Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Channeled Messages for March 13, 2013 through March 27, 2013 ~ via Shelley Young

As channeled by Shelley Young
Shelley’s Note: Please note, these messages do not expire the day after they are posted. 🙂 They are pertinent to the days, weeks and months ahead, and many are general spiritual guidance that would apply at any time. Please know that if you would like to read the daily messages on the day they are received, you can do so by liking Trinity Esoterics on Facebook, following us on twitter @trinityesoteric or checking our website
March 13, 2013
Today we would like you to know that you are all absolutely fine. You are exactly where you should be, having the exact experiences you are wanting to have. How could you not be? You are in the body, on the earth, during this amazing time. These right now moments are exactly what your soul has worked so hard to come and experience. You have come into the body to grow and evolve and to have experiences. Take a moment to consider how much you have evolved in the last year, two years, five years, ten years of your linear time. You are doing what you have come to do, and are doing it splendidly, we might add! We encourage you to let go of the idea that anything is wrong, and to start to see all of your experiences as, oh, so very right. You have worked hard to get where you are and you are doing a magnificent job. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 14, 2013
Unaware human beings often live their lives from a place of non-concern for others. They are very invested in being right and are very concerned with carving our their rightful place in a world that doesn’t have enough for everyone. They often live with an us vs them mentality, seeing separation as necessary for safety and survival.
The enlightening human being often becomes so mindful they swing wildly to the other end of the spectrum and put tremendous pressure on themselves to be “spiritual” at all times and make no mistakes, tend to put everyone’s needs ahead of their own and fear falling into selfishness and ego. By doing without, they are still living in the energy that there is not enough for everyone. They often suffer from unhealthy boundaries and attempt to take on everyone else’s problems on as their own.
Now, blessedly, the human beings of light are moving out of those extremes into a place of balance and BEingness. They are honouring their own path and needs, from a place of appropriateness and self awareness rather than selfishness, understanding they must work on the one first in order to best serve the all. They are aware and evolving, practice acceptance and allowing, and are stepping into their authentic power. They are truly demonstrating what it looks like to co-create in an abundant universe. This is why we are so very excited and wait with bated breath to see the wonders you will all create from this new, very empowered way of being. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 15, 2013
As a human, you are masterfully transmitting your unique energy stamp to the universe, every single day. This energy holds not only the information of your life expression and level of growth, but also your belief systems and desires as well as predominant thought patterns.
Think of it as being your spark of divinity, dressed as your individual life expression, then layered with what your soul wishes to heal and experience this time around, topped with your thought patterns and belief systems. What the universe immediately recognizes and responds to is the most recent and predominant layer of thought.
Think of the ocean. There are many hidden treasures in the depths of the ocean, and many different things to see as you move through the depths, but what you immediately see and respond to is what is going on with the surface of the water.
So what is the essence you are wrapping yourself up with today? Is it joy? Is it ease? Does it match what you wish to experience? Or is it filled with fear and lack? As you start to change your emissions to a way that honours you, as you still your waters so to speak, it becomes easier to get in touch with the divinity that lies beneath at your depths. Once you can do that, Dear Ones…once you can clear the chatter and allow that divinity to shine, is when you will be truly expressing yourself as a human being of light leading the way in this brand new age. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 16, 2013
As you move forward on your enlightenment process, you will find that your body has different vibrational needs. The very active season of solar flares you find yourself in is assisting with this process. Each pulse of light you receive from the sun is adjusting and clearing the energetics of your body. Due to this process, your body will begin to respond in kind, and seek our different, more supportive energies for sustenance. You will find yourself making changes, with ease, to what you put into your body by simply paying attention to what the body is asking for or rejecting. For example, certain foods you used to love may start to make you feel sick or be very difficult to digest. You may suddenly quit smoking or drinking or eating meat and be very successful with these changes, even if you had never been able to do so before. Your body may also start craving foods or activities you never enjoyed before. This is how true, permanent change is made, without struggle, because it is achieved through flow and the path of least resistance. It is attained by simply listening to your body and following its lead. Many humans will enjoy better and better health due to this, as this is another means for your body to fine tune itself energetically. You may consider it vibrational health and wellness. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 17, 2013
Many of you think you must reach a certain level of attainment in order to step into service. Let us assure you this is not the case. You can step into simple, beautiful service, right now, by embracing your own divine spark and intending to let that shine. Then, enter into the flow of your day knowing that you are will show up exactly where you need to be. By day’s end, your day may not seem that remarkable, but perhaps the clerk who helped you at the grocery store really needed your kind words and energy to help them through the day. Maybe your smile and holding the door for that older gentleman buoyed his spirits more than you can imagine. Calling a friend to tell them about a great book you are reading could have been spirit working through you. As you went about your day, shining brightly, cutting a swath of light everywhere you went, you would have been supporting the grid and the planet with your lovely energetics. Do you see? One of the most powerful ways to serve is to simply shine your own essence, in a clear, pure fashion, and willingly go where the flow takes you, knowing you are an instrumental part of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 18, 2013
Dear Ones, we understand many of you have been hurt during your life expressions. Many of you have suffered deeply from abuse or neglect, and struggle to overcome those wounds. Many of you, due to the treatment you have received, believe you are less than, that you are not worthy, and have come to settle for so much less than you deserve in your life expression.
We encourage you to begin, right now, today, to nurture those wounded parts of self. If you were neglected, start to make your wellness and comfort a priority in your life. If you lacked love, take time to truly, deeply love yourself and see yourself for the divinely perfect being you are. If you were verbally abused, it is essential you stop your negative self talk and start to only address yourself with love, encouragement and support.
Those wounded aspects of yourself are still craving the energies you didn’t receive. There is no reason why you cannot meet those needs yourself, for yourself, with patience and unconditional love. Your soul does not care where those energies come from, it only seeks to heal and balance. By deciding to be the hero in your own life, by vowing to keep yourself safe and in the energies you require to truly, completely heal, you can absolutely come out of the darkness of that past pain and start to thrive and shine once and for all. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 19, 2013
Many people get stalled on their healing journey, waiting for the one who wounded them to make it right. Such an approach is rarely successful. If a person was operating from a place that resulted in your being hurt so deeply, it is unlikely that person has the ability to see things from your point of view, or would have traits that would be developed enough to want to truly make amends. Most people who behave in ways that are destructive to others are deeply wounded themselves and simply do not have the awareness or skill set to behave differently.
To make yourself dependant on another’s actions to achieve your own healing is a risky gamble. Making yourself dependant on another in any way is giving your power away yet again, which puts you in a situation that is ripe for re-wounding. You have unlimited ability to give yourself exactly what you need for healing, but it must start with stepping out of your victim consciousness into your own authentic power. From there, you can commit to your own health and wellness, and change your focus to your peace, your healing, your evolution, your creation.
Take the valuable lessons from your experiences, Dear Ones, and let the rest go. Commit to keeping yourself safe, acknowledge your own role in the situation (on a soul level, you chose to have the experience), then release it, knowing the universe, not the individual, is responsible for the appropriate checks and balances for each individual soul expression. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 20, 2013
Dear Ones, on this day of the equinox, you have a day that represents balance. Balance is so very important for the human beings of light moving forward. Are you able to find your balance point, wherever it may be, as the energies continue to move and shift? Meditation, gratitude, and spending time doing what brings you joy are activities that help keep you present and support you vibrationally. Why not intend to harness the balance of the equinox today and bring it forward throughout the rest of your year? While you are at it, why not, with clarity, think of everything you intend to create and experience moving forward? Think of it as taking the time to plant the spring flowers that are sure to bloom in your future. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 21, 2013
Each day is the dawn of a brand new beginning. Dear Ones, do not pollute the beauty of each day with your angst over the past or worries about the future. Be present! Enjoy each moment as it unfolds as a brand new clean slate, a fresh start, an opportunity to apply what you know. That is how forgiving the universe is. You get thousands of opportunities to do things over, to try again, to experiment with different approaches and results through the entirety of your lifetime, so play, have fun and live your life to the fullest. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 22, 2013
Another classic way we see humans staying stuck is by not assessing their current situation in the Now, but rather as it once was. An example of this is when a person stays in a relationship long after it has stopped working because the other person “swept them off their feet” in the beginning. The relationship may have been completely unrewarding for a very long time, yet they stay based on how things were years before! In order to truly assess your life accurately, Dear Ones, you must make decisions based on your Now. The Now reflects the reality and the energetics of any situation as it is working in its current state. The Now gives you all the pertinent information you need and allows you to respond according to your truth at this point of your evolution. You simply cannot make informed decisions if you are ignoring the truth of your Now because you are clinging to the long expired energies of the past. Assessing your life through each Now moment is stepping into your authentic power because it reflects who you really are and is the only time you can enact change. The Now offers you a clear picture of your reality and who you are today so you can make empowered choices for yourself and your highest life expression. Humans waste tremendous amounts of energy trying to force their life to work with situations that have long ago expired, so we encourage you to change your focus to what brings you joy, satisfaction, contentment, support and all the other things you wish for yourself and you so deserve in your current reality. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 23, 2013
Think of how you feel when you wake up in the morning when you are on vacation in a new place. You greet the day excitedly, open-heartedly, looking forward to new adventures and experiences. You feel so good because each day is filled with fun and flow and is all about what will bring you the most joy. Throughout your entire vacation you embrace each Now moment, with eyes wide, cherishing where you are and each wonderful experience. This is why vacations feel so good, Dear Ones! This is why they are so restorative to you. When you are vacationing, you are using the exact principles that allow your soul to sing! Why not take that same attitude and apply it to your everyday life? You’ll be surprised at how easily you can turn each day into a brand new adventure, filled with wonder and possibility. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 24, 2013
Many human beings would like to start living their lives in ways that better match who they are, but still resist change. Dear Ones, if you don’t like something in your life, you simply cannot change it by more of the same energy! If you are not living the life of your dreams, but wish to, you must try something new. Have fun. Experiment. Try new ways of doing things. Focus on what you want, surrender and be open to change and flow energy. Sitting in the mud wishing to clean yourself and using buckets of more mud to do it simply does not make sense. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 25, 2013
Let us suppose that there is a trap door in the ceiling of your reality. On the other side of that door exists everything you wish to create for yourself. You have been so busy focusing on what you wish to create, the trap door is straining under the weight and you can just feel it’s about to let go and all those wonderful things will come pouring into your life experience.
But then you start to doubt. What if it’s not going to come through? What if it never comes through? What if you got it wrong? What if it’s not what you really want at all? And you notice immediately that the trap door isn’t straining at all anymore. You have shifted out of that alignment and things don’t feel imminent at all anymore.
So you concentrate on what you really want, and the trap door is heavy with the weight of your creations once more. Then, you think, I really do want all those experiences. One day it will happen. And you notice that nothing shifts at all, the trap door stays there, heavy with your desires, with no movement at all.
Until finally you decide, I am ready! I accept all those wonderful things and experiences. I can feel them now, and I am so grateful for ALL of it! I claim my creations, right now, with joy and appreciation. And voila! All your heartfelt dreams and desires come rushing through into your life expression.
You can create as quickly or as slowly as you want, Dear Ones, by your focused thoughts, acceptance and gratitude. If things are not happening as quickly as you might like, clarify your intention, surrender to the universe, release any worthiness issues you may have, and utilize the powerful tool of imagination to experience your desired reality, with gratitude and appreciation, as if it already exists in your Now. To do so creates the exact energetic match for it to magnetize and anchor into your reality. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 26, 2013
There is a wondrous thing that happens when you embrace your growth and evolution on your spiritual path. You will find that your path smooths out, that there is much less trauma and heartache. You see, trauma often serves the purpose of shaking you out of a slumber, of waking you up, of getting your attention. When you are grabbing the reins and willingly moving forward, trauma becomes unnecessary. Anything that you consider “bad” on your life’s journey has served a higher purpose of growth and healing. Once you evolve into a state of acceptance of all things, you will stop deeming things good or bad, but rather as experiences and will move through them with much more grace and ease. Growth doesn’t have to be hard, Dear Ones. It can be done willingly, joyfully, open-heartedly, without fear or hesitation. This is why as the human beings of light continue to move forward it will usher in much more peace and harmony on your planet. When everyone is moving willingly, there is far less need for a bumpy road. ~Archangel Gabriel
March 27, 2013
Dear Ones, rest assured you do not need to know and understand every secret of the universe in order to be spiritual. A far greater expression of your spirituality comes from BEing. The elements are the same whether you are a novice who is just starting to play with the energies or someone who has been actively embracing their spirituality for years. Surrender. Flow. BE. Use gratitude. Practice accepting and allowing. Stay in the Now. Focus on what you want more of. Anyone, regardless of age or knowledge base can create profound, lasting, empowered change in their lives by using those vital elements of enlightenment. The basic spiritual principles are quite simple. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. You have everything you need, right now, to start expressing your own mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel
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