Aloha dear friends,Sue and Mary Carol

Aloha dear friends,

We welcome and thank all those of you who signed up this week and joined our ever expanding family of light. As I was meditating the other day The Great White Brotherhood asked me if I would be willing to write with them. I gladly accepted and have a few messages for you below.

Mary Carol has been healing some dental issues and preparing for her trip to the mainland, so just a short message from Adama this week! I took her to the airport this morning.

For those of you who recently joined us, we have just published all of our Messages of Illumination as a Kindle book on Amazon. More information can be found on our website click on the About Us page and scroll to the bottom.

We wish you all a wonderful, peaceful weekend with plenty of time to rest!

Mahalo and Aloha to you all,


Beloved one, we are so happy you are willing to continue writing with us. There does not need to be any special day or time. When you feel our presence and you are able, please communicate with us. We still have much we wish to impart to you and your readers. We love you very much and rejoice, once again at being with you.
There are many shifts and changes happening to you and all those around you. We are all preparing for an enormous flux of change. So do not be surprised as things begin to move faster and faster. There is nothing to hold on to and we advise you to just allow what needs to fall away, to do so, without resisting the process. There is and will be a time of grieving for your old world and your way of living, as you have lived this way for so very long, but soon you will adjust to your new environment and feel at home once again. We cannot give you any specific details as everyone will have a different experience. So there is no norm to be found in your new world, as you are, as we have said many times before, creating the world you wish to live in.
Remember to keep focusing on what you truly desire and not on that which you do not! For where your attention flows there the energy goes. Remember this dear ones, all the time!
Live in gratitude and wonder of your sacred journey into a higher state of awareness. This is something very unique for each one of you, as each one represents a different aspect of the Divine Presence expressing itself in a physical form. We know sometimes life can be challenging as you see all that is wrong with your present environment and world, but we suggest and recommend that you do not place your focus here as it will only create more of that which you do not want!
There is a huge shift about to occur and you are all feeling this in your own lives, in your very cells. Just relax, be at peace with where you are and how life is unfolding and trust that it is all a part of the Divine plan. Be kind to your bodies as they are changing day by day just as your consciousness is. Take time to relax and enjoy that which you cherish. There are no have to’s or should do’s here! Just follow your inner guidance moment by moment, this can be of the utmost importance, we cannot stress this enough.
Get away from being on automatic pilot and tune into your higher self each moment, checking to see if you are where you need to be. The days you feel lost or out of sink with life around you, rest and relax and be kind to yourselves. The dial is moving to a higher frequency and it takes a few days for each one of you to adjust. This is not a mental process but one that is happening from the inside out. All the deep dark secrets, hidden within your being, are coming to the surface to be acknowledged and loved back to wholeness. No one is exempt!
Anyone with whom you still have an issue has to be resolved and healed within yourself, loved and forgiven, before it can be released. Forgiveness of self and others is of utmost importance and we encourage each one of you to go back in your lives and work your way into the now, making peace with all the emotions and feelings connected to certain people. This is what we meant by, its time to clear out your closets. This does not have to take such a long time.
Go into meditation and ask your higher self to show you from childhood onwards all the people you have not been able to forgive. Surround each one in Divine love and make peace with this person. Recognize that no one can ever do anything to you, it is all a part of the Divine plan for your souls evolvement. Every, single person that has pushed your buttons was called in by your higher self to do just that. It’s high time to let go of the blame and shame game and take responsibility for every situation in your lives. Be grateful to every one of your precious friends, relatives and partners that have been doing their job extremely well, to help you understand the old pattern that keeps being played out, time and time again. Once it has been acknowledged, loved and accepted and the gift in the lesson recognized, it will no longer show its face again. It will dissolve and you will evolve.
So beloved ones, we give you some homework! Be honest with yourselves, completely open and vulnerable and the rewards and elation you will feel will be great. You are never done, life is an ongoing evolving process that continues even as you move into higher and higher frequencies. So accept this as simply a natural part of your journey and embrace the challenges at hand, as another opportunity to grow and evolve.
We love you, we embrace you and we thank you for your willingness to evolve.
The Great White Brotherhood.
OCTOBER 20, 2012

MARY CAROL: Dear ones, there is a large expansion of our homeland here that is proceeding as we busy ourselves with creating a larger area to accommodate all of you who will be coming here to live while outer Earth is going through her transformation. You will be alerted and informed of how this is to take place. Certainly it will be in divine right timing and you will be absolutely safe and protected during the process. Do not allow worries to disturb you. Just go with the flow, let go of reiterating the past to yourself, leave that all behind and keep tuned in to the Now channel; do not, emphatically, do not allow yourself to lag behind. Stay in tune with the forward movements of the shift.
At this time we are totally involved with the preparations for your arrival. Please know that all of you will be comfortably transported by our star family. All of you will be joined by your personal family, as they are willing to join the Ascension. All will receive notification of how to proceed with your personal preparations.
Outer Earth will soon be involved in a thorough cleansing and revitalization and it will be a very intense time, not very habitable as the changes occur. You will be here actually assisting her process, working along with our selves and with the Galactic Federation as well as many others of higher dimensions. You, dear Ones, shall be hearing from them.
Love and blessings surround you as you are absorbing greater Light, Adama

Beloved ones we greet you on this busy but beautiful day. We are happy you have taken the time to connect with us. We have been awaiting your loving call.
As you feel the love surround you, tears fill your eyes and hearts with gratitude for the infinite love of the Creator. We are simply servants, as you are, serving the greater purpose of the whole.
It is apparent, that as you shift you sometimes feel a little strange for a day or two. This is normal beloved ones and nothing to be concerned about. We assure you of our love and support no matter where you are or who you be! It makes no real difference who speaks to you, as we, as you all, are a part of the same Divine Presence bringing forth certain aspects and accents that need to be addressed. We cannot stress enough how much we love and appreciate you all and your willingness to face whatever comes into your awareness, allowing it to heal from the inside out. Be gentle with yourselves, your cells and your bodies. Don’t push yourselves too far in one day. You may be feeling more tired than usual at this time and it is all a part of your body, mind and spirits way of saying, “Slow down and let us catch up with the shift that has just taken place!”
Today is oneness day upon your earth and we now offer you a short but beautiful meditation to close your day and begin anew tomorrow.
Enter into your hearts dear ones and as you breathe deeply feel your heart space expanding to include the whole world and all of humanity. Feel as if you have mother earth and all her inhabitants within your own heart. Just allow all the love and peace you are now feeling to emanate in, through and around every living being, including the beloved mother. Know that all that you send forth comes back to you 10,000 fold. This is so simple but extremely powerful and we encourage you to do this short meditation often and it will make a difference that you will soon begin to see and feel around you.
The time of year we are now approaching is the season of giving and loving. This year we suggest you make it more a season of giving from your hearts, rather than from your purse. This will also, have a profound effect on the whole. Material things do not count, but love does. Loving kindness, in whatever form it comes, is the greatest gift you can ever give anyone.
We love you, we embrace you dear sisters and brothers. We are your brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood. Adieu.

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