Archangel Azrael ~ Life Is Beautiful ~ via Julie Miller

Isn’t life simply beautiful? It is ever-so changing through the many challenges you greet. Each of you will experience life differently and will have a different view on what life means and how people will remember you when you are no longer of this Earth.

Each day holds the potential of creating new beginnings. A new beginning isn’t always pre-planned; sometimes they approach you with little notice. When you step forward into a new beginning you are at the threshold of a new adventure that unwinds at every step you take. Each step you take into the unknown of the new beginning you are empowering yourself to continue and to embrace what is new and fresh.

The opportunities within each new beginning have the potential of providing you with a richer life filled with newly acquired knowledge and an increase of awareness is duly noted as you look around to observe just how far you have come. When you consider the positive side of any new beginning you are able to see unlimited potential that is born through you when you made the conscious decision to bring great change into your current life.

A new beginning could be a change in relationship, a new job, moving to a new city or country, death and birth, etc. And all new beginnings can give you inspiration and can be exciting when you are able to view the changes positively. We understand many of you find it difficult to see the positive within something challenging or difficult but dear ones if you look and apply what you have learned you will see you have gained a fresh appreciation and perspective that wasn’t there before – that is new and positive and both can inspire you to make a change in your life that will not only benefit you but all those closest to your heart. It is only natural when you let go of an old way of living and being that there will a certain amount of mourning, but we encourage you to embrace the new and allow this fresh and stimulating energy carry you into new sights and adventures – explore new sides of yourself that you didn’t know exist. The less you fear of the unknown the easier your transition will be at the same time it is important dear ones to identify what it is that you fear and to discover ways to work through those fears that will in time provide you with the courage to let go of what is holding you back and step forward into the light of a new beginning.

When you realize you are stepping out into new pastures it is quite common dear ones and important to reminisce what you are letting go. As soon as you begin a new direction on your journey you are also beginning to replace what was no longer serving you of the highest of good. It can be sad when an end of a chapter in your life becomes apparent but it is also exciting because that means dear ones something fresh and new is on the horizon. Being able to reminisce provides you with a lot of learning and appreciation for what you want out of life and it gives clarification for the new changes you are about to make.

How many chapters are in your book of life? In truth you have an infinite number of chapters because your life has had many twists and turns and your life has not reached its end. You have experienced many little ends and many major ends and some that you have left behind you had barely noticed. Each experience you had, each beginning and end of a section of your life all carried lessons that were there to help you learn what went wrong, what to do next time, what you want , what you don’t want, what happiness really means and all that you learn is to prepare you for what lies ahead. This doesn’t not mean only gloom and doom is waiting for you, you will also be greeted with happy and joyous occasions, as balance is essential.

There have been a few new beginnings that may have left you feeling unimpressed or that the new path led you nowhere. It is a human concept to consider certain steps and passages of life to be a waste of time or that nothing was achieved. By reflecting back to certain events that thought would have turned out differently or a better look at what you have learned, see without attached emotion how you have grown from that experience. It is too easy to always look at an experience with negativity because you expected something to jump right out at you when some experiences are subtle and just as important. Embrace all that life has to offer you, step over into the unknown in a new beginning, trust in yourself and trust that God is right there beside you waiting for you to ask Him to shed some Light that will give you direction and understanding as where you are to go. Be excited that you are going in a new direction, that is fresh and allow any new beginning to further develop your Inner Self that will nurture your whole self.

Life is beautiful dear ones, it truly is. When we encourage you to trust in yourself we are also encouraging you to follow your heart because when you are following your heart you are also following God’s direction. Know deep in your heart that God would never steer you in a direction that He didn’t think you could manage. He knows each life of each dear soul on this Earth is to be filled with deaths, births, changes, transformations and that life in itself can be changed in an instant. The varying cycles that have brought great changes have given a renewed vitality every time a door to an old way closed because it meant new was approaching. Through every change you met, through each experience regardless if it was difficult or pleasant encouraged you discover the power that is alive within you and you were able to make use of this power each time. Through your experiences you discovered just how strong you truly are and without them you would not have learned the powerful lesson of your own strength and what you can accomplish when certain circumstances arise.

Your life was meant to exhilarating and exciting; it was meant to have changes that were created out of your choices. You were not meant to have a dull and boring life that would have brought you little to learn and grow from. Embrace who you are today from the new beginnings you began, some you have completed and some of them you are still on and they are beautiful dear ones because through them you are learning so much about yourself and about all others within this magnificent world.

Let your endings transform you and stimulate new vital energy that will help you continue along your path but in new directions. Your existence dear ones is not to remain in the past but in the NOW that forges ahead one step at a time. There is always more in life for you to have, that will bring goodness to all that is important to you. We understand the traveling into new directions and new beginnings can be frightening but realize dear ones you do not walk this journey alone because God is forever with you.

Each day does hold the potential of a new beginning and the birthing of a new you. See where your path is taking you, discover the changes that you have been making that have steered you towards brighter pathways or paths that are new. Embrace the new and the challenges that will greet you because through them you will grow, you will gain new wisdom from the knowledge found within the experiences you met. Nothing is ever wasted when there is so much to gain.

I AM Archangel Azrael through Julie Miller

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