Heavenletter #4813 What Would Cause You Great Happiness?

You are the announcer of what kind of time you are going through. It is you who says you are suffering, and it is you who says you are having a wonderful time. You are the determiner of what you make of what your life is. In this way, you may be the pre-determiner of your life. You announce it beforehand. Watch what you say, beloveds. Why do you say it? Why say anything that announces you have bad luck, or such and such was sure to happen, and often come out with less than you started with.

What do you say, and what do you think? It is as if you are a doctor, and you write a prescription for yourself. Are you a defeatist? If you are, desist. Don’t use the excuse that you are merely being realistic. The down side is not the only realism on the block.

Do justice to yourself. Predict your life favorably. Break boundaries. Today does not have to be like yesterday. Tomorrow you can find yourself on a new movie set. The parameters of your life can change overnight. Be a believer in the idea that the best is yet to come. Do not refute this. Better and best are coming to someone. Why not you? Of course, you.

What would your better and best look like? What would cause you great happiness? You deserve your share. First create your present with your thoughts, for you do create with your thoughts. Think new thoughts. A new day dawns tomorrow.

Your life is not sewed up. Surprises are yet to come, surprises that you will relish, surprises that will have you dancing for joy. Is someone going to have great happiness tomorrow? Then why not you? Are you not My child as much as anyone else?

Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what life has given you. Now give to life. Cheer yourself on. Relish this day. Oh, sure, maybe you have things to complain about. Let go of complaints. Accrue appreciation. Go a mile with appreciation. You have life! And you know Who gave this life to you. Thank Me. Accept your life and that it is yours to make as you want.

You can be a tragedian if you want. You can be a martyr. You can be a sufferer. You also have other choices. Choose. Choose to be a giver and receiver of happiness. Start practicing now. Get good at it. Get good at happiness and thankfulness and good will and sharing it all. In any case, you do share. You may have shared your gloom. You can just as well share your Light. Enough darkness has been shared. No one has to learn misery or miserliness. You’ve been through that. Grab for a star now and bring it down for all to see. Give it away gladly. There are always more where that star came from.

Inspire. Be an inspiration. No more feeling sorry for yourself or ruing yourself. The world doesn’t need more regret and rue. The world needs you smiling and moving forward. Jump for joy. No more frowns, no more tension, no more sense of defeat.

You are the only one who can defeat you. What do you call defeat anyway? There are many rounds to win. Be your own encourager. Have the courage to encourage yourself. Go for it. Leap for it. Grab onto life. Make your life a love-song. Make your life a tribute to yourself, and so you make it a tribute to Me. Honor yourself, and honor all. Bless yourself, and bless all.

Perhaps you didn’t realize how important you are to the realization and awakening of the world. Credit yourself, and you do credit to all. I am betting on you. Go for it.

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