe life back into the flame of our personal and planetary need for sparkle.   As we get closer and closer to more Holi-days and all that entails we will actively seek that which reflects our true beauty and soul-light.

 20/20 has left many scars upon the world, scars you can see, scars you can feel, invisible scars that you don’t even know you have. It has been a year of walking on broken glass as we all feel fractured, cracking and breaking away with so many sharp edges.  We hold tight to what we know ourselves to be but do not see it in the reflection of our daily or future events. We are trying to break free from that which seems frozen in time. We feel like a ‘mother iceberg’ calving for the first time, revealing what has been hidden from sight for far too long.

As we look deep into the mirrors of life there are fractures within our heart and thinking and yet within those fractures are beautiful living Rainbows of Love that reflect back our true inner Exquisiteness. These beautiful reflective crystals come to reveal the rainbows within the fractures of self and soul. They come to remind us that we are not Fairy Dust in the Wind. As humans our soul light lives within the fractures of life.

Thru out many ancient civilizations left relics of crystalline importance to house their ancient truths. We are learning to use the fine lined fractures of self and life’s circumstances to create a beautiful light ‘within this  present moment of time’.To be added to the Quantum Awakening Crystal List go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com

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Awakening the Codes of Immortality with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

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Direct Connection by the Andromedans

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We travel far to connect with your energies, to distribute and transfer our light and wisdom. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations within the Creator’s universe and yet we simply listen to the Creator, we connect with the Creator and distribute all that is the truth of the Creator through our beings. This is our purpose, and it is our way of being. 

We come forth to you today to speak of a direct connection. A direct connection can be described as enlightenment, advancing your spiritual evolution, ascending or being as one with your soul. A direct connection is a divine communication with the Creator that allows you to perceive yourself, the truth within you and the Creator vibrations within and around your being. Each person who embarks upon their spiritual evolution will seek to have a direct connection, whether it is a direct connection with their soul, soul group, guides, a specific ascended master or with the Creator. This direct connection is akin to a clear communication with guidance that offers tremendous clarity and understanding. Many seek to receive the guidance of the Creator, in whichever form, so they know they are walking their divine and spiritual purpose on the Earth, feeling fulfilled and that they are achieving what is necessary, therefore not wasting their time on the Earth.

To Receive Guidance is a Co-Creation

A direct connection with the Creator or whichever form of the Creator is a co-creation. You have the ability to listen, to interpret the divine and sacred vibrations and energy flow of the Creator. Your guides will encourage this, whoever you wish to form a direct connection with will encourage this. You have free will upon the Earth to make the decisions that feel appropriate for you, to cause the choices, to create the opportunities, to embark upon the healing that feels appropriate to you and will guide you forth along your purpose and mission upon the Earth. It is important to trust in the understanding that whatever you do, whatever action you make and whatever you choose to create, you are walking your purpose on the Earth. When you trust in your own abilities to walk your purpose on the Earth you absorb and embody your purpose more fully. Your guides and the Creator will support you in this.

Receiving guidance that direct connection is actually about co-creation and more so about developing your own instincts, your own inner perception, understanding, and guidance. It is a co-creation with your guides or whoever you have a direct connection with, encourages you to blossom the light, the love, the wisdom, to blossom from within your being.  This is because of your free will, one of the most beautiful and most powerful gifts you are given as you are born upon the Earth is your free will. Now as you move through your reality it may feel like your freewill does not exist or that others take away from you your freewill, maybe even that leaders or governing bodies dampen or diminish your freewill. Yet you have free will in your reality, and this is granted to you by the Creator as an expression of the Creator. 

It is important that everything you do, everything you perceive and express comes from the love and truth of the Creator within your being. This is your natural way of existing when you allow your expression and creation to come from the love and the truth within your being. It is when you are at your most powerful, connecting and receive the love and truth of the Creator, deliver it and being in your power. A direct connection with any form of the Creator is actually you being in a space of freewill, expressing and creating from love and truth, therefore being in your power, co-creating with the form of the Creator that you wish to connect with.

Receiving and experiencing that direct connection means you will receive encouragement, energy, love and even inspiration from a guide, the Creator or whoever you are connecting with. These beings will magnify, enhance, and develop everything you are and everything you are expressing. If you wish to create a direct connection with your soul or soul group, it is exactly the same. Many beings often seek guidance from the beings on the inner planes and yet it is actually encouragement that is needed, inspiration meaning a new perspective or an opening of your awareness so that you may embark upon a new way of thinking or exploring. We the Andromedans recognise a direct connection as experiencing the divine flow of the Creator moving throughout your being, being expressed through you, and created through you.

You are a Direct Connection in Manifestation 

You may imagine that to have a direct connection is to experience the light of the Creator or the words and guidance of the Creator flowing through you, this may be the case for some. However, you experience the Creator flowing through you, you are experiencing empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, awakening, activation, and energy. You have an inner instinct and natural ability to interpret and express the Creator. Of course, you are the Creator and you are pure expressions of the Creator, you are already in direct connection with the Creator. There is no need to seek the direct connection with the Creator because you are already present, there may need to be some focus, some redirecting of your awareness or your attention in order to experience this fully. 

We, the Andromedans, invite you to simply sit peacefully, acknowledge and repeat:

‘I am a direct connection with the Creator.’

We use the word ‘I am’ rather than ‘I have’ because ‘I am’ is an embodiment, whereas I have symbolised something that can be taken away from you. Your direct connection with the Creator cannot be taken away from you. Our words in many ways are not necessary and maybe they do not explain enough, we simply wish to encourage you to contemplate this:

You are a direct connection with the Creator already manifested on the Earth, meaning there is nothing to do, nothing to say, you are already an experience, an expression of your direct connection with the Creator.  It is important to acknowledge that everyone else is a manifestation of a direct connection with the Creator.

When someone appears in your reality and they are angry, you may ask yourself how can this being be a direct connection with the Creator, an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator? Remember each being holds and is an embodiment of a direct connection with the Creator. They may or may not choose to use or express it. What we the Andromedans are inviting you to achieve at this moment is to choose to be a direct connection of the Creator and to choose to acknowledge that each person is the same, holds the same and is a direct connection with the Creator. Therefore, when someone enters your reality with the energy of anger or any other limiting vibration, you are able to see through, as if it is a smokescreen, to perceive the trust beyond. We might say perceiving beyond the habits and the reactions of the personality. When you recognise that everyone has a direct connection with the Creator, instantly no matter what their actions, or what they say, you begin to see the truth that is present within your being, all around you and within every being, which is deeply enlightening.  It can also be deeply inspiring and fulfilling to choose to recognise yourself as an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator and others in the same way. The recognition, choice, and the contemplation of being a direct connection with the Creator creates an immensely powerful awakening within your being, a tenderness, connection, and completeness with the vibration of the Creator. This is something to value deeply currently, remembering that the Creator exists within your being, that you are in an experience of co-creating with the Creator and receive divine guidance and wisdom from the Creator. Remember you have free will; you can decide what you wish to experience and what you choose to create in your reality, and this is the most powerful tool you have.

We, the Andromedans wish you to contemplate:

What is your free will?

What does it mean to have free will?

How can you interact and use your free will in your ascension process and everyday life? 

When you begin to contemplate these questions, you open yourself up tremendously and allow much baggage to be released, especially connected to power, responsibility, lack, blame and judgment. All of that simply dissolves and you become free to be the direct connection with the Creator. It is immensely important that we, the Andromedans, share this with you now because it gives to you the responsibility and power that you need. It awakens you to the fact you have the power and truth within your being, and this will ignite and guide you forth, in ways you may expect and in ways you do not expect. It is time to trust in yourself, it is time to trust in the Creator and it is time to trust in your co-creation with the Creator and the world around you.

We, the Andromedans, love you deeply,

And we thank you,


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Sandra Walter

October Revelations: Higher Perspective

 Oct 2, 2020

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our September magnetic shifts delivered a week of intense magnetic storms, which set the stage for the intensification of our last quarter of 2020. Now the predicted October – November acceleration is upon us.

Dismantling and revelation is what it is. The collective will be challenged by the unfoldments, revelations and amplified emotional states during this phase.

This brief passage prepares us for the waves of light in December-January which alter our realities. For those on the path, the revelation of unconditional love within is key. After years of internal work, balance is achieved and the light can reveal the Divine HUman through pure conduits.

October presents multiple plot-twists in the collective narrative. It began suddenly and powerfully with the Full Moon. None of the negative old stories or timelines play forward, so they blink in the spotlight and exit quickly.

Remember the sleight-of-hand aspect to this passage. 
Things look like one thing, then reveal another. It is purposeful. Pay attention to where your consciousness is being steered to reinforce narratives that may not be in the highest interests of all concerned. Higher frequencies physicalize what used to be etheric (hidden).  Revelation open us to free will: as you ascend, you cannot be contained, controlled or convinced by false narratives any longer.

Keeping in heart that we are all One BEingness having an experience, be kind to all life. The intensity of polarization is purposeful, leading to the destruction of duality. Be mindful of judging political, social, and spiritual narratives during this phase. Many are swayed into creating unnecessary negativity. Self-expression is free will, and it is honored. Free your heart to demonstrate your level of consciousness. Spiritual maturity knows wisdom, patience and unconditional love are key to healing all distortions.

The balancing energies arrived right on schedule, to stabilize us and prepare the grids for accelerated dismantling. These Freedom codes release judgment dynamics and grant willing hearts true discernment. This means the collective 3D/4D constructs have very little impact on your 5D flow.

Magnetics and the pull of the December Gateway

Magnetics of the higher platform of New Earth grow stronger. The overlay, which many of you see and feel, is like a stronger magnet held over a weaker one. The stronger magnet changes the nature of the weaker magnet, eventually absorbing it altogether. The same happens in quantum physics; the higher vibrational overlay shakes the denser/lower vibrational particles apart, raising and absorbing them into the higher vibrational level.

2020 is a palpable example of the higher vibrational, light-encoded, pure photonic light shaking apart the density. The vibration of God, Source, LoveLight, coming through these realms is an unstoppable force. Becoming a conduit of it relieves us of the ever-increasing intensity of the linear time collapse, and the end of the lower realms. Interesting to watch and walk in these realms, however our service shifts to showing HUmanity what is possible with Ascension, Embodiment, our Crystalline DNA, and the myriad of Divine HUman qualities that are unvelied when we do the good work.

Choosing Triality

A gentle reminder: seeing God in all beings, and treating them as such, is a key to Ascension as well as global peace. Do onto others is good Ascension advice, dear hearts. The Gates are open to a brand new experience; everything else is the collapse of distortion. Don’t watch it burn, get on with your Higher Self agendas.

The pressure to choose a side, reveal your belief systems, or join the us-vs-them camps intensifies. We are witnessing the collapse of dualistic systems, both within and without. As HUmanity shakes loose the spells of distortion, be patient. These realms are cleared relatively quickly. Remember Gaia’s message of revelation of the higher realms this year. The last quarter of 2020 is NOW. Expect rapid shifts, and stay focused on Peace and revelation of the Divine.  If you’re not experiencing the balancing energies, get offline, get outside, get still and get to know your Higher Self.

Personally, I do not carry the savior or martyr scenarios of the past. I do not feel any one man, woman, group, political party, alliance or event is going to create THE disclosure, revelation or solution to HUmanity’s distortions. Even with my extensive exposure to behind-the-scenes operations, I still remain neutral about individual and collective choices. Discernment and the pursuit of Unity, regardless of who is claiming, blaming or shaming. Invite people to make better choices, to know themselves as LoveLight, guide them to a new experience if they agree to try, and honor free will.

I AM strengthened by the knowing that Ascension is inevitable since 2011, and that New Earth or 5D-9D consciousness is being experienced by choice in this Now.

Embrace the Truth of Unconditional Love, and apply it to everything as we walk through the dismantling. 
Bless everyone with cosmic perspective, especially when friends or loved ones ask how to maintain balance.

Revelation is revelation, however most of what is to be revealed has nothing to do with your journey, or the end game of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness. Sometimes people on the path need this simple reminder of who they truly are. Ask, *What does it have to do with your journey?* and assist them through releasing the spells and distortions of lower agendas.

Cheetah medicine and Creation

Many of you feel like just BEing during this reality-scramble of 2020. I honor that. For those feeling the playful, creative energies or the desire to get on with the New Earth creations Now, here is some big cat medicine.

A cheetah visited me in vision last week. She shared her way of being as a remedy to working with the creative yo-yo flow we have been in this year. Cheetahs run at 63 mph when hunting, but only for a short sprint. Then they have to drop and rest for 15 minutes before running again. Watch me, the cheetah shared. I run at top speed with total focus when the GO moment arrives, then drop when needed and completely reset. While I AM resting, I don’t get frustrated that I couldn’t run further, or that I have to be still. My eyes are still on the prey, knowing I will be reset in a few moments. If the prey wanders out of my sight, it is complete. I don’t fret about moving on to new territory. I AM patient with myself because I know my skills and desires, and stay present in the Now.

This was a lovely reminder as I create my next Mastery class. I run fast and free when the creative GO windows present, and allow myself to just BE when the energies require rest or physical, emotional or mental resetting. And I feel more joy and creativity with this process because of it.

Thank you Sedona

A brief note of deep gratitude to all who have embraced my presence in Sedona. I AM thoroughly enjoying the gatherings, ceremonies, hikes, unity meditations and conversations with this community. Sedona has been my second home for many years, and it is lovely to be welcomed into so many circles.

Level Up: The Creator State class begins October 10

The Level Up course launches on 10-10.
 This 7-module Master course is being released now, to prepare us for the new light in December, which sends us into a new state of beingness in 2021. We explore our new gifts Now, and learn to utilize the Creator State as our consistent reality.

Content is released over seven weeks, and accessible for a full year. Prerequisite required. Details at https://www.ascensionpath.com/levelup  Special launch deal: use code LEVELUP for $111 off through November 30.

SUNday Unity Meditations: Stronger than Ever

Join the Global #SUNdayUnityMeditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC-7).

We hold the Divine intent to amplify the Divine HUman qualities of peace, love and Unity Consciousness. Override and overwrite all distortions through infusions of the Truth of Divine LoveLight in this New Earth Now! Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity

Let us show Humanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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Fractal Enlightenment

9 Types of Lightworkers: Which Ones Do You Resonate With? Source: Fractal Enlightenment
Gridworkers Gridworkers work on the grids and gateways of the earth. If you’re familiar with the earth’s ley lines then you’ll be familiar with the belief that the earth has chakras and is a living, breathing organism. Gridworkers tap into the crystalline grid, which can be likened to the earth’s nervous system, and is believed to be one of the ways the earth was seeded. The crystalline grid is a creation theory of the history of the earth, and whether you believe it or not, there are many lightworkers who use their abilities to sense where dark energies exist on a spatial plane. Gridworkers could also be seen as spatial empaths; people who sense a karmic imprint when they enter a certain building, town, stretch of coast etc and are able to use that sense to transmute those dense energies with their compassion and loving presence. For those who believe in archangels you may be familiar with Archangel Michael’s violet flame; a visualization technique that can be adopted by those who know themselves to be a lightworker sensitive to spaces. When you recognise you’re in a place that holds those dense energies, rather than become overwhelmed by them, send a loving violet flame into that area in order to cleanse it. Frequency Workers A more general lightworker’s path is to be someone who aims to keep their frequencies high and transmute denser energies as they encounter them. This is easier said than done, especially when it appears that the whole ‘matrix’ or third dimensional reality – one which has a dualistic framework and thrives on the law of polarity – is dense and will constantly lower your frequencies as you practice not being affected by it. The experience is similar to surviving in a mad house where you know you’re sane but nobody believes you. Instead, try keeping your abilities and knowledge to yourself and nurture and cleanse yourself constantly. Being a frequency worker is tough because you are sensitive to news stories, people, places, agreements, beliefs… you may feel like you don’t want to leave the house. Instead, try to not take anything personally and integrate a solid attitude of self care into your existence. It’s good to have a few trusted friends or a site (like this one!) or youtube channel where you can increase your frequencies and know you are safe and understood. You are embodying the light and that is an amazing service. Hats off to you.
Transmuting Darkness/ A Timeline Worker If you are a particularly powerful empath and lightworker then you will be aware of timelines and the bleeding together and compression of time and action. That is, once you become aware of your ability to change a timeline (like stepping on to a parallel reality – one you’d prefer to be on obviously); you become aware of how this decision and action changes everyone else’s reality too. A timeline worker is able to take responsibility for an ancestral timeline for example, and absolve their family karma if their ancestors have racked up a lot of karma. A timeline worker embodies the knowledge that we are One, and takes the helm of this transmutation, lighting the way for others to follow. What you will find is the more you progress, the increasing number of darker entities will be attracted to you. They desire your compassion and actually need help. This is why, during meditation or throughout our day, those with strong empathic qualities will find thoughts that are sometimes alarming and extremely dark floating into their heads. They really don’t belong to us, and that is why meditation is fantastic because it offers us the tools for dissolving them with loving compassion. Third Eye/Future Seers Also known as clairvoyants. Seeing into the future is also a side effect of becoming aware of timelines. Third eye seers may get confused as to what everyone else’s reality is and may feel isolated from and misunderstood by others, but they will also be excellent at personal and even instant manifestation. The trouble, they may find, is that knowing the outcome can detract them from the process they desire and be surprised by the universe and therefore can trip themselves up before they’ve even begun. Bringing reality up to the same level of your expert third eye will be the challenge, as well as remembering to lovingly help others and not just use your abilities for personal gain. Blueprint Workers Holding the divine blueprint for the awakened earth and the whole of humanity may seem like a stretch of the imagination at first, and, much like the frequency and third eye lightworkers, you may be seen as weird or on drugs if you feel the need to share your visions with friends and family, but please keep the faith. Holding the blueprint for the new earth, or a heavenly version of human’s existence here on this planet is possible. So what does it look like? This is up to you to imagine and manifest through your own speech and actions.
Astral Travellers Arriving at this vision may require you to better pay attention to your dreams or out of body experiences, if you are able to have and be aware of them. In becoming a lucid dreamer you can voluntarily enter the Akashic records and access this ripple of potential or well of experience; asking questions and discovering what this alternative and harmonious ways of living could look like. Messenger Rather than acting on these visions, you may be a lightworker good at carrying messages. Though popular entertainment may have its pitfalls, it has been the most prevalent medium for messages to filter through into the mainstream consciousness for years, something which has escalated in the 20th and 21st centuries. The mainstream population don’t just get their knowledge from popular culture for no reason; think The Matrix, E.T, Donnie Darko, The Davinci Code, Cloud Atlas, not to mention the lyrics of legendary singers such as Bob Marley. These ‘messages’ carry an imprint with them and are often channelled in moments of heightened creativity where the conduit moves up into 4th or 5th dimensional frameworks and is able to channel the themes into a creative piece of art. Forget muses, a messenger lightworker is able to communicate these higher patterns to the masses in the form of undercover service, heightening vibrations and the collective unconscious. Active Blueprint Weavers Having accessed the Akashic records during a dream exploration, or perhaps moving up through the dimensions whilst raising their frequencies, an active lightworker will carry back an idea; usually an invention (think Nikola Telsa) or idea that can enhance our lives and manifest the global awakening by putting it into action. These kind of lightworkers are what the world needs more than ever and will replace political figures, bankers and business men who have been serving themselves for thousands of years. Indigo, rainbow and crystal children especially have been springing up in this capacity; bringing fantastic inventions that could rock the world and completely reduce pollution and the abuse of resources. These active blueprint weavers must start by removing their own carbon footprints and living in harmonious co-creation with others and start from there. Wayshowers The Wayshowers are those who have done it; they’re the ascended first wave who are teaching others how to ascend and join them in the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is not a place, rather the same reality but where an individual is vibrating at a different frequency and are embodying the enlightened human. Their outer reality reflects their inner one and they are not suffering, rather are living their truth and are prosperous having mastered (and gone beyond) the 3rd dimensional material reality. This is often misunderstood in that we see Wayshowers as being monastic and owning nothing. That they’ve dedicated their lives to the truth. Rather than being without, they have simply transcended the fear of lack. This means that they don’t need to plan for the future but trust that their higher selves will direct them and the universe has provided them with everything they need; life flowers for them in the moment and they have no need to survive but simply be. So there it is the 9 types of lightworkers. You may find you have all or some of these attributes, but you most likely have at least one. There is a wealth of knowledge out there for each specific lightworker path, and last but certainly not least, the fountain of your own inner knowing.
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planetary REBOOT

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Message from Jesus by John Smallman Humanity’s awakening is occurring – NOW!

Here in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are watching with joy and wonder as humanity moves very rapidly forward toward the collective awakening. You have made enormous progress during these last few months, even though the stress of current world affairs is causing you so much uncertainty and anxiety. What needs to arise into people’s conscious awareness to be released is arising, and is being released. Love is flowing abundantly to assist each individual in the collective to move most powerfully along their path Home to Reality. For many of you it appears that the spiritual evolution that you are each experiencing has slowed down. It has not, it only appears to have done so because the mainstream media has been further distracting you by encouraging you to focus your attention frequently and regularly on world events, when you need to be focusing within yourselves as you set and reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises. You have set that intent many times already, but, as humans in form, you do need to reaffirm it at least once daily. As you well know, being in form is a very limiting experience, and, time being a major aspect of your lives in form, you need to focus on being mindful from moment to moment! It takes lots of practice because each moment is different and brings you notifications and alerts that your body needs to notice and to which it needs you to respond. When you are aware of the notifications that your body offers you, and you acknowledge them just by being aware of them, then your body relaxes because it knows that you have “heard” it and that you will take any necessary action. When you do not pay attention to its alerts your body has to repeat them, and if you still remain unaware it will present you with evermore powerful ones until you do respond. These can be painful and far more difficult to deal with if you were not or could not (due to unawareness) respond previously in a timely manner.
Your bodies are totally appropriate vehicles for you to inhabit while you undergo the physical human experience in form. However, they are vulnerable to damage that can be caused in many different ways, and so it is necessary, as you grow from helpless infant to fully developed adult, for you to learn to be aware of them and honor them. Initially, in the early stages of infancy, your body is all that you are aware of, but, as you grow and start to develop an intellect, this awareness starts to be controlled and even closed off from your conscious mind as you focus your attention more intently on what is outside your body, and on the thoughts and ideas flowing through your brain, thus losing or partially losing your innate sense of awareness. You notice this, often with shock, when for instance, not being fully mindful of what you are doing, you either do not grip an object firmly enough as you pick it up and it falls from your grasp, or you grip it too firmly and break it. As the intensity and strength of your collective awakening process continues to bring awareness of the infinite power of Love to ever greater numbers of people all across your beautiful planet, you will begin to see – if you have not already done so – signs of this Love arising in many unexpected places, as people who had previously been overly egotistical in their way of living – from the neighbor you might have judged as thoughtlessly selfish, to people in positions of power arrogantly exercising their authority – begin unexpectedly to demonstrate Love in action. You are awakening. Love is filling and bringing into alignment the hearts and minds of all on Earth. Therefore C E L E B R A T E !!! Yes, I keep on telling you to celebrate, and the reason for this is because when you celebrate you raise your frequency enormously, and the intent that you set to be only loving whatever arises is greatly strengthened and intensified, so that Love flows through you and on out most abundantly to assist all in their awakening process. That is why you, you who are reading this and similar messages, are presently incarnate in what appear to be extremely unsettling and divisive times.
So, whatever may be going on in your personal lives – enjoyment, anxiety, suffering, grief, confusion, uncertainty – do please CELEBRATE. Doing so will raise your spirits, and the intensified Love flow that results will greatly assist those who seem to be deeply asleep and totally unaware that humanity is awakening. Humanity’s awakening is occurring – NOW! Remember, there is only NOW! And, therefore, CELEBRATE!!! Your loving brother, Jesu
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   THE QUANTUM AWAKENING    A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter,    A Thought, A Way of Life, and a ‘Sanctuary of Truth ‘    September 2020 Issue #259   This NEWSLETTER is Electronically sent out ‘FREE’ but you must Subscribe to receive it. Please go to www.thequantumawakening.com and sign up for newsletter or click on link at bottom of this newsletter.   To unsubscribe scroll to bottom of this newsletter and click ‘unsubscribe’    Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love and dedication to the Light. This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary Light-Workers.  One to one, light to Light.  Feel free to share this information with credit given    Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years.  Thank you dear Lady of Light for all your hard work http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/boletin/despertar_cuantico.htm         IN THIS ISSUE    ***from your hostess of light    *** A great doorway of global healing opens like a Golden Gate    *** Dreaming inter-dimensionally    *** In 2021 the universe finally expands to fit its glorious self    *** Black Jaguar-Woman Power Bracelet    ***Cosmic classified       From Your Hostess of Light Hey Ya’ll sorry for this issue being a little tardy, time has taken on its own multilayered form and is challenging to navigate.  We just returned from the Yearly Gem Crystal Mineral show in Colorado, Rocky Mts. (it snowed the day before we went dropping like 60 degrees in a day whew!)  It is one heck of a drive from where we live in the Smokey Mts. of Tennessee to Colorado.  There is one thing that became very clear in our travels; the world needs Magic with a capital ‘M”. We drove this year and I never prayed so hard, calling in everything Holy almost speaking in tongues a few times!    Many have become very mustang like, as they buck this past year’s restrictions, displaying that very dangerously on the road. It truly is a chaos and needs our help.  Everything has lost its sparkle and magic, people are pushed down like plants covered during a late frost. People on this past trip seemed to be covered, withdrawn and compressed in spirit not extending themselves. Unzipping their emotional tent for a minute and then closing the flap immediately.  It was lonely amongst all we encountered. The crystal show itself was a disappointment with lots of long socially distant lines waiting outside and very few vendors inside. However I was totally amazed at the beautiful and powerful crystals that found their way to me. They have a lot to say and each is chopping at the bit to be seen and touched. It was a much needed time out for this goddess; now back to this reality, cleaning horse stalls, being wonder woman, crystal woman and all that entails. My teaching was to embrace the moment and its experiences no matter how crazy they were. Being thankful in the moment for all the wild actions of others was the best way for me to ground and anchor my light holding onto my sunny hologram. Blessings Gillian    ***********    A great doorway of global healing opens like a Golden Gate    A great doorway of global healing opens like a Golden Gate that has held back a 10-story tsunami. We are flooded emotionally holding it all back like the hoover dam, to the point of almost drowning in our feelings for self, for others, and for Earth. Like a wall of wailing, liquid emotions flood the planet and her people filling them to the rim and overflowing into a Cascade of Great Healing. All are as wounded animals that have licked their wounds too long in the cave of self not showing others how tender their injuries are.    Angels that have been immobilized for eons of time stretch their matrix-like wings after a long stay in the outer Heavenly Realms waiting for the call to action like a star wanting to turn supernova that finally says “I give” after experiencing too many Cosmic 2 by 4’s and brought to its Heavenly knees. We too scream uncle as our Cosmic arm is Twisted into a place of listening.    Like the kingdom of Sleeping Beauty we too are dazed by political fairy dust that adds icing to already deep primeval fears. The Angel’s come in multitudes of shapes expressing their gratitude as they search for those they are assigned to assist. Great Walls of Emotions collapse in municipalities of time placements one didn’t even realize they were in. A 360-degree healing occurs within the biology of humanity. The Angels of matrix proportion come to wrap their wings around Humanity and let them know they will be lifted from this misapprehension of time and circumstance.    Every single person on Earth has an Achilles heel, a tender spot in their soul that needs to be addressed in order for time to heal and right itself. We as a planet have Quantum Leaped into a quagmire of future possibilities that do not belong to us personally. Sliding in and out of dimensional fluidity will soon become an Olympic sport as we all learn to stand on the paddle board of shift and paddle into the future.
 Sometimes Karmic leakage sticks to the floor of our soul no matter how high we try to lift our thoughts. Our hearts opens like two Wide Doors to all the sadness and despair around us feeling what mother earth feels every minute of every day. This is an initiation of unparalleled proportion. We want to Heal,  ‘If only healing did not hurt so much’! Walk forth with hope in your heart keeping a love filled eye upon the future that has been seeded by Divinity and placed by angels. Get your heart and words going in the right direction, you have to say it before you see it!    ***********    Dreaming inter-dimensionally    As we all around the corner of another Time-space dimensional burp, we come face-to-face with the many octaves and rungs of the ladder of light that seems to be very wobbly at this moment of time. In this dimension of instability there are many memories that come to the surface, seeking the light of day. Interdimensional memories where our random thoughts went and found life in other places of conception. Like A Stitch in Time we try to sew up the Loose Ends looking for the pattern we did not know we were making. In this dysfunctional conjunction is a place where we heal in a circle of time. Like a black hole that folds over itself opening new doorways of travel, we too are searching for parts of ourselves we have lost in the past year.    We have stuffed and sequestered so many emotions, angers, thoughts and fears, like a big old burrito it’s time for us to swallow that which we need to digest. The soul is knowable about all the levels of light and life and how it conjoins, separates and comes together again and again. Like a school of dolphins seeking the entrance to ancient Atlantis we too seek knowledge. Many unknowns bump our souls, testing us like a shark in deep dark emotional waters. Within the interdimensional dreaming sequences is a vast Oasis of Healing, a sweetness that may be too much for the five senses of earth. All that we have not addressed or have not healed completely comes into our dream state and dances with our heart; lost loves, lost opportunity, lost hopes.    Night after night, Dream after Dream we do not totally understand, dances with us removing veils of memories and secrets gone by.  Healing us like a well-placed dimensional salve. Allowing us to dream within the dream and heal within that place of safety. Quantum dreaming allows you to insert yourself into any interdimensional aspect of yourself. Interacting with the dimensional coils of time, allows entrance into a place of understanding beyond this single reality. The winding road, the road less traveled is strewn with black holes, karmic holes and interdimensional rift raft. This place, time and energy request you become Avatar of self, of soul and intention. Drive the most-high aspect of your earth-self into a place that will karmically heal the earthly matrix and add to planetary peace.     Some of these inter-dimensional dreams are held captive within the Planetary DNA as it unwinds itself within the bloodline and ancestry of your biology and the soul family of your star that marks your heart. We are Stardust in human form seeking to know itself and its Creator. This seeking exists within every step and thought of mankind. Like an explosion of supernova proportioned in a far-off galaxy, 2021 we awaken to an X-Factor that exists in all of us on Earth. We are the leader of the pack of molecules and biology on Earth, we are the Apex that seeks forward movement past limitations etching itself into history and ancestry. We still stand in the turnstile of dimensional truths as we each seek something to keep us buoyant and afloat thru this experience. All of life seems to sink like the Titanic meeting a Zeppelin balloon during a bionic woman episode.     Grasping at straws, picking up sticks, learning how to walk through the muck of other’s decisions has made us hardened to the touch like an old cow patty. We do not trust what we read or hear but we know something smells like foul play. Like Pavlov’s dogs we have been fooled too many times before creating a cosmic tinnitus. The promised Dinner Bell has brought too many tummy growls and disappointments. In 2021 we will listen to the sound of our own soul, our own thoughts and our divine connection which has been lost in translation this past year. In 2021 We will continue to take flight in and out of time, moving our light towards a homeward beacon seeking to Understand what has been imprinted in our souls during this time of initiation and isolation.    ***********   In 2021 the universe finally expands to fit its glorious self    In 2021 as the universe finally expands to fit its glorious self it asks all of its creations to become more as well; to receive more, to create more, and to be more. It pushes itself past previous hindrances into a place of clarity. A great cosmic pulse beats within the galactic heart and IS HEARD throughout the Universes.  Declarations of expansion thru all the contractions are heard loud and clear through time and space.    Every thought is as a time piece that commands your immediate attention. Each minute that passes is as a cosmic gift certificate to be spent at the place of choice on the street of desire.  Quantities and denominations of this gift certificate are structured and defined to fit earth and her life credits. As the pulse of light strengths in proportion to desired outcomes it moves its awareness forward thru time to look at each and every one of its creations.  Seeing how they are spending their life force wisely or foolishly? Benefiting the all or just paying homage to self.     What is less than in time and value is multiplied and extended. Choices are blatantly seen for what they are. Hiding anything is not an option. An evolutionary wave in direct proportion to the creators pulse is felt as the bio-circuitry of all life awakens. Time once obstructed is seen as elastic, bending time forward or backward takes the same force. As mankind changes his awareness of space and time he will release himself from the shackles of past limitations in thinking.  The molecules of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are marching thru time and space as we speak, without hesitation.      Stars and galaxies live within the human body and DNA. They are stellar captives of matter who are asking to be set free.  Let the universe living within you become its true worth, reach its fullness in time, as you too seek to understand your true value.  The universe is moving forward with or without you.  New bio-luminance conceptions are coming to the surface of time creating opportunities for the light to express itself. Completion of the old programs begins quickly as the new codes are issued to humanity via the cosmic pulse. All is amplified as light ebbs and flows.     Thought forms of light are ingathered, reevaluated and transmitted to create new worlds. All will be accountable of how they have spent there light.  A great gift awaits those that have been strong enough to stay on the path of light during its involution and evolution.  The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and ripeness. Light consciousness from a freestanding source will be conveyed allowing a higher intelligence to be imbued upon those that seek to know. Old ways of thinking will be dissolved and many out dated limitations with them.  Divine seeds that have been afraid to sprout now take root in this higher atmosphere of light that houses a deep collective love.  By living in a place of light wearing a garment of love humanity will be able to move past the space time fences to a place of new energy codes which will bring a fulfillment that cannot be attained any other way.  Messengers of light come to liberate man from a linear existence, opening doors of time (past and present) so humanity can get a clear look at the choices to be made.  Mankind will once again be shown how to save itself from a self induced bleak future.    Black Jaguar-Woman Power Bracelets    Black jaguar woman made her very vibrant self-known within these golden sheen obsidian power bracelets as soon as I touched them. Her teachings are timeless and this is the perfect stone for this time of dark and light battling one another in thought, in deed in energy. These power bracelets show us that the Light lives within all darkness no matter what form it takes. This is a stone of empowerment within self and situation. The power of Jaguar woman  holds many unfathomable secrets. To join with the black jaguar, you must first have peace and balance within your own self.  A black jaguar is very rare indeed, their power Includes astral travel as they are a guardian energy. Black jaguar-woman is a symbol of feminine power, death and rebirth; the reclaiming of one’s power, and the ability to know the dark without fear. When you put your power bracelet on, call to ’Black Jaguar-woman’ for her protection and timeless teachings.    The Mayans considered Jaguar to be a human in animal form, for the native people of the rainforests, everything contains Jaguar. Jaguar can unleash our ability to walk the solitary path without being lonely. When we have a deep sense of ourselves as part of All That Is, we are never alone. Jaguar as a solitary hunter symbolizes the importance of knowing when to take the solitary path in stalking one’s own dreams. Those with jaguar energy will prefer to keep their unfinished life manuscript from curious eyes. In cultivating one’s dream privately one learns to listen to the voice of wisdom within and trust their intuition connecting with Jaguar can help to strengthen this ability.    Jaguars are loners and extremely comfortable with themselves. Women with Jaguar energy frequently find themselves raising their children alone. People with this power animal can develop clairaudience, the ability to hear communications from other life forms or dimensions. They must trust their thoughts and inner voice/visions as they are based in truth. The Black jaguar is endowed with great magic and power. They are able to move gracefully in and out of dimensions, this is the ability to shape-shift.  The gift of jaguar is the power of silence. They know when to make themselves seen and when to become invisible.  They hold the secrets of unseen worlds. They can show us how to welcome the darkness and awaken the light within it. Those with this power animal contain knowledge of a galactic origin, and have a responsibility to respect this knowledge.  Those with black jaguar energy can use their eyes as a healing tool and have the potential to heal on a deep cellular level.    Black Jaguar Woman’s role: Keeper of the circular time continuum Gatekeeper to the Unknowable   Moving without fear in the darkness Moving in unknown places Shape-shifter Psychic sight    Golden Sheen Obsidian reflects a golden sheen on its surface as a result of gas bubbles being trapped in between its layers as the molten lava began to cool while the Obsidian was forming. It is a stone of personal power aligned with Divine Light.  Golden Sheen Obsidian takes you deep into the past and far ahead into the future. Golden Sheen Obsidian helps erase negative thoughts. Golden Sheen Obsidian has a bright energy, very different than pure black Obsidian.  Golden Sheen Obsidian can help us to “wake up” and understand what is really happening in the world around us.  It gives us the power to face that reality without fear or denial.     Golden Sheen Obsidian connects us both to the strength of the Earth and the wisdom of the heavens, making it an especially good tool for shamans. This is a protective and grounding stone, especially good for anyone who finds themselves dissatisfied with their life.  It reminds us that we are capable of solving our own problems, and encourages us to take responsibility for the direction that our life is headed.  Golden Sheen Obsidian gently reveals what is truly working in our life and what is holding us back.  It encourages us to let go of the people, the habits, and the beliefs that no longer serve us.  Obsidian’s energy creates a protective shield that deflects negativity and repels attempts of others to assert power over us. It helps us to uncover our unique skills and hidden talents whilst releasing blockages to our spiritual and personal growth. To be added to the Quantum Awakening Crystal List or Quantum Enewsletter  go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com and sign up    COSMIC CLASSIFIED    PEACE RIVER CBD This is a wonderful new company aligned with the highest quality CBD and the very best price ($29.95) on the internet for this quality product. The co-founder of this company is my dear friend for over 30 years, Victor Knight (yep his real name).  This man holds the highest codes of Honor of any human I Know on Earth and I trust him implicitly. I have just started using Peace River CBD and fine it to be a very high vibration of healing. I actually had stopped using CBD (I am still hurting from my 2 broken ankles in 2019) because it just cost to darn much, and I am really happy to hear that someone in the world is keeping the prices honorable and affordable.    From Victor Knight:…As co-founder of PeaceRiverCBD.com I myself highly endorse this healing product. i have used this God given herbal supplement for almost 3 years. Initially taking for inflammation, then immediately discovering its incredible properties to balance and calm the mind as well as bringing equilibrium to all bodily functions. While I fell in love with all the wonderful attributes that most CBD brings to the table, I was not in love with the price, nor the deceitfulness of the industry. We founded this company to provide a completely transparent informative base and deliver at an affordable price.   CBD can’t help you if you can’t afford it! Peace River sells the highest quality, organically sourced CBD that can be found in the USA. 1,000 mg for $29.95.(this is not a typo) We can do this because we have cut out all the middlemen and have no store fronts, just E-commerce based. CBD is derived as a distillate from the hemp plant and now fully legal in all 50 states per the 2018 Farm Bill Come to Peace River CBD at http://peacerivercbd.com/      Tools4transformation    Tools for energy healing, meditation, transformation, self-realization and higher consciousness FEATURING Authentic Therapeutic Monatomic Andara Crystals   Approach your healing with these amazing 5th Dimensional energy tools other offerings include… Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces, Gem Therapy Tools,  Vibrational Essences, Aromatherapy Sprays,    Purple Positive Energy Plates & EMF / 5G Protection Tools www.Tools4transformation.com        Portals of Light Vision Cards 1 & 2   by Judith Anne Thomas    www.judithathomas.co.uk/cards  Two beautiful decks of meditation cards created by the artist to inspire inner journeying, and the raising of personal frequency.Thirty-three inner-vision cards each carry the image of a multi-layered mandala. Inlaid with powerful light codes, the mandala is a portal to transport the viewer into an altered state of consciousness, and reveal the wisdom of one’s inner being.    36 A6 quality laminated cards – includes 3 intro cards – in a gorgeous gift box    $33 per deck includes shipping UK, +$4 Europe, +$7 international    Payment: www.Paypal.com  to thomas.judith@gmail.com         *****************   This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit    any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniquenessJ     Support Where You Receive Your Spiritual Truths     Gillian MacBeth-Louthan   PO Box 217   Dandridge, Tennessee   37725-0217    www.thequantumawakening.com     thequantumawakening@gmail.com                        
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The Yellow Ray Truth by the Pleiadians Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Pleiadians beings. We come as a collective energy. We anchor our consciousness, light, love, and divine inspiration into your being and into the energy flow of the Earth; the meridians, the vibrations of light that flow across the Earth. We are present to be of service and we wish to be of service to you today. We, the Pleiadians, believe it is important to focus upon your mind and your mental clarity at this time of ascension when numerous ascension shifts are taking place and multiple changes are occurring on many dimensions of your being, and of course within situations and experiences upon the Earth. There is a need for mental clarity. There is a need for trust in your own mind and thoughts. There is a need to allow the divine within you, whatever label you give the divine within you, your soul, the Creator, your higher self to fully engage with your mind, your mental body and your thoughts. It is important to trust your mind in order to master your mind. It is often said that when mastering your mind, you allow negative, judgmental, or lower vibrational thoughts to simply pass by or float away, to flow through your mind without your reaction. Many of you will recognise that there is a large percentage of your thoughts which may appear negative, judgmental, and limiting, these thoughts retain you in a certain perspective. You may be comfortable with this perspective; however, it may not encourage spiritual growth, ascension, and the opening of your entire being to the Creator. If you recognise that multiple thoughts are negative or lower vibrational, it may seem difficult to trust your mind, to trust your thoughts, how can you trust negative, limiting, or low vibrational thoughts? You trust your mind and your thoughts, knowing that your mind is engaged with and connected to the divine. The key is to trust in and acknowledge your thoughts, even the negative and lower vibrational thoughts. Allow negative and lower vibrational thoughts to simply dissipate realising they do not require energising. When you trust your mind, you realise you have a choice, you can choose the thoughts that you energised, amplify, and magnified, this is how trust develops. It is not necessarily accessing divine wisdom or enlightenment, it is acknowledging and observing your thoughts and choosing which thoughts you wish to energise. When you react to a thought and you accept it as your own then you are energising it. If you repeat it, even repeat it out loud or to another person then you are energising it. When you trust in your mind you are trusting in yourself and this is essential.
It is important to feel, sense, or acknowledge the thoughts as they come up and by this, we mean examine your thoughts. What is the energy of the thought?
What is the origin of the thought?
Is it a truthful thought? Is it a fear-based thought?
* Will it create liberation, or will it create limitations? When you feel the energy of the thought as if you are feeling the energy or the aura of another person, you come to recognise and unravel the thought. The thought may transform, shift, and change into something else, thus, you are trusting in your mind, mental body and thoughts because you are taking responsibility. We wish to summarise that it is important to choose the thoughts that you energise and to feel into the energy of a thought, almost unravelling it, understanding it further. If there is anything to understand it will come to your awareness. If the thought is simply the thought and nothing else then that is all you will receive so do not try to delve too deep, simply have the awareness and time to contemplate. With these two practices, you begin to trust in your mind and thoughts allowing a clarity to flow. Not only will you gain clarity through observing limiting or negative thoughts or choosing what to energise, a new form of clarity will enter your mind. You will create space within your mind for your divine self, soul, Creator, or your higher self to be present. You will create trust where you are present with your mind in a space of openness and receiving. Therefore, allowing divine clarity, enlightenment, and inspiration to flow into your mind. The Integration of Trust and Clarity The integration of trust and clarity will allow you to understand the world within you and outside of you. There are so many influences bombarding you from your past, the stories you have created about your past, and the meanings you have given to all experiences. The purposes that you believe are for you to accomplish, beliefs created by you, by your carers as a child and by those around you, also your circumstances. There are impacts from the outer world, things that people tell you, the opinions of leaders, and rules that are created. There are so many different thoughts, imagine listening to the thoughts of every person on the Earth at the same time. Can you imagine how overwhelming that would be? To some extent this is occurring, you are energetically impacted by the thoughts of every being, and then there are the opinions that each person expresses through their voice, different forms of creation and expression. With this in mind, it can be challenging to gain mental clarity and yet mental clarity is so important at this time because there is a need to trust in your own thoughts. To recognise what is right for you, what is appropriate, what is guided for you is essential as that which is guided for you may not be guided for your partner, loved ones, children, parents, friends, strangers or people in other countries. With your mental clarity, you access what is appropriate and necessary for you and that is all that is needed.
When you are able to move through your space and reality from this seat of peace, it is so much easier, you are aware of that which is occurring around you, able to recognise and acknowledge the truth of the Creator within situations, within scenarios, and within people. This brings clarity throughout your entire being so blockages dissolve, it is an especially important process. The Yellow Ray of Truth We the Pleiadians labelled our communication the Yellow Ray of Truth, because it is the third ray, the yellow ray, that is flowing over and through your being, and the Earth. Like the sun gleaming, glimmering, shimmering, and shining with clarity and truth from the Creator, it is for you to absorb as much as you can. It will impact your being, creating clarity especially throughout your entire being like a purification and cleansing. If you allow yourself to examine and trust in your thoughts, choosing that which you energise then you will allow Yellow Ray Truth to really impact your being like a golden yellow healing vibration that is so inspirational, purifying, and creates such a beautiful sense of clarity, peace and trust. There are many of you on the Earth who will receive from the Yellow Ray, truth and will be asked to embody codes within your entire being. These will penetrate your entire being and emanate into the world, creating more and more truth, allowing others to access the truth and clarity of the Creator. Within the vibration of truth, there is clarity and trust, many people may feel that you need to express your truth in a certain way. Allow yourself to be guided. We are in a new world; you may experience the old limitations, but it is time to experiment and step forward into the new world. We thank you, We are the Pleiadians
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Pleadian Light Force Transmission

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