You are Pure Consciousness ~ A Message from Admiral Sananda

 through Elizabeth Trutwin

Greetings This is Admiral Sananda.
Since you are moments away from changes I would like to help you over the next few moments. Earth is past the point of no return and only fifteen years ago we still were not sure if it would be possible. This is a most joyous time for all the Company of Heaven. They look forward to landings on Earth because they have missed you all so much.
Many lightworkers still feel trepidation with moving forward with removing the last triggers which take them into sorrow. Any trigger which invokes a reaction must be removed. I will show you how easy it can be.
You are Pure Consciousness.
Remember:  You Are your First Creation of Plasma Pearlescent Ball of Light.
You are a Descendant Being. You are a Being in a Body for which You are Ascending.
Your Only Reason for Living is To Serve Others.
How to Become Enlightened? Remove every last bit of karma. It is time now. Right now.
How Do You Know you have Removed Your Karma?  When you no longer react to anything. Nothing. Ever. That is the definitive way to know your karma is complete. When you find yourself react to anything realize it is never too late to clear it.
If someone does something ‘to you’ see if you can meet it with no reaction – only love.
Since you are Pure Consciousness, then once you see that everything is a karmic event, everything, everything – and you return to love as your reply to any belief – including self-love – then you are Enlightened. Everything can be undone. Everything.
Pure Consciousness is innocence.
Practice these: mantra, mudra and breath work
Doing Mantra undoes Karma. It burns it. It is magic. It connects us back to Source directly. The effect of that is burned karma and a fast track down the Path. Do mantra upon awakening, during hours of need and especially every bedtime. Begin with the Gayatri Mantra. Add new mantras after mastering this beginners Mantra.
Doing Mudra is an exercise in understanding Energy outside of Form and a way to identify with the Source  Energy. In this way we may Become Source. Do mudra fifteen minutes a day. Try cupping both hands at the throat. The throat mudra helps you receive all sources of abundance. You may do mudra and mantra together.
Breath Work
When you are speaking to another person, the checker in the store, someone on the phone, your child, your parent, your partner; whenever any block comes up, or if a reaction to a circumstance is occurring, stop. Be still. Find where in the body do you feel the block. The neck? Back? Stomach? Breathe through it until the tension there is released. This is the key to releasing blocks. Learn to Let go of fear, hurt and pain – right in that moment of breath work – let it get bigger then watch it pass away – like water flowing through you. Put all your concentration on the body. Breathe into that place. Feel it as a cloud, see it coming up. Allow it to come over you. Be completely in the Body. Watch it move away.
What if you are greatly suffering right now?
You are only suffering in your mind.
Dissolve ego mind. It no longer serves you.
Learn to Pray. Learn to Ask with your Whole Heart for Guidance. Learn to Obey Guidance. Learn To Be in Deep Gratitude. Practice. Practice. Practice.
Use this meditation to prepare during these last few moments. Use this meditation as many times as you need to clear all remaining triggers. Be prepared when changes present themselves.
Join Me In Meditation:
Imagine yourself in a time and a place where you felt someone had ‘done something to you.’ Stand before this person. Know that by using this meditation anything that has been done can be undone. Absolutely everything can be Undone. Everything. Right now. You may reverse the scene if necessary. Stand before someone you have ‘done something to.’ These things happened when you did not know what else to do. You did not have the experience to handle it a different way. We do not yell at small children when they have no idea how to tackle a problem. We would never do that. Now in your meditation imagine yourself and the other person as five year old children. Look at yourself. Look at them, both in the form of little kids. They are both innocent. They do not know better. They have not learned yet how to handle themselves. It is easy to forgive another in this form.
Allow yourself to feel how it felt in that moment. See where you can feel it in your body now. Where do you feel your reaction? Your back, your stomach? Breathe. Allow the hurt to grow bigger and cover your whole body. Breathe through it. It will clear and be gone. Undone. It feels great to let this go. Work with this exercise and clear out all these old programs. You no longer need them. In the next few moments you will do well to have cleared them. The Equinox energy continues to make it possible to move through inner change with great ease. Your DNA has been activated. The next step is to drop the programming and clear your karma. This empowers you to meet every challenge with love. Using these practices will help free your mind. It is amazing what can happen when you approach anything which used to cause fear with patience, compassion and love. It will change your whole existence.
The energies of the Equinox have so dropped the walls of Illusion that the motivations of the dark Ones are obvious. This is making it easier to interact as part of the Whole. When we reject what we are told and see instead what is really happening then collective consciousness moves quickly along as an undivided unified Force of Love.
Continue to use this energy to speed individual changes. It is easier now than ever before.
It is time now to install Divine Government on Earth. Not for one Country but for Earth as a member of our Galactic Civilization. There are millions of awake and aware Galactic Humans working in the Ground Crew. Still there are many who see themselves as lightworkers and do not believe in NESARA Law. It has been a long road getting to this moment. As we lighten up our minds, bodies and emotional reactions it frees us to fully embrace Unity consciousness. That is what Divine Government does. It allows us to live as equals on Earth. No more haves and have nots. It makes a realm in the physical where everyone is treated as an equal. No more poverty consciousness. No more racism, sexism, ageism or other discrimination. We will operate from love. We will remember we all are sparks of the Divine. We will treat each other with respect.
As we pass through the eye of the needle, remember Universal Truth. When we detach from the desires of craving praise or glory, we scorn none, grieve not, allow evil to find their path without judging the way they go, free of fear, troubled not and linked by no ties on Earth. When we are unmoved by what we see, unmoved by each, have passionless restraint in single-minded faith, trust and love. We who are happy no matter what, loving life, move swiftly into Unity Consciousness achieving the Ultimate on Earth. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 27, 2013.

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