Empath Starbeing Angelic Gateway Dimensional Shift 444

A stronger connection to the Angelic realms to the planet has occurred. There is no places that we cannot reach you on earth, we are here and always with you.

A dimensional shift is occurring at this writing and beckoning you to awareness and to be a part of the higher frequencies and cellular light increase. This new gateway will open your sight into the inter-dimensions and messages from 5th higher dimensional beings. Go within.

Your cellular memories are awakening of the Angels and celestial Light communities you are from, also referred to as the Angelic Star Tribes, Bird Tribe, Angelics and Star Seeds. Many of you have alliances with those sacred lineages. The Angelic dimensional gateway is here and reverberating in your longing to be united to resonate to what it is to be a true real Human. 33

444 – The Sign of the Angels. Their Presence Is With You.

There is an increase in seeing these signs of the Angels, the Angelic Realms and celestial star communities. The Angels and Angelic Realms are more accessible and are reaching out to you through signs, signals and in a variety of ways of Nature.

Angelic Realms signals:

The Angels and Angelic communities may be reaching out to you through signs of  Angels in the shape of clouds, birds and feathers coming to you, in dreams, through a gentle breeze where you feel their signature message of love. “Call on us and we will be there; we are a part of humanity’s ascension.”

Angel Numbers from the Blue Ray Angelic Lineage

444 – A power house of Angels are available to assist you or try to get your attention.

55 – Archangel Michael working through the Blue Ray is nearby.

555 – Archangel Michael. His energies of power, change and emphasis are put into service.

22 – Archangel Raphael is ready to help. He provides healing energies and is a twin bringing electromagnetic balance to the energy body and relationships.

88 – Archangel Gabriel is assisting you in your communications, creations and in sharing your life path gifts.

The Blue Ray Angelic

The Blue Ray Angelic is an ultra sensitive empath who is a Blue Ray and has strong resonance to the Angels and may have been an Angelic being. The Angels have a pronounced vibration in your field where you can communicate and know they are with you on some level.

Being an Angelic Blue Ray Starseed, I have a strong connection to the Angels and yet over the last month there has been an incredible increase with the Angelic realms and Angels. I also have a special affinity to the Angelic Star Tribes and there is connection to the lineages to the Bird People and Bird Tribes. I can feel their Angelic presence has increased resonances in my life and can feel my angelic DNA as a presence throughout my entire energy field; this is a first time experience. I am also seeing a white light portal open up to me—it can be in a flash of light that lasts longer so I know it is them. And never before have I seen so many 444.

Enjoy this most amazing time on Gaia as we have crossed over into a higher dimension and our access to our beloved Angelic and Light celestial communities can easily reach us and many of us are becoming Angelic Star human.

Shekina Rose

  1.  “Angelic Love” Love Song to Humanity Free gift from the Angels sung in ancient Solfeggio/angelic Language   to be used and passed on.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Hs3QWRkcs
  2. “Angelic Love” Free Song download Gift from the Angelshttp://shekinarose333.wixsite.com/stargatelightportal/copy-of-free-gift-angelic-tongues-of-lov

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