The Transitions of Your Soul Group by the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 22rd October 2015 – Original Source Sacred School of OmNa
The shifts occurring in this moment of ascension are likened to the energetic transformations which have
been taking place throughout this year, the only difference is that the intensity of the energy is now being
enhanced and magnified dramatically. The Goddess energy and Crystalline vibrations continue to support a
transition of cleansing, purification and renewal upon the Earth and within your being, however their energetic
vibration is allowing a new download of energy to anchor. It is each person’s Soul Group which is now
stepping forward to work with their soul extensions. Your soul from which you are an extension, as are eleven
others, is moving through a process of releasing all unneeded energies from all of the past, present and future
lifetimes you have experienced upon the Earth and the inner planes. Your soul is being invited by your Soul
Group to purify its energies entirely, to complete all lessons of previous, present or simultaneous lifetimes so
that a wealth of knowledge and wisdom can be acknowledged and collected to be expressed in the new Era
of Love upon the Earth.
Your soul is moving through a powerful purification process which is raising its energy vibration and allowing
new heightened vibrations of light from the Creator to flow through your soul. The process of purification
occurring within your soul is naturally impacting upon your physical reality as you are connected to and
embody your soul. It is as if your soul is scanning your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body to bring
to the surface all that does not serve, align with or enhance the soul. During this time you may move through
challenges connected to any or all of your bodies, such as fears running through your mind, pain moving
through your heart chakra, emotions rising through any part of your being and all forms of fear based energies
trying to be expressed through you. The key to understanding this process is to realise that the word,
‘through,’ is immensely important; everything that is no longer needed is moving through your being in some
way or form, sometimes conscious or unconsciously, to be released and erased eternally. The way that your
mind, emotions, physical body or spiritual body chooses to release these energies may seem unusual to you
however there is a need to trust in the purification process occurring within your soul which is influencing your
entire being upon the Earth.
In this moment of ascension, trust, faith and belief in the Creator, the beauty and goodness of your reality and
being are essential and will support your soul in moving through its process of renewal. For many people on
the Earth their souls are actually achieving a process which is freeing them from the birth and death cycle of
the Earth. Meaning that for many souls upon the Earth in physical human bodies they are preparing to not
return to the Earth. There are many souls upon the inner planes who have not yet experienced the Earthly
reality and have been waiting for the Earth and its humanity to rise in frequency so that they may then anchor
into and experience the Earth. In truth a new group or civilisation of souls are waiting to integrate gradually into
the Earth Experience. For these souls to integrate it is required that souls who have experienced all that the
Earth Experience can offer move through a process of completion which will raise the vibration of the Earth
and make space for new souls to enter with the purpose of continuing to raise the frequency of Mother Earth
and create the Era of Love. Due to the work that you and many soul upon the Earth have achieved in
anchoring the light and truth of the Creator, these new souls will be able to be born recognising and
remembering a higher more loving frequency of light. It is even through their gradually integration into the
civilisation of the Earth that the love frequency on the Earth will be magnified.
These souls are not from a certain area or place on the inner planes, they simply just have not been born upon
the Earth before, however they have observed all aspects of reality throughout all the many years and
civilisations, understanding everything. The new souls anchoring are also an aspect of many soul groups who
already have aspects of their energy in existence upon the Earth, which signifies that many soul groups can
continue to grow, explore and develop through the Earth experience.  Some soul groups will bring completion
to all aspects of their energy upon the Earth gradually so they may be of service more powerfully from the
inner planes.
We could say it is akin to higher aspects of self, as we are all one, entering into the Earthly reality to
As your soul brings forth completion supported by your Soul Group this doesn’t mean that you will leave your
physical body instantaneously, nor does it mean that this will be your last lifetime upon the Earth. There are
many upon the Earth who are currently experiencing their last lifetime upon the Earth, however for others the
process of bringing completion to their soul’s journey upon the Earth may take one or two more lifetimes, yet
that is still a completion at a quick rate when considering the journey your soul has already made. This means
that these souls will be able to continue to support the new souls entering the Earth while also benefiting from
the new frequency of light they are distributing from the inner planes through their physical presence.
In this moment of ascension your soul is experiencing an accelerated purification and integration process, this
will slow down in time, continuing to quicken at different times in your life to bring completion to the journey of
your soul upon the Earth. Enjoy these times of deep inner cleansing as they will make way for feelings and
sensations of deeper resonance with the Creator within your physical being and reality.  There is no need to
understand the process, simply allow yourself to focus on releasing, detaching and letting go of all that arises
from within your being, especially if you feel it is not aligned with the purity of your love. This is the most
appropriate and beautiful way to support your soul in its purification and completion process.
Your Soul Group is stepping forth with the wealth of its energy, power and love to be present and embodied
within your soul and even your physical body. Your Soul Group holds a wealth of knowledge and is able to
see, sense and acknowledge the larger picture of your journey as a soul extension, soul and Soul Group,
therefore the wisdom, insights and guidance you receive through your intuition will be dramatically enhanced,
developed and will hold a deeper resonance with your truth. It is through your intuition that you, as a physical
being upon the Earth, will experience a deeper connection with your Soul Group as your intuition will begin to
flow from your Soul Group, merged with your soul, through your soul and into your awareness. This symbolises
a great shift and transformation within your being, the way you approach your reality, your perspectives,
beliefs, actions and the direction you choose to take upon the Earth may alter becoming more aligned with
your pure love. With the greater presence of your Soul Group influencing your entire being there is potential for
great transformation to take place within your being, this is why trust, faith and belief in the Creator are
essential at this time as everything which you are accustomed to may begin to shift both within and around
you. With enhanced trust, faith and belief in the Creator you can be certain in creating a foundation which is
continuous and supportive for you as you move through major processes of transformation and ascension.
Your Soul Groups purpose is to create a major shift of awakening upon the Earth at this time and in the
coming years which is required to take place through you and all who are willing to consciously connect with
their Soul Group. Your Soul Group will bring forth greater frequencies of love, unity and devotion to the divine,
thus dissolving many forms of illusions connected to the planet Earth. Inner and self healing processes will
become immensely influential as many more fully remember how to heal themselves of all forms of ailments
from within their being. The wisdom held within the consciousness of humanity will alter dramatically, causing
amusement in the future of remembering when you use to think certain ways and how ludicrous these thoughts
were. With the presence of your Soul Group seemingly new wisdom will be born into the minds of humanity
and yet this will be simply a process of deep remembrance. There is much transformation waiting to occur
within your being instigated by your Soul Group through your soul, it is important to dissolve any resistance
you may create to hinder the sacred impact of your Soul Group and soul, this can be achieved with focus on a
few simple practices:
Focus upon enhancing your trust in yourself, your reality, soul, Soul Group and the Creator believing in the
goodness, beauty and perfection of the Creator within and around you.
Focus upon your natural ability to let go and detach, this is not to disconnect, it is to realise that you cannot
hold onto energies, people, situations or perspectives, everything eventually requires to be let go. When you
are aware and let go as energies arise then you are more able to exist in the flow and love unconditionally.
Focus upon recognising that all challenging situations or experiences are to bring forth the light, love and
consciousness of your Soul Group into embodiment within your being.
Focus on the awareness of enjoying your reality and filling each moment with joy, as your soul is moving
through processes of completion with its journey of the Earth.
Focus upon your intuition, notice and be aware of your intuition with the awareness that it is altering,
becoming stronger and more powerfully guiding your reality on the Earth.
Focus upon love and let it fill your body and being as this will serve you in more ways than you could possibly
imagine and will allow all of the above focuses to manifest with ease and perfection.
In love and the perfection of the Creator,
Celestial White Beings
Natalie Glasson

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