Mysterious CIA document Provides Astounding Information.

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History of everything

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Universal Breathing

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Russell Forsythe

Schedule your  IEL Institute consultation  today!   New Chakra Meditations for Monthly Members!Greetings! With the world at a tipping point, many of us are being asked to hold space for others. But what does that mean? Holding is retention. Space is the distance between other people or things that a person needs to remain comfortable. Holding space describes opening my heart for a person experiencing a hardship.   It starts with checking to see if I have any attachment to the circumstances. If I can check that box, then I am better able to express compassion and empathy in some form. To express those attributes free from attachment, I need to let go. For example, I need to let go of the fix-it mentality. The urge to rush in and try changing what is happening is strong in this one, Obi Wan (tee hee). For the most part, I can’t fix the upset from a traumatic event. Trying to fix it means inserting myself in a way that could make things worse.    People need to be heard, so holding space means being a good listener and being present to the needs of another. Being there to support someone without getting in the way is harder than it sounds. It takes practice, awareness, and knowing my place. If I can hone the skill of holding space, a deeper connection is possible. It’s that heart connection which provides the foundation for healing. Holding space, simply put, means there is a place in my heart for another to heal. Let’s work together by listening for the whispers from spirit on the subject.   It means a lot for someone to know you’re thinking about them as they deal with a challenge. Holding another in your heart, in your arms, in your thoughts, or in your spirit is a learned skill. Discernment around ego can help understand judgments, attitudes, or biases. The goal is to help one feel safe from unrest brought by grief, hopelessness, depression, and anger.   True understanding is a type of listening from the heart. Compassionate empathy is an expression of human nature finding center. An extension of pure energy is free from the tension that comes with who you think you should be. Holding space is relaxing into the person you are at the core. Cultivating compassionate empathy leads to freedom from the inner conflict connected to expectations.    Holding space is love without conditions. Such expression of love frees a person to experience a moment of hope and faith that things will improve. Love without ego is an energy without limits. To hold space is to expand light. It’s listening from the soul that soothes the suffering of others. A call to stillness where you can hear another breathe through their moment of pain.    Two hearts gather to form a union of strength and resolve free from any specific call to action. Holding space is the pause between breaths that makes room for divinity to enter the life of another. In that moment, you allow others to feel what they are feeling. Holding space is your heart shining a light on another person’s darkness.  
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What is the Toroidal Operating System?

Source: Meg Benedicte
8cfc90d4a4b5499aaf519b78c3e91100 As we migrate from the old power system into the new circular operating system, we need to adjust and adapt to new code and consciousness. It requires a significant rewiring in our thought process, perspective, and alignment with how we think, sense and function. Instead of fighting our way to the top of the pyramid, we no longer need to effort or compete. It is a complete re-orientation into a circular system that recycles and restores energy exertion. The new operating system is designed to regenerate health, happiness and infinite energy resources…a self-sourcing ecosystem for all involved. This may sound like an impossible task. Which is why we are being assisted from high above, being ‘touched by god’. There are certain celestial codes that initiate the circular operating system. The ‘Triangle within the Circle’ is the ancient geometric template for multidimensional access. Embedded in Metatron’s Cube are the encoded ‘triangles within circles’ that activate a portal to the quantum field of infinite energy. Once that portal is open, you will never need to strive or struggle against the crowd again. Working with Metatron’s Cube encoded geometry will gradually activate a continuum in your energy field. As you transition from the rat race of the pyramidal power structure, you immerge into the new operating system of the merkaba torus. Living in a continuum relies on maintaining zero point coherence, of self-perpetuating balancing polarities in a chaos field. We are evolving beyond a punishing chaotic reality into masters of centropy, the ability to transform matter from negative entropy (disorder). Encoded in Metatron’s Cube is the double inverted triangles that activate the merkaba, the geometry of toroidal momentum. The merkaba torus is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems at all scales. Magnetic fields around planets and stars, and whole galaxies themselves are all toroidal energy systems. Every atom in your body is a mini-torus. One of the key characteristics of the torus is at its very center, the entire system forms a vacuum state in a point of ultimate balance and stillness — in other words, perfect centeredness. This is called zero point balance. As you see, the universe operates on the circular spin momentum of the Torus. The Torus taps into the abundant quantum flow that is generated in rotating magnetic fields…harmonic resonance unlocks the power. The new circular operating system is the toroidal circulation of infinite life force. We’ve been living in an artificially inserted power structure, the parasitic, top-down imbalanced power distribution. It could only last so long, until the resources drained out. We’ve reached the point of no return. We either evolve or die. The collective is being compelled to acclimate to the universal circulating system of renewable energy. The New Earth operating system is the circular torus momentum, a balanced whole of coherence. It is our birthright, and it is available now. Lovingly, Meg
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The Flame of Compassion

As I go deep, deep within,

to the Golden Sun within my Loving Heart,

I breathe in Compassion,

I breathe out Compassion,

I breathe in Compassion,

I breathe out Compassion.

I am committed to releasing unforgiveness and resentment, blame and judgment,

to treat all with kindness and Love,

and to ensure within my reality,

all are kind and respectful.

I am committed to meeting each challenge with compassion, loving kindness, peace and acceptance,

as I walk the Path of Love,

as a Flame of Divinity,

as the Beloved I Am Presence That I Am.

As my Golden Sun expands in hues of pink and gold, and diamond Light,

from my Loving Heart and into my Solar Plexus and Seat of the Soul,

I expand ever deeper into Solar Christ Consciousness.

I dissolve old programs of “victim/persecutor consciousness” no longer needing to be experienced,

whilst appreciating and celebrate my uniqueness and my loving nature,

through my Universe within.

I breathe in Compassion,

I breath out Compassion.

I choose to access the deepest levels of my Soul Light,

to expand my vibration and lift my consciousness into New Earth,

as this sacred, Holy Flame of Divinity,

and Light of God I Am.

I now feel or sense the three-fold Flame activate within my Loving Heart,

Power, Love and Wisdom,

taking me deeper into the awareness that each Now moment is a choice,

one of 5D consciousness,

or one of 3D consciousness.

As I accept, embrace, appreciate and celebrate each unique experience I have through my compassionate, loving heart,

without judgment and without blame,

no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

I collapse old timelines,

and accelerate into the next level of my soul’s blossoming magnificence and Light,

programming from within all I wish to experience within my Universe.

I know that I am greatly Loved, divinely supported and celebrated,

my Universe, my Soul is guiding Me.

I let go of any need to hide my Light,

to shield myself from others, or to compare myself to others.

I choose to Love my Self,

all parts of my Self,

and to be gentle and loving to my Self.

I Am All That I Am.

I extend this compassion and Love to others,

with loving kindness, non-judgment and the ability and willingness to be of service.

With tender loving care, respect and honor,

 I remember, we are all Divine Mother.

I breathe in Compassion,

I breath out Compassion.

I place my right hand over my Loving Heart,

my left hand over my right,

as I now say to myself,

“I Love you,”

giving my full name now,

I Love you, I Love you, I Love you, I Love you”.


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All Is Happening In Divine Timing (Master Saint Germain)

Source: James McConnell
th-1304486190 I am Saint Germain. I come at this time to be with you, to continue to express with you, to continue to bring this entire program forward. And indeed, this is a program. A program that we, those of us, the Ascended Ones, those of the Galactics, all that have been working with this group, and with all of you that are raising your consciousness across the planet. Sometimes unconsciously, but more and more now consciously, it is all happening as it needs to. All is happening in what we call God’s time, divine timing. And know that everything is indeed in divine timing here. Maybe not your timing, but it is divine. And it is part of the Great Plan that has been in the works for a long, long time. And it is coming closer and closer now to fruition, at least this part of the plan, this part of the plan that has the Light overtaking the darkness here on this planet, just as it has done many other times in many other situations, many other planet systems, galaxies. This has been done many times, but not as it is being done here on this planet with your evolutionary process here together as a collective consciousness. You are all bringing this forward as you have other times before. This time is special. This time you are indeed taking your physical forms through this ascension, which has never been done before with an entire planet ascending along with the people that are occupying the planet. So know that these are special moments that you are in now, even though it does not appear to be at times, or feel like it at times. Even though the expressions of the third-dimensional illusion overtake you with fear at different times, just let it be, let it be what it is in the moment, and you will continue to find that you are rising higher and higher in expression. You are rising higher and higher in consciousness, in vibration. Again, even if it is not consciously, unconsciously the energies that are coming into the planet are raising your consciousness, raising your vibration, bringing your DNA processes higher and higher again, just as they once were. Everything is working toward the raising of consciousness across the planet. You are right now in the midst of this Great Change-Over that is happening. So look for a transition. And a transition, indeed, you are going through at this point. And everything, everything, is leading to the higher expression of consciousness within each and every one of you. Even the aches and pains that you have will begin to fall away more and more, especially as you ask for it. As you ask for assistance, it will be there. Because your belief system is changing as well. And as you believe, so shall ye see. That is the promise. More and more consciousness rising, vibration rising, and so is your belief process in the ensuing development. So again, allow everything to play out. Play out as a show, or as a movie, as you call it. And know that this movie is moving ahead very rapidly. Rapidly toward its conclusion. Will it be today? Maybe. Will it be tomorrow? Possibly. Will it be next week? Who knows? Only the Great Central Source of this universe, the God Source, Prime Creator knows when this shall be. But in the process that you are all in, continue to raise your vibration consciously at every moment that it comes to you, every moment that you think of it. Think: raising consciousness. Being of gratitude will raise your consciousness. Seeing the beauty all around you will raise your consciousness. Vibrating your chakras will raise your consciousness. Being in the moment, being in joy in the moment will raise your consciousness. No matter what it is that you are doing, if you are finding joy in that moment, as long as it is not hurting anyone else, then you are raising your consciousness. Be in joy every moment. That is the mantra you need to continue to go forward with now. Be in joy in every moment. You will find before not too long, as more and more of you are doing exactly that, it will indeed bring on the Great Change-Over, the Solar Flash, The Event. And ascension, just as it is assured at this point, will come more and more to a conclusion.
th-2394130150 I am Saint Germain. I leave you now in peace and love. And that you would continue to raise your vibration in every opportunity that you have. For that is what this entire change-over, this entire transition is all about now, raising consciousness and vibration. Peace and love to all of you. ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell) Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here. And we are ready to continue with this program. And indeed it is a program. It is a program of change. Change-over, change within each and every one of you, change to the world. Everything is coming together as it needs to. All you need to do is continue to be who you are. And more and more, remember who you are. Remember that the God Source is indeed within each and every one of you. And that God Source is powerful beyond measure within you. And your Kundalini energy is continuing to activate, we will say, more and more. As you raise your vibration, so too does your Kundalini energy begin to activate more and more. And you will find in the not-too-far-off future here that your Kundalini energy will begin to rise even at an unconscious level. You can consciously work with it, but can be quite dangerous. But when it raises on its own, then you are ready. That is all we can say on this at this time. Would there be questions for One Who Serves and Shoshanna? Guest: I have a question. I was doing an Arcturian meditation, and I actually felt like my soul was coming in, or light coming in. And then I felt a pain in my back, a really intense pain. And I almost felt, like I said in my insides, like I’m not ready yet, or I don’t have enough room, or whatever. Can you explain that to me what that was? OWS: Yes, certainly. That is what we were just speaking of with the Kundalini energy, and working to raise it at a consciousness level which can be quite dangerous, or at least can be painful at times, depending on where you are in the process here. So it is best that you be careful with this. This is what we have called ‘reaching heaven by force’ here, and you do not want to do that, not at this point anyway. But it can be helpful work with these types of meditations, but just be a little bit easier with it, if you understand what we are saying here. Do you understand this? Guest: I do. The only thing additionally I wanted to say was, it felt like the energy was coming in through the Soul Star and not up from the bottom. Does that make a difference? OWS: That is because you are working with higher frequencies from those of the Arcturians that are bringing this to you. And it is coming down from above, but then also being raised from below. So it is, as has been said before, that whenever you work with the Kundalini energy, there must be an ideal to reach for. And that ideal was coming in this respect from the higher forces of those Arcturians working with you in this. Again, it is something to continue, but just be a little bit careful with it, okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here? SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, Channeled by JoAnna McConnell) We can share on this, if we may share, Dear Sister? Guest: Yes, please do. Shoshanna: Dear Sister, when there is pain in the body, there is a resistance. And the resistance is caused by unmatching vibrations. So we will say that in order to have a meditation that you are speaking of, you must prepare. You must prepare for this, and maybe even have an hour of prayer, or an hour of relaxation, or sitting outside with no thoughts before you attempt a vibration that is so high. So to prepare the body for this, and the mind, and the emotion for what you will experience. So all we can really say is that the time that you were attempting this, your vibration was not a match. Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister? Guest: Absolutely. Yes. Thank you very much. Shoshanna: Namaste. OWS: Very good. Are there any other further questions? Guest: I have a question. OWS: Yes?
5e803732c117a7f40ebe2bd0859c6b85-351475427 Guest: We know that we are entering into a major blood powerful moon and total lunar eclipse today. And many are talking about bringing in collective as well as major personal changes in the next couple weeks. Could you delve into that a little bit for us please? OWS: What you are finding is, there are those forces that are at work here, in terms of galactic forces, that are moving the energies forward much, much quicker here. It is something, though, that can be expected by those of you that are ready for it, that you can work with these energies more and more. So in times such as this, it can be very beneficial for you find yourself in meditation, or just simply being in a good space, we will say here, as these energies rise because of these galactic influences that are occurring here. If you are wanting to experience the full ramifications of this, then be in that good space that we are speaking of over the next several days here, as we are finding it, and it will continue to assist you in finding those higher vibrations that are available at that point for each and every one of you. Okay? Shoshanna? Shoshanna: We will share on this. May we share, Dear Sister? Guest: Yes, Sister. Shoshanna: Dear One, the energy that is coming from these events can be used by those that know of the events. And they can be used for the greater advancement of the being. So as the energy comes in from this great time from this great event, as the energy pervades the planet, these things will happen, some will not notice because they are not ready. Those that feel the energy and are ready for it can ask for a great change, can ask for a movement in consciousness, can ask for whatever they wish to ask for that would help them achieve that change through that energetic pulse that will happen. So you must prepare and be ready to ask what it is that you wish to find in your own being that will help to transform your consciousness, you see. Some will not even notice, and some will derive great benefit from this. Does this make sense, Dear Sister? Guest: Yes it does. Thank you very much. Shoshanna: Namaste. OWS: And we would ask here that for those of you that are ready for this and consciously aware of this, you will likely feel some of the expression of these energies in various ways within your body. You may have speeding up of heart issues, or feelings of various pain within legs, and things of this nature. Things associated with your central nervous system. And when this does happen, and it likely will for many of you, know that it is happening because of these great energies coming in. It is not something that you need to be concerned about that it is the beginning of an illness, or a disease, or anything of this nature where you need to go to the emergency room, or whatever it might be for you. Do everything you can to know that it is happening for a reason, and especially for each and every one of you that are ready for it. Okay? Are there other questions here before we release channel? Guest: Yes. This is in regard to an experience that occurred to me last Sunday. This was when Sananda was giving on the dispensation. So during the dispensation, he mentioned something about the cabal. I was sitting here quietly, and then this dark cloud came over me. The sky was clear and sunny. I am asking because I want to understand what this dark cloud was about. Was it coming from me, or was it an outside entity influence? OWS: As we find it, it was coming from within you as to your understanding, or feelings, rather, when you hear the word ‘cabal,’ in that moment that you were experiencing this. Because the cabal would be your understanding as a dark level or a dark cloud, a dark cloud of force here. This is just simply your mind working to establish an understanding here for you, and an accompanying feeling that also was associated with this thought process. That is all, though. It was not something that we find was anything to be concerned about. It was just simply in that moment. Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to add here? Shoshanna: We will add a perspective here, if we may. May we add a perspective here? Guest: Yes, please. Shoshanna: The expression that you describe is a result of fear. The answer that One Who Serves gave pointing to this. So we will say that you must work on your fear and dispense of it. Move past it. Namaste. OWS: Yes. Very good. Would there be any further questions here? Guest: Yes. I am really concerned about myself right now. Six days ago my pancreas became inflamed. I have not been able to eat for six days, no food except water. I cannot walk. All my energy is going down, but at the same time I don’t want to the hospital because I’m not sure what they will do with me there. Would you please advise me as to what should I do? OWS: I did not quite understand what your symptoms were here. Could you please say that again? Guest: It’s inflammation of the pancreas. Yes, and also vertigo. OWS: Pancreas? Guest: yes, pancreas. OWS: So you are wondering either what is causing this, which we cannot give that directly here… Guest: Should I go to hospital? Or can I recover on my own? OWS: Yes, that is what we are going to help answer here. It is what you feel within yourself. And as you are saying this, you are already saying to yourself not to go to a hospital. Especially in these times, as we find it, because you do not know directly what will occur when you go to this hospital. But also understand that if you were to go, you would have guidance here. Guidance to have the right ones administer to you, rather than one that would bring about change that you do not want as a result of going there. So it is up to you, of course, as to what you would do here. As we find it, what you are going through is something that is likely that you can move through on your own here, as you do some research into this. Look into some other alternative methods there that can bring about some relief for you here, and be associated, or look at the associated reason, or what is occurring behind the scenes here in terms of resistance, as Shoshanna has given earlier here. Resistance and unmatched vibration here, as we find it. Perhaps Shoshanna, though, can be more specific here with this? Shoshanna: We will share here, Dear Sister. May we share? Guest: Yes, please. Shoshanna: Dear Sister, you must seek medical advice here. You are at a point where your mind is weakened, and your body is weakened. And as the One Who Serves has given, the right medical assistants will come to your aide. But we are suggesting that you do seek medical attention at this time. Namaste. OWS: Very good. Guest: You mean, I should take the ambulance and go to the hospital? Shoshanna: Yes. Guest: Like, right away now? Shoshanna: Yes. That is our suggestion. You have free will to choose your path. But we find that you will be assisted if you seek the right attention. Guest: May I also ask why I don’t feel connection to my Team? Like I am completely alone to my Divine Team who usually helps me. Shoshanna: We do not have an answer for this, Dear One. We apologize. We do not. Guest: Okay. And one more question, will it take a long time for me to recover if I do to the hospital? Shoshanna: It will not. It will not, Dear One. You must find a way to assist your physical body. Guest: Okay. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Shoshanna: Namaste. OWS: Very good. Then we need to release channel at this point. Shoshanna, do you have parting message? Shoshanna: We do not. OWS: Very good. Then we just simply say continue on with the show here. Continue on to be aware of what’s going on, if that is helpful for you. And just know that everything that is happening, again, is in divine timing here. And it is all coming to a conclusion perhaps even sooner than you might think here. That is all we say here. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.
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Eclipse Portal Intensifies

Source: Meg Benedicte
430d4fa7840a475c9f0cda836b59836a As we travel the eclipse corridor, the intensity is building inside and around us. It feels like we’ve stepped into the ferocious Refiner’s Fire, transforming our vessels from carbon to crystalline. Imagine your energy is being pushed, prodded and polished into the emerging diamond! During the month of May’s Taurus earthy energies, we typically enjoy the beauty of Venus, the natural world and life’s sensuous pleasures. But while the May eclipse portal is open, you may be feeling the pressure increase in the field. There are 3 major cosmic events coming soon: Mercury turns Rx in Gemini on May 10, Jupiter changes signs and enters Aries also on May 10, plus the 2nd eclipse – a Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives on May 15/16. Any one of these events wield significant ripple effects in the collective field. All three transits occurring during a powerful eclipse portal increases the magnitude of potential output exponentially. How ready are you for the intense heat of the Refiner’s Fire? Are you including self-care during the eclipse portal? If you feel overwhelmed, take a timeout and rest, nourish and regenerate your life force vitality. Embrace the inflow of cosmic energies! Just a reminder, Mercury Rx can wreak havoc on electronics, travel and communication. Retrogrades are a time for review, analysis and discovery. Retrograde in Gemini from May 10 to June 3, Mercury may reveal hidden duplicity or lack of integrity. Mercury Rx in Gemini may cause mental confusion, calling us to slow down, pay attention within, attune to soul truth. Apply critical thinking to disagreements, charged situations, and fixed opinions. Also on May 10, Jupiter moves into fire sign Aries. Ruled by Mars, the first sign of Aries is individualistic, bold and brave…proclaiming to the world ‘I AM’. Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, growth, generosity, and good fortune. While Jupiter is in Aries, we identify strongly with personal opinions, beliefs, and perceptions, becoming easily offended when others disagree with us! With Jupiter’s zeal, we need to focus on the positive aspects of Aries…taking the lead, inspiring others, utilizing inner courage to reinvent ourselves, and to live our true Ascension life. Let’s take our human reality to the next level! Be careful to avoid competition, self-centeredness, insensitivity, or delusion. Jupiter highlights the ‘bigger picture’. Point that spotlight on increasing soul magnetism as the source of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. With all this cosmic activity, we are still moving towards the 2nd eclipse. Eclipses typically occur in pairs. The powerful total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse arrives on May 15/16 at 25° Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. Eclipses are dynamic cosmic occurrences that activate the lunar nodes. During 2022 the Nodes of Fate, are on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. In astrology, the lunar nodes symbolize our past and future — our karmic pathway. Lunar Eclipses affect the emotional inner world, disrupting inner emotional equilibrium. A lunar eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of death, rebirth and transformation, is catalyzing us to emotionally evolve. The Blood Moon Eclipse occurring in Scorpio, signifies an ending, a closure point, encouraging us to release our addiction to drama, conflict and chaos. Most are seeking a quieter, more peaceful existence. Enough with the battles and wars! Set your intentions during the Scorpio eclipse for global peace, harmony and transcendence. And finally, these cosmic events are leading to the bi-annual Pleiadean Lineup. Twice a year, in May and November, a gateway is activated to the Pleiadean star system. When our Sun transits the galactic 25, 26, 27 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, we are in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades. It is a time of connection and collaboration with our Pleiadean brothers and sisters, as we navigate the earthly ascension. While in the Refiner’s Fire, let’s transmute more shadow and illuminate more Light within and without. Calling all New Earth Wayshowers, Master Alchemists and Star Beings from all around the world to gather on Monday, May 16 for the Lunar Eclipse-Pleiadean Gateway Activations. Let’s join our cosmic family as we birth alive the New Earth paradigm. Register Here: Lovingly, Meg
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How to Remain Balanced in Times of Uncertainty

by the Arcturians Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa
iu-29 Greetings and love, we the Arcturians extend to your being now. We envelop you in the stars of the Universe of the Creator, surrounding you in blazing light, to support your ascension and spiritual journey upon the Earth. Allow yourself to inhale the light of these many stars as they fill you with the Creator’s sacred qualities, everything that you need and require is within your being. There is always light that you can draw upon, especially from the stars in the Universe of the Creator. Although the entire Universe of the Creator exists within your being, you can imagine the stars of the Universe of the Creator surrounding you almost like fireflies radiating and emanating light into your being, allowing you to bathe in the most glorious, nourishing light of the Creator. As you ascend all those around you ascend and Mother Earth. This can create times of uncertainty where you might feel off balance, or misaligned with yourself, with others, with the Earth, or even the Creator. You may experience separation, or a misunderstanding, when you feel uncertainty within your being, it is often that this is mirrored into your reality causing you to feel uncertainty with greater power and strength within. This cycle can build until you lose focus on who you are, your power, and your sacred abilities. In times of uncertainty, it is important to first recognise that you feel uncertain, unbalanced or confused. When you recognise that this is the space that you are experiencing and that it is integrating into your reality, it is the first stage of acceptance. There may be a need to accept that many in the world are feeling uncertain and this is creating a wider reality for all, causing doubt or fear. With acceptance of the uncertainty within your being, you are able to move forth to bring yourself into balance. We invite you to sit in the energy of uncertainty. What does it feel like?
What colour do you recognise?
What words come forth? How does it impact your physical body?
* How does it impact your physical reality? As you recognise this, we the Arcturians invite you to breathe deeply into all that you discover. You may experience the energy climaxing and then releasing somewhat, shifting and changing into something different. We invite you to focus upon this until you experience an upliftment or insight. If you find that you are unable to move through the energy and access the insight, then you may wish to try again another day or invite your guides forward to support you and offer healing. Continuing, we the Arcturians wish to invite you to imagine that you are the Creator, because you are the Creator of your own reality. Imagine you are the Creator, the source of All That Is, you have all of the qualities, all of the abilities, everything that you need and desire to support you in your reality upon the Earth and to support others as well. In this situation of uncertainty as the Creator, what qualities do you believe would most assist a transformation?
iu-30 As you access the different Creator qualities that will support a transformation in uncertainty and bring forth balance within your being, you are creating an energy, a healing energy that supports you. You are activating an inner remembrance and sacred vibrations to come forth and flood your being. Take time to evaluate the qualities that would be most successful in transforming the situation of uncertainty into balance. It could be the quality of peace, of love, courage, tenderness, empathy, calmness, vibrancy, or action. As you recognise these qualities, begin to imagine them blossoming within your being, creating a ball or a cocoon of light around you that is filled with these sacred qualities. Let it flow throughout every aspect of your being. Sit within this vibration, these sacred qualities, this activated energy from within your being. Feel it’s soothing, healing, uplifting your entire being. Feel yourself becoming aware of your feet, the ground beneath you and the energy flowing into Mother Earth. Recognise how it flows into her centre and cascades in all directions. It also cascades from your being in all directions and especially to situations of uncertainty. This sacred synthesis of light and Creator qualities supports the outcome of balance. As the qualities of the Creator synthesis they become a tonic, and a healing balm. When you feel uncertain or out of balance, confused or chaotic you can think of this sacred synthesis of energy, filling yourself up with it and allowing it to cascade out in all directions. You will feel more centred and balanced, this will impact the reality that you’re creating and the reality around you. To finish this process, we invite you to seek deep within your heart or higher heart chakra to discover your soul and a seed of light. The seed of light holds the energy of being balanced, grounded, powerful, able to access and use the skills and abilities of your being. Imagine, sense, acknowledge that this seed grows, maybe it grows into a tree or the most beautiful flower, a bush or a fruitful plant. Watch and imagine it growing within your being. Notice how its roots are very long, strong and grounded into the Earth. It is radiant, able to stand tall and powerfully. This growth from the seed is you, your energy, your qualities, your ability to remain balanced whatever occurs within or around you. In times of uncertainty, you know that you can impact your being and reality in a very powerful way that will create transformation and bring forth balance. Not only for you but for others as well. We, the Arcturians, are present to support you in any and every moment. You may simply call upon our energies to be with you. We love you, dearly, we thank you. We are the Arcturians
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Wesak: Why is it so important and what does it mean?

When Masters Meet in Shamballa

There is a place called Shamballa (Shambhala) in the Himalayas. Deep in the wilderness near western Tibet there is a massive pyramid shape that has a valley at its feet, a serene expanse called the Wesak Valley. Not all that far from the pass that lies far below the peak of the mountain, (Mount Kailash or “Kangrinpoche” in Tibetan), is a lake. Pilgrims seeking out the sacred mountain during the special festival of Wesak first will cleanse themselves in the pristine waters of Lake Manasarowar.

For them it is an extremely sacred event not to be missed or taken lightly. The vast majority of these pilgrims are Buddhist. But this is a Festival of Light that extends far beyond the devout practices of any religious doctrine or practice.

It is a time when the veil between dimensions becomes the thinnest of any time of the year. For seekers of spiritual truth that desire to attain the best and highest good for themselves and the entire human race, there is no other ceremony that compares.

“Below” the viewable Wesak Valley, there is also an Inner Earth, Fifth Dimensional Realm of Shamballa, and this is where once a year the Masters themselves meet to receive these sacred energies as well as upon the upper earth.

Within the teachings of Ascension Mastery (The Wisdom of the Ascended Masters) attending and participating in a Spiritual Festival Ceremony for “Wesak” or “Vesak” is of the highest desire as it provides the best possible opportunity to receive Divine Blessings. So both Initiates and Ascended Masters on the inner and outer plane celebrate this powerful time. Lord Buddha represents the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and divine purpose.

To participate directly in these sacred blessings and spiritual gifts is a rare opportunity for anyone and it it our goal at Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery to bring that opportunity to your doorstep. With modern internet technology it is now easier than ever, as the pure sacred energies can be transmitted directly to every participant. Walking Terra Christa’s spiritual leaders have been designated by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul as his official spokesbeings upon earth. He foretold of making such a selection in the Alice Bailey material.

What makes our Ascended Master Teachings so unique among the many others to have received this designation by Master Djwhal Khul is that we bring forth present day (current) teachings with the highest degree of accuracy and purity for today’s complicated modern day life so that those who use or works can get the best possible advantage.

Believe us when we tell you that finding the right vibration to actually be able to utilize these teachings properly in your life is no different than for every other endeavor that humanity undertakes. Human pursuits are fraught with many different interpretations and energies regardless of the subject matter. In other words, do you find in the current world that all paths of religion, positions in politics, or even individual governmental or private industry leaders are all the same? Obviously, they are certainly not. Ascension Master teachings are no exception and have many differing interpretations and focus.

What we at Walking Terra Christa are spiritually advanced at understanding is effectively separating what is most useful for us today from what is just lesser trapping of historical importance, (meaning what was important to a soul living in 1888 to understand and advance within the Ascended Master Teachings is not quite the same today). This actually also holds true for souls who practiced Ascension in the more modern day circa the 1980’s and 90’s, as with the incoming new energies of this 21st century, especially due to the changes in higher cosmic rays (The Rays of God), spiritual speaking and in terms of raising consciousnesses quite a lot has shifted given the occurrence of the 2012 gateway.

However, there is also now much more potential for mistakes regarding pursuit of higher understandings. Along with such a profound event as the 2012 was, for spiritual seekers, there also comes with it a great and widespread growth of lesser or misleading interpretations of what exactly 2012 did for humanity and the correct means for how humanity can take full advantage of it spiritually. In our opinion, there are now immeasurably more avenues for becoming “lost” as a soul in this lifetime, tragically simply due to the vast proliferation via the Internet of so called “New Age” materials and sources that one easily comes across today.

In days gone by one had to meet physically with another person to undertake such a lofty practice of learning and study in Ascension Mastery. Today there are literally hundreds of thousands of individuals who portray themselves as being an expert when in fact they may be misguided or not even aware of what they are lacking in understanding.

So our goal is to avoid all that for you by providing proper Wesak energies and understandings.

The purpose of Wesak is:

1. The releasing of certain transmissions of energy to humanity that will stimulate the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood, and Goodwill.

2. The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.

3. The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved

Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration. It represents the “force of enlightenment”. These energies are affected within our educational movements, values, literature, publishing, writers, and speakers on the entire planet. The power of these energies is so great that large groups of people gather around the world to participate in these energies.

Every individual upon the planet is affected by the Wesak energies; it assists initiates of all levels to move to another level of their initiation process so there can be times of great challenges that push each of us into a new aspect of our soul’s essence. It is a time to connect with others, share your gifts, love, and generosity of spirit.

For those that take part actively in the ceremony, it is the direct receiving of the higher frequencies of light vibrations that brings forth a profound state of being. The energies allow for the possibility for the initiate to gain special dispensation and advancements within their individual Ascension process.

In the words of Dr. Joshua David Stone (now Ascended Master Joshua Stone) who held this Festival to be the most advantageous of all,

No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Spiritual Hierarchy (Ascended Masters) as the time of the full moon in May, the Wesak Festival. No price is too high to gain the spiritual illumination that can be possible at that time, Namasté.”

He was referencing the “cost” both mentally and emotionally of setting aside the desire to be firmly planted in one’s current material/physical lifestyle and almost literally forcing oneself to step into a deeper soul/spiritual connection, especially at the time of WESAK. It is nothing other than fully connecting to your “Christ Consciousness” in a manner that simply cannot be achieved on your own.

As Lord Adama, a living Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos has stated:

Changes are happening everywhere, and now is the time to fully understand within yourself how to best get through the next phase of your development. The Wesak energies are so very powerful but this year there is an unprecedented amount of energies due to more individuals awakening upon the planet. Every person that feels something different about themselves will experience this Wesak within their consciousness. They may not know what it is they are feeling but it definitely is creating change within their thoughts and feelings.

In this moment I ask of you, “What is it that you are feeling differently within your emotional and mental bodies that are coming to the surface?” It is a period of great reflection. As we, as initiates and Ascended Masters, go through a transitionary phase, we must take moments of understanding the process within the conscious mind. You see, this is not always something that individuals within the human body think about as it is a reflection within their dreams or meditative state. But that needs to change. We need to acknowledge within the physical self what the spiritual self is going through in order to transition into the full body system.

If every individual person could do this process on a daily basis, they would find that the integration of their Higher Self into the Physical Self would be a much softer and gentler process. We are consistently going through initiation processes as a human. It is designed from our Higher Self to allow the Physical Self to remember the soul contracts and timelines that are important to be integrated through the present lifetime. If an individual allows the lower self to stay intact, then the higher self cannot orchestrate the energies for the pathway to be opened into an awakening state. It also depends upon the work that is done in between lifetimes within the Inner Plane Existence and how much an individual will allow themselves to remember the most important elements for their spiritual advancement. So every time an individual goes through a trauma, a challenge, or a life experience that is challenging, these are considered initiations to prepare the physical self to look more within themselves for a deeper meaning along with understanding the entire process.

So this Wesak Moon will be reflected within each individual person upon the planet. It is a time for individuals to move into a higher essence of their spiritual awakening whether they are awakened or asleep. Initiates that have already awakened on the path will help themselves on a deeper level by taking this time to do some self reflection, i.e., what needs to change, how they are feeling, what is their life like, what do they need to be better for themselves, etc. Each step in the initiation process takes each individual into a deeper part of themselves to become the Reality of God. It is the plan in Divine Order to allow this essence to be the defining rule of ascension within the Earth.

I share this knowledge as I think it is very important for individuals upon this pathway to understand what they are going through. You are not different from one another; just accepting yourself in a different manner by the depth of your soul’s capacity to get into the core essence of your Beingness.

Know that you are being prepared at this time for the Wesak energies… the focus for enlightenment and acceleration to be accepted within the planet of GAIA. She is preparing to receive her full embracement of the Divine Feminine and Masculine essence to prepare for her acceleration. Every human being is doing the same whether they realize it or not.

Prepare, prepare, prepare by understanding who you are now so that you can move forward with ease and grace. Ascension is the process of de-accelerating the energies within the physical creation. Allow this energy to help you through this process by understanding what you are experiencing presently is for the good of your enfoldment within this planet and your Soul speaking to you in a way it never has done before.

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