Part 176, Lifting All Boats


You are feeling the heat, as they say, are you not?  The energies on the planet have reached an all-time high, as our high-vibe blast of Love washes over you, and so many of you are rising along with it, you have set a new pace for yourselves which is feeling a bit dizzying.  This is the process of Ascension which we have been trying to prepare you  for these many months, even years.  It is not something that can be put into words, really.  The symptoms vary for individuals, and the timing of those symptoms also varies, but you are feeling the woozy, underwater feeling, and the light-headedness, and the losing-track-of-time feeling, and perhaps theheadaches too.  Tiredness beyond what you generally feel is also normal these days.

Even as you are trying to keep your eyes open, you may feel the tiredness alternating with moments of high energy, resolve, and resourcefulness.  You are accomplishing things you never thought you were capable of, while also doubting yourselves:  Was that really as good as you think it was?  Are you really learning these lessons as well as you hope you are?  Yes, Dear Ones, your constant self-examination, your mindfulness, concern for others, and deep moments of intimacy at the most unexpected times – all these are the indications that you are growing in awareness and in Love.

You are expanding your Hearts.  This is the path which raises your consciousness to ever higher levels.  This is also the path of lifting your world along with you, for Ascension is a Universal shift.  All the Universe is experiencing the rising tide with you.  Everywhere the work and the celebration is reaching what you call “a new high.”  Of course, you still read stories of a few bombers and an occasional murder story, but have you noticed that the rash of individual violence has rather suddenly decreased?  Those who were completely unbalanced by the rising energies have mostly done their irrational and uncontrolled deeds.  There will be fewer and fewer of these rash and disastrous stories in coming weeks.

Around the globe, the people’s demonstrations which are occurring are mostly peaceful, are being widely publicized, and are gaining in power.  Egypt will not be silenced, and will not be satisfied until it has freedom and a return to the glorious civilization of old.  The Middle East is moving toward peace, as is North Korea.  The Syrian dictator is growing pale and thin – have you noticed?  His power and resolve are draining away.  He will soon fade into a well-earned oblivion.

You are aware by now that Iraq has been freed from Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is now a free country.  This week China and India began buying massive amounts of gold – their combined purchases equaled about 25% of the total year’s gold production.  There has never in history been such an event.  You will soon be hearing news of the shift to the gold standard and revaluing currencies globally.  Yes, Dear Ones, these escalating events are all part of the plan put in place by our St. Germain and his legions of helpers over hundreds of years.

Meanwhile, the world is also rallying to object to the invasion of privacy in the U.S with their clever “Yes We Scan” placards and marches.  It is a positive thing, overall, that people are waking up to the need to defend their own rights rather than submitting to any new usurpation of freedom their government wishes to inflict.  This is an action which will have a doubling effect, because this gathering of information is actually in preparation for the announcements to come.

It was necessary to gather massive amounts of information in order to create the global network to contact everyone on the planet simultaneously.  Unfortunately, because some of the Dark ways were still in place, it had to be done using the old, secretive agencies and procedures which have been the plague of the planet – the secret use of information to subdue and control all the people.

This time it will be different.  Once the announcements are made, a new transparency will become the order of the day.  There will be revelations that will awaken the entire populace, even those who have energetically refused to see the long downward slide toward voluntary servitude.  The propaganda machine has soured the people on their government, even to the degree that they laud the propagandists and vilify those who are truly fighting for freedom.  Instead, they honor the very moguls who are stealing from them and who control the government from behind the scenes by buying the legislators who will do their dirty work.  These “elected officials” then curry the favor and votes of citizens who would oppress chosen groups – women, unions, gays, immigrants, college students – rather than uplift their constituents.  These same “voters” whoop whenever a war is suggested, and rush to give their lives for the honor of filling the pockets of those who supply weaponry and financing to both sides of every conflict.

This has been the state of you planet for centuries.  War, pollution, toxic chemical spills, bad food, antiquated health care, oppressive educational practices – all the ills we have talked with you about here – all have kept you asleep to the truth by enslaving your minds, your bodies and your hearts.  You have lived in a culture in which bad is good, evil is power, material wealth is equated with honor, and selfishness is King.

It is not your fault that you have been stewing in this toxic mind bending soup all your lives.  You came here to try to fix it, but of course in order to that, you have to first fix yourselves.  Quite a challenge, this.  Is it any wonder it has taken thousands of years and many incarnations to prepare you for this?

We have woven the story together for you here over the past months, Light and Dark, old and new.  It is our way of helping you to expand your vision, breathe Light to clear away the old toxic ideas, and find your way to a brighter, clearer way of life.  It is what we call The True Way to teach you how to be awake and discerning, while also keeping compassion, love and forgiveness paramount in your hearts. It is a difficult challenge, being fully aware of the Darkness, working to bring Light where it is needed, and not be affected by the Darkness you see.

This path to the higher dimensions does not allow for denial.  Only by seeing the evil do you learn to appreciate goodness with all your heart and soul.  And only if you see it clearly can you change it.  You are mobilizing, Beloved Children.  You are working together in new ways, finding your gifts, developing your dormant talents, and joining the rising tide of Light and Love.  We are delighted by your steady progress, by your strength, and you growing sense of integrity and self-worth.  Yes, they go together, don’t they?  You must first value your own God-given self, your heart/mind/body/soul in its glorious wholeness before you can express integrity – for this is the structure from which integrity grows.

Your humanity, your entire self, including your history, your actions, your struggles and your mistakes have gone into learning to appreciate and use all of what you are.  We have often told you we love you, warts and all, as you are fond of saying.  We created you with some of those “defects” because we know you will work hard to exercise your integrity, and when you do, those defects become precious gifts which lead to greater growth.  You are indeed shining stars, Dear Ones.  You are just beginning to come into your maturity as a planet, and what a coming-out party this is going to be!

There are now among you, incarnated, many of the great Masters.  We have asked them to begin revealing their true identities.  We have told you that our dear Kathryn is the one who calls herself Portia, the beloved twin flame of St. Germain.  Lady Portia’s name describes the path she has walked for thousands of years.  The root “port-” means to carry, and also doorway or portal.  Her work is to help to carry others toward the portal into Light.  It is the work for all of us now, is it not, to carry yourself and others forward in Love and Light, to the glorious destiny that is now being played out on the great stage of the Universe?

Each one will do their part in this great adventure.  Even the ones who are still half asleep encourage their peers to strive for greater clarity, better ways to reach out, for all souls must be included, finally, before this great endeavor is fulfilled.  We send you more and ever more Love to encourage and support you on your path to Ascension.

We are your Mother/Father God, in the company of millions of your Star Brothers and Sisters, who are already celebrating your triumph.

Via Kathryn May, July 2, 2013, 1 am.


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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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