Rise of Arthur and Albion Lightbody

Following on the Gaian Matrix recovery we move further into changes and revelations occurring at field level, which could be described as animations of the ascension design to reunite all of creation with God Source.  From geomantic structures powering up to inner initiations taking place, changes are afoot. This is ushering in the return of the benevolent and rightful Christos Solar King to planet Earth, the beloved Maji Grail King Arthur, rising to be the protector of the Holy Mother and Sophianic Grail, which is the Cosmic Heart principle of Earth. 

During this phase of the planetary emancipation, humanity stands on the precipice of mass global awakening in which the United Kingdom landmass plays an intricate and important part as the natural 11th dimensional stargate which opens into the Lyran gateway of Aveyon. Aveyon is the gateway of the Holy Father, the Amethyst Order presence of the Solar Rishi which comes into manifestation in this realm through the Emerald Crystal of the Albion. When the Albion Lightbody is activated through the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart and fully awakened by the Amethyst Order Holy Father, England, Scotland, Ireland and France will be the first demographic areas to align to the King Arthur timeline through the Rise of Arthur in Albion. This phase of the ascension timeline awakens the stasis beings that have been buried deep in the lands, and brings on oceanic waves of the God Source and the Christos-Sophia rainbow rays or roundtables to pour into the Earth grids. The Albion Lightbody is the Diamond Sun template of humanity’s world soul from Tara as the Christos incarnate masculine-feminine identity, and it holds the instruction set of the Paliadorian Covenant which is the future record and destiny of all humankind to return back to their original spiritual home. Their inner Sun-Star, which is found deep in the RA Center of the still point in the angelic human lightbody.

We have learned that the Rise of Arthur in Albion, is describing the means by which the Holy Father and Cosmic Christos Consciousness are returning to manifest into the planet. The current events have sounded the trumpet announcing to the world that the ascension timeline is here which leads to global disclosure. Currently, it appears the global disclosure timeline will commence with the topic of child trafficking and SRA practices of child sacrifice, made by the satanic entities ruling this world, both human and nonhuman.

To understand the Albion Lightbody, we will need to know more about how the planetary grid network is arranged and that its inherent design was always for reassembling lost Diamond Sun DNA by supporting the human tribes root races in evolutionary rounds, that would help collect our shattered pieces from Tara, Gaia and Lyra and then integrate them back into wholeness. This process is spiritual ascension and is the primary purpose for why we incarnated on the planet, to shift the timelines from the first NAA invasion in our planet Gaia and the destruction that occurred during the Hyperborean timeline.  The master controller of the planetary grid network is the Albion Lightbody, and all gridwork and energy clearing we do is purposed to clear and integrate ourselves, and ultimately to extract the alien machinery from out of the Albion so that it can perform its intelligent design to support the planet by connecting us directly with the Godhead.

Geomantic Structures in Albion

The planetary grid network and intelligence is organized into many layers of geomantic blueprints that hold living consciousness geometries which govern the direction of all energy into matter manifestation throughout space and time. These mathematical geometries are programs that perform specific functions within a precise layer of multiple dimensional instruction sets, which are holding many visible and nonvisible frequency bands of light and sound which form into braids of electromagnetic current. The planet’s geomantic structures form into the complex energetic terrain of multidimensional holographic light geography, which represents the collective consciousness interface into the crystalline webbing which forms many interconnections that access certain holographic realities in many different places and spaces, on and off planet.

These holographic light and sound spheres can appear as floating nodes, energy shields, light symbols and certain artifacts like platonic solid geometries which link into the planetary grid network and the constellations, opening consciousness doorways of intelligent celestial energy in multiple dimensions. Many of these portals transmit cellular memories of the actual historical events on the planet that connect directly with the ancient repositories of knowledge in the Halls of Amenti. These floating nodes and symbols act as small portal systems, which open up into recorded events throughout human history within the holographic light and sound patterns which form into cellular memories that exist throughout multidimensional time. One of our greatest challenges during the planetary liberation is to begin to piece together humanity’s true hidden history, to begin to discern the false history from the true history, and to know that our planet was invaded by nonhumans that erased our memories and accurate history in order to enslave us and control our planet.  

Every sacred site or planetary stargate is a physical energetic placement holder for these energy nodes to open multidimensional access into the world of archetypal forces and Sun-star patterns or are marking something in the planetary architecture that is invisible to the basic 3D senses. The energy architecture exists in the blueprint section of the field within gossamer like plasma filaments of layered light and sound geometries that are organized in complex patterns, which perform a multitude of functions for consciousness enhancement and spiritual initiation. When visiting certain demographics, these portal systems can interface with our consciousness body and produce holy spiritual visions, sensed as etheric light temples, symbol codes or consciousness doorways that transmit a range of intelligent information to be deciphered and help build our consciousness body.

Exploring these ancient mythologies can be important in the revelation of consciousness that is recorded in the landmass, and holds universal and eternal truths about humanities spiritual awakening. Our consciousness may return to resolve or complete these archetypes, as they are deeply embedded in the human psyche that connects with consciousness aspects of the earth.

It is possible with a prepared and awakened consciousness to interact with the Albion via these etheric temples, portals, stone circles, stasis beings and realities in other dimensions of time and space, through a form of remote viewing time travel, which accesses organic timelines and virtual realities while the observer is in an extremely still and meditative brain state. When accessing the higher consciousness brain wave state through the pure heart and inner observer dedicated to Christ virtues, one can receive impressions and retrieve consciousness information that was recorded in the ley lines at that particular position and location of the planet’s geography. There are many etheric gatekeepers that function as Guardians in the spiritual world that have been protecting the consciousness gateways and supporting the crystalline networks in the living consciousness of the planet.

Some areas are governed by the sleeping stasis beings that function as the local Albion in that land mass, and many of them are the original Maji Grail Kings that are Solar Golden Dragons sent here by the Godhead to embody and preserve the Cosmic Christos-Sophia, the masculine-feminine architecture of the Albion Lightbody for the planet. The majority of the Albion Lightbody in the planet remains unrealized and dormant until the alien machinery and artificial intelligence programming is extracted and humanity begins to spiritually awaken into their heart and higher mind to inquire on their consciousness and spiritual body. The Albion could be defined as the unawakened body of the Cosmic Christos that remains in stasis until the destiny of humanity’s ascension can begin to be fulfilled when enough of the population wake up and their hearts and spirits cry out and ask for the truth. 

Further, the planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of the constellations and stars that hold multiple energy spectrums of consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal creation code, and that celestial intelligence is expressed in its entirety from within the Cosmic Trinity or Solar Rishi that surrounds and makes up the Albion Lightbody. Thus, the Albion is the living light embodiment of cosmic intelligence streams existing inside the planetary lightbody, which holds the God World architecture of the Solar Golden Dragons, the Paliadorian Dragon Kings and their organic Cosmic Christos consciousness pattern that is held in the Geometric Tesseract of the Godhead’s archetypal matrix of the 144,000. The Albion is the Godhead’s designed lightbody installed within the Earth that holds the totality of the multidimensional morphogenetic instruction sets which include the original idea that expresses itself through the Holy Father, Holy Mother and Holy Christos-Sophia, who transmits the divine plan into the ascending consciousness of humanity as they are evolving throughout the timelines of Universal Creation.

Albion Awakening is the Inner Christ Initiation

The current stages of the awakening Albion are revealing the activated lightbody of the planet into the Solar Logos initiation in which the Holy Father Solar Rishi aspect finally awakens the sleeping King Arthur, in order to express the Christos divine masculine in his warrior archetype through the compassionate action required to return benevolent Kingship into the realm. The Albion holds the most important key in comprehending the purpose of human consciousness evolution and spiritual ascension in order to become an initiated Cosmic Christ, anointed by the Holy Father and Holy Mother in order to express their divine will and be embodied as God-Sovereign-Free. The knowledge and alchemy held within the Albion’s alembic chamber to co-create the Cosmic Christos intelligence via rainbow rounds of liquid plasma light, is the key in understanding humanity’s divine purpose and ultimate mission upon the Earth. The awakening Albion and Rise of Arthur to find his beloved counterpart, the Triple Solar Goddess Guinevere (Brigid), Meri-Scotia and Mary Sophia, informs us how humanity was seeded here from the stars in twin aspects, and why the divine mind of God has chosen to express in this manner.

With the direct experiences that come with interfacing intimately with the planetary consciousness body, all dogma and religion fall away and the correct context and true meaning of the Inner Christos attainment through the Solar Logos initiation takes on a completely different meaning through multidimensional awareness. Through this experience of Gnosis, one understands that Christ is much vaster than the religious based stories of Jesus, as the Christ is a Cosmic title that embodies complete spiritual freedom. This sacred anointing is only given as a gift from God through knowing and loving the presence of God deeply inside your own heart.

It is a fact that every angelic human being on the Earth can experience the authentic Cosmic Christos Consciousness through the setting of personal intent, consent and authority, as the Inner Christ potential exists within every individual. The planetary collective consciousness is held deeply in the eternal Christos Diamond Sun body, without the need for any organized religions, churches, popes or priests.

Holding the Light in Darkness

During this phase of the Ascension cycle, the United Kingdom and entire Ireland land mass are becoming increasingly important in the fulfillment of planetary liberation through the activation of the holographic geography and consciousness records in this area, which awaken the master controls of the Albion global architecture. The Solar Rishic planetary activation that is currently sourcing from the Amethyst Order and Holy Father connects directly with the Albion’s 11th dimensional lightbody epicenter, which is located in the northwest of United Kingdom near the Scottish borders.

The Albion Lightbody exists in the planetary body as a sphere within spheres, and it is the exact holographic replica of an original 12 strand DNA angelic human, the first expression of a divine human being that is recorded in light and sound within the planetary body. The Albion Lightbody is a massive architecture that wraps around the earth and projects through holographic fractals in every dimensional layer from inner to outer and in between, into our cells, similar to looking at an image that is being reflected in the Hall of Mirrors. The Albion and the Cathar represent the twinning of the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principle in the restoration of sacred Rod and Staff, the holy spirit entwines with matter in the Hieros Gamos sacred marriage. The risen Christos-Sophia is expressed through an angelic human body made manifest on the Earth through the corrected morphogenetic patterns synthesizing the polarities into the unified cosmic consciousness in the Albion.

The Albion contains the androgynous angelic human diamond sun template that was created from the twelve spheres of the Universal Tree of Life, which during the fall of Gaia, became buried and dormant in the lower dimensional fields of the earth, waiting to be ignited again during the Universal Ascension Cycle. Recently with the Gaian Planetary Core Emancipation and the ongoing retrieval of the tri-matrix of Azurite DNA and Christos identities from the fallen and phantom state, the Albion Lightbody architecture that interconnects with Gaia, has now merged with Tara and Earth, which is igniting and lighting up the Albion holographic geography throughout its multidimensional layers.

During the Dark Aeon, the Albion Lightbody and Cosmic Christos consciousness holders of that holographic architecture were placed in the lowest vibration of the earth density and remained asleep there until the Krystal Star families returned to awaken them during the Ascension Cycle.  As Guardians, these are the original 12 Maji Grail Kings and assorted Christos family members we have returned for by awakening the Albion in Earth, Tara and Gaia, in order to ensure they would be able to wake up fully, help the planetary ascension and then return back to their spiritual home in the God Worlds.

Christos Stasis Beings

Through each of the Albion’s twelve lightbody spheres exist the highest supreme being or Christos Maji Grail King for that particular dimensional sphere. This is a massive stasis being that holds the divine purpose for humanity’s highest fulfilment of the Christos-Sophia unified rod and staff embodiment in each of the 12 Tribes, which can be attained by the Inner Christ that exists within every individual. There are supporting Christos Guardian beings that remain in stasis sleep not only within the Albion Lightbody, but also remain underground or hidden in deep caves and lava tubes. There are 13 Dragon beings that are enveloped in the Earth crust, that have been here for eons of time as Guardians of the ley lines, ready to awaken and protect the Christ Child once the Golden Dragon Egg cracks open. They remain asleep in the Earth until the planetary collective consciousness reaches the level of higher dimensional consciousness and self-awareness where the tipping point of global awakening occurs. It appears that with the Rise of Arthur, his awakening in the Albion initiates further global awakening within these stasis beings.

This is to understand that there are advanced Christos beings that went into stasis sleep since the Luciferian Rebellion and through the Dark Ages, in such ways that their Christos consciousness body could be utilized to help save the Earth from pole shift destruction during the 2012 and beyond timeline. The Cosmic Christos beings embody into their creations, their body is the creation and thus the Albion is a reflection of their combined consciousness body, which is the entirety of the complex architecture that makes up the massive multidimensional planetary system.  The 12 Maji Grail Kings did not ever leave the planet when their beautiful kingdoms were conquered and invaded by the NAA, when their human tribes and citizens were being massacred, they stayed here in stasis. They have been with us all of this time hidden from view and asleep during the darkest timeline wars with the anti-Christ. Simultaneously, they were aware that they could not exist in their organic Krystic awakened state because the planetary frequency was rapidly plummeting during the NAA invasion, and the fundamental frequency was not high enough to support their extremely high consciousness level and massively sized auric fields. If they remained connected to the planetary lightbody as they chose to be, the only way to remain present in this low density was to be put in stasis to sleep and by refusing to be used in alien machinery consciousness traps or recycled into reincarnation. To do this, they depended on us, the Guardian Host representatives and Christos Starseeds to not forget about them, and when the time was right to help wake them up in the Albion, that we would collaborate together to vanquish the alien menace from our planet.

As the planet evolves over time through the astrological ages and subsequent time cycles to raise the fundamental planetary frequency and assemble Diamond Sun DNA, the highest supreme being or Christos Maji Grail King that exists in stasis within that dimensional sphere of the Earth, is then activated into matter manifestation to embody those consciousness attributes and transmit them. Those of us that are Starseeds sent here in these lineages will be recipients of these Christos consciousness attributes, depending on our spiritual initiation level, as we aspire to be the highest authentic being that serves the Christos Mission as possible.

Such is the Solar Logos manifestation of Yeshua and Mary during the Iron Age, as the embodied 8th dimensional hierogamic rod and staff holders, they laid the lightbody architecture for the next Christos Guardians to awaken during the final phase of the Ascension Cycle, which we are enduring now. Through the Albion whispers with the Emerald Order crystal heart activation of the Holy Father rising into Arthurian Christos consciousness, it is the time for the 11th dimensional rod and staff holder for planet Earth to be awakened and called into action.

The Albion Solar Dragon King and Maji Grail King is rising as the Christos King of Kings from within the awakening Albion to restore the lost kingdom of God and Christos. He now awakens in the United Kingdom to begin the global awakening of Christos stasis beings through the Kingship Arcs, thereby returning the benevolent divine masculine Christos warrior in order to bring cosmic justice to the planet. As he awakens in the planetary body, he remembers the entirety of history, events and timelines, he remembers every detail of life and nature in which he embodies and preserves the accurate cellular memory as it is recorded in angelic human DNA. When Holy Father awakens and returns to embody his creation, nothing is lost or forgotten.

This is the divine plan of the Holy Father in compassionate action, to restore balance and unity within the eternal light of Cosmic Christos consciousness in which all of humanity is connected to the Solar Logos and Star systems within the Albion Lightbody. We come from the stars, for we are the stars. This holds the profound meaning of the return of the benevolent and rightful Christos Solar King to planet Earth, the restoration of the beloved Maji Grail King Arthur, the resurrected Solar Michael Anointed Christ is rising to be the protector of the Holy Mother and Sophianic Grail, which is the Cosmic Heart principle of Earth. 

Arthurian Legend

The Arthurian legends are extremely ancient archetypal memories of humanity’s origins that go back into the Galactic History of Lyra and Gaia, as these particular memories have been seeded directly into the Albion Lightbody in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom landmass holds both the Magi Grail King masculine architecture for 6D planetary wings and the Maji Grail King female 7D planetary wings architecture in one central location in the Albion Lightbody, which apparently has features of geomantic structure that are completely unique and unlike any other continent on the planet.  This is why this section of the Albion located within this island nation’s landmass operates as a powerful headquarters for global awakening and shifting timelines. The awakening Albion holds an important key that brings unification between the Sacred Rod and Staff architecture within the planet, which is the metaphorical holy grail that announces the move into the next harmonic universe and opens the timeline of the Golden Age of Ascension.

King Arthur is the Solar Logos twin brother of Yeshua the Christ, however his purpose in the divine plan as the returning patriarch of the Michaels, is to express as the Warrior King which picks up the Excalibur in the Tree of Life to defend the Holy Mother and all innocent life in the realm. King Arthur is the principle of right action which gives us the moral courage to stand up for what we know is truth, and to protect others from the harm that is created from intentional evil carried out by the False King of Tyranny. King Arthur was a real person that was on this planet in the sixth century and is connected to the carrying out of the Emerald Order Guardian Christos Mission as the 11th dimensional Rod and Staff holder, which is the architecture that protects the 11D grail stargates in the Albion.

King Arthur’s cosmic consciousness body is directly connected to the Family of Michael, who are also protectors of the 11th dimensional gates of Aveyon-Avalon upon the NAA invasion, so he can be considered the patriarch of the Michael avian genetics and Seraphim memories throughout time. These gates include the Vale of Pewsey, Ireland’s Eye and St. Ives Bay in Cornwall. Cornwall is especially important due to the position of the grail point and the close proximity to the 12D Mother Arc Gateway which holds the Emerald Order memories and knowledge of the Lyran Stargate Aramatena. The return of the King Arthur timeline represents the rise of authentic Cosmic Christ consciousness onto the planet through the Emerald Order reclamation, in which he blankets the Albion masculine lightbody layers with the Emerald Holy Father rays and Emerald crystals. He is a cosmic being sent here by Holy Father to be his full expression in this world during the planetary liberation, as Christ the King Arthur who had remained in stasis in order for the Albion Lightbody to finally awaken in the planet during the Ascension Cycle.  

As a result of recent Paliadorian Activations and Emerald Order Halls of Cosmic Records being repaired from the damage incurred from stolen holographic disc translations used in AI timelines for erecting the checkerboard mutations, recovery of the Universal organic consciousness body of King Arthur has been achieved. Arthur’s mission in spiral time is the embodiment of the 11D Grail, protector of Hierogamic Edenic and Avalon Coding, the Universal Rod and Staff ‘Pillar of Power’ codes, and the Emerald Order Reclamation through the Awakening Albion. Within the name King Arthur is the word Kathar, which directly connects to the Cathars and the Kathara 12 Tree Grid, which illuminates his divine purpose as the singular masculine Christ force reawakening in the earth, to recover the feminine Sophianic essences and fully embody the Aeonic Pair of Christos-Sophia to guide us into a Golden Age.

The fictionalized historical accounts of King Arthur’s dramatized relationship with his wife Guinevere were intentionally distorted by the Nibiruians, into a romanticized tragedy filled with sexual infidelity and betrayals in order to tarnish and demean the loving hierogamic bond that existed between them.  King Arthur’s wife was not the lover of Lancelot, as much as Yeshua’s wife Mary Magdalene Sophia was not a prostitute, instead these were deeply loving couples that were profoundly united in their spiritual marriage and hierogamic bond through which they served the Christos Mission. 

Through the middle to the end of the sixth century, the Galactic Federation and assorted NAA factions conspired to steal the Atlantian artifacts that were used as 11th stargate tools by Arthur, Guinevere and Templar teams. Arthur and Guinevere are from the Celtic-Druid lineages that are the direct descendants of the original Maji Grail Kings of the human tribes from Tara, that are the Christos Guardians that remained in stasis sleep in the Albion Lightbody and are in the process of reclaiming their fractured parts now. To retrieve these Christos body parts, these are Solar Rishic tri-phasic shield transmissions of the Kunda-Ray or rainbow rounds that are flooding certain areas of the Albion, generating an entirely new set of Krystic geometries.

Rainbow Round Tables or Kunda-Ray

Within the energy matrix God source expresses first as sound in the form of the Kunda-Ray living sound field current. From within the Kunda-Ray, the living light rays of the Universal Trinity are formed, what we refer to as the Threefold Founder Flame of the Solar Rishi or Breneau. The Solar Rishi have returned into dimensionalization to directly support the Guardian races with running assorted Kunda-Ray currents into the planetary grid system during the planetary emancipation cycle.

Esoterically, the term running the rainbow rounds or the rainbow round table refers to the running of the Diamond Sun rainbow current or Kunda-Ray into the planetary stargates and earth grid to restore balance and harmony throughout the planetary systems. To protect the earth, the Christos Knights Templar would go to planetary stargates and power centers with planetary geomantic structures and etheric light temples and communicate with the Krystic forces and then be shown where to run the “Round Table”. This refers to three to twelve Templars gathering at the stargate location or geomantic center power grid in order to run Kunda-Ray rainbow current and protect that area from intrusion at multidimensional levels. Transmission of the Kunda-ray current into the planetary grid supports the harmonization of the planet to restore the Christos frequencies and align to the organic timelines of planetary ascension.

Once all nine dimensions of kundalini frequency are activated in the human lightbody and unified in the heart, activation into the liquid plasmic light commences activating the Christos Avatar consciousness into the higher rainbow fields known as Kunda-Ray. In this next phase, running the rainbow round tables and installing Kingship Arcs and Holy Father Cosmic Rod and Staff pillars are designed to support the awakening of the Albion which catalyzes the global awakening and disclosure timeline.

Ruby Sun DNA

King Arthur was embodied in a 10 strand Ruby Sun DNA body which was designed to help restore the female Sophianic sapphire codes in the Solar Star chakra, which exists about six inches above the crown. This Diamond Sun lightbody part was damaged on the planet during Nephilim hybridization and when Draconian essences are incarnated into the human body. The Solar Star is held by the female crystal heart rose staff codes and are responsible for receiving communication directly from our Christos Avatar self. King Arthur’s embodiment returned the sapphire Solar Star communication with our Avatar and supported the return of the corrected Universal Hu-man five-star Adam diamond sun template back into the Albion Lightbody after the Egyptian-Sumerian invasion.

The grail line of the Ruby Sun DNA is also referred to as Indigo children and holds a hybrid Diamond Sun DNA template that is the result of hybridization made between the Nephilim and Elohim genetics. The Elohim are connected directly to the Mother lineages; as the Ruby Sun DNA is directly connected to the rehabilitation and return of the true Mother consciousness in our DNA-RNA. Representatives of the Guardian Host, such as King Arthur and his Templar team, as well as Guardian Akhenaton, chose to embody in a Ruby Sun DNA template when they came to the earth in order to help reclaim and restore the fire letters and time vector codes that were stolen from the Mother’s grail line specifically.

The Belial Suns engineered bodies with a digressive DNA template based upon the original Ruby Sun DNA template, as a method to hijack the grail line created by the Guardian Host in order to corrupt the Mother lineage and run Fallen Angelic consciousness into the subsequent incarnations. Through the Ruby Sun DNA they engineered an 11th reversal DNA strand in which their consciousness race line could inhabit. Hence, Fallen Angelic Annunaki hybrids usurped the Ruby Sun DNA template to gain control over the 11th dimensional Stargate in order to stop the return of the Christos-Sophia consciousness, King Arthur and his counterpart the Triple Solar Goddess, through the Albion.

In the second harmonic universe, the Ruby Sun DNA became further mutated through the Draco-Annunaki 9 Strand digressive DNA. These race lines were used to infiltrate the Power Elite or Illuminati blood lines in order to incarnate the Fallen Angelics onto the earth plane, that would serve the NAA to gain full domination on the earth, and to enslave the planet and her inhabitants. We have learned that this was further designed to stop lunar transfiguration in the Buddhic body of the female principle preventing female solar consciousness rising on the planet, in which King Arthur, Guardian of Cathars, plays a very special part in performing the alchemy for the ‘solarization’ of the Sophia in her Christed ritual.

Solar Heart Twinning in the Emerald Crystal Heart

Within central United Kingdom a Paliadorian Rainbow Dragon King-Queen Shield has been placed in the Albion to unite the triple solar archetypes of Arthur-Michael-Yeshua and Guinevere-Meri-Scotia-Sophia in a crystal heart twinning held within an emerald crystal shield. This unification made between the Solar Logos trinity in the male and female Christos archetypes is preparing the planet for the installation and activation of the Emerald Crystal into the higher heart center, which signifies the return of the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart and related 48 strand DNA to this planet. The source of this eternal light connected to the God realms is beyond any kind of description, thus each person is on a unique spiritual path to activate their secret inner heart chamber and approach this immense spiritual power from within its highest virtues of truth or Christos attributes, in order to temper the massively high consciousness frequency that it contains.   This has been esoterically described as the heart within the heart as the source of the ultimate divine consciousness by masters in the eastern traditions, such as the heart master Ramana Maharishi.

The Emerald Crystal heart is connected to the cosmic celestial archetype of the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy of holies that exists within the Christos dwelling of the Krystal Cathedral that is the holiest spirit of God. This is a secret and hidden chamber in the higher heart center that exists in the center of the male-female twinned heart chakra that is activated into a pure consciousness connection with the Eternal light of God. When the heart is being developed the inner Emerald will start to spark and radiate from the source of love within you that will recognize the source of love that exists in others, the holy spirit sparks and again will be reunited with the Holy Father within.

Avebury Henge

Avebury Henge and the stone circles are in the heart of Wiltshire and have the greatest number of stones in Britain, even though many of the original stones were removed, their energetic purpose still remains as the etheric standing stones that complete the geomantic purpose of this sacred site’s intended function. The stones left standing are in different shapes and massive in size, megaliths that are about nine to twenty feet tall guarded by an Earth Dragon being.

This area is an extremely ancient sacred site of immense power that is an important hierogamic architecture designed by the Elohim, Blue Ray Mother lineages, to awaken the Albion Lightbody worldwide. It functions similar to a cosmic umbilicus transmission point for the Cosmic Monad of the Holy Father in his Emerald Ray Arthurian Christos-Sophia consciousness in order to awaken themselves as the crowned King and Queen through the Albion Lightbody. Recently with the reclamation of the Gaian matrix, the Christos Infinity Suns in the 8D portal are preparing the East-West ley lines to open the flood gates of the Solar Logos Rainbow Rays that further prepare for the Emerald Order DNA template. This activation of the Emerald Order template in the Avebury umbilicus is directly connected to the reclamation of the Mother Sophianic consciousness in her Triple Solar Goddess aspect, the counterpart of King Arthur, who awakens to reclaim her parts that have been stolen and cloned, and to transfigure the lunar forces in which she has been bound. This sacred site is the record throughout all time of their sacred marriage and hierogamic union.

This sacred site is the connection point made with the Universal kundalini Taurus Dragon lines moving east and west on the planet, which connect directly with the Solar Logos, bringing vertical line connection to one of the four Royal Stars, Aldebaran the Guardian Star of the East ruled by Michael.

Hence the Avebury Henge is an ancient sundial that functions energetically like a giant Cosmic Clock to reset the timelines in the planetary grid network. Its Cosmic Clock function is the master time clock which holds access to the memories in the organic timelines recorded in human history going back to Hyperborea, which links back into the metagalactic core. The Cosmic Trinity of the Solar Rishi are completing their trinity wave braiding shield in this area to create a connection into the Avebury Henge, to bring forth the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother archetypal forces to unite with us all, nourishing and supporting the Cosmic Son and Daughter. The Children of the Sun rise beyond the tyranny of darkness under the divine kingship and guidance of the new Aeonic Pair, Christos- Sophia, which is crowned through Uranus and represented through the Arthurian hierogamic union generating perfect energetic balance between the masculine and feminine principle on the Earth, signifying the second coming of Christ.

The Sirius and Canopus relationship with Avebury Henge are the DNA spiraled transmissions of the gold and silver braided energy of the unified masculine and feminine, which are designed to run this braided silver-gold current into the Michael-Mary lines in order to generate crystal heart twinning and lunar transfiguration. These silver and gold braided energies are streaming into this sacred site, playing the Musica Universalis which connects to King Arthurs Harp from Lyra to bring the Michael Mary lines into wholeness and resonance with this music.


Avebury has a lesser compliment that is the heart center reflection of Christos sacred marriage that is located in Glastonbury, but this area remains blocked with an inordinate amount of extremely low astral frequencies from new age hijack that make communing with these higher frequencies very challenging. Glastonbury became a feeding ground for parasitic energies when it became famous, in that the astral parasites found an incredible bounty in the mass confusion generated in Glastonbury, purposely diminishing its ancient power as a sacred site through the tourism trap. 

Thus, Glastonbury is popular in the new age community and is known for the legends connected to King Arthur, as this area is widely rumored to be his burial mound. This area was deeply enmeshed in the Essene teachings of Christ practiced in the ancient times by the Celtic population before the Church of Rome snuffed it out, and since then has been primed for spreading confusion and misdirection by anti-Christ forces. Glastonbury has been relegated as the repository of collective consciousness dream sequences from the astral plane that were placed as artificial holographic images and false light clones, as they have been directed through popular books, movies and other mediums that are actually found here animated within an astral virtual reality. Thus, the deep imagination and stories of the Arthurian dramas live on here, but they are mostly twisted to fit the eyes of the beholder and what he wishes to see in the reflection of the astral mirrors of delusion. What we wish it to be and what it actually is, are vastly different things. Glastonbury is a good case study for astral mirages generated by the collective consciousness that were enamored by what Arthur represents.

Tintagel and Ursa Major

Tintagel is a small town on the western edge of Cornwall, in a prominent space as this region is close to an important gateway system that operates as a main hub for operating all of the Trinity Gates. Many people that need safe passage when they drop their body at this time, are taken through Trinity Gates through the Aqua Portal, if they are not able to sustain higher frequencies. The Tintagel landscape is gridded into the constellation Ursa Major with direct links into the Polarian gate. The Polarian Gate is connected to the larger Ascension Hosting network that opens into the passageway from the Milky Way to Andromeda where the Ascension Earth is located in the Aquaelle matrix.

The literal interpretation of King Arthur being conceived and birthed at Tintagel by some, is actually pointing to the spiritual means through which the Solar Logos is birthed on the earth when coming from the Stars. Tintagel holds a celestial frequency of this energizing solar star stream that is connected to the Solar Rishi and Arthurian Christ, rather than Tintagel being the place of conception and the literal birth of his physical being.

King Arthur represents the Solar Logos or Krystic consciousness aspect that can be connected to through this archetype on the earth. The birthplace of Arthur represents the birth of the Golden Christ Child, where the Solar Angelic presence can be communed with by the sensitive spiritual seeker. That Solar presence can be intentionally directed to animate and energize the awakening within and that of the Albion body.

Through the solar star streams that contain the instruction set for the 11th chakra Buddhic body, Tintagel also represents the Dark Universal Mother principle that has its destiny to eventually spiritually progress from out of its lunar forms, in order to be transmogrified through the Solar Light Fire of the Holy Father principle. Thus, Tintagel holds an important piece in the land for lunar form transfiguration, the hierogamic path of cracking open the Buddhic egg, in which King Arthur is its natural gatekeeper.

Cumbria, Pendragon Castle and Stone Circles

Approximately 22,000 years ago, the NAA intruder groups targeted the Celtic and Druid lineages for a genocidal campaign on the United Kingdom landmass in order to eradicate the Melchizedek Christos teachings, Atlantian history and to spread false records about the Celt and Druid lineages. In order to destroy the accurate records of humanity’s star origins and historical artifacts, the original ancient Celtic languages that were connected to the original 12 Essene tribes, were purposely made extinct or erased in order to remove the living light codes that were inherently spoken and expressed through these Maji Grail King lines.

The Celt and Druid lineages go back to ancient Egypt and Israel, where the vernacular is found in Egyptian hieroglyphics using Khumric as the base language. The Welsh language of the Khumry is part of the heritage that belongs to the lands in the United Kingdom, whether they are from Wales, England, Cornwall, Scotland or Northern Ireland. However, the controllers have made historical accounts of Egyptian history as chaotic and confusing as possible, in order to maintain the controlled narrative and derail the masses from realizing that the Egyptian timelines and Giza pyramids are remnants of ancient builder technology from our Atlantian past. When these Magi Grail lineages fled the Middle East, they settled into the United Kingdom and Etruria in central Italy, bringing their Celt language with them. Over time in Britain, the Khumric language spoken in the Welsh region fused with other dialects. Cumbric, from the region of Cumbria is closely related to the Welsh language and is said to have gone extinct in approximately the 13th century. What is left in the region is not to be confused with the original Khumric-Cumbric, but it is currently referred to as the Cumbrian dialect, as it shares history with the Celtic language influence. 

These are the direct Christos lineages and vernacular of the hierogamic coupling of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, in which the seed of the Celtic language and its related dialects activate the cellular memory of the Diamond Sun genetics and the archetypal Christos-Sophia forces rising into this area. The Celts and Druids left their knowledge and wisdom in the stone circles they built for this purpose, to retain the original language and codes of the Essenes, for those that would need them to awaken the Albion in the future. They merged their consciousness into an etheric crystal skull and then encompassed the stones to be filled with this crystal intelligence stream. There are over 50 known stone circles in Cumbria which are becoming increasingly active at this time.  As a pure heart and truth seeker, meditation in key areas of the stone circles with the intention to connect your consciousness with the etheric brain present in the stones, can relay that information and memory to those who are frequency aligned and wish to be of service to the planet.

Cumbria county in the north west of England and on the Scottish borders has key features which are important in the returning of the word-logos of the Holy Father or the voice of the Rightful Christos King to the lands. This area functions similar to the 5D throat center that is connected to the Albion Lightbody, that is located in this region. Pendragon Castle is located in Cumbria, it stands above the River Eden and according to legend was built by Uther Pendragon, the father of King Arthur. Indeed, this castle is holding multiple layers of geomantic structure throughout several dimensions connected to the history of the 12 Essene Tribes and Celtic lineages connected to King Arthur, which have consciousness links accessing into the Inner Worlds and Halls of Amenti.

Additionally, the castle has a four pillar Krystal Cathedral hub for running rainbow rounds which contains the communication portal to a hidden Solar Golden Dragon monadic stasis being now awakening, beloved King Arthur. Within this hub was placed a watchtower, serving as guardianship of this region for the King Arthur 5D timelines, gently lighting the grid while humanity was existing in a very stormy time period filled with energetic and spiritual darkness, during the dark age.

Recently, through this 5D portal which is activating the throat center of the Albion, it is possible to communicate with the awakening consciousness of King Arthur as he is directly manifesting himself through the Emerald Ray in the Albion Lightbody. He presents as the Holy Father consciousness of the Godhead in its entirety through all portions of creation, in which he has remembered all fallen and non-fallen aspects simultaneously throughout the timelines in this eternal moment, in order to retrieve and unify all of his consciousness pieces, and reclaim all of his kingdom. His Arthurian image appears superimposed within a massively sized Emerald Ray crystalline waterfall that forms into a vertical Rod pillar, which seems to be the God body vehicle that has been built within the Albion in order to hold his immensely vast God consciousness upon the planet. 

The Solar Golden Dragon egg was reseeded in several places within the Albion to birth the Golden Christ Child in the planetary grid and protect the authentic Arthurian Christos consciousness. The twelve Knights are portions of energetic identities in the constellations that have different attributes that serve to unify into oneness, and support the anchoring of the planetary Krystal Cathedral. One of the main Krystal Cathedral pillars built to hold the Cosmic Christ Consciousness on the planet is located in Norway, for it links directly with the Sacred Tree of Life, which nourishes the Earthly spirits throughout the nature kingdoms.

Norway, Sacred Tree of Life and Edenic Coding

Guardian projects have identified NAA black hole technology for dismantling and eviction that have been used to damage the natural planetary grid network and the masculine Rod functions, these are alien machines that have been operating the anti-Christ pillars in Norway. These are smaller pillars that form a ley line network that plugs into one massive pillar intended to hijack the planetary Rod system, with extensive layers of embedded alien machinery that extend into the northern tip of Scotland’s Hyperborean portal, and then sprawl further into the Scandinavian countries that further plug into the black cube matrix in Mecca. These run AI reversal networks that are used by the NAA Black Sun forces to siphon life force from the planet and use it as a tool for maintaining global consciousness enslavement.  

A major Anti-Christ technology pillar was identified near Oslo, and this location appears to have been chosen to exploit several different organic portal systems and reverse ley lines connected directly to Hyperborean timelines and Azurites on Gaia. This is a major NAA pillar network which controls the global circulation of Qlippoth current, the reversal current running in the anubian black heart circuitry, particularly through the capture of humanity’s sexual loosh energy.

Dismantling the Norway pillar brought on a tremendous amount of sexual misery miasma and sex magic programming to flood out into the grids, which made it clear that this network was used to hijack the planetary Tree of Life as an anti-hierogamic technology for gender reversal. These are intended to spread anti-Christ versions of black sex magic rituals symbolizing hermaphrodite figures with the caduceus, the twin serpent symbolism that is representative of the male and female demons, Black Queen Lilith and Samael the Black, or Azazael that co-create the Baphomet forces.

The sexual energy centers have sympathetic resonance to the siphoning machinery pulling from 2D and 4D portals in the planetary grid, so this network included tentacles and inorganic time rips in Giza Gate, Sarasota, Florida and Temple Mount, Jerusalem. These energy captures are harvested in battery tanks and then re-directed via horseman pulsing towards inciting destructive global events, which are currently being maximized for spreading pestilence programming and terrorizing the masses into submission to the NAA.

The Rondane Mountains in Norway hold the ancient Edenic codes from 7D Hyperborea and alignment into the 11D stargates from the Solar Logos Buddhic body, which includes a geomantic structure that retains the crystalline perfection of the Sacred Tree of Life, or Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the divine structure of the original Sacred Tree from the Golden Age of Hyperborea that holds the twinning aspect of the male and female united as the Christos-Sophia in sacred Rod and Staff. This sacred crystal holographic Tree of Life is entwined in the landmass of Norway and connects its sprawling branches into many hierarchies of angelic devas in the natural kingdoms of Earth. This Sacred Tree architecture is connected to the Edenic coding which is designed as a crystalline support structure to restore energetic balance in the lands, nourish planetary waters and protect the spirits that live in the many different realms of the natural kingdoms on the planet.

The Maji Grail Druids and Celtic lineages would gather in ceremony around sacred trees that they knew were designated as guardian sentinels from their ancient embodied wisdom. They would exchange offerings of love, and then receive guidance and intelligence from the sacred tree about the healing properties of the elements, nature spirits or the state of the natural world. Thus, these portal networks in Norway were extremely important to correct in the preparation for the next stage of awakening the higher heart of the Albion, as well as the return of the Solar Logos Christos frequencies through King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s archetypal forces, which bring forth the building wings and the hierogamic template of unified masculine and feminine consciousness.

In order to pervert the natural kingdom and distort gender principles to prevent organic inner male-female unification, the AI machinery in this pillar network cloned multiple founder records and blueprints from the Golden Age of Hyperborea, including Ascended Master or Azurite identities which had been trapped and used as a power source for running this reversal network. We have learned this anti-life architecture was blocking the Christos stasis beings and angelic spirits from awakening within the Albion by blocking the Crown, as this network was distorting the 7D Violet Ray Hyperborean links into the Gaian Matrix and damaging Rod and Staff coding. In the Norway portal system are extensive constellation star patterns that imprint into a holographic geography linking celestial star frequencies and their patterns into the earth ley lines. One such ley line link was connected into Corona Borealis, the ‘northern crown’ which appeared to be used by the anti-Christ pillar to block the 7D crown chakra from opening in the United Kingdom Albion Lightbody. This corresponds with the current mass psychological operations that are broadcasting propaganda using the word “corona” (crown) to incite mass fear in the population, so they reject the spiritual correspondence to the opening of the crown chakra. 

Its other primary function was to invert the authentic Krystal Cathedral Norway Pillar through the running of reversals and cloned holograms of the Hyperborean Holocaust, using the Gaian invasion and the subsequent insert of the Gaian phantom body that was lodged in the 8D metagalactic core.

The Amethyst Order Rha God World families of the Holy Father led the charge, in which this anti-Christ alien network running false Rod architecture has been collapsed along with its feedlines connected into several stargates. The Holy Father’s Book of the Law, Kingship Arcs and Paliadorian Dragon King shields are in place to help harmonize and heal the lands and restore the rightful Crown. Humanity can begin to experience the Holy Father’s authentic Rod frequency emanating throughout the Sacred Tree of Life on Gaia, which is an important holographic light crystal aspect of the Garden of Eden that had to be corrected in its blueprint in order to awaken the Albion Lightbody.

These are the best of times and the worst of times; we must preserve our sacred crystal heart and be the eternal flame holding the light in the darkness. If we can find our inner spiritual compass to follow our loving heart so that we can find what gives us true purpose and meaning in our lives, we will discover ourselves harvesting the inner treasures of our great spiritual reward. If all we can see are the anti-Christ games of deception, illusions and terrorizing fear, we will sink into the field of hatred and suffer defeat from within our own inner Armageddon. The choice is left to each of us, and it is our responsibility to cultivate and develop our heart and inner spirit, to develop virtue-ethics so that we can be as pure and loving as we can be in every moment.  King Arthur is rising in the Albion and nothing can stop the second coming of the Christ to the planet.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed as demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We have called for your Gatekeeping in order to hold our community, our missions, our mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification – The Christ Principle – as an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We request the handshake of our community to fortify our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of our Genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into all created form. We set our intention now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, fully completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose as One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And so It is. Lovingly Decreed.
Lisa Renee

~*~*~*~*~ Lisa Renee

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

From Your Hostess of Light As March twirls us about like the straw man from Oz caught in a dust devil, we are dispersed about dimensionally and inter-dimensionally with a little of us in the past, a little bit of us in the present, some scatterings in the future and a whole lot of us riding bucking broncos in the form of continuous dimensional fluidity. Just like the bride of Frankenstein we too are trying to put together all the missing pieces of our soul as we try to figure out who we are in this new placement of time.

Time-waves have been happening to Earth for millions of years pushing the life force of Earth into different hexagons of placement.  Time itself ebbs and flows as we all get a little nauseous trying to keep our balance. We are learning ‘not to stick our hands outside the vehicle of time’ as we acquire the speed limits of manifestation and creation. As we learn the new rules of the road we learn to play within this virtual reality, like a young girl getting her powers. Knowing without a doubt everything is connected to each other thru all places of time.

As spring pushes her pretty self into every pore of our life, we feel a sense of expectancy like a pregnant woman ready to give birth.  We all feel a slight urgency a push, to accomplish that which is yet to be determined; the need to birth something in an outward fashion.  At a deep level our being kicks and pokes at us from the inside out.  Making life uncomfortable and tempers flare like a spring hairdo. All of earth mirrors this urge to move forward, out of the long winter of waiting, into a place that aspires to be a warm sweet Hope.

We look at ourselves seeing a newness that has not made its way to the surface as of yet, but still we feel the stirring waters of change within. We feel compelled and driven to move out of our winter blues searching blindly for those rose tinted glasses we once wore. We are becoming seasoned like a good wine that seeks a crystal goblet. Everyday life gives us another morsel to digest, an appetizer that keeps us spooning for more. People we know and love pass from the earth leaving a little hole in our heart. Regrets pile up like laundry that needs to be tended to, as we cling to what was and what could have been. We mourn for easier times and reflect upon what once was. The minutes of the day become more precious in celebration of life and the lives of others.


As we all reach another round of energetic virtual and celestial interface, we begin to feel tumbled like a dryer that has gone on too long thru too many cycles of time. We feel both shrunken and stretched, we feel discombobulated in every part of our being, like we no longer fit our lives. Our worth or self-worth is no longer determined by the same factors that once existed. Like an ancient bottle of Pirates brew we are tossed from the safety of the sailing ship into an ever-changing sea of possibility. We as the bottle have cast-off so much of ourselves, have discarded so much that we once were and believed.  We have tried so hard to hold on to our original structure and blueprint but like jello it dissolves at a warm touch.  Like a mama Glacier we feel parts of ourselves broken off, cast away, never to be recovered again as they float away, creating a deep void.

Like discarded sea glass we sometimes feel so sharp and yet life continually hones our very edges into a smoothness we cannot deny. We often feel tossed about in the shifting ocean of life like broken sea glass trying to hold on to something, as it forced to ride the waves of change in the direction the universe has declared. We are like beautiful sea glass as it is tossed to shore after a long time at the bottom of the seas, where its colors are easily seen in the light. Finally we have arrived on the shores of Self waiting for something or someone to see our Beauty and light, to see our worth, to be released from the never-ending tossing and turning of life. The warmth of our life force comes to the surface as the sea glass of our soul begins to shine and feel loved again. Finally seeing its true beauty thru the veil of seaweed the sea glass receives the love. Remember you were always the treasure!


Lately many around the globe have felt a loud shift, a sonic boom of sorts, shifting them dimensionally for a moment in time as they slide between thoughts fears and misgivings. Like popping your ears at a high altitude one knows when they are no longer in the same zip code of energy.  Many have awoken from a deep sleep with a loud explosion not to be found around them in their life or in their yard. As a sonic boom of sorts flies thru the thoughts of many restlessness occurs within the physical body as these dimensional soundings make themselves more obvious within our world. When this happens a Shake Rattle and Roll occurs on a biological level, on an vibrational level and Earth level. These energies come as skyquakes announcing a dimensional shift in the outer perspective and proportions of Earth’s safety net.

As the very Earth herself redefines the needs of her planet and people needed for survival the outer facets around the earth also quake in attention. Earths outer timelines and dimensions are strummed about like a banjo.  Everything bumps against itself like a cosmic pinball machine in a shark tank. These bumps and grinds of cosmic proportion have a powerful frequency and effect; Like God in a Milky-way bowling alley the noise penetrates all life, like infrared sound it awakens ancient primal remembrances of sky-quakes their reason and Source. This causes mere mortals to be placed on high alert in fight or flight mode. What was invisible of nature is now seen in the fullness of the sky, time and the human eye. A sky alert awakens the sensory of Earth and her people. Sky quakes are sky openings, tears in time. Just what this means to us will show its true colors in the future.


When I was a little girl I loved to play with paper dolls (of course it was the 50’s slim pickens for toys) I don’t even know if the kids nowadays know what a paper doll is but in the old days it brought the imagination into fruition. Whenever I would cut out the paper dolls I always seemed to cut the dimensional aspects of her different than what we’re portrayed in the directions. In other words I didn’t obey instructions nor did I color in the lines and to this day I am still that same little girl.

Life as we know it now demands us to stay within the lines, the seams that are sewn for us by life and others. To follow the rules even if we don’t believe in their Construction. Eventually becoming robotic of nature The real us begins to fade like a ghost that’s stayed too long in a Disney mansion. We try hard to hold on to what was but feel ourselves drifting like an astronaut on a windy day. This feeling of disconnection also feels like a death of sort, all alone, drifting not attached to what is around you or the outcome.

Every day I get emails about this disconnect energy, many ask are they going to die or is the earth going to die? In actuality we all know the old us has left the building Not to return in the same decorative costume. Many feel they are completely disconnected as a Consciousness that escapes from what is Matrix of Nature and controlling up life force. The real authentic aspect of our soul fights for freedom on all levels thru all dimensions. Not giving in to holographic dimensional flybys that cause one to falter in their true nature.

Each and every day I ask the Real Goddess Gillian to get her Celestial Butt integrated fully into all of my dimensional selves that seem to be running amuck. There has to be a number One, an original not an extra crispy version of the authentic self. Even if we are Matrix of birth or Matrix of Destiny as so many Proclaim,  it is my intention to hold on dearly to who and what I am, the Light that I represent and the Love that I am learning to embrace in all of its formats.

It is within this domain of thought that we no longer hold on to the old ‘seems of self’ but allow a new Heavenly ‘in-lightened-Stitch-in time’ to enter our lives.   We may feel like cosmic Castaways on a really bad reality show but I come to tell you to change the channel of your creation. Imagine your self getting a new wardrobe of Light designed for every season of your life. Encircle the old you within the new garments of light.  integrate fully to stop the sense of drifting and floating away from life.  

Dragons-Gate Bracelets

I love what is ‘dragon of nature’ in all its forms from earthen dragons to celestial dragons. As soon as you reach out your heart and intentions to the dragon-heart you are heard and answered by the exact dragon energy aligned with your request. We are all in need of detoxifying whether body, mind, soul or thoughts. The stones within this bracelet stimulate the immune system.These powerful bracelets call themselves ‘Dragons-Gate’ Bracelets. They are made of Dragon bloodstone jasper and quartz with a powerful dragon talisman.

Dragon’s power is that of shedding its skin and coming out a new. The dragon provides us with fierce protection and possesses natural magic. Dragon represents the supernatural and infinite self. Being a divine mythical animal, Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem.

**When connecting with dragon connect heart to heart **dragon teaches to become one with the environment
**Dragon teaches the ability to enter the Dreamtime

**The eyes of the dragon can see through time

**The dragon DNA is intertwined within our own human DNA
**Dragon teachings are about embracing your power
**Dragon teachings are about honoring your promises
**All dragons are masters of all elements within the universes

Dragon Bloodstone is an ancient powerful healing stone. This stone is great at grounding negative energy and clearing the body of all toxins. Dragon Bloodstone has been used to increase energy and strength. It removes energy blockages, creating a smooth energy flow thru the body. This stone draws off negative environmental energy, helping to overcome geopathic electromagnetic and virtual stress. Bloodstone brings love into any situation and helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue. It is said that “Blood Stone” was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when the blood of his wounds fell onto the earth and turned to stone.

This is a stone of ‘noble sacrifice’ and can offer courage and solace to all who are called to give of themselves for the good of others. It stimulates the highest and most altruistic character. Bloodstone is a nurturing Mother Goddess stone; it eases difficulties with mothers and mothering issues. It also assists human and animal mothers in the bonding process after a traumatic birth or when mother and baby were separated. Bloodstone can ward off colds, flu, viruses, infections and inflammation. Bloodstone has always been treasured as a talisman of good, It protected one from deception helped overcome enemies, and secured victory in court. This stone stimulates dreaming and intuition, with the ability to control the weather by averting lightning, conjuring storms or calling rain. to see pix prices go to www.thequantumawakening.com

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10 Native American Teachings to Live By

10 Ancestral Teachings

1) The Earth is our mother, care for her.

2) Honor your ancestors through your actions.

3) Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit.

4) All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.

5) Take from the Earth what is needed and nothing more.

6) Put the good of all before your own interests.

7) Give constant thanks for each new day.

8) Speak the truth; but only of the good in others.

9) Follow the rhythms of nature; rise and retire with the sun.

10) Enjoy life’s journey, but leave no tracks.

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Pleiadian TECH

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A word from your Hostess of Light

Sorry for delay lots of time glitches and dimension re-flux, we are all losing segments of time. It is Like we each live in our own time-zone which changes from one street to the other. It is very discombobulating. All of us are actively prepped like soldiers waiting divine orders. Not really understanding why we are on edge, sharp, electrical and stressed. All of nature seems to be on alert as everything seeks shelter from the invisible storm. Everything around us says ‘be a-ware’ something does not feel right, does not fit right. Our bodies experience unusual phenomena, pain and energy dispersals. Our hearts beats different, our memories dig deep like a lotus, lining up the past with the now. Like a child finding their adoption papers, our emotional bodies encircle us like a pack of wolves.

As we move thru these dimensional fluxes we will encounter aspects of ourselves we have not known about, relationships that do not make sense, and truths that do not belong in this ‘episode of self’. We are experiencing upgradement via the dreamscapes and multilevels of learning we experience when we sleep (whatever time of day that is). We may be unplugged in this form but are ‘plugged in’ via our other forms and timelines, no wonder you are so tired when first waking, like you ran a marathon or worked a triple shift!


We move forward with caution as if walking in shifting quicksand. Knowing at any minute the paradigm can change and we could be floating over the emerald city without wings. We look to nature for understanding and insight but she looks back at us, just as confused. The rules have changed for all of us; we bang our heads trying to figure out what to do next and what tools of light arte needed in this place and time. .

Most days it is best not to try to force an outcome, like a wizard of old who has forgotten his spells, It’s just a moot point.  We look out our car windows, our home windows, and the windows of our souls, seeking a sign that it is safe to move forward. Like driving thru a haboob dust storm, all you can is pull over until it passes. Many people are just parked alongside of their lives waiting for one situation/event to change allowing them and giving them permission to move forward.  

Everything is lined up as we go face to face with what pushes our buttons. Can we make this just all go away until another day?? Maybe…. However, do you really want that? This is a virtual time-out for good behavior allowing you to get all of your molecules and cells going in the right direction. A last chance resort allowing you to be the person you have always wanted to be. A chance to rewrite what is written in disappearing ink within the ciphers of your soul.

The energies that come this spring will give you that opportunity. To see yourself as you have always known yourself to be deep in your heart, a good person with a good soul and good intent. If you are on earth you are a highly evolved being that has taken form in a reincarnational cycle you have chosen. It is a role you play, that you wrote and are directing now. If you chose to change roles, you as the director producer and actor of your drama (or melodrama) can do just that. It starts with one thought and intention.  However be aware that switching one role for another is not always a better choice or an easier choice. All choices come with their own set of rules and agendas. There are no vanilla boxes in these choices. All serve the highest good of the individual. No exceptions.  Embrace who you are and all of your choices, stop searching for divine perfection in some far off isle, when it is reflected in your eyes, in todays sunset.


As we move forward in energy light and future we come to many crossroads and energetic choices that confuse the senses and mind. We are stretched dimensionally and biologically into many directions of development. Places with many doorways where light consciousness has many memories and connections. Small places in-between time that we can easily slip in and out of, in a moments blink.  This 2021 dimensional flux directs you onto places of cellular memory that needs healed in your humanness before you can move forward into a higher light quotient allowing you entrance into safer places of Light. The body holds all memories thru time and incarnation, each physical pain is associated with a memory, a place, a time or situation that needs to be cleansed and released.

What is known as Ascension starts cell by cell, the cell is like a room that is to be renovated awaiting new paint /new bamboo flooring/ new windows, etc/ First however the cell has to be emptied of all old furniture. Completely emptied before the new can be become a reality.  Will we willingly let go of the old furniture or hang on to that which no longer serves us? Think of winning the Lottery, having enough money to buy your dream house anywhere in the world, and yet you chose to stay put, enduring what you have always endured. Not receiving the good that awaits you.

We are learning to body talk in a way that can finally be heard,  finally God turned on his universal hearing aid. We are partners in this earth walk of body, mind, spirit and like the 3 stooges we go thru a lot of shenanigans and cosmic comedy on this earthly reality show. All memories are held within the body, past present and future; some are sweet, some are nightmares, others have blended with the horizon not to be seen. As we increase our light quotient we push light into the cells that are not yet ready for renovation, as they are still holding onto the pain of the past and are afraid to release. When you ask for more light, more truth more love expect the human body to rebel and react.  Speak to the pain as a small unloved child, with love and understanding in your heart. The parts of us that feel unloved are disguised in this pain. You do not have to play the ‘name that pain’ game but like a master of light gently speak it into healing without knowing why it hurts to begin with.

The pain does not have to be physical, but spiritual, emotional and mental healing is needed as well as we enter new rooms within the many dimensional mansions of Light. Togetherness is not what it once was, it seems short stacked, not enough to fill a deep human hunger, the need to gather. Feeling isolated like a lighthouse keeper on an outer island in the North Sea, brings to the surface all those thoughts that you have not allowed yourself to think. Remember Oneness exists in the word loneliness! As we all learn how to fly thru what looks like a Bermuda triangle time-storm, we learn to surf the waves of change like a professional. We cannot control the ocean, we cannot control the outcome, we can only trust our self and soul and learn how to ride the really big waves.

Earth light has risen and fallen like a drunk one-armed Lighthouse Keeper

Earth is becoming a black hole in pulsation not moving upward in light but spiraling into itself hiding from the truth. The mood of any planet destined to become a Star can always be seen within its surrounding auric light-field. Earth light has risen and fallen like a drunk one-armed Lighthouse Keeper, it sways with the pulse and the outer beat of the elements. Black holes are all or nothing energy creations. When you enter the realm of the black hole,  you will be completely dissolved into nothingness with full consciousness becoming one with original light not in form.   then reconstituted in form and light from concentrate into a new creation. Letting go completely of what was defining you.  Entering a new realm, redefining yourself, redesigning yourself and resigning yourself.

Being a Swinging one-armed lighthouse keeper has its merits when it includes rescuing others from demise.  Trying to hold onto what was with one-arm while trying to rescue others, will pull you down drowning you in the waters of the past while you float to the ‘Bottom of the See’.

So much sadness and depression pulses from Earth, all life in the universe notices the difference in this earth-star’s pulse and shine. We look like a dying star from other parts of the Universe.  Ancient future scientists from many lightyears, worry if this planet/star is becoming a black hole? We know in our heart of hearts everything has shifted and changed forever on earth we are no longer in the same playing field and the earths light pulse denotes this! We are transforming on a biological level and every cell in our body displays that truth. Like the caterpillar, we are not sure what we will become at the end of ourselves. The inner light you are is timeless and reflective shining thru all forms, Hold onto that and be fearless in this life.

The numerical energy of the word ‘money’ and the vibration of the phrase

‘The United States of America’ is a nine vibration.

The destiny of nine is to turn the darkness into light, transforming outcomes like an alchemist of old. To stand aligned with that which is honorable, and battle for integrity. In the last few years both the energy of money and the USA have gotten off track. Since the vibrations of the word money and USA is one in the same they will always be walking hand and hand down memory lane. Feasting on regrets and supping on ‘the what if’s.” Within these Nine musings is a holy trinity of energy the magic of three times three. We are destined to learn much about the vibration of money in upcoming times.

The original doctrine of early America was ‘for the people; by the people’. The Founders of the original guided words of ‘the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution’ were aligned with the ancient teachings of the Masonic Order and all Holy orders before them that have changed shape and form thru time. They were knowledgeable in ancient secrets, holy instructs and truths that were written in stone. Their bloodline came from the Great Architect of the Universe, a school of thought birthed from father to son. The USA was built on an honorable foundation with cornerstones that were laid down for the future of mankind. The original doctrines were solid and would not wear and tear with the political weather.

Money holds the same consciousness as the USA and its political temperature. Stop nursing your financial fever and ‘get well’, once and for all. When you get any money hold it for a minute and pace the vibration of love into it (another #9) and shift the frequency once and for all. Let it go back out into the populace and radiate love within each financial interaction. Money has shifted in accordance with our once solid belief system.  Every financial fear  weakens our immune system and strips away our joy. Our beliefs like our pockets have holes in them, are turned inside out and upside down into the “land of not enough.’ ‘Not enough Money, not enough gas, and not enough toilet paper, not enough Hope for a shiny future’. All of these factors have laid beneath the surface for the last year or so, festering and marinating in ‘not enough’! the upside-down cake mix of money and commerce have been as a hidden Nile crocodile lurking beneath the surface waiting to leap.

The considerable awareness of money responds to our every hidden thought of lack or prosperity. The deep seeded genetic fear of ‘not enough’ needs only a single second to take root. Life mirrors our inner fears before it ever reaches our outer hopes.  The secret to receiving the everlasting great wealth the universe is to ‘give as God without limit or regret.

It is at this point of emptiness you will then become full.  To believe when there is no proof of the pudding except for a deep knowing in your heart is proof positive the Universe is guiding your way.  Remember Earth is like a big day care center, you can play with all the toys but you cannot take them home. We own nothing in truth.  So let go of the need for ownership and allow the wealth of the Universe to flow thru you. You are a Conduit of Light.

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Energetic Update

Blessings Beloveds ~

Above photo: Schumann spike, Thursday on Gaia.

Unprecedented frequencies are emanating through the grids after another strong magnetic shift last Monday.

To be completely transparent in this Now: I AM in a state of Bliss, Transformation and Mulitidimensional recalibration. Creating this as I embody the new frequencies. Guided to share my notes, here we glow:

Notes on this week:

The initial Gate influx SUNday and Monday were the strongest I have felt since December. Gatework revealed a mass exodus of Souls and entities. Such is the dismantling.

Higher energies, activation and release happen simultaneously: We are working in many realms as we become pure conduits for Christ/Krysthl/Crystalline/Unity consciousness.

Literal recalibration of the fields, perspective, DNA. Palpable sensations of the Heart Center and torus fields shifting. Upleveling for many OverSoul groups. Massive expansion of the Crystalline lightbody as the magnetic Heart shifts. Palpitations, fluttering, popping, anxiety pass through with gratitude.

Creative momentum speeding up with this Gate week. The creative YES is experienced as joy in this Now, regardless of future shifts. The Now joy is key; whatever is presenting to uplift, expand the heart and service right Now is the focus. Zero concern if things change tomorrow. Stay in the Present joyful, expansive Now to level up. However you can create that for yourself, do it.

Heart, lightbody, Bliss activation. As always, the combination of total focus on the Light, Creation of the New, and Divine Neutrality creates the frequency match for the New Earth/Higher vibrational worlds.

This activates Bliss codes which have not been felt before, due to this Heart center and lightbody recalibration. This is co-created through the magnetic shifts and anomalies happening all year long.

The Crystalline Heart and Lightbody are here! The light waves, Schumann spkies and magnetic storms (still in progress) have been very physical this week. FEEL your perspective and consciousness shifting to the new realities. I literally stare across the room and FEEL my perspective, brain, heart, body, consciousness changing right now. The timelessness of Zero Point frequencies are overriding the linear and restoring our organic perspective. Watch and feel how it shifts throughout the day. Pliable, flexible Presence.

Visitation and veil-lifting. Leaving one reality and entering the unified realms. Dismantling of old realms (appears as division) amplifies as we depart this unique Gateway. No surprises; bizarre revelation is what it is.

The HIGH sensation of bliss states is especially strong during this transformative Gate. Meditate, get in Nature, connect with the organic reality for this experience and activation. Bliss is so vividly Zero Point; allow the stillness to transform. A fine balance of creativity activity and stillness works well for integration.

Embracing a new reality requires releasing the old one. Bit by bit, leap by leap. Highest choices each moment. Metamorphosis of relationships, Soul contracts, services, the physical, everything. Revisit the Release, Recode, Reveal method from January’s webinar.

More Creation than Distraction. Be present in the Now energies, staying in the zero point flow of what is the highest interests, highest joy, supportive of the new bliss frequency.

No energy to the negative/drama narratives. Magnetic Field Shifts are shutting down draining programs and amplifying the Crystalline grid. In the linear, it shows up as Schumann waves, Solar activity and geomagnetic storms. Anticipated every time we have a Gateway. All focus on the true light and creating the New. Personal and collective discrepancies are resolved through Divine Neutrality and broadcasting the pure Crystalline frequency of the Unified Source-thru-Self. Miraculous resolution through Zero point.

Multidimensional Heart Center and Bliss Codes: Brief periods of dizzy, vertigo, whirling sensations followed by intense clarity and peace. Stay attuned to your upgrades. Feel your perspective changing, feel your consciousness expanding.  Use the morning to scan what reality is foremost in this Now, what has changed, what is your highest trajectory. Use evening sleep for reset and integrations. Stay hydrated. Say your decrees and FEEL them.
  These quantum shifts, jumps, and magnetic reality-changing events are consistent this year. This unique Stargate is revealing the Divine HUman; the true narrative of our Now realities.  See the article Dismantling, Magnetics, Quantum Shifts and Freedom Codes describing the WHY behind the collective loss, vertigo and tired-and-wired sensations HERE

Join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations. Gate and Gridwork encouraged all weekend. Amplify Divine Love, Unity, Peace across the realms.

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Master Kuthumi.

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

View on the Website HERE

Greetings dear loving hearts, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence today and I bring forth a heart, a soul, a soul group full of love. In fact, I bring forth the vibrations of Creator love to embrace, support, and to lift you up into your true self. I wish to encourage you to gaze within your being acknowledging the truth that is present.
As the world around you alters and shifts due to so many transformations taking place within your being, within others around you and across the world. It can be confusing and difficult to understand the truth of the Creator, it can be challenging to recognise what is true and what is false.
Currently the Creator is bringing forth Ascension Gift 7, this is a surge of energy directly from the Creator. Within this surge of energy is the vibration and frequency of power, pure power born from the essence of the Creator. This power holds two purposes. It is to release the fear of power that can be held within many and promote the truth of the Creator.
When we speak of the truth of the Creator we are not speaking of information or even visions, circumstances, scenarios, or experiences. We are speaking of the vibration, the frequency of truth, you might liken this to a note of music or sound that represents truth. It is important to be aware that the sound or vibration of truth can be interpreted in many ways. It is and can be expressed through your being. It is your purpose to express the vibration and frequency of the truth of the Creator through your being, through your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and creations.
We recognise that each person expresses the truth and the power of the Creator in different and diverse ways. For human beings, the personality and the ego are present, this creates a fusion with the vibration of truth. I wish to encourage you to acknowledge your personality and your ego. There may be things that you need to let go of or transform; however, you are born on the Earth to express the vibration of truth with the presence of your ego, personality, and your physical body. There is a need to create a fusion that is harmonious and is a true expression of the Creator through your being. The more you can recognise truth as a vibration that pulsates throughout your being the more you will find your mind, your emotions, your actions and reactions are inspired by the truth of the Creator, recognising the same within others.
I, Master Kuthumi invite you in your own time to place your attention deep within your being, to ask, to discover and connect with the vibration of truth, the truth of the Creator that flows through your being.
I, Master Kuthumi invite you to express this truth of the Creator through your voice, through sound, through singing or humming. As you feel the vibration being expressed through your body and through your sound you will allow it to activate throughout your being, on all levels of your being, both physical and energetic. The more you practice this, the more you will become accustomed to the vibration of truth that flows through your being from the Creator. Thus, you will be able to recognise it in new and diverse ways. Expressing the truth through your sound is the beginning of you becoming familiar with the presence of your truth.
The Creator is expressing a surge of power, the vibration of power. Power is often something that many fears. They fear power, the control of others, they fear themselves in a role of power or maybe they place too much importance upon power. The vibration of power upon the Earth is somewhat unbalanced. With the power surge from the Creator that is now beginning to anchor a new balance will dawn, allowing all to rediscover what the power of the Creator truly is. You may have already within your mind understand what power is and what power is not. You may understand how you accept power and how you reject power. You may also understand how others have power over you and how you give your power to others. These are all insights into the vibration of power. However, in this moment, I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to connect with the simple vibration and frequency of power that the Creator is emanating. It is our wish that you gain a new understanding of power, a new expression, a new experience of power as the vibration of power anchors not only into your being but into the Earth and all of humanity. You may find yourself becoming a magnet to observing power. You may discover yourself observing power struggles or power battles. You may observe areas where there is a lack of power and areas where there is too much power. As you begin to observe the presence of power within your being, your reality, and the world around you, so you begin to unravel your beliefs about power. You allow yourself to come to a new understanding of the frequency of the Creator’s power, understanding what it is, how it moves through you and how you can express it.
This contemplation and understanding of power are immensely important now, it will allow for old beliefs to be discarded. As fear and pain dissolve, it may create chaos within your being or within your outer reality. Realise this is simply power trying to find a balance, as well as a deep cleansing and purification of power within your being and your reality. The vibration of power that comes forth from the Creator is an amplifier, it is an energiser, it emphasises all that is, all that is in being/ manifestation, therefore power does not always manifest truth. It is designed to manifest truth; however, it is an amplifier of all things which are in being, in manifestation. It is important to acknowledge that as this surge of power vibration begins to flow into the Earth, into all beings and humanity it will create upheaval of some sort, maybe small, maybe large, as everything is amplified and magnified. There is a purpose to this, it is to bring balance to the vibration of power, to allow you to act powerfully from your truth in your reality.
There is another purpose, it is to purpose is to allow you and all beings to really see, sense, and acknowledge what you are creating. Everything that is in being will be manifested, everything that is in manifestation and that is about to be created will be emphasised, amplified, energised. It will be as if your life is up on a television screen before you. You will be able to see things that you have created. You will be able to recognise things that you do not wish to experience. You will be able to recognise experiences that allow you to grow and lead you to a place of peace and joy and truth and connection with the Creator. You will be able to recognise what you are creating and if this is from a place of power and truth. It is also important to remember that power is a vibration of action, so everything that is in your thought forms, in creation will be put into action. You may feel as if you are juggling a million balls at the same time, as everything you are aware that you wanted to manifest and everything that you are unaware that you have been manifesting comes into reality. It is for you to balance and juggle these. To achieve this there is a need to examine each of those juggling balls, casting away those that distract you and do not support you. Hold sacred with tenderness, love, and harmony the juggling balls that support you. These are the experiences, and creations that really support and align with your truth, the expression of the truth of the Creator that flows through your being and is aligned with your expression of power. Everything will move into alignment with power and truth as these are expressed through your being, supporting you in further gaining a greater connection and remembrance; an embodiment with all that is the Creator.
I, Master Kuthumi encourage you to contemplate this and to be aware of its presence in your reality.
My love, my healing my truth is with you always,
I thank you,
Master Kuthumi


Natalie has written 2 channeled  books 

The White Beacons of Atlantis 

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Planetary Update

Planetary Situation Update Posted: 17 Feb 2021 02:37 PM PST Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Resistance has managed to clear the vast majority of Chimera underground bases and made a significant blitzkrieg breakthrough there on February 10th and now holds the upper hand in planetary subterranean domain. Light Forces have also managed to clear practically all negative quantum superposition exotic weapons and technologies of the Chimera, and have dissolved the so-called Schwab quantum matrix etheric scalar technology which was the main energy field behind the Great Reset. Now that this Schwab matrix has decomposed, the whole dark plan of the Cabal is slowly falling apart. Dragon forces on the surface are very active behind the scenes and are taking active countermeasures against the Jesuits and their Great Reset plans. Humanity appears to be coming closer to herd immunity as daily coronavirus cases continue to fall: https://www.statista.com/chart/22067/daily-new-cases-by-world-region/ Many people, especially restaurant owners, are actively resisting lockdown orders and keeping their restaurants open worldwide: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=161846 https://21stcenturywire.com/2021/01/16/over-50000-restaurants-in-italy-declare-i-am-open-defying-lockdown-measures/ https://www.rt.com/news/513466-czech-pubs-covid-protest/ https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=sk&u=https://akw.sk/covid-19/restauracie-a-bary-v-cr-otvorene/&prev=search&pto=aue https://www.aier.org/article/carlsbad-ca-says-no-more-to-lockdowns-may-it-be-a-national-model/  
  People are beginning to organize against the lockdown Cabal legally and politically: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=sk&u=https://akw.sk/covid-19/obcianska-protipandemicka-komisia/&prev=search&pto=aue https://humansarefree.com/2021/01/switzerland-referendum-to-strip-government-of-power-to-impose-lockdowns.html People are becoming aware that lockdowns were ordered by Jesuit-controlled Xi: https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/federal-lockdown-probe/ And are being maintained by equally Jesuit-controlled Biden: https://exploringrealhistory.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-jesuit-connections-in-here-and-now.html https://rense.com/general96/biden-brutal-enforcer-of-jesuit-illuminati-warmongers.php Academic studies have proven that harmful effects of lockdowns are far greater than benefits: https://nationalfile.com/study-covid-lockdown-harms-are-10-times-greater-than-benefits/ Bayesian statistical analysis has proven with 99.8% certainty that SARS-CoV-2 virus was made in a lab: https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/covid-made-in-lab/ And false positive methodology of PCR tests is being exposed: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/01/gary-g-kohls/your-coronavirus-pcr-test-is-positive-you-still-might-not-have-covid-19/ Resistance is NOT futile, as more and more people are responding to new Aquarian energies: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/civil-unrest/resistance-is-not-futile-2/ Silver is a very powerful tool that can take the power out of the hands of the Cabal into the hands of the people. First came the Silver trigger: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2019/10/make-this-viral-silver-trigger-11-11.html And it paved the way for the Silver squeeze: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/goldman-sachs-issues-rare-sunday-warning-markets-will-collapse-if-squeeze-continues-bankers-too https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/reddit-preparing-unleash-worlds-biggest-short-squeeze-silver https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/unprecedented-history-apmex-ceo-explains-why-they-halted-silver-bullion-sales-over-weekend  
  Now that the quantum superposition dark technologies are almost gone, the Tunnels of Set are almost gone also and implants are not quantumly entangled anymore. This makes spiritual growth easier and implant clearing easier, as when you now start clearing your implants you are not clearing all other implants in the planetary grid anymore. So if you feel so guided you can join the group that is conducting regular implant clearing sessions: https://t.me/Victory_Of_The_Light Or watch their videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1wi2ahjzfkBDjGNkD7Oag Light Forces have communicated that it is time now to start taking the planetary energy grid out of the hands of the dark back into our hands again. Therefore they are asking everybody who feels so guided to do the Flower of Life meditation for the planet as often as possible: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2019/08/daily-flower-of-life-meditation.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA244xV4c2g We are doing this meditation daily every four hours, and will keep doing it until the Event. Victory of the Light!    
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Manifesting Magic By Michael Love

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Content is light-encoded to assist your journey.

Blessings Beloveds ~

It was an intense frequency week. Geomagnetic storms. Schumann spikes after magnetic adjustments. Perhaps you felt the quantum realms shifting our realities – again. This is the area of space we are currently traversing; pure Source-encoded crystalline plasma bombardment. It is engulfing our Solar System, flowing through the SUN, and recoding our realities. The Quantum realm codes, which provide a true experience of unity consciousness, began to infiltrate our Solar system last June. The SUN was recoded and realigned so the organic ascended realms could begin to physicalize. A great leveling up of frequency began, and the way we exist in the body (going lightbody). This recoding of realities and brilliant new frequencies increased their flow in mid-December.  These unique codes streaming in as crystalline plasma make quantum consciousness readily available. Quantum recoding affects many realms simultaneously.  A reunification of organic realms and our crystalline choices. As always, the experience is anchored through many starseeds who have the resonant biolandscape and consciousness to integrate these crystalline consciousness infusions. It has been revealed to many that a new level of quantum beingness is already anchored in the collective DNA field. As the distractions of 2020 dissolve, more will realize this powerful shift gaining unstoppable momentum. Ascension is inevitable. That is the quantum outcome; no matter how many possibilites you put into the formula, the outcome is always Ascension. This is why the last-grab on the collective consciousness occurred last year. Take note of the forces that require separation to exist, forgive them, and practice unity at every turn. Dismantling happens through all of us, it does not happen to a select group. This is the wisdom of Oneness; to witness, create solutions, and transform when disharmony presents. Dismantling and death across the realms You will feel the uncomplimentary and inorganic realities drop away. When this occurs, there is a moment of mourning, sadness, or loss. Then, just as quickly, it feels as if they never existed. The new level of photonic (Source-encoded) plasma is intensifying every day. Some hear the new harmonics. Some hear what the harmonic frequencies are doing to their body and lightbody. Crystalline structures activate, and receive more information, more tones, codes, light. Rewriting HUstory into harmony, peace and unity requires these codes. They literally overwhelm and overwrite what was – at a Universal, quantum level. Currently there are entire OverSoul groups – hundreds of thousands of incarnates (Souls expressing through bodies) – leaving the collective trajectory of New Earth realms. Some leave in form (death) and others disentangle their inorganic influence from the collective. Empaths will feel these OverSoul groups as they disentangle from the collective. No judgment, it is what it is. We have been walking side by side in this journey of form. Energetic support for distorted inorganic realities has been dropping off for many years. This new level of plasma speeds up the process which affects many Soul groups. It may be felt as sadness, dizziness (magnetic releasing is active right now) or the sensation of quantum shifts (knowing in the heart that something major is unfolding at the universal level). The more we become aware of Oneness, the more we experience the fullness of the Source experience. The dualistic good guy/bad guy scenario fades, and we feel vast sections of the whole organism being dismantled, rewritten, recoded, or alleviated of expression and influence. Some may be surprised by how this feels; it has a profound depth to it. We know it is collective, and we may feel collective sadness, collective loss, or the impending death of many expressions. We may weep without linear cause or attachment. We may feel it deeply in our core as our HUstory is realigned with the organic ascended realms. It does feel like cosmic loss, however there is also a sense of purpose, expansion, clearing and major quantum shifts – that echo across the realms of collective reality shifts. Kindwhile, the bliss states become purer and more profound. Equilibrium. Both sensations simultaneously. Oneness. These quantum shifts, jumps, and magnetic reality-changing events are consistent this year. For those focused on creation rather than distraction, it is a fascinating phase of our transformation to Crystalline/Christed/Krystal/Unity consciousness. Positive shifts in the magnetic fields, collective narratives, and Freedom codes are intertwined. Magnetic polarity shifts lift the veils. Use this to expand your perspective. Many are experiencing a new level of contact. Maintain your personal Ascension practices; optimizing this opportunity to learn, expand, and go lightbody is upon us. Apply what unfolds at the collective to your personal lifestream. All is One. Freedom Codes Flowing Stay conscious in your flow, dear hearts. Recognize and override the uncomplimentary external narratives. How can you feel 10% freer in this Now? Light-ground those thoughts, feelings and dreams with physical action. Be sovereign in your reality choices, this is a revelatory passage for every expression of Source. SUNday Unity Meditations: Super BOWL SUNday We celebrate our fourth Super Singing Bowl SUNday during our SUNday Unity Meditations on February 7. Play your singing bowls, use your sound tools, harmonize with light language – anything using SOUND during our meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PST.

Have fun with it! Post a photo or video and tag it #sundayunitymeditations to share your creation with the Crystalline Collective. Staying Connected Global meditations, online courses, quarterly webinars, live events and weekly guidance available at the new website:  AscensionPath.com Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! In Love, Light and Service,

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