St Germain: “Progress is Being Made with Love!”

St Germain: “Progress is Being Made with Love!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – January 27, 2015


“Greetings to all of you, in Love and honoring of your presence here!  I am Saint Germain and I am come with more to add to what you have heard already from Ashtar* on behalf of the entirety of the Ashtar Command.  I ride with him on The New Jerusalemand I have been much the traveler, for I have been visiting with the various governmental heads and leaders all over your world.


“And I shall report to you that overall, progress is being made!!! There are some who are still unwilling to bend, unwilling to work with the people they represent, to give up their selfishness, their hoarding of money and other treasures.  And they will follow – in the history/herstory of this Planet – in the footsteps of other leaders who refused to concern themselves about the welfare of the people, who saw themselves as being above the people, not subject – not only not subject to the laws that they made as rulers – but not subject to the Laws of God and Humanity!


“I give you one example which is well known to you.  And I tell you that there are those, even today, who are displaying this attitude in their expressions when we meet.  There was in France, a queen.  She was charming and beautiful.  Her name was Marie Antoinette.  She was not popular with the people, because she was quite fond of spending money on lavish entertainments, jewels, clothing, and so on.  I visited with her as Count Saint Germain.  She refused to listen to what I was counseling her to do, which was to open her Heart to the people and to be an advocate for their welfare – instead of impoverishing them even more.  And when she was told there was no bread -they were starving, they had no bread to eat – her flippant reply was, ‘Well then, let them eat cake!’


“Well, you know what happened to Marie Antoinette, and in this day and age, there is a Being who, with all Love, will meet with them one last time, if they do not recant and bring themselves into the Grace of Love.  Now, she goes to great lengths to present Joy and Love and Healing.  And she is Master, Divine Goddess of all of those!  But she also has a power which is very seriously powerful, and that is that she can uncreate souls.  Think about that!  Understand that there are some who are so devoted, programmed, and unwilling to give up their rule, their power, their money, their enslavement programs, that they will – or have already – have a final meeting with Mother Sekhmet.


“We still hold out the hands of Love to all who would join, no matter how serious their deeds have been, no matter how many they have hurt.And so it is that when you are looking upon the various actions that are taking place in the World, moment by moment, if you see something that is less than Love, we ask you to add your Love to it so that all of those affected by it – and that is everyone in the Universe by the way – may feel an upliftment into Love.


“This is another way of saying, ‘Be not in judgment!”There is a saying which is very familiar from the bible and it says, ‘Judge not that ye be not judged.’  But here’s the rest of that.  Who, or shall we say, from what source does the most powerful judgment of you come?  It is from you!  And so what it is saying is, ‘Free yourself from all judgment and you will free yourself!!!’


“Now that sounds simple.  It is not easy to do.  It is not easy to do when people of one color skin are being persecuted, their young men, even boys, are being gunned down by people wearing white sheets, people wearing uniforms of representing the government.This is a part of the history/herstory of Planet Earth which you are leaving behind as you move into Higher Dimensionality.  And we’re moving with you.  We’re with you every step of the way!


“And so rather than judge even those who created these programs, even though you know they are the darkest of Hearts – or hats – this is the moment for Love!!!  And every moment calls for Love, and if you are looking upon something that has been in the past, put the LoveLight on it as well.  You create your futures by doing that.  And no matter how you choose to do that expression of Love, as my Beloved Brother, Captain Ashtar, has said, ‘Look into your own Hearts.  Lift up and join in the Chorus of One!!!’


“We’re all there.  And you’re all there, but in your Higher Dimensional Selves!  And from that perspective, you can find the ways in your Hearts to put Love on any situation, any expression, any event.  And from there, as your Love goes out across Planet Earth – below, on and above and out from there, to the very boundaries of the Universe – if you want to think of the Universe as having any kind of a boundary – I just assure you that it’s all permeated by your loving expressions!  And so it is that Love prevails!!!


“Now I would say a word to you.  I know that some of you are having challenges. I will say ‘challenges.’ You are challenging yourselves, if you will take responsibility for your creations. But nevertheless, the physical density of the third dimension has the capability to hold, and so sometimes things get literally trapped in, until you free them and release them. And again, the Power Tool to use for that is Love!


“But I know – we know – we see that many of you are engaging in challenging situations or circumstances, some of them within your own physical bodies. Remember, Rejuvenation is yours!  Healing is yours!  And if you are not feeling that you can accomplish this on your own, get some help!  Sekhmet and a whole legion of Galactic medical personnel, physicians from the Great White Brotherhood, your own personal guides and your Higher Selves are with you.  Yes!  Call them forth!!!  Call forth the Arcturian healing technologies.  Again, join in the great Oneness and lift yourselves up into that Higher Realm, where you can’t take these things with you.  And where, if you have the perspective, you can direct the Healing energies of Love to whatever it is that has, shall we say, taken root within your physical beings!!!


“Another aspect of your physicality can be found in your financial situations. Lift yourself up, join in Loving Oneness and call forth, or require, what it is that you need.  I have said to you before – call upon me specifically!  Now if you are, shall we say, embedded or mired down in three-dimensional concerns, feelings, worries or fears, it’s going to take a lot longer for the Universe to send you the abundance that you are desiring.  If you lift yourselves up first, join in the grand Loving Oneness, and state your Requirements from that perspective, you will find that your blessings of Abundance of whatever it is you need – whether it be money or food or an answer to a question – will flow to you much faster!!!


“The key to it is in that exponentially increased empowerment, that joining together automatically and infinitely, is a part of what you express.  And in case you’re having any thoughts of unworthiness, now is the time for you to say – or better yet, stand in front of a mirror and greet the Divine Ones You Are, because you are Divine and you are just as empowered as I!!! You have all the gifts that I have.  You simply haven’t opened them yet.You have not awakened fully to the Divinities You Are.


“And so I, too, thank you.  I have been delighted to be with you in this Gathering, and I assure you that we have many more accomplishments to enjoy together.  So thank you!  And take the power of Love that we are experiencing here and keep it with you always.  For Love Is Who You Are, and loving expressions are what you are here to bless Planet Earth – and the entire Universe beyond – with your gifts, with your Lights and, of course, with your Love. And so it is!  Namaste!”


Transcription by Marta.

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