Time to reBuild: accessing your blueprint


We have officially returned from our first eclipse voyage of the year, and with our soul’s way more intact than when we embarked upon this substantial soul-retrieving odyssey in late March…all innocent and wide eyed 8O .

Regardless of where you find yourself at this moment, I am pretty certain that you are exiting in a very different state than you entered…even if you are not fully aware of it yet.  Realistically speaking, we are moving into a whole. new. human. experience. and so we all need a minute to get our bearings and reorient to new life…this birthing was a b-i-g-g-y.

It’s no secret that time has all but evaporated (along with the 4th dimension) and even tho, technically speaking, this was a truncated portal…2 as opposed to 3 eclipses in a row…these r-evolutionary crusades can feel like the lonnngest days of our lives. At this advanced stage of the ascension game eclipses are like being in a vacuum, mostly because we have become so sensitive to energy and how to parlay its influence into our personal expansion that we need very little in the external world to reflect our individual process…in fact, the outside world can serve to detract from it.

And while it can be challenging & frustrating to be so Self consumed, these periods always prove to be so valuable because they force enable us to go deeper than we are able to with our conscious mind focused on business as usual. The success of any eclipse passage is always contingent on our ability and readiness to deepen…to open to more of our authentic nature and those people/places/things that align with our full truth. Needless to say, these can be very rearranging times…both in our DNA and in our physical lives.

The outcome is such that the deeper we go (the more truth we have the courage to recover) the higher we are able to fly when we get to the other side.  And, according to the star folk…fly we must.  As of the recent new moon in Aries, a brand new accelerated cycle begins and we will now be supported to utilize the momentum before us to not only take flight, but to learn to balance our wings in the blowing winds of change.

Many of you reading this have consciously delivered the final parts of yourselves to the unity paradigm thru this recent passage.  Even if you are still trying to find your physical feet, the star-beings assert that our hearts & minds are absolutely attuned to unity, and the ripple effect of this emergence will continue to undulate for days, months, years to come.  

After weeks of frazzled unsettledness (unrest, uncertainty, unpredictability, anxiety, tension, etc.), swimming in super-charged Arian seas, we are now moving into a space of growing calm.  An anchoring in underway…we are grounding more deeply than ever into the core of our being where that once familiar feeling that all is well lives.  And not a minute too soon.

If you are already feeling this supportive space of centeredness, of neutral observation, know that this is the result of major defragmentation…of BEcoming whole again…the foundation and requirement for the the actualization and attainment of christ consciousness.  This governing energy is available to all those who have finished the course requirements from the univers-ity of cause and effect, passed all the polarity finals, and are readying to begin co-constructing the collective dream (divine blueprint) for new earth.

Last year close to this time we were (collectively) reaching the stage of evolution where we were able to more effortlessly emancipate ourselves from suffering.  Things didn’t get any easier, in fact, the opposite is likely true, but we had a multitude of divine feminine support to transcend our emotional attachment to hardship. This year we have an abundance of divine masculine support to transcend our physical attachments to hardship and create something entirely different out of our lives…out of the proverbial ashes of our past.

On the long road Home (return to Self) we have experienced death after death…rebirth after rebirth…graduated from level after level of attainment.  Every year for the last 15 we have been repetitively torn down so that we could rebuild on a lasting foundation of truth.  Each of us in our own way has left the flock in order to forge new human frontiers and actualize our deeply-felt potential. We faced our most paralyzing fears, integrated our darkest shadows, wholed our broken, untrusting hearts, let go in ways we didn’t know were possible…all in the name of surrendering to the greater plan guided by our higher Self…and mostly on what seemed like just “a hunch”.

We are all at different places on our path but one thing we can all agree on is that we are no where near the person we “thought” we were before 1999 when we entered The Galactic Cycle (according to the Mayan calendar)…the second to last underworld leading us to global enlightenment.

And while we have certainly achieved the impossible in terms of our inner-expansion, of reestablishing the divine feminine energy on this planet, very little has changed in the outer world to reflect the amount work we have put in…at least not to the extent of, or in equal measure to our toils and labors.  We have spent so much time purifying and transmuting that very little vitality has been available for building the physical structures that our world needs to embody this new energy…for those of us in the constant throes of genetic (trans)mutation, we just don’t have any tread left on our very worn tires.

In walks father God.

After the very powerful merging of sacred forces at the equinox…that which triggered the birth of our triality consciousness…the divine King is finally rejoining his sovereign Queen in order to rebuild a true partnership in co-creation.  Now, and with the support of the long-awaited return of our beloved & empowered sacred male, we can finally begin to resurrect our bodies and lives in order to manifest the physical structures in our worlds to match our true divine nature.

Where we have been mostly unable to get our greater visions off the ground and implement our divine dreams in the physical world, our (inner) male counterpart is beckoning…asking to assist and compliment us in more complete ways.  Where we have been unable to protect our precious vulnerability in the world and abundantly “provide” for ourselves, our inner warrior begs to rise and take command of the universal force to conspire to our success.

Where we have been unable to fuel our passions, structure our lives, create order out of chaos, we will gain more and more support to move from our long-suspended state of inertia to spontaneous, directed action in order to ground into form all the heartfelt/divine desire we cultivated while in the pregnant abyss of potential.

We are moving into a momentum-building phase where we will need the creative force of our empowered GOD nature to move us from the stillness/inaction of the VOID, of infinite possibilities, to the inspired actions that eventually accomplish our goals and ground our visions into purpose-filled achievements.

In many or most ways, we have been thru a very difficult 6 months of relentless embodiment (since the eclipses of last October followed by the 11:11 gateway) but the galactics say that it is time now to declare ourselves…to bring our highest creative visions and ideas to earth and lay the framework in order to begin putting our BIG plans in play.

And here’s the best news: there is a divine dispensation being offered over the next several weeks..a leg-up, if you will…for those who are willing & prepared to step into their life’s mission at this time.

It’s time to rebuild.  Do you know your part in the divine plan? 


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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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