Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ ~ Hope Makes the Impossible Possible ~ via Julie Miller


Hope has always been an essential player on this journey you have embarked upon, even though Hope and Faith have been a challenge for many to maintain in all situations. Hope is defined as a desire or a need that is complemented by the expectation of a belief in regards to fulfilling a task or the potential of an outcome of certain events. Hope is also positive. It means when you add Hope you are indicating a part of you believes in the success of the outcome. It is important to understand, Hope is more than your desire for something to come true. Hope doesn’t ever work alone. In order for Hope to work successfully, it is accompanied by Belief and Faith in the possibility of a favourable outcome.

Your journey so far has brought you through so many uncertain situations and you managed to work through them because you discovered the power of Hope, Belief and Faith and through them you learned how to persevere through your challenges and overcome all difficulties. Even though you will never know the exact details on what will happen tomorrow, when you think positively that something good will occur, then you are making room in your heart for Hope to enter and when Hope enters you, your Belief in what may be gives allows Faith to enter the equation.

There are many dear souls that live their lives in fear of tomorrow, of what is to come when the future cannot be exactly foretold. The actions you apply today does affect the outcome of tomorrow. Therefore, it is crucial to have a positive mindset at all times. There is nothing to fear in the inevitable future because it can change at any time because of your own choices.

Hope is derived of positive thoughts and feelings in regards to a favourable outcome of a situation or event you were part of. The dear soul that is working positively with Hope gathers information, building more facts towards their desired goal of a successful outcome. Sometimes when gathering information, you also gather the negative side of the facts, the worst possible scenario. During such moments it is important to remember that just because it’s the worst possible outcome doesn’t mean it will be. There will be times dear ones, and I am positive that you already understand this; some things will be presented to you so suddenly that you feel you have no control over; such as health or behaviour of others.

We see so many dear souls working hard every day to working hard to nourish and maintain their physical body. And sometimes even the best looked after physical body will suddenly become ill. When illness strikes or even if another dear soul has treated you unkindly, there is always room for Hope, Belief and Faith if you choose to think positively. The distraction to think and feel sad, negative or even angry will always be there to challenge you. Some dear souls do accept this challenge; while others counter this challenge with Hope that their sudden illness will clear up or the dear souls that have been behaving poorly soon realize the errors of their ways. When you greet a situation with love and compassion dear ones, you will always be accompanied with Hope, Belief in the outcome and Faith that it will all work out, as it should.

Every time your bring Hope, Faith and your Belief in a successful outcome you are also re-energizing your thought forms and uplifting your whole being. When you consistently maintain a positive mind set, your mood will also change and it will change for the better. Hope partnered with your Belief in the success of any situation that accompanied by Faith will always give you wings. These three incredible feelings can help you overcome any feelings of despair or stress that some situations can bring about.

It is important dear ones to comprehend that the opposite of Hope is despair and it’s also important to be aware of despair’s relationship with Hope. When all Hope of a dear soul is lost, depression and deep sadness often settles in. During such times, Hope is non-existent but it doesn’t mean the individual is lost. Through the sadness, there is a great amount of healing going on inside the whole body. Every condition you face, regardless if its deep sadness, sudden illness, poor behaviour of another, daily challenges, etc., all come with important lessons that bring you closer to understanding your Self more completely. Sometimes without the illness or without the sadness, there would be no time spent wondering why something has occurred. Embrace each situation positively; know God is always with you even during your darkest of moments He is there. When you have the tiniest sliver of Hope ALL becomes possible. Don’t allow despair be your companion, make the conscious decision to be hopeful and to belief with Faith that you will succeed in all you do, even if success takes a while to greet you. There is no prearranged time to your journey to complete any phase your path leads you to. You move on when you are completely ready and never a moment before.

Through Hope and your Belief and Faith that you will rise above your challenges you develop a deeper trust in your efforts and abilities. Each of you are filled with the incredible power to sway a favourable outcome when you think and feel positively. The more you think and feel positive the more confident you yourself will feel; creating a higher vibration within yourself that will affect those around you positively as well.

We understand the difficulty to maintain hope, faith and your own belief that a favourable outcome will be achieved. Doubt can often creep in, but doubt can be countered easily dear ones when you greet doubt with gratitude. Within the Ego, doubt and second guessing lives. When these try to sway you from your positive mind set, take this as an indication to reaffirm your beliefs, to reassess the situation and to be aware of all that is moving in and around you. Give thanks to the negative-ness of doubt because through the challenge of doubt you are propelling yourself forward towards positively thinking once again. Every time you are distracted by negative thoughts dear ones, always thank them and greet them with love. They too have something to show you that you may have missed or becoming weak in. It does require a lot of work to maintain hope, faith and a strong belief that all your efforts will produce favourable results, but anything that you want badly enough always requires effort of your heart and soul added in every step.

Hope is always being refreshed and maintained every time you seek information on any challenge you are facing. It is because of Hope, Faith and Belief that encourage many dear souls to seek external support, or to exercise, to follow good nutrition or even to become more spiritually minded. It is because of Hope you are able to connect to those that are compassionate and supportive. Hope directs you to bring calm to your emotional health. Thanks to Hope, your belief in a favourable outcome and because you have Faith you continue to be involved with your journey, choosing what is best for you at each interval you meet. Many dear souls discover just how strong their hope, faith and their belief to have a successful outcome is during the most grueling of situations. Not giving into despair is difficult, but it is never impossible when ALL is possible. Through Hope you learn how to cope in all avenues of your journey.

Because Hope is something you think and feel, it means Hope is also a choice. Every day you make choices. When you wake for the day you have the choice to greet the day with Hope or with Despair. It’s always been your choice. It is up to you to deliberately choose to be hopeful in all situations. We remind you, this is your journey dear ones and every time you apply uplifting energy that is strong and positive you are creating more focus to the outcome because you feel it is worthy of your effort. Having a healthy and positive attitude is overall rewarding and something each dear soul can always achieve and maintain once reached. Nothing is ever achieved overnight. Realize dear ones, some things will take consistent effort, but the rewards are always greater and sweeter once all is done. A good way to help keep things in perspective and to keep going is to count your blessings. See the gift of life you have been given and cherish this gift with the love and compassion that lives within your dear heart.

Take one day at a time, do not ever rush your journey or try to rush the outcome of your situation. Even though we encourage you to take each moment of each day calmly, we are not in control of your actions. You are still the one making the decisions and you are reminded the choices you make you are accountable for. Learn to focus on what is before you. Don’t worry about what tomorrow brings, it is today that you need to apply your effort. If you live too much in the unknown of tomorrow you will lose the potential of what you can learn and become today as well as the opportunity to embrace Hope, Faith and your own belief that will provide you the energy to empower you within all decisions within all challenges.

Build yourself a supportive network of people dear ones. You already have us supporting you, but it’s important as humans to have human contact that comforting and compassionate. By following where Hope and Faith leads you, your belief in what they bring will always provide you with what you need.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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