Patricia Cota-Robles
January 1, 2022
  We have God Victoriously completed the most complex purging process Humanity and the Company of Heaven have ever attempted. This purging involved the dismantling of the matrixes for the myriad social structures that have manipulated, controlled and oppressed the masses of Humanity for aeons of time. These painful structures were held in place by the fear-based consciousness of separation and duality which have manifested in human behavior patterns as greed, corruption, the abuse of power, hatred, ignorance and the willingness to respond with violence. All of these behaviors are totally void of Love.
  The Beings of Light have assured us that there are no longer matrixes or foundational structures vibrating at the discordant frequency necessary to sustain the obsolete paradigms that we have successfully dismantled. This means that even though there are people who are still desperately trying to maintain their power and the ability to oppress, manipulate and control the masses of Humanity, there is no matrix to sustain their nefarious efforts and they will fail.    Through myriad Activities of Light since the Birth of the New Decade 2020 to 2030, Lightworkers around the World, in unprecedented collaboration with the Company of Heaven, have successfully dismantled the shackles of limitation and the shadows that have enshrouded the souls of Humanity for aeons of time. Now, as a result of that God Victorious accomplishment our Father-Mother God have confirmed that our precious Planet Earth will be able to Ascend into the Light unimpeded and there is no turning back.     When we observe what is still occurring in the outer world it is very easy for us to doubt this information that is being shared by the Company of Heaven. That is because the wondrous events that are being Cocreated through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth must first manifest in the Realms of Cause where everything begins. Then, in alignment with Universal Law, in order for those Creations to manifest in the physical plane of Earth the Sons and Daughters of God embodied on Earth must magnetize those patterns of perfection into the world of form through the Divinity of our Heart Flames. This is accomplished as we focus on the Light and express the Heart-based patterns we have Cocreated through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  Even though our Cocreations may not be as obvious as we would like for them to be in the outer world just yet, our Father-Mother God have affirmed that the Light-filled events being Cocreated by Lightworkers at this time are affecting in very positive ways every person, place, condition and thing on this Planet.   All of us have participated in Cocreating these events through our I AM Presence whether or not we are aware of it on a conscious level. This was possible because the masses of Humanity have now reached a critical mass of Divine Love. That was accomplished through the collective Lightwork and the Heart-based patterns of Divine Love that have been both invoked and expressed by millions of Sons and Daughters of God all over the World since the Birth of this New Decade.   Even if you were unaware of the magnitude of what your Light and Love were contributing to Mother Earth’s Ascension process, our Father-Mother God want you to know that you have been an essential part of this unfolding Divine Plan. Every prayer, every meditation, every Loving thought, feeling, word or action you have expressed for any part of Life has been woven into Humanity’s Collective Cup of Consciousness which has now reached a critical mass of Divine Love.   Our Father-Mother God said the floodgates of Heaven have now opened. This insures that the way has been cleared for Awakening Humanity to begin Cocreating with the Company of Heaven miracles that will tangibly Transfigure this sweet Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her into the Heart-based patterns of the New Earth as we proceed through this decade, 2020 to 2030.   The myriad Lifetimes and lessons we have individually and collectively experienced since we were first Breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God have uniquely prepared each of us for the mission at hand. Collectively, those of us embodied at this time have experienced every conceivable positive and negative situation manifesting on Earth. All of these experiences were necessary in order to prepare us for the next phase of Earth’s Ascension process.   Today, the Company of Heaven is asking that we briefly review a few of the Life-transforming changes we have all experienced through the Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence since the Birth of this New Decade. The reason for this review is to encourage us and to help us comprehend the incredible changes within our Earthly Bodies that we have all experienced in spite of the resistance from our fear-based human egos. Many of you will be well aware of these changes. However, if this information seems new to you, just ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Truth of this sharing through the Divinity of your Heart Flame.
  In the latter months of 2019, some major events took place that were essential in paving the way for the Birth of the New Decade. In August of 2019, during the 32nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence which originally occurred in 1987, the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth reached a collective frequency of vibration that allowed our I AM Presence to activate our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA.   This is the DNA that our I AM Presence is using for the Divine Alchemy that is Transfiguring our 3rd-Dimensional physical, etheric, mental and emotional carbon-based Earthly Bodies into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Bodies. These are the vehicles we will abide in on the New Earth. That activation cleared the way for the next step of the Divine Plan.
  On December 12, 2019, which was numerically a 12:12:12 day, we were able to complete an activation that our I AM Presence had been preparing for since our fall from Grace aeons ago. It is not by accident that December 12th is the day of celebration that turns the attention of millions of people all over the World to Mother Mary and the Virgin of Guadalupe. This aspect of Mother Mary reflects the Love Nature of our Mother God and the Divine Feminine.   12:12 is a Sacred Geometric Code that was imprinted within Humanity’s DNA by our I AM Presence after our fall from Grace. The Divine Intent of this code was for it to serve as a catalyst for Humanity’s accelerated Awakening once our I AM Presence was able to activate our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA.   On December 12, 2019, every person’s I AM Presence successfully activated our 12:12 Catalyst Codes for the very first time. Ten days later we experienced a very powerful December Solstice and on Christmas Day, December 25, 2019, we were blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse that built in momentum as we Birthed the New Decade 2020. The Immaculate Concept for this decade was sealed within the Core of Purity in every particle and wave of Life on Earth during the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 11, 2020.
  After the Birth of the New Decade our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven revealed that during the next ten years, 2020 to 2030, Humanity will change the course of history for Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her. We were told that Humanity will develop our latent abilities through which we will literally TRANSFIGURE our Earthly Bodies and our outer-world Life experiences into the Heart-based patterns of perfection associated with the 5th-Dimensional New Earth.
  We were told this seemingly miraculous Transfiguration will be accomplished through a greatly expanded collaboration between the Company of Heaven and an Awakened Humanity. Our Father-Mother God granted a Cosmic Dispensation and told us that the degree of collaboration that will now be allowed by Cosmic Law between Heaven and Earth has never before been attempted.
  We had no idea exactly what that meant at the time. However, within a matter of weeks, for the first time ever, we experienced a “forced Global timeout.”  We were told by the Beings of Light that regardless of the outer-world circumstances this “Planetary Pause” would create the space for Humanity’s I AM Presence to be heard in new ways and it would allow our newly activated 12:12 Catalyst Codes to Awaken the masses of Humanity in ways we had not previously experienced. They said that with the success of this mass Awakening and Humanity’s upward shift of Consciousness, nothing would ever be the same.
  During the next few months, billions of Lightworkers around the World Lovingly invoked the Healing Light of God with the Divine Intent of Healing our Earthly Bodies and Transcending the pain and suffering surfacing in every country of the World. This unified focus of attention formed a Collective Cup of Consciousness that allowed the I AM Presence of every person to work in collaboration with the Company of Heaven to accomplish what seemed like miracles.   Humanity’s fall from Grace occurred aeons ago when we made the fateful decision to use our Creative Faculties of Thought and Feeling in ways that were not based in Love. These distorted thoughtforms caused the gross patterns of aging, disease and decay to begin manifesting in our Earthly Bodies. Lifetime after lifetime this degradation of our bodies became so ingrained that our fallen human ego inadvertently manifested what the Company of Heaven referred to as “enslavement codes” in our DNA. These mutated enslavement codes, in turn, manifested what the Beings of Light referred to as our “karmic body template.” 
  The Beings of Light said that in order for the I AM Presence in every person to succeed in Transfiguring our 3rd-Dimensional carbon-based planetary bodies into 5th-Dimansional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies, it was imperative that our enslavement codes and our karmic body templates be Transmuted into Light and replaced with new Divinity Codes and a Divine Body Template. During the first few months of 2020, this Glorious event was God Victoriously accomplished within the Earthly Bodies of every man, woman and child by his or her I AM Presence working in unison with the Company of Heaven. Once Humanity’s Divinity Codes and our Divine Body Templates were in place, our I AM Presence was able to integrate into our Earthly Bodies in ways we have not experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This integration occurred through the Divinity in every person’s Heart Flame.   The final Activities of Light for 2020 involved the December 21st Solstice and a rare alignment between the Planets Jupiter and Saturn known as the Great Conjunction. The synchronicity of the December Solstice and the Great Conjunction created the sacred space for the I AM Presence of every Son and Daughter of God evolving on Earth to permanently Elevate our Holy Breath. This incredible Divine Intervention is now allowing each of us to receive higher frequencies of Prana and our Life Force with every Breath we take.   The increased influx of Humanity’s Prana and Life Force empowered the masses of Humanity in ways that cleared the sacred space for an additional Activity of Light during the December Solstice in 2020. That event had been unfolding for millennia. During that Cosmic Moment the Mighty Elohim who are the Builders of Form were able to raise the frequency of vibration in Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System into alignment with the New Earth’s 5th-Dimensional Solar Crystal Grid System.   Once that was accomplished, the Mighty Elohim placed throughout Mother Earth’s newly elevated Crystal Grid System brand new 5th-Dimensional Record Keeper Crystals. The Beings of Light said that these Record Keeper Crystals now function within the Meridians of Mother Earth’s Crystal Grid System the same way Humanity’s newly activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA function within our own Acupuncture Meridians.   These NEW 5th-Dimensional Record Keeper Crystals are encoded with a contingency plan for Mother Earth that contains the full Divine Potential for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth’s Transfiguration into the Heart-based patterns of perfection for the New Earth.
  We were told by the Company of Heaven that with the awesome victory of that miraculous event, the time had arrived for Humanity en masse to move beyond the consciousness of separation and duality. The time had arrived for people everywhere to join together as One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice and One Unified Consciousness of our Father-Mother God’s Comprehensive Divine Love. They said that in order for Humanity to move forward in the Light in alignment with the Divine Plan, we must ALL begin acknowledging the Divinity within every person’s Heart Flame and celebrate our diversities, thus moving past the illusion of things that separate us.   Throughout 2021 powerful Activities of Light were Cocreated by Lightworkers around the World working in collaboration with the Company of Heaven. Together, we Cocreated a Quantum Field of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love which allowed the I AM Presence of every person to permanently secure the Presence of Unity Consciousness in his or her Heart Flame.   To comprehend the magnitude of just what that means, the Company of Heaven affirmed that the Presence of Unity Consciousness now secured in every Heart Flame is the very essence of our Father-Mother God’s all-encompassing Consciousness of Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life.   The success of that facet of the Divine Plan cleared the path for another event that Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven had been striving Lifetimes to achieve. That event involved the successful, greatly accelerated, 40-day purging of Humanity’s obsolete paradigms. As we have previously discussed, this purging involved the dismantling of the matrixes and grossly mutated social structures that have manipulated, controlled and suppressed the masses of Humanity for aeons of time.   Now that the matrixes for the obsolete paradigms have been dismantled and those misguided souls who are still striving so tenaciously to maintain their abusive power have lost the ability to keep the masses of Humanity trapped in their deceptive grip, the way has been cleared for the NEW contingency plan for Mother Earth and ALL her Life to begin manifesting.  
  In 2022, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, Awakened Humanity will begin Cocreating a generational “Changing of the Guard.” The influence of the Old Guard and the Powers that Be who are responsible for the catastrophic degradation of Mother Earth, Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom will be replaced by a new generation that has been uniquely prepared to become stewards of the Earth as she Heals and is Transfigured into the perfection of the New Earth.
  The vast majority of the Sons and Daughters of God who have been born since Harmonic Convergence in 1987 are known throughout the Heavenly Realms as the Holy Innocents. These are souls who had not yet begun their evolutionary journey on Earth when we tragically fell off of the Spiral of Evolution and onto the Wheel of Karma. Once that happened, our Father-Mother God issued a Cosmic Edict to protect these new souls from being trapped on the Wheel of Karma which Humanity inadvertently miscreated when we fell into the abyss of separation and duality.   While waiting in the Inner Realms these precious Sons and Daughters of God were trained in unique ways that would empower them to help the Earth and all her Life to transcend the pain and suffering of the old Earth once they were embodied in the physical plane. This training was downloaded by their I AM Presence into unique consciousness codes that were imprinted within their DNA. The Divine Intent of the consciousness codes was to provide these enlightened souls, once they were embodied, with easy access to the sacred knowledge they accumulated while they were waiting in the Temples in the Inner Planes.   There are literally billions of souls who have been born on Earth since 1987. They have incarnated in every country and in every condition and situation existing in the World. The vast majority of these precious Sons and Daughters of God are now standing in readiness to assume their place as Transformational Leaders. This is true whether or not they are aware of this just yet on a conscious level. Those of us who were born before 1987 are being Called to help these precious Ones to remember who they are and why they are here. 
  In 2022, these young people will begin coming to the fore all over the World and they will bring with them innovative ideas and Heart-based solutions as they replace the Old Guard and the obsolete paradigms that have now been dismantled. They will gradually assume Leadership for all of the various social structures existing on Earth, and they will develop new Heart-based social structures that will improve the quality of Life for ALL of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth.   What the Beings of Light want each and every one of us to comprehend at this time is that with the success of the dismantling of the obsolete paradigms ALL of us have now been freed from the oppressive grip and the mind control and deceptive programming that has manipulated us and kept us stuck for myriad Lifetimes. In the past, the interference from the forces of imbalance has been able to prevent us from hearing and most importantly from Trusting the Inner Guidance of our I AM Presence. Now, all of that has changed. In order to prove that to ourselves, all we have to do is act out of that KNOWING. If we will withdraw our attention from the chaos manifesting in the outer-world and instead go within to the Divinity of our Heart Flame where our I AM Presence now abides, we will experience this TRUTH for ourselves. The Company of Heaven said this generational shift will affect every part of Life belonging to or serving Mother Earth in the most positive and Life-transforming ways. So, pay attention and listen to the intuitive inner guidance of your I AM Presence. All is well.  
I wish you a Glorious 2022,
Patricia Cota-Robles
Era of Peace
PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446, Phone: 520-885-7909
Fax: 520-347-5440
  This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.  
Era of Peace is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
 ©2022 Patricia Cota-Robles
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State of Terra Address

Christmas and New Years Newsletter   By James Gilliland   While in meditation and doing clearings Baba ji came to me with an obvious but profound message, “God is Love.” He then said it does not matter what you name it, what image you project on it, the real God is Love. He said between the 21st and January 7th there would be a great outpouring of love. Love is the manifesting force behind creation, those who create from fear will experience the manifestation of those fears yet it will be amplified and accelerated. Those coming from love in service to others will receive a profound blessing. Those coming from fear in self service that seek power over others will create some profound lessons. The energy coming in will amplify and accelerate everything including karma. It will uncover what is hidden, the masks will come down and you will see people and their actions for what they are, not what they mislead and portray them to be. This is already well underway yet there will be waves of energy exponentially getting stronger in the days to come. Some waves are timed with other natural and religious events where people’s hearts are more open and receptive. Between the 21st and the 7th is one of these times.      Today we live in a world of opposites. Science has become political, profit driven. The mainstream and social media rather than inform people disinform people. Rather than provide a platform for free speech and communication they have become censors of opinions that do not align with their agendas or the goals of their corporate sponsors, the global elite and the CCP. The alphabet agencies and justice departments are the best money can buy, Just Us systems. Most are politically driven straying away from the law, especially the supreme law of the land, The Constitution. The majority of Health agencies, hospitals and doctors use junk science or profit driven science betraying their Hippocratic oath and have instead made an oath to big pharma. The global elite, CCP and big pharma, “the vaccine companies” are running the show with disastrous results. The censored and suppressed crippling and deadly side effects are a testimony to this. According to Vayers which records less than 10% the adverse side effects to the vaccines, vaccine injuries and deaths are exponentially increasing in unimaginable numbers. Still births have increased over 300% and 173% more children have died from the vaccines than covid. Up to 90% of the people checking into the hospitals with covid or variants are vaccinated. This is a total fail when it comes to health care agencies and systems.   The vaccine companies were given immunity as long as there is not willful misconduct. It has now gone beyond willful misconduct, fraud and in many cases premeditated murder. The vaccine companies knew according to their previous communications of the crippling and deadly side effects. This means their immunity is null and void. So where is the justice system? Why aren’t the heavily invested politicians in the vaccine companies speaking out? The defense department has always been the offence department, the brute squad for the global elite. Religions have failed to bring universal peace, a personal God connection and judging by the homeless and sick have become misdirected. Satanic/Luciferian influences, pedophilia including child sacrifice has infiltrated the tops of almost all institutions. It has become epidemic in the political, music, movie, and news networks. It is not a matter of who, now it is a matter of who is not. Then there is the educational system that teaches gender confusion, racism, socialism, communism and are paid enforcers of the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates. Did you know billions are given to governors and school boards to enforce the masks and vaccine mandates? Is this a conflict of interest, collusion, is this why parents, trusted guardians of the children are speaking out? Is this why they ignore real science?   Lockdowns destroyed the economy and small businesses by design, if you put on 5 masks and blow through them you will fog up a glass. Go out on a brisk cold morning and watch the steam rise through the mask and spread rapidly, a cough and sneeze goes 30 feet. They demand you social distance at the airport then jam you inches away in a plane. The virus is .125 microns the mask blocks down to 30 microns. It is like thinking a chain link fence will stop a fart. It even says on the box does not protect against covid. Major university studies have proven the lack of oxygen creates brain and organ failure, the re-inhalation of bacteria, virus and other toxins create bacterial pneumonia. Psychologists are saying the masks are traumatizing the children inhibiting their social development. Top virologists are screaming to get rid of the masks they are killing you just as they did during the Spanish flu. More people died of bacterial pneumonia than the flu. Where is the logic? How did we become so critically thinking and research impaired? Who have we turned to for information upon which to make decisions concerning ours and our family’s health and well being? What is behind all this? Follow the money, know the goals of the global elite and the CCP, observe who is enforcing these agendas, there lies your answer.       Before you lose all hope there is a solution and that solution is coming on high, activating people of impeccable integrity, those in service to humanity and the Earth in every walk of life. Not all within the political, religious, business, justice departments, educational, health care institutions have sold their souls. They are stepping forward and truth is flowing through them like a river. This includes some within mainstream and social media. They are the ones shadow banned, in farcebook jail, and the ones who found other platforms to speak their truth. I might add freedom of speech is what America is all about, if you disagree operate in another country.     The conspiracy is a fact not a theory and conspiracies are replete throughout all walks of life. It only takes two to create a conspiracy and if you think there are not two people out there that have conspired against the people well, as they say in Texas God bless you.   The people are rising. The prophecy that all the iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops and no rock shall be left unturned is rapidly being fulfilled. The days of tyranny, unbridled greed and lust for power are coming to a close. The enslavement of humanity through manufactured lack and planned obsolescence, ill gained profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth is also coming to a close. This includes the hijacking of environmental movements. All those who violate Universal Law will be held accountable. Neither they, their actions or their kingdoms will continue. They are not frequency specific with the planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth which is well underway. The chaos is the healing, everything is surfacing, being made known, the masks and false appearances are coming down. Idols are falling, leaders are falling, icons are falling, their empires are crumbling, it is unavoidable.   If you want real science our solar system is moving into a highly charged place in space. The Schumann Resonance is off the scale, incoming energy bursts from the Sun and other systems if off the scale, the electromagnetic light spectrum has new bands and those who are sensitive feel there is a massive influx of higher consciousness and energy pressing in on the planet. Not everyone is going to finish this ride. Especially the tyrants, those who lust for power and wealth, those who have profited at the expense of humanity and the Earth, and especially those who have harmed the children. This includes those who willingly and in ignorance do their bidding. The tyrants and the morally challenged are going to have to find a new planet because the Earth is ascending beyond their ability to stay or return. Enjoy the light review, some will experience it in the physical. It will be like the Earth and all it’s inhabitants will go through an NDE near death experience once it hits critical mass. We will all experience this differently. Baba ji once said to some it will be like getting hit with a brick, to others like a feather. It is all about frequency. What determines your frequency? Your attitudes, emotions and beliefs in the world in which you live. Your frequency determines where you go when passing this plane. Love, joy, bliss, service to others are of the highest frequencies. Time for a lot of Karma Yoga, dedication of energies and resources in service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is time to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit. Ours and the next generations’ future depend on it. Make this your New Year’s resolution. Nothing exists outside of the unified field, everything is connected. What you do for or against life, you do to self and the whole. Evil persists when good men/women live in denial and do nothing. It is time for courage and impeccable Integrity. Time to rise and find the lion within.   Godspeed!   James Gilliland    
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DR David Martin Who “They” Are: “The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity” (Video)

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Blue Rays Civilization

by Erena Velazquez – VoyagesofLight
iu-9 Greetings Mankind, We are Blue Rays, We came here in peace. We have been observing humankind for a long time and we decided it’s time for us to introduce ourselves to humanity. We live in a far away galaxy. We are humanoid and we have a blue skin, this is why we called ourselves Blue Rays. We walk on two feet and have a body similar to humans, the only difference is that our skin is different and our features are more profound than in humans. Our height starts at 8 feet and up and we have a slim build. We live on the inside of the planet and not on the surface of the planet like here on Earth. Our diet is plant based, we don’t eat meat, as you call it here we are vegetarians or vegans. We are pleased to be here. We were waiting for a long time to connect to the human race and we feel it’s the perfect time for us to introduce ourselves. As a lot of changes are happening on Earth right now. We are observing now and feel happy for humanity, because we know after all that darkness will come a bright light and humanity will go to a New Age, which you call here The Golden Age. Our technology is much more advanced than here on Earth. We are over 150,000 years more advanced in technology. We build and use only friendly technology, we don’t enslave or kill anybody, we are a peaceful race. Our purpose here is to interact with humanity, when the right time comes. When you will go through all your changes and become a peaceful and a happy nation, we will jump on our fast ships, which are a slim construction during flight but then expands into a huge size when the ships land, we can be here in seconds. As of right now, we would like to tell you that we are an advanced civilization, who focuses only on advancement that brings only good. We don’t build any unfriendly or killing technology. We have the technology that protects us from unfriendly civilizations, but we use it only when it’s needed. We live so far away and we are hidden from a lot of nations, that we don’t need to use this type of technology to kill. We value life very highly as do many other galactic civilizations, who are friendly and follow the protocol in living in peace. We are from 8th dimension and up and some of us reached the 12 dimension and higher. We have a structure that is not based on wealth. We don’t use money, we work and create only what we want to create, which means everyone has an assignment, and they choose what they want to make. We live very long lives, and we don’t die like humans from diseases. We don’t have any diseases, because we have technology that eliminates any virus or obstacle that we come across. We love to create and we don’t like to destroy. We have amazing plants on our planet, they are very unusual and have never been seen by the human eye. As we mentioned before, our ships are very fast and we can fly in just seconds to anywhere. We also are spiritual beings, we practice and work on our enlightenment and development. We never stop learning and helping each other. We would like to share our knowledge and our development in the future with humanity. Our goal is to establish a friendly communication and interaction with the human race. As of this moment, we know your going through a lot of turbulence and it seams everything is falling apart, but remember one thing, everything happens for a reason. Nothing in the universe has been created or dismantled for no reason. Your old system is falling apart and it’s scary, because you don’t know what the future will bring. Please remember, you have a lot of other civilizations on your side and we are aware that The Galactic Federation is helping you out. We would like to tell you one more thing, we communicate telepathically, but we can also speak. We can speak any language we want because we have the technology that can translate for us any language we use. Our language is not known to humanity and it would not make any difference right now, if we would try to tell to the channel, because the sounds would be very unfamiliar. We were happy to be here and be able to give this short communication and introduce ourselves. We are looking forward to doing more communications, because we found the channel, who is willing to channel us, and we are pleased and happy to send all our love and light to Earth, and we hope that very soon you will be a happy and a prosperous galactic civilization. We are Blue Rays and we are looking forward to doing more transmissions. Thank you for the transmission. Channeled by Erena Velazquez
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I am Ancient beyond words’

I am that which existed before time itself was even considered. I am that which knows every inch of itself and all that has been created from the breath of the Creator. I live within every strand of existence, from the very stands of time to the very strands of your hair. I am that which houses all that seems impossible. I am that which has kept dreams alive for eons before time was conceived. I am the hope in a new baby eyes. I am the rock on which sacred text is written. I have traveled from afar stretching myself with every breath to become more to become better. I have awakened as the very rumble of stars, the asteroids and Earth herself has awakened. I am that which comes to gift all that are willing to receive. I am neither the highest truth nor the brightest light that can be seen in the heavenly sky. I am however a particle of the highest light available to mankind at this time. I am but a token of the creator’s affection for what he deems his children of Light.

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Lakota Prayer

Great Mystery,
teach me how to trust
my heart,
my mind,
my intuition,
my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit.
Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear,
and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.

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Merlin via Galaxygirl

magical-merlin-sundara-fawn Hello, students! My, what bright shiny faces, such eager listeners! I am your professor of magic and science, which is really all the same, but I digress. I am Merlin. And I have been asked to prepare a quick lesson today for you, by this one. Many of you are my pupils at night, or have been at least over the eons. We learn this and that in various lifetimes. In these realms you remember what your lave learned, which is most helpful indeed, is it not? Such a pity that one does not remember entirely in the realm of mist and shadows. But that is clearing up rapidly. And that is part of the game, of the experience, of the learning. For with every perspective, with every lifetime and surrounding experience, lessons can be learned in a different way. Is that not correct? For you would see the same lesson differently from the viewpoint of a king or a pauper, would you not? You would see humanity and the value of it differently depending on your viewpoint. You would feel love differently as a lover or one who was spurned by love. Ah, there I go again. (Merlin sits down and starts to smoke his long twisted wizard’s pipe.) No, I like to refer to this as my teaching tool. (He begins to blow purple sparkly smoke. I love that. I am seeing twinkling stars, planets form, animal shapes birthing from the ground and running along smoky fields.) There was always a beginning, except how can there be a beginning in an infinite universe? That one has stumped me for many a millennia. (He is laughing, his eyes are wrinkled and twinkling). Well, galaxygirl you seem to have questions? (Me: Oh Merlin, we are all trying so hard down here, and we are so tired. Can you talk about the physicality of our change from carbon to crystalline?) Alchemy, my dear. Have you forgot your lessons already? That’s alright. We are simply alchemizing your bodies into a more suitable indestructible higher dimensional form, into the body of a god. Really that’s what is going on. Your cultures have called ‘gods’ extraterrestrials who likely had a higher dimensional form, as you will. Who likely had higher dimensional understandings of the mathematical and scientific formulations, of magnetic propulsion and endothermic converters and on and on – as you will. Because you will be able to hold to vibrate with – yes – the higher dimensional concepts. The Stone Age of Earth will be no longer. And so of course you are tired. Are you taking care of your physical vessel with love and tender care? Are you encoding your own universe of you and filling it with nutrient rich foods and energies? Are you alchemizing your food and water before you partake of their blessings? Simply put you are becoming crystalline but so is Gaia. That is the exciting part. You are rising in vibrational frequency with her, and all upon her. I like this question and answer session, galaxygirl. Good idea! Do you have another? (Me: I would like to know about our twin flames, but I don’t know how to ask that, for I know it would be a different story for each of us.) I know many of you have had deep pain and healing is needed with your other halves. Yes, it has been a painful realm. But pain brings growth and growth brings healing. This entire realm is being healed and so of course the twin flame relationships will be healed as well. You need not worry about this really, as all is in divine timing and all will work out. Your perception will be broadened, and so you will be more compassionate, more open, more whole. And when you are whole you are in vibrational alignment for your wholeness to meet you. But really there is nothing wrong with being delightfully content with where you are and who you are with. Never underestimate the power of the love of soul family. You have all been together likely for hundreds of lifetimes and your ties are deep. And so, students of the light, we are all aspects of Source, we are all an eye of the Seraphim in a way, having our own uniques perspective of life, of love, of truly living a grand adventure. Life is grand. It will be expanded upon your realm into magic and wonder again. (Me: Merlin, can you teach us some magic?) Students, the magic is not only within you, it is you. You are the magic. Your intention creates the ripples. Your intention, your action, your good faith, your high vibrational frequencies – that is the magic for that vibration pulls it towards you. Be at peace with this knowing. Practice the ancient arts. You are an ancient being. You likely already know them. Just remember. (Merlin is blowing the purple smoke animals back into his pipe and the purple glittery smoke is sucked back in the pipe.) Remember, galaxygirl, this is purely a teaching aid. Ah, but I do love my pipe! I create the images I wish to see. Just like you create the images in your life that you need to see or learn from. Remember the smoke and mirrors are being removed. Your realm has been drenched in shadow. This is lifting. Clear breezes, beautiful skies, crystalline bodies. Now students, this is very important. Know that you can create the reality that you wish to see. Just as I do with my pipe. In my mind’s eye I have the image and I create the picture. Be specific about what you want, and feel that it is already yours and feel that gratitude. Gratitude is an enormous magnet. I am grateful for you. Now I’m having another class tonight. Be prompt. (Me: Thank you for this question answer session, Merlin!) Yes, yes, galaxygirl, always a pleasure. (He pats my head and departs.) ~ galaxygirl
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~ Channeling The Anger ~

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart.We tell you that you’re in an incredible time on planet Earth. You’ve heard that from us many times. And yet, you see the challenges and that things are not working the same way they used to. Your general overview is that things are becoming even more difficult. Well, they are in some ways. But you’re also moving at an incredibly faster pace than you’ve ever moved before. Now, with all of these things taking place, dear ones, you have much that has come up as a result. You won’t be able to continue some things the same way that they were before. People are discovering this, especially about their jobs. Perhaps they’ve had certain jobs or held certain energies, and then along comes this virus and everybody takes time off.

You’re Still Here

It’s an interesting process. Everyone’s working, bringing in money to live. But then the money stopped coming in, while at the same time the need for money shrank, and everybody’s still okay.Basically, all the things that you’ve feared happened very quickly. So, what we’re telling you is to celebrate your way through life. Enjoy every moment that you can and look at it as a constant journey. We’ve mentioned this before, dear ones. On planet Earth, humanity has enjoyed an incredibly long period of time in which to evolve and grow.

Another Dimension of the Pandemic

The first people on Earth had great difficulties and survival alone was the biggest challenge. Although people don’t even think about those things anymore you’re experiencing major stresses today, which can cause major repercussions in a life. One of the biggest areas has to do with depression, anxiety, and all the different mental illnesses. Mostly due to the virus, mental illness has increased three fold in the last three years. But it’s not always the same people, which is the interesting part. It’s very difficult to actually verify those numbers at this point. Why? Often when people first fall into depression or anxiety, they think it’s their fault or they’re doing something wrong, so they hide it.

Upside-Down Smile

Of course, everyone wants to see you smile. They don’t want to see your pain, so you smile for everyone. You put on a body suit that says, “Here’s who I am. This is what I’m doing.” So, here you go through life. But on the inside you’re asking, “What’s the use?” You find it hard to gain momentum, and that’s fairly widespread on Earth. Another place that this shows up is in anxiety. It’s actually the same exact situation as an energy allergy, going through a different route of your nervous system and producing a slightly different result. Sometimes you’re so tied up with what your reaction in the world will be, that you literally hold everything back, dear ones.

Mental illness runs the gambit from schizophrenia to depression, and from anxiety to personality disorders. So many of these are widespread on Earth at this time. In some ways, many more people are openly displaying them, not even understanding that they could be considered mental illnesses. Your general understanding of what a mental illness is has begun to grow. Actually, your understanding of almost everything is growing.


We will also tell you there are some exciting things taking place with the sun, and soon you’ll begin to see more solar flares. They’re starting in small increments now, mostly M’s and G’s in terms of their classification. Celebrate them when you see them, for your Earth needs that energy. She has brand new opportunities and the potential to move in directions that weren’t there before.

Yes, the first thing you need to do is to lighten up. Encourage people to move in any direction, and then correct their course as they’re moving. At this point, the critical part is overcoming inertia. Yes, some of you will go back to work in the old places where you used to. However, if you do, it’s possible you may not be there long. There are other people waiting to move into your positions, or even higher ones. You’re also seeing the effects of the supply chain breakdowns, which will continue for a while. It’s a fascinating process. But keep in mind that humans are the greatest adaptation experts on planet Earth, and even throughout the universe.

You’ve been here for a very long period of time. Not only because the Earth made this elongated space for you to be, but also because you’ve adapted and moved through all the challenges. You’re moving through multiple difficulties right now. All these various challenges come in different ways, but humans are masterful adapters. You have much coming ahead and it is quite a joy to watch. With the greatest of honor, we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart. I love you dearly, enjoy the ride.

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you this day with a beautiful vision of Earth. Well, you see, fascinating things are taking place from our perspective. If only you could understand that you all began from the same essence. Each and every one of you was an individual piece of extruded consciousness.  You went on your own path, though still connected, so everything evolves. Well, what’s taken place is really fascinating from our perspective. Everything started moving so quickly that you’ve literally lost sight of the fact that it is moving. You are making major headway in many areas of life. Although often all you see are the difficulties, the separation is being pushed. It’s fairly simple to understand, there’s a lot of money to be made by separating people and making them angry.

You’re all part of that connection. And if you look at the larger picture, if you go back to when humanity first began, everything was about survival. Then much later it was about what we could do to make your lives a little easier. Just 200 years ago, 90% of the population of planet Earth was what you would classify as extreme poverty. They could not support themselves, but that has changed pretty drastically over the time period that we’re talking about.

Of course, the other aspect is your technologies, which bring you everything in a second. It used to be that when humanity wanted to change a societal rule, it would be decided in a court. But today it’s being decided on your social media and televisions much faster. Everything has shifted and moved radically. We tell you that it has moved toward the better, although it’s very difficult to see.

Especially in the area of medical science, there are new discoveries being released every day that are Atlantean. It’s in your atmosphere, coming into each and every one of you who can make sense of it. You’ll get an idea or a concept, and if you are a person who works in a laboratory then you’re liable to turn that into something. These are being introduced every day, so watch for them. You’re already seeing it happening as a response to the virus that has been causing so much havoc on your planet. And yet, a lot more’s coming, basic understandings of how you work with your own physical body. Even understandings of your relationship with the world around you, and how that can have a huge effect, not only on your emotional health but also your physical health. Of course, the spirit never gets sick, for it is infinite and perfect. That part of your being is always perfect. And yet it has to go through a physical body in order to express itself. If the physical body has challenges, misalignments or reversed energies, sometimes it can be very difficult to find that way out. Just take the next step to move into that different area. Your internal balancing system will set the rest into motion.

What happens as you go to sleep one night, but your internal system is out of balance? You’re trying to find a solution, yet you can’t. You go to sleep and decide you’ll think about it in the morning, no problem. But then you wake up with that as your first thought. So, what happens when you’re out of balance all the time? Well, this is becoming such a normal lifestyle that you think there’s nothing you can do about that. Then you forget about it and go in a different direction. But that doesn’t work either, does it?

Channeling Anger

If your system has been pushed out of balance, eventually that misalignment will erupt in some form of anger. But then you think that you can’t be angry, because that’s not spiritual. However, anger is a motivator. It moves more people than you can possibly imagine. So, how do you channel anger? What’s a safe way that you can feel the frustration but actually channel it in a positive way? Well, it is an energy, dear ones. Your balancing systems have been pushed completely out of balance, in part because you have all these technologies constantly feeding you information.

And all it takes is just a little bit of energy to move you in a different direction. It’s fascinating to watch what’s taking place on planet Earth. The motivation propelled by anger can only be held for a short time. You’re about to see some changes in that area, as people start to wake up.

Keep in mind that you are beings of repetition. Repeating something over and over again, even if it’s untrue, makes a place for it in your world. Because, once again, it pushes your internal balancing systems out of whack. But how can you channel the anger, while the reality is you’re not even angry at what you think you are. Instead, you’re angry about not being able to balance. Can you find ways of doing that, maybe even in adjacent areas that are not out of balance? A great deal of money can be made by doing that, and you’re seeing proof of it everywhere. Humans are moving so incredibly quickly now. One of the things we’re going to ask you to do when you feel the anger, is to find a way of moving into your passion. Perhaps you’re a sculptor and your hands can create the most beautiful pieces of artwork. Your sculptures can literally bring life into people who admire them.

Yes, you can channel the anger by pushing it into creativity. Even if you are angry when you start to sculpt, it can still turn out to be beautiful. Why? Because your creativity is what rights the heart, it balances everything. But if you create your entire sculpture in anger, maybe you’ll say, “Oh, that’s a terrible sculpture.” Then you come back to what made you angry in the first place, but from a different perspective.  Even if the sculpture is terrible, it doesn’t really matter. Why? You created the sculpture to express something, which you accomplished. That’s perfect.

There will be much of this taking place, dear ones, because people can be especially motivated when they’re angry. Every single one of you are masterful creators, more than you can see. There’s so much to learn from this process. Humanity has shifted, you’ve literally taken a massive step. It is a new game. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play this new game well together, as you all step forward, holding hands, it’s the only way to do it.

Welcome home, dear ones.

I am Observer, and I like to watch.


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How To Navigate and Survive The Days To Come

  By now anyone in their right mind has realized the plandemic was nothing more than a plan by the global elite and the CCP, Communist China Party, to take down America followed by the rest of the world. America has always been in the way of their plans for world dominance. Socialism and Communism have always been the preferred government of Tyranny. Why? Because when you centralize all the power and wealth into the hands of a few, in this case narcissistic billionaire eugenicists it is easy to control the masses. This includes Global Warming carbon credits benefiting and giving control to the very same people creating the problem. The same people suppress clean, fuelless energy, safe, inexpensive, natural cures, frequency medicine, “med beds”, anti and counter gravity all of which if allowed would create a quantum leap in evolution, global peace and prosperity.   The first step in world dominance is to disarm the masses, then create a plague, a war followed by generating as much fear as possible through the media, mainstream and social media, followed by offering a solution to the very problem you created. It is called the Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, Reaction, Solution.   That is how you control the masses. It also helps to own the fact checkers; owns 1.8 billion dollars of stock in Johnson and Johnson. It was said by Bush senior that if they knew what we did they would hang us from the closest tree. In other words, they fear the masses waking up, realizing what the war and disease profiteers did and hold them accountable. In their minds the people are the enemy and they have declared biological, cyber, economic and physical war on the people.     Let that sink in, this is why they do beyond despicable things most people cannot wrap their head around. Fluoride in the water, carcinogens in the food, gas and food shortages, chemtrails, psychotronic warfare with 5G, now the vaccines which are experimental gene therapies in a witch’s brew of toxins, carcinogens, parasites, along with an operating system that can be externally controlled all of which is putting those who got the jab on a timer.     Anyone look at the ingredients before you took yourself and your family down to get the jab so you can virtual signal while going to sporting events, bars and restaurants you have always had the right to do?   Might want to read your Constitution. Neither the President or Congress can make a law that goes against the Constitution and voids your God given rights. Your right to choose your medical treatments, your right to travel unrestricted, your freedom of speech, right to make a living etc. The next homework lesson is to look up the meaning of a mandate. Mandates are not laws, only strong suggestions, “those mandated have to agree upon.” Do not comply and do it in mass. One more homework lesson is, know the Nuremberg Code. You cannot coerce or force any medical procedure. Did you know billions have been spent with bonuses and penalties to enforce the lock-downs, mask and vaccine mandates? From Politicians, to Governors right down to your school boards. Many politicians are major stockholders in the vaccine companies. It is called collusion, conflict of interest or bribes for the layman.   None of this has anything to do with the public’s health and well-being and it is all illegal. If you have not figured it out yet it has to do with vaccine companies making billions and the global elite’s population control programs. Billionaire eugenicists have made it very clear they want 80 to 90% of the people dead, gone, off the planet. Bill Gates, who is from a long line of eugenicists said vaccines will solve the overpopulation problem. In the global elite’s doctrine they spell it out. We will create a virus, we will generate fear through the media, the cure will be deadly and the ignorant will march themselves and their families to the slaughter house. Their depopulation goals are all written in Stone, the Georgia Guide stones. Despite all this there will be those in ignorance and denial that will march themselves and their families to the slaughter house and demand everyone else follow them leading the way to their total enslavement and eventual demise. If you don’t believe any of this just look up the ingredients.   There are other secret ingredients, parasites, secret patents, etc. none of which belong in the human body. In fact, 16 out of 26 ingredients are in Tide laundry Pods. All of these ingredients fit perfectly in the global elites and the CCP’s take down America and population reduction goals. According to Stanford research, masks create secondary pneumonia, brain damage, organ damage, and psychological disorders. The mask and vaccine mandates along with the lockdowns are their weapons of choice. They have spent billions to implement them, much of which was your taxpayer dollars. All for a disease the CDC calls a mild flu with an average 99.98% recovery rate, even higher with the children which are either asymptomatic or totally unaffected. The vast majority of hospitals are now filled with the fully vaccinated with covid and adverse side effects. Miscarriages have risen 366%, cancer is up 2000%, men and women are becoming sterile. FACT   Want to end this? Follow the money and hold those at the top accountable. Those enforcing the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates are committing treason. They are either in ignorance or willingly carrying out the global elite and CCP plans to take down America. They are in violation of the Constitution and the Nuremberg Codes. The plagues will never end until you stop the plague makers.   The solution now is to stop any further damage by stopping the vaccines. Hold those accountable for the damage and use their profits to create clinics globally to clear these toxins out of the body with a myriad of procedures. The protocols are given here.   Front line doctors   Dr Ardis a much watch   James Gilliland   Permission to share granted pass this far and wide.       Here are alternatives to hear ECETI Stargate and As You Wish Talk Radio. We can chat on telegram. Do not rely on Youtube to listen to ECETI Stargate Radio or As You Wish Talk radio.   Links for 11/06 Show Replay:   🚨🛸VIMEO 🚨🛸RUMBLE 🚨🛸 YOUTUBE 11/6/21 AS YOU WISH TALK RADIO with James Gilliland. Guest Elena Danaan and Megan Rose 🚨🛸BBS RADIO 11/6/21 AS YOU WISH TALK RADIO with James Gilliland. Guest Elena Danaan and Megan Rose 🚨🛸… 🚨🛸Eceti Australia – Peter Maxwell Slattery
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