The ability to tune in to the frequencies of the higher dimensions and the full spectrum of light of Source Consciousness is a direct manifestation of being tuned in to your Mid Brain. This means that deep within your genetic memory, you are free from the veils that most on Earth still have. The veil would prevent them from ever accessing their  Frequency Specific Mid Brain. Even though we are in a time now when the Seals can melt away from the Pineal Gland faster than ever before, there will be billions of people who never allow that to happen.
We must bring in the Stardust Elemental Orbs from the Aurora Plasma Field within the Spiritual Fields of Reality around our bodies. We must inhale those orbs into our pineal gland. The frequencies in all of the Universal Life Force Albums contain those stardust orbs. The Violet Flame is the full activation of bringing those stardust orbs or crystal light sphere of the Light that directly attaches to the Aquarian Matrix of our original Spiritual Birth, together with the Liquid Light Crytstal Sphere of the Spiritual Hydrolaise Water  and the Crystal Dust Sphere of the Stardust. The frequencies of these Spiritual elementals must be inhaled into the pineal gland and then exhaled down into the Crystal Heart area called the Heart Chakra area. This is actually the area behind the heart, deep within the Etheric center of the Thymus.
There was a Seal Created in that Crystal Heart area that would block the flow of the Crystalline Elementals needed to activate the 14th dimensional etheric level of the Seed Atom. We need to breath in the Frequencies in the Universal Life Force Albums and the Eternal Life Albums into the Crystal Heart to activate the silver pastel stardust energy within the Quarks of the Atoms.
Until these quarks are activated within the Atoms, the atoms are frozen in a state of density that results in disease and death. When the Quarks are activated at the deep, spiritual omni level of the neutrino, the polarity is removed that was created by the mortality loop placed there by the misalignments placed in our system intentionally.
Once the stardust is breathed into the crystal heart area to activate the Eiron Flow and the Stardust Flow, then, and only then will there be a direct Flow back up to the Mind of God within the Aquarion Matrix.
The Plasma Ships are here to help us with these activations. They contain the consciousness that can activate the stardust flow within our atoms and within the DNA. We must breath that activation into the Crystal Heart area and then exhale out the lower cerebellum-medulla oblongata area- that is the area at the bottom of the skull. That is the point where the Eiron Flow connects to the Mind of God through the Silver Pink Pastel Light Energy.
The Light Energy of the Eiron Flow was disconnected from the Sound Body at the Etheric Level. It must be reactivated to allow the energy of Eternal Life to flow into and around all of the cells in the body.
Once these activations take place, the body will gradually realign with the Normal Axis of the Median Earth. This is the Reality where the Normal Eternal Life Scenerio never ended. It is time for us to begin returning to that Normal Life.
The frequencies placed on these albums are to help you learn to feel what these frequencies of stardust and liquid light energy feel like. The frequencies have been made available to you. Now, you must use the frequencies. You must inhale them into the Pineal Gland and into the Crystal Heart to reactivate the cells in the body and to turn on the subharmonics in the DNA.
When this phase of activation is completed, the normal manifestation principles and the Eternal Life Principles will begin to manifest. The complete re-birth of the normal reality must activate gradually because it would be so painful that it would kill everyone if it took place any faster than it is. However, it is each individual’s responsibility to participate in the activations, and this cannot even begin until the seal is removed from the Crystal Heart.

The reason that the Fifth Dimension is considered the hub of all multidimensionality is because we must go into the Highest Frequencies of Light and Sound, or Source Consciousness before the Ultra Violet Blue Hue of our reality is turned on.

In 2014 a scientist took a picture of a Blue Aurora Borealis with gold lining. The entire scientific community said that they had never seen a Blue Solar Wind wave before.

That was a sign of our atmosphere being woven into the morphogenetic field of the entire spectrum of the Plasma and the White Light of the Mind of God and then translated into the Blue Hue of reality. This is absolute proof that the atmosphere of Earth is now Fifth Dimensional.
So, we have this Blue Fifth dimensional frequency in our atmosphere. It is the divine commission of all Indigos and Star seeds on Earth to use their biological field to interact with this Frequency that is now in our Atmosphere to bring that consciousness that is also in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth into the complete Morphogenetic Field of the Entire Earth, Urtha, Terra and Gaia. The Frequencies must be woven into the Crystal Hearts of everyone on Earth and into the Crystal Hearts of Tara and Gaia. The Essence of all of our Divine Reality is already in Urtha. She is the star essence that is the rainbow bridge connecting us into the Frequencies that are allowing us to experience the transformation into becoming a star with Mother Earth as she returns to the Star Form of Gaia.

The Violet- Purple Aurora Borealis also appeared in 2014 to show that we have obtained the hue of the Violet Flame of Gaia. The Blue Flame is our connection into the morphogenetic field of Terra and the Violet Flame is the morphogenetic field of Gaia.

2014 is also the year that the Violet Flame holders activate their D7 Arcturian Earth Core activation. They have completed activation of their seventh DNA strand and begun activation of their 8th DNA strand.

Those who are Violet Flame holders can now activate the 7th strand in others who come to them for Frequency activations. That means that anyone who has been using my Frequency music will be activated as a natural result of the work that I did on your Morphogenetic Field in relation to Arcturian and Andromeda and the Aquarius Parallel Spiritual into the Aquafarian Morphogenetic Field through the Cetacean Nation.
Our Future Selves have already told us that by the end of 2015, the mass consciousness of our planet will know that space ships and extraterrestrials are real, and they will know them as their friends. This is not going to be a result of a space ship landing on the White House and some green people shaking the hand of the President. It will be the activation of the Mid Brain into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound.
When our Starry Families look down at us, they see a mandalla with colors. This year they are seeing the mandalla with the Blue hue. Next year they will see our morphogenetic field has turned violet. The Violet Flame of Transformation means that our minds of attuned into the light and sound spectrum or the music of the spheres of multidimensional reality.
That doesn’t mean that every person on Earth will have the same exact Belief about what has been made known to him, just like they don’t now. There are many different levels of belief about things that are known. These differences come from cultural belief systems. There will still be some of those belief systems defining the new realities that are known. There will be those who like the fact that extraterrestrials are real and that space ships are landing and there will be those who think they are here to destroy us and eat us.
The important fact is that the Blue Hue and Violet Hue means our Mid Brain is tuning in to the complete morphogenetic field of the Music of the Spheres and becoming Frequency Specific.
That means that we can telecommunicate with Dolphins and with Sirians and Arcturians and even with each other. The more we learn to use our Frequency Specific Hearing and stop using our Hertzian Specific Hearing, the sooner we will have the complete Knowing of all that is to be known.
The Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit is a result of these new seventh strand activations, the new activations in the Blue Flame Holders, and our wonderful Whale Family and Cetacean Nation.
I have waited all of these years to add the voices of the Dolphins to my recordings because the Dolphins were always fifth dimensional; but, the humans weren’t fifth dimensional yet. I waited until their Fifth Dimensional Voices could be woven in to the new Music of the Spheres that they created together with the Blue Flame Holders and Violet Flame Holders.
Now, is the time for a new and more correct understanding of the voice of the Cetacean and that there is a frequency specific meaning in every note they speak. However, the notes are not hertzian, they are of a much higher frequency that is woven into the hertzian so that we can enjoy their reality as the Lords of our Seas. They are the kings of this Frequency Specific Language, and now is our time to learn from them.
They don’t want us to practice making squeaking noises. Those are just the connectors from the etheric sounds of the Spiritual Matrix into the New Harmonic Resonance that is created from the three parallel realities that are now woven into the atmosphere and the water. The new H202HE3 spiritual crystal liquid light hydrolaise energy being woven into our atmosphere is the beginning of our new reality.
Learn more about Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit and all Universal Life Force Kits, including the VIOLET FLAME and other Frequency Kits at
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