Grounding Meditation for 21 and 22 April 2014


Rather than being thrown off balance by this extremely powerful transmission (as it is, many of us are already feeling very challenged and ‘torn apart’ by the four planets moving towards into opposing or squaring each other completely), we can prepare our body to receive and integrate with the galactic transmission in a steady, harmonious and gentle way.

Here is the meditation gifted by Valeria for grounding ourselves prior to the actual day of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

1. In a lying position, align with the planets and elements through your hands and feet outlined below, also shown in Diagram B.

    • Place the planet Jupiter and the element Water on your right hand;
    • Place Uranus and Fire on your left hand;
    • Place Mars and Air on your right foot;
    • Place Pluto and Earth on your left foot.

Diagram B

2. Have your focus on the core star chakra (slightly above navel center) as you listen to this star language transmission from Valeria:

3. Repeat the meditation (steps 1 and 2) over the next two days, that is, on 22 and 23 April.

Additional Procedure on 23 April 2014

I am asked to connect with Lake Ohau of New Zealand – the third eye chakra of 5D Earth –  on 23 April for receiving the new galactic codes. The transmission will be recorded and posted on my blog.

Perform the following steps after you have completed the grounding meditation explained above.

4. Link your third eye chakra with the ‘Galactic Eye’ using photo below – Sky of Lake Ohau, contributed by Sean Turnbull


5. Point all fingers at your core star chakra as you listen to the recording of the galactic transmission (to be released on morning of 23 April).

May you enjoy the bliss in stillness and balance on the day of the Grand Cross!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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