Lord of Sirius:(Lord Ra, Keeper of the Flame of Eternal Truth, And Of The Sun)Channelled through Pat Grabham.


Greetings Beloved Ones, it is with joy I come to speak with you today; so much is happening, many huge changes are taking place and the Earth and all the Other Planets within the Mighty Universe, and Smaller Universes, are also undergoing great upheaval and refinement. These other Planets have not had the need for this as the Earth Planet. However, refinement and less solidification is a good thing, for it takes the Planets and indeed Earth, ever upwards into the Golden Spheres of the Creator, from whom All Life and Planets and Universes have Originated From.

Daily, we see from our Worlds of Light, the Mighty Rays which you on Planet Earth send out to the Worlds of Light and also into the Dark Corners where you, as individuals feel Your Light and the Light of The Creator is needed… And so it is Dear Beloved Ones, and for this I, And The Creator, along with all the Beings of Light within the Divine Spheres and Other Planets thank you. Your work has been helping to heal not only Earth but the Light generated by you Beloved Ones, has been transported into Worlds not yet even in Existence.

There will come times in later years, when much further Knowledge and Awareness will be Known. For now, it is enough that We in Our Worlds, Thank You, as We Work Together for the Higher Light of Earth and its peoples; many of you go back to Sirius, and Other Planets and Planes Within the Universes.

Sirius was a Planet, As Were Others, Which Existed, Alongside the Ray Children, back long before recorded history, and then even further back. Such information can only be accessed through spiritual teachings where attunement and insight and awareness takes place



All of the Higher Teachings are available… all can access. What is a pre-requisite from the Creator is the reason and wish for such. If it is a part of a person’s blueprint, then These Teachings will have a Huge Chance Of Coming To Fruition. Therefore, Beloved Ones, Listen, Listen, Listen – to that Inner Voice, which can be found in the Stillness of Your Being… for it is the Voice of the Creator speaking to you. Trust Your Judgement; do the words ring true – are they full of Love. Love is the Keynote Of Our Teachings from the Highest Dimensions, if Love Exists, then you can be more certain, We Are There.

Of course, there are indeed today Many Planets, Spheres and Planes within the Solar System… not all are accessible. It takes a certain amount of ‘faith’ that such is the case, and even more Knowledge that there are Teachings which Exist upon these Different Planets and Spheres above Earth, which have been in Existence Long Before Planet Earth Came Into Being.

What Are Planets…. Planets Are Aspects of the Creator’s Mind… they can be likened to Stepping Stones Upon Which The True Seeker of God Has Travelled And Will Travel, thus Learning and Seeing, The Many Wonders Which God Has Created For All Life, and for the Well-Being Of The Whole – God’s Dream In Reality, Made Manifest To All.

In the Early Days, the Different Planets and Spheres in Existence, (Long Before Planet Earth Came Into Being, Many, Many, Aeons Later), Were All In Telepathic Communication with Each Other. We Were Able To Levitate From One Planet To The Other. Thus was this our Mode of Travel, And Today, in Planes Above Earth, This Still Happens. Levitation in those Days of Great Light, (As In The Spheres and Planets Above Earth Even Now), Meant We Were Able To Have That Freedom Which Today On Earth Has Been Hidden – far too long for many of you, for with Freedom, Comes Joy… Joy at the Simplest Things Made Manifest, Which Transports The Spiritual Beings Of Light To Spheres Where That High Attunement And Love Exists. Like Attracts Like… so just as you are drawn to Many Different Spiritual Teachers through the Ages, so also, The Planets in Attunement With Your Own Love And Essence, Are There For You.

There For You.http://api.ning.com/files/30XHewVAs3EgFaLoyptObvmHQ6yg*HDVKmLxc1Wpp5t9zO9vOHcctYmKrJ1mreh7isq*0cPvzBClUyxGuhMQtTxsxOXvMeJK/crystalwindstunningwomanandangelwithhugebluewings.png


The Beings from Sirius, as with All Life, Originated from The Creator, but Beings Born Into and From Sirius, Did Not Come From The Breath Of The Creator, As Did The Ray Children of the Dhuman Adamic Race. Instead, for them, their Lineage comes from the Archangels…. The Attributes, Qualites, Aspects, which are a part of their Being, Concentrates on the Mind, but with the Mind Comes Love…. For Mind without Love, Is As Nothing. The Love Aspect takes the Being from Sirius and Aligns it with the Archangels, who Work With The Mental Aspect and Rays of the Creator. Thus at the end of this Earth Life when the Beings from Sirius Return Home, So Also Does The Sun (Son).

The Children, Although Adults of Sirius, have been Given a Particular Aspect of Intellect Which Resonates On A Certain Frequency Of The Creator. Many Children (Adults) from Sirius, Descended, as did Beings Later From Other Planets, Apart From The Ray Children, Known As The Dhuman Adamic Race, Who Were The First Beings to Descend From The Heights In Atlantis, to Offer Their Services in the Great Work to be Done Upon Raising the Consciousness and Light of Earth, So As To Become Similar To Those Other Planets Of Great Light, Already In Existence In The Universes Of The Godhead.

These beings, like others from Planets other than Earth, feel all too often we are aware, Far From Their Homeland. For this, we thank them, as does the Creator, For Their Work Is Of Great Assistance, To The Trinity, Of Father-Mother-Son, and Later, Daughter, Twin Soul, Or Eternal Flame Of God The Son, That Third Aspect Of The Trinity Of The Godhead, Of All Life Eternal.

Upon Sirius, Exists All The Colours Of The Spectrum, With So Many Tones and Hues All Within Each Individual Ray, That It Is Glorious To Behold.

As The Two Aspects Are Fused And Become As One – The Mind, The Intellect And Love, Then The Children Of Sirius Have Unlimited Insight Into The Mysteries Of Creation.

Archangels are of course Not Only Connected With Sirius. Our Beloved Archangels and Angels are Beings of Light, who are able to Transcend Time, Space and Densities, Far From Their Homeland Within The Very Radiance Of The Creator.

Depending on the Different Colours – the Children, Adults of Sirius have been Given, Denotes the Work which they are Destined to Complete. Each Colour, Ray of Light, Has Its Own Work and Love It Has Been Destined To Achieve For The Creator. All Are Equal. Two sides of the same coin, just different qualities and realisation will come to the Spiritual Seeker of Sirius as It Remembers its True Heritage and Destiny of the Work it has Undertaken To Do For The Godhead. Memories are returning, and many more will do so, as the years go by.

Therefore, Again, We Would Like to Thank You, As Ambassadors of the Light, In All The Work You Are Doing, For The Creator And For The Well-Being Of All Life, In All The Many Planes Of Existence, In Worlds Beyond Worlds.

Lord Ra, Custodian of Sirius, Keeper Of The Eternal Flame Of Light And Truth, Sends My Love And Blessings To All Who Read These Words….. I Am That I Am….. I Am He Whom The Lord Has Given Dominion Over All Life, And Worlds, Planes And Planets In Existence Now, Which Exist, As Well As New Spheres Which Will Come Into Being As The Universe, Universes, Become Ever More Refined And Etheralised, Taking These Planets Back To The Creator, As Was His Plan, Many Many, Aeons Of Time Long Gone.

So much is Happening today, those Wheels of Change Have Been Aeons Of Time In The Planning And Conception. Nothing Has Not Been Envisaged Or Considered, Thought Out Or Understood….. All Is As Was Inevitable. Even With Freewill, The Time Draws Near, The Consciousness Of Humanity Has Become More Spiritualised, And The Life Force Within – Remembered; All That Which Is And Which, With Love And Devotion, Will Be Able To Be Accessed…. That Is The Gift Of The Godhead To You Beloved Ones.

Thy Will Be Done….
Lord Ra, Keeper Of The Flame Of Eternal Light And Of The Sun.

Au-Revoir, Beloved Ones, I Will Communicate Again With You.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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