Spring Brings the Rise of Female Energies, and Disclosure Could Change Everything!

Dear Ones, it is a lovely day in the East Coast of the U.S. Spring is in the air, and March is about to go out like a lamb. It will be a welcome spring, after the heavy snows and cold weather. We too look forward to the blossoming across the entire Northern regions. It is a beautiful view from afar or on the ground; the sights and sounds of spring are a sensual delight for animals, plants and humans alike.

This year, a new era begins as well as a new season. It is the time of the rising of the female energies, which have been in abeyance for 5,000 years, and the shift from the Yang to the Yin. This means a shift from the hierarchical structures with which you are so familiar – the patriarchy, the corporation, the government and almost all the other institutions you can think of – in which there is a pyramid power structure, with a controlling person at the top. In this arrangement, the various levels are designed to provide a particular function or job description into which a person must fit him or herself. In a Yin environment, the structure is a level network with a more fluid structure where the people or elements of the structure are self-selecting according to the abilities and talents they bring to the group. Although leaders may arise when needed, it is a less rigid and less permanent structure which may be created as needed for a particular situation, and dissolved when the need is fulfilled.

In a Yin era, work, trade and all the functions of daily life tend to revolve around the local social networks, with an emphasis on family, neighborhood and community relationships. There will be a growing interest in close relationships rather than far-flung trade with unknown impersonal entities. In other words, the emphasis is on the person rather than the product. There will arise a greater interest and appreciation for unique crafts, ethnic colors and flavors in everyday life, and respect and acceptance for differences rather than competition and a need for proving superiority – one winner, one team on top. Instead, the appreciation of the game and individual skill for its own sake will be celebrated.

Most importantly, as war is eliminated and violence becomes seen as a thing of the past – a lower level of existence – the difference between male and female will melt away, making it possible to create a truly equal society based on the slightly different skills which men and women bring to the group. When violence is removed from the equation, men can no longer claim to be superior over women, since they cannot beat them up or subdue them physically. This will allow for the flowering of admiration and appreciation of the true beauty and strengths of the female, and for the admirable protective strengths of the male to come into fulfillment. The raising of children will become a truly shared partnership throughout the child’s life, and education will be seen as an ongoing life experience rather than an isolated time-limited experience in child ghettos as it is done presently.

As violence drops away, so will the frantic race for material wealth. There has always been enormous wealth and abundance on Gaia, which has been terribly misused and distributed unequally, at the great cost of the health of the planet. Gaia’s present civilization has already been saved from extinction by the combined efforts of the Intergalactic Federation forces which have stabilized her, preventing the pole shift which would have wiped the planet clean, at the cost of all but a few of her inhabitants. The result is that Gaia will have a fresh start – a new lease on life, you might say.

Many of you have looked forward to the air lift, in which all of those who are ready to ascend will be removed from Gaia to be protected and taught the ways of peace and delight of life in the 5th dimension. We have some news about the plans for that endeavor, and some changes to announce.

You, Dear Ones, have created a miracle. The levels of light energy beaming from the planet have reached unprecedented levels. This is partly a result of the rising energy levels we have provided for the awakening of the stragglers – those who are basically good folks who were caught up in their mundane, frantic pursuits and busywork. However, it is mostly due to the strenuous efforts of Lightworkers who have worked tirelessly to spread the messages of joy and anticipation, of hope for a new beginning. The fire has been lit; the tables are laden with bountiful delights, and the party is about to begin.

This time the party will be celebrated without fear of being menaced by Dark Forces, because the Dark Hats are being rounded up and sent off the planet for trial and, in an interesting turn of events, sequestration. They have been replaced by clones for the time being, while all the culprits are brought to justice, from the top down. The leaders of the thirteen families will be removed first, followed by their lackeys who are the heads of most of the major corporations of the world, along with the political leaders who have done their dirty work for them. As the Dark Ones fade away, you will notice a new tone of cooperation, collegiality and congeniality emerging in the market place and the political arenas.

Groups of women activists are organizing quickly, taking it upon themselves to become the leaders of the spring cleaning in the court systems, the legal systems, the prison systems, the media and the banking and financial industries. This well-educated and talented cohort of women fall into step easily with one another, without ego struggles or competitive jockeying for power because they are on a mission to right the wrongs of the past. Their focus will be on the health and well-being of the women, children and families whose lives have been destroyed by greed, indifference and cruelty in the pursuit of profit. In the process, those who have participated in secret trafficking of drugs, sex slaves and children will be revealed and brought to justice.

These activities can only be successful if there is an end to violence and assassination, as we have said. This will be granted. Lightworkers will be given the umbrella of protection of the Galactic forces. The work they have always wanted to do will become efficient and effective because of the clearing away of the worst obstructionists and their mercenaries. The threat of violence removed, nothing will stop the tidal wave of activists who are more than ready to “clean house.”

Now, you have noticed that we did not finish the description of what is to happen in terms of the final phase of Ascension, which has been predicted as a possibility for September of this year, along with the cleansing of Gaia which would have taken place over an extended period, leaving enormous numbers of reluctant souls to perish in the upheaval of Gaia’s process. The Council has been meeting nearly non-stop as the conditions have changed daily; the Plan which had been decided upon has been in constant reconsideration and evaluation, with the help of the massive computer tracking systems and modeling techniques available to them. They know the light quotients, location and behavior of every individual on the planet.

It has been proposed, Dear Children, that an alternative may now be considered, which would allow for a more gradual and orderly transition, with the help of the entire Galactic community. The gathering of souls which have been attracted by this historic event has reached phenomenal proportions; your cheering section has grown to nearly match the number of inhabitants of Gaia herself. This, combined with the stupendous Shift in consciousness you have achieved in the past 3 months, could make it possible for a reorganization of your society through introducing new technologies and training offered by the fleet of advanced teachers who stand ready at hand, in service to humanity. The only requirement to make this possible is a whole-hearted invitation from a major nation which would elect to be the experimental model by which the world may judge the wisdom of accepting the glorious gifts your Brothers and Sisters have to offer.

Various individuals and groups have offered to host the landing of a ship or two to start the Disclosure project. We have concluded that this will be a viable beginning after the opening of the movie, Sirius Disclosure, and the Citizens’ Disclosure Hearings to begin in the end of April, if no national government has made the official Disclosure announcement. By then we can be more sure of the safety of people on the ground, and the welcoming attitude of the general population.

So, you see, the Great Shift is being manifested by all of you. You have prayed for it, asked for it, begged for it, even demanded it. Your continuing adamant appeals are tipping the balance of the scales of Justice, fueling the fire of Truth, and raising the banner of Faith for all to follow. You are truly courageous souls, the rising stars of the firmament, and you, Dear Ones, have made manifest this glorious dream of our hearts. The final phase will also be up to you. We honor your wishes, we answer your prayers for the Greater Good, and we follow your lead. You will be given the help you wish for, as long as enough of you are in strong agreement. Continue your good work, gentle Warriors.

We love you one and all, as we look forward to the Greatest Event,

Your Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, March 28, 2013, 2 AM.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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