Ease of Movement Beyond 3D is Your New World


Dear Ones,

A common travel fear beyond 3D earth is that you will not return to earth. Such is not possible for you are of earth in this lifetime. Not always. Perhaps not of your past or future – but now.

Maybe you would better understand this fear if you would but remember the unknowns of space travel in the late 1950′s. Many feared astronauts would be sent into the heavens never to return. You are now familiar with moonscapes – at least the exterior of the moon as viewed through 3D eyes. But in the early stages of space travel, artists, scientists and engineers guessed and developed spacecraft accordingly.

Those guesses shifted space vehicle design and many other elements. Which is of little interest to you now. Suffice it to know, astronauts, engineers and designers believed space travel was possible – and so it was.

Many of you are already sensing, seeing or experiencing other times, dimensions and locations during your awake state. But such experiences are not expected or familiar, so you ignore them. Thinking such sensations are of little consequence – merely a quirk of your eyes or a trick your ears or other senses are playing on you. You cannot see or sense the obvious because you do not expect to.

Perhaps you would feel comfortable watching a spaceship land somewhere on earth – an ET adventure. But thoughts of travel to other locations instantly while of earth seems ludicrous – as did airplanes or automobiles in the late 1800′s. But once societal beliefs allowed them to be, both forms of transportation became reality.

Some of you are concerned that such travel will force you to ignore or delete your 3D world. Such is true in a sense. Much as when engrossed in a computer program or game, you are not that interested in what is happening in other parts of your 3D life.

Travel to various Universes or time periods will be similar – especially at first. You will be physically of earth, but your thought processes and senses may be elsewhere. Much as when learning to drive, you had difficulties understanding how it was possible to drive, talk to passengers and listen to the radio at the same time. Now such is so easy for you that you add cellular phones and GPS systems to your driving experience. You adapted because you expected to.

Some fear travels and communications with other worlds and times will be so exciting you will not wish to spend a great deal of time in humdrum 3D. At first, such might be true. But as you adjust to your new areas of expertise, you will set aside time to travel. Which again, is not unlike purchasing a new automobile that at first enthralls you with gadgets and capabilities, yet evolves into a basic mode of transportation.

So it will be for your travels once the novelty has worn off. You do not channel, heal or meditate 24 hours a day – and you will not do so traveling to new places. Your travels are merely another method of gathering information – if you choose.

Some of you will never use your travel, tool kit function. Just as is true of your iPad functions that others swear by. You have many new earth, tool kit programs readily available, but that does not mean you must use or even understand them.

Those of you excited by travel during your waking hours, know that you are fully capable of doing so now. Actually, you have always been capable. But earth belief patterns did not encourage you, nor did the cumbersome nature of doing so entice you to do so.

The recent multiple and ongoing energy packets beamed to earth urge you to throw aside your former perceptions and open your possibility beliefs – as well as make exploration of your new earth, tool kit components easier.

Awake state travel was cumbersome before these new earth energies started bombarding you. Those who mastered awake state travel did so with many preparations and thought processes prior to any adventure. Today’s dimension and time travel is much like picking up a telephone receiver and talking – nothing else is required.

Ease of movement and mastery is your new world. Allow yourself to believe you no longer have limits imposed by you or your society. Believe in the possibilities and such will be. Believe in limitations and you will remain of earth with little or no maneuverability…. or joy. So be it. Amen.

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