Manifesting from the Seat of Love by Venus Beings



Channelled through Natalie Glasson – 19th August 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, Beings of Love from Venus come forth to share our energy, light, and understanding with you. We are aware that major shifts are taking place upon the Earth now which are impacting the creation of the Era of Love. We are immensely excited as are many beings of the Universe of the Creator as a major shift concerning the Christ Consciousness has taken place supported and assisted by Master Jesus, numerous Christed Beings, and Star Beings. The Christ Consciousness vibration which was anchoring into the Earth during the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, was being drawn from a synthesis of the Planetary and Universal Levels of the Creator’s Universe. Now due to the increase of the Earth’s love quotient, the Christ Consciousness has been newly anchored from quicker frequency levels of the Creator’s Universe. A synthesis of Christ Consciousness from the Solar and Multi Universal Levels is now grounding into the Earth and humanity. This symbolises a deeper preparation, awakening, and manifestation of the Creator’s active love upon the Earth.

To experience this new upgraded Christ Consciousness simply call upon the Christ Consciousness light to flow through your being. There is no need to call upon the new download of the Christ Consciousness as it is now being received and embodied by all who focus upon the Christ Consciousness. Let yourself experience this high vibrational Christ Consciousness. Upon first receiving the light it is immensely healing and uplifting, then as you meditate upon its blissful vibrations of love you can allow yourself to understand and perceive how it wishes to support you, the shifts it will create the more you focus upon embodying it, while also sharing your purpose of working with the Christ Consciousness in your current embodiment. There is much that the new energy of the Christ Consciousness wishes to inspire and ignite within you.

With the Earth’s acceptance of the new download of Christ Consciousness, we the Beings of Venus are able to bring forth additional supportive love vibrations from our civilisation. We wish to anchor a pure turquoise and white light into the Earth, humanity, and your being. Held within the light is a powerful energy of peace which will support you in moving deeper into pure spaces of love within your being. Like waves washing over and through your being the energy will create a deep-seated calmness which for some may feel like a sleepy feeling. The energy awakens a powerful vibration and source of light from within your being carrying forth a feeling of contentment. The synthesis of peace from the light we share and the awakening of contentment within you will shift you into a powerful state where projection and manifestation are possible and can be achieved with great potency.

We, the Beings of Venus, now invite you to manifest from the seat of love within your soul. It is time to allow your soul’s love to infuse your entire being and reality with greater force as you enter into a state of peace and contentment, focusing upon projecting your love from your third eye and heart chakra simultaneously. This is a very powerful projection because it is born from your alignment and harmony with the Creator, it begins as energy or simply a feeling/sensation. Then it may build into visions or knowingness of that which your soul is choosing and wishing to manifest to serve your happiness and ascension as well as the ascension of the Earth and humanity. Sometimes you may not know what you are creating, however, the energy pulsating through your being will have a purpose which will manifest into your awareness and reality with divine timing.

Through this seemingly personal projection of your soul’s love, energy and wishes for your reality you will be raising the love vibration of the Earth and humanity. You will also be breaking through and erasing limitations of boundaries that many have placed upon their realities, such as their limits upon love, their unworthiness to receive all that their soul wishes to share with them and their inability to believe that their reality can be happy and joyous born from the seat of love of their souls. Many worldwide limitations, boundaries, and blockages can be erased through your projection of the seat of love of your soul, allowing this energy to magnify and manifest all that is divinely guided and is fulfilling into your reality for your continuous experience. The more you allow yourself to access your natural abilities and power the more you will without realising erase the n egativity, fear, and limitations from the lives of others. Your energy projects into the Earth and the Universe of the Creator, it is an active energy which is present for many to observe and draw upon, it also synthesises with other energies and quickens the speed of light that it connects with. The light and consciousness you project easily and simply from your being is constantly adding to and assisting major ascension shifts upon the Earth. You are more powerful than you know. You do not even need to focus upon world peace, ascension or sending healing energy to others, your projection of the seat of love from your soul achieves all this and more while creating peace and contentment in your reality. Peace and contentment in your reality create for you a reality which is beyond your dreams and desires while being immensely fulfilling.

To manifest from the seat of love of your soul:

First connect with the Christ Consciousness now anchoring into the Earth from the Universe of the Creator, feeling the flow of golden light pouring down over and through your entire being.

Secondly, ask for your entire being to be aligned with the light vibration, we the Beings of Venus, are currently emanating to the Earth.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge the turquoise and white light we, the Beings of Venus, are anchoring into the Earth now flowing over and through your being, as you focus upon your inhalation to draw the energy into your being. The turquoise and white light carries a powerful energy of peace and guides you into a state of peace.

Thirdly imagine, sense or acknowledge that an energy of contentment ignites from within your being. The sensation of contentment is like a burning fire within you and emanates to pulsate throughout your entire being.

The energy of peace, we the Beings of Venus are sharing with you will synthesise with your energy of contentment, guiding you into a divine state of being, which you can enjoy and recognise as a natural state of your existence.

Invite your attention to be drawn to the seat of love of your soul within your being. Allow yourself to observe the seat of love of your soul. It will ooze and emanate love into your entire being as if you are sitting in an embrace of pure love or are connecting with the foundation of your soul’s immense love.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that the powerful love vibrations from the seat of love of your soul connects with your third eye and heart chakra, beginning to project outwards from your being. Observe or guide the projection, follow your intuition as to what feels necessary. There is no need to place visions or ideas as to what you wish to experience in your reality into your mind’s eye. Simply focus upon the energy being projected through your third eye and heart chakras. Observe any visions, ideas or understandings that dawn; this is the guidance of your soul. Your soul from its seat of love will create peace, contentment, love and fulfilment. You do not need to know how this will form, simply know that through your experience of the energy it will manifest in the most blissful and surprising way for you to experience. This process also strengthens your trust of your soul whic h enhances your bond with yourself and the Creator.

Enjoy this process for as long as you wish to. When you feel the process is complete, simply focus upon your Earth Star Chakra below your feet as you exhale several times deeply.

We are supporting you every step of the way to becoming the love that is your truth and experiencing it fully upon the Earth.

With Venus blessings and love,

Venus Beings

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Capsule of Wisdom


Your Personal Energy Portal

from the Universe of the Creator


Explore the synthesis of energies from the Universe of the Creator that are personal for you to aid your embodiment of your ascension and truth

 Channelled from Archangel Metatron

16th August 2016

Capsule No 124 is a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deeper level with the Universe of the Creator. Guided by Archangel Metatron you are supported in discovering more about yourself and truth as well as receiving all you require and need to aid the next stage of your ascension. Archangel Metatron supports you in grounding yourself so that you can access your Personal Energy Portal drawn from the Universe of the Creator. Your Personal Energy Portal is a synthesis of energies, light, consciousness and wisdom of the Universe of the Creator that are essential for you to embody now. This is an empowering, deeply healing, awakening and inspiring process which allows you to enhance your connection with all that you are and is your truth, while opening yourself up to the expansive nature of the Universe of the Creator. This is a powerful tool and experience that encourages you to acceler ate in your spiritual evolution.

I do hope you enjoy,

Many blessings,


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Missed the Webinar for August 2016?

New Christ Consciousness Imprints

for the Earth and Humanity

Completing a Cycle of Master Jesus’ Purpose on the Earth and the Inner Planes of Imprinting Christ Light Codes

An Intensive 1 h 30 mins of Christ Consciousness Light

With Master Jesus, Supported by the Celestial White Beings

Online Webinar Course

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Catch Up Now

Master Jesus manifested upon the Earth supported by many souls to imprint the Christ Consciousness codes of light from the Creator. Through his crucifixion, ascension and resurrection he awoke the Christ Consciousness within many souls and downloaded powerful love frequencies into the core and energetic networks of the Earth. This created numerous shifts upon the Earth which continue to impact our present day and current ascension process.

Supported by the Celestial White Beings, Master Jesus wishes to come forth to deliver new Christ Consciousness imprints, frequencies and light codes which will be an extension of those previously anchored into the Earth and humanity. His deliverance of the Christ Consciousness accompanied by his guidance and sacred wisdom will allow humanity and the Earth to embody the next stage of Christ Consciousness Light. This will act as a completion of a cycle of Christ Consciousness embodiment within all magnifying the love of each being and enthusing this into their realties. Master Jesus’ download is aligned with our current stage of ascension and will support us all in moving to new vibrations of love and mastery within our personal ascension.

Allow yourself to be present with Master Jesus, recognising the Christ Consciousness within your being and downloading the magnificent Christ Consciousness download he is waiting to share with you and the Earth. The Christ Consciousness is the vibration of love in action from the core of the Creator.


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New Webinar for September 2016

Returning to Your Divine Innocence

with the Christ Consciousness

 With With Mary Magdalene and Sar’h

Online Webinar Course

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Part 1 – 8th September 2016

Part 2 –  15th September 2016

Part 3 – 22nd September 2016

Mary Magdalene and Sar’h invite you to join them as they share the Christ Consciousness teachings of the Divine Goddess. These teachings guide you in returning to the innocence of the Christ Consciousness, your Divine Feminine Essence and the Creator. Discovering the innocence of pure love within and around you is the priority of Mary Magdalene and Sar’h. As you reconnect yourself with the pure innocence of every aspect of your being you discover the innocence of your soul, soul group and the Creator at the very core of your existence and essence. This core and pure innocence is your power and strength to support your ascension and to aid your further creation of the Era of Love upon the Earth for you and all.

Sar’h, with her mother Mary Magdalene, demonstrates to you the purity of the Christ Consciousness and the innocence of her own being while guiding you in achieving the same. Both Mary Magdalene and Sar’h are Goddess and Christ Consciousness High Priestesses. They bring forth their wisdom, sacred energy and teachings to support deep patterns of healing within your being especially focused upon the innocence of your inner child, the inner child of your soul, soul group and the Creator. They encourage connection and alignment with the numerous levels of your divine innocence so you may explore the wisdom, truth and further awakening of your divine and Creator self.

Submerged in Christ Consciousness light and wisdom you are invited to get to know yourself on a deeper level than ever before, to experience the connection, relationship and wisdom between Mary Magdalene and Sar’h, as well as witnessing the presence of the Goddess. You are invited to heal, aid your ascension, emanate your purity, access your truth and acknowledge yourself beyond any identity while witnessing your essence.

This unique mother and daughter energy and presence invite you to share some time with them and allow that which is required and guided by the Creator to unfold from within you.


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Next London Workshop

Special Attunement –

Venus Love Codes Healing and Embodiment

Experience a Deep Attunement to The Venus Love Codes Healing Energy

Learn How to Share This Energy with Yourself, Others and the Earth to Support Love Embodiment

with Lady Nada and Venus Healing Team

17th September 2016, Lancaster Gate, London, UK

Join Lady Nada and the Venus Healing Team to be embraced in supreme love and receive a download of love codes as well as an attunement to Venus Healing Energy. This will support your inner healing, ascension and spiritual liberation. Lady Nada who extends from Venus believes it is the appropriate time to share with you the healing energies and love codes of Venus so you may learn how to assist yourself, others and the Earth using these sacred and powerful energies.

The Venus Love Codes Healing is a sacred blend of light frequencies and codes from Venus, merged with the balanced divine feminine and masculine energies of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness and the Goddess vibrations. When received, this blend of sacred vibrations can support powerful ascension shifts, awakening and the release of many forms of resistance to love. Thus its purpose is to aid a greater experience of love embodiment within your being while offering essential energetic codes that support your future existence as love and a guardian of love upon the Earth.

The Venus Beings channeled in Capsule of Wisdom No 119 that many souls upon the Earth are being invited to be guardians of the diverse love vibrations of the Universe of the Creator. Each person will embody a selection of love vibrations and consciousness acting as powerful beacons of love to awaken others while supporting Mother Earth in her ascension goal of becoming a Planet of Love. The diverse love vibrations of the Universe will communicate through each ready person to embody the love vibrations, creating energetic conversations of love upon the Earth. The outcome of this is that the Earth will then embody a love vibration of a higher frequency than is currently present within the Universe of the Creator. It is because of this goal that Lady Nada and the Venus Healing Team wish to attune you to their healing energetic expression to support the transformation of your entire being into an embodiment of love while aiding your service as a guardian and beacon of love.

Lady Nada and the Venus Healing Team wish to connect, attune and initiate you into the sacred blend of light and love codes available from Venus. They wish to guide you how to receive the energy to aid your own continuous accelerating experience of embodiment of love, how to deliver the love codes of Venus to others to aid their ascension and alignment with the Creator, as well as how to focus the energy into the Earth to aid global ascension.

This is a unique and very special channelling from Lady Nada, the higher aspect of Mary Magdalene, and the Venus Healing Team offering practical guidance and a technique of how to work with the sacred Venus Love Codes in your everyday life.


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Next Glastonbury Workshop

Pathway of the Divine Feminine/Mother –

Golden Keys to Enlightenment

A synthesis of sacred blessings, empowerment, techniques, tools and keys of light to aid enlightenment born from pure love

with Lady Nada and Venus Healing Team

22nd and 23rd October 2016, Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK

Within the Divine Feminine/Mother energy of the Creator is a wealth of treasured wisdom, inspiration, healing tools and awakening codes now ready for you to explore, access and receive. Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary wish to guide you to experience a profoundly deep and fulfilling journey of inner self and Creator discovery supported by the Divine Feminine energies of the Creator. As the Earth transforms assisted by the pure love the beings from Venus are anchoring into the Earth throughout 2016, the Divine Feminine energies of the Creator are emerging within your being and the Earth. Healing, restoring balance and being open vessels to receive the wisdom at the core of the Divine Feminine Consciousness is waiting to take place. Not only has the Divine Feminine energy been suppressed and mistreated so has the Divine Masculine. It is time to restore the truth of the Creator within all and the Earth to further ascension pathways and create embodiments of love. Every soul holds the sacred vibrations of the Divine Feminine within their soul whether they are in a male or female body upon the Earth. When the masculine and feminine energies are joined in harmony within then a greater sense of enlightenment is experienced.

This is a celebration of the Divine Feminine within you, Mother Earth and upon the inner planes. Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary and the Beings of Venus wish to guide you along a pathway of the Divine Feminine to share with you the Golden Keys of the Divine Feminine aiding your illumination, ascension and enlightenment. Certain energy patterns, experiences and habits within your being and reality can be connected to the resistance you may hold to your Divine Feminine Aspect or the pain held within your Divine Feminine Aspect. Now is the time to allow yourself to bathe in the sacred vibrations, supreme love and consciousness of the Divine Feminine energy of the Creator, surrendering into enlightenment born from true love and your original source.

You will be guided to:

Receiving the Divine Feminine/Mother Golden Keys to Enlightenment

Experience a sacred meeting/ synthesis with the purest vibration of the Divine Feminine /Mother consciousness to receive blessings and profound awakening

Explore Divine Feminine Chambers of Light upon the inner planes to bring forth healing to your Divine Feminine energies

Restore the sacred balance between your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies and essence

Experience tools, connections and practices to further your state of enlightenment from the source of pure love

Recognise the treasures the Divine Feminine has to share and integrate these into your daily reality and spiritual practices

Work with inner plane embodiments of the Divine Feminine Vibration of the Creator to heal core energies embedded into the Earth which are hindering the emergence of the Ascension the Divine Feminine vibrations have to offer

Empower the Earth as a planet of Love with the Divine Feminine Vibrations

Work with the Divine Feminine vibrations and codes of Venus

Restore your own feminine vibration on all levels of your being

Let yourself be guided through beautiful and fulfilling ascension experiences by Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary, the Venus Beings and Natalie, transforming on a profoundly deep level. This will all take place surrounded by the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens at the base of the Tor, (Heart Chakra of the Earth.) Natalie will channel throughout the day as well as sharing the harmonious and healing sounds of her Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

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Capsule of Wisdom


Galactic Activation and Healing for

Your Inner Child, All Children and Inner Children

of the Earth

Support your inner child and the inner children of the Earth in transforming to aid ascension


 Channelled from Master Kuthumi

2nd August 2016

In Capsule of Wisdom No 123 Master Kuthumi comes forth with a powerful ascension activation specifically for your inner child, the inner children of every adult and the children of the Earth. It is time to bring healing to your inner child and the inner children of the Earth, to support each in receiving awakening, all the necessary energies and light to aid them in expressing the essence and truth of their beings, as well as stepping into the next stage of their ascension. Through this powerful activation you will create a healing and download of the consciousness of innocence and truth to be anchored into the Consciousness of Humanity. Every person upon the Earth and even new born children connect with the Consciousness of Humanity which is a source of information. With your support the limitations, negative programming and fear held within the Consciousness of Humanity will be rele ased so that new born souls and inner children no longer hold onto this energy, imprinting it into their realities.

Master Kuthumi invites the Galactic Core to deliver the essential activation supported by the Fairy Kingdom with their powerful abilities of creation. Enjoy the process of observing the healing, awakening and transformation of your inner child and all inner children, synthesising this with your being. Not only will it create harmony within your being and the world it will support your current stage of ascension as well as the ascension of all souls in children bodies now. Be a source of transformation and a support for children upon the Earth in these vibrant days of ascension guided by Master Kuthumi.


I do hope you enjoy,

Many blessings,


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Workshop Audio Download Now Available

Mahatma – Accessing Your Inner Heart

Let Your True Consciousness Unfold, Enjoy the Blissful 352 Levels of the Cosmic Logos Mahatma!

With the Cosmic Logos Mahatma and the Cosmic Council of Twelve

Workshop Recording from Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Your Inner Heart holds the purest consciousness of the Creator, greater than that of your Heart Chakra or Higher Heart Chakra. Our focus at this time of Ascension is to awaken and download a higher consciousness born from the supreme love of the Creator. It’s time to consciously move into a deeper space of truth within you to allow the same to manifest externally.

Mahatma means holy being or a being of high consciousness, this is your opportunity to connect with the being holding the highest consciousness of the Creator within the Universe of the Creator while allowing yourself to become an embodiment of Mahatma (Supreme Consciousness.)

Guided by the Cosmic Logos Mahatma and the Cosmic Council of Twelve also known as the Cosmic Twelve, you will be guided to access your Inner Heart chambers and the Inner Heart of the Creator. This is a workshop of profoundly high vibrational frequencies focused upon receiving love, embodying love, accessing the Creator personally, merging with your Creator presence, healing and transforming at physical and spiritual levels. The Cosmic Level is the most evolved vibration available to us in the Universe of the Creator. Mahatma and the Cosmic Council of Twelve receive light, consciousness and wisdom directly from the Creator distributing it throughout the universe of the Creator. These sacred Masters step forth to guide you into the light of your truth, encouraging you to download high vibrational consciousness to promote enlightenment and awareness beyond illusion.

Not only will the Masters guide you in transforming your entire being with the influence of powerful Cosmic vibrations they will also encourage the recognition of deeper levels of your Heart Chakra and potent qualities of love. The Masters will enthuse you with Cosmic codes of light and transformation while inviting you to explore the many chambers of the Cosmic Level leading you with each to a deeper resonance and acceptance of the Creator. Mahatma will guide you to connect with the most appropriate Master of the Cosmic Council of Twelve to reveal to you personal healing, guidance of transformation and supportive ways to accelerate your ascension. The Master of the Cosmic Council of Twelve will integrate with your being acting as an eternal guide in your reality and spiritual evolution.

It’s time to acknowledge yourself beyond the Earthly reality you currently reside in to recognise yourself as an evolved spiritual being who is a powerful influential aspect of the Creator. It’s time to let go of resistance and allow yourself to move closer to unification with the Creator.

In this workshop we will:

  • Establish a connection with the Cosmic Logos Being Mahatma and the 352 Level of Mahatma
  • Experience the guidance of the Cosmic Council of Twelve focused upon ascension and unification with the Creator
  • Connect with the Cosmic Council of Twelve Master which you extend from and who is waiting to guide you
  • Explore the light chambers of the Cosmic Level of the Creator’s Universe
  • Receive transformational healing and light codes from Mahatma
  • Expand and further develop your own Heart Chakra accessing your Inner Heart through activating your Heart Chakra, Higher Heart Chakra and then moving into your Inner Heart and accepting the supreme consciousness it holds
  • Transforming the Heart Chakra of the Earth while accessing the Inner Heart of Mother Earth to bring forth essential wisdom to support humanity’s remembrance of enlightenment.
  • Experience a deeper intimacy with the Creator and activate higher frequencies of Creator Consciousness within your entire being.
  • Awaken your ‘I Am Presence’

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White Beacons of Atlantis

Newly Released Book by Natalie Sian Glasson

You are souls who has experienced Atlantis and returned to Earth in your current reality to complete the cycle and purpose of Atlantis; to embody your divine self and to enable machines, technology, and inner spiritual discovery to exist harmoniously. The conflict between spirit and technology led to the fall of Atlantis, and that experience is still held within your soul and consciousness. Earth and humanity have reached a pinnacle point that is identical to that of the decline of Atlantis. You have the power to complete the purpose of all Atlanteans by creating healing and freedom while erasing the catastrophic effects Atlantis imprinted on all civilizations that followed it. Now is time to heal Atlantis within you and to manifest an era of love, peace, and unity as you fulfill your original Atlantean contract.

In these pages, Nara, a High Priestess of the Celestial White Beings Temple in Northern Atlantis, shares the moving account of her lifetime and experiences of the fall of Atlantis. Written in novel format, this exhilarating and enlightening true story also offers practical guidance and exercises to heal and reacquaint you with your own Atlantean lifetime.


More Information

Preparation for Channelling

with Master Kuthumi

Online Workshop Webinar

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

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Creating the Foundations for Awakening Your Channelling Abilities in Your Everyday Life

Master Kuthumi wishes to guide you personally in a three stage process of preparing yourself and your being for awakening your natural channelling abilities. Every person on the Earth has the ability to channel and naturally channels with every moment of their day. Channelling isn’t a gift, like all abilities some people are more able than others and yet we all have the ability to channel as channelling is a tool and form of expression.

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Twelve Rays of Light

A Guide to the Rays of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy
By Natalie Glasson

Paperback Book

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