1. Empower your Essene Healing Hands of Love (first thing in the morning)
    1. Draw the blue Triangle of Water on the palm of your left hand
    2. Draw the green Circle of Earth on the palm of your left hand
    3. Draw the red Triangle of Fire on the palm of your right hand
    4. Draw the yellow Circle of Air on the palm of your right hand
    5. Bring the healing centers of your hands together
    6. Feel the energy build in the healing centers of your hands
  1. Activate your Healing Hands (anytime prior to healing)
    1. Draw the Triangle of Water and Circle of Earth on your left hand
    2. Draw the Triangle of Fire and Circle of Air on your right hand
    3. Bring your healing centers together
    4. Feel the energy build in the healing centers of your hands
  1. Deactivate your Healing Hands (anytime following healing)
    1. Bring your healing centers together at their healing centers
    2. Give thanks to Deity
    3. Clap your hands once, quickly and firmly (without pain)

Explanation of the Healing Hands Technique:

  1. The Healing Centers of your Hand are located at the bottom of the palm where the thumb pad and the heel-of-the-hand come together about an inch above the wrist.
  2. Empowering your Healing Hands prior to daily meditation is helpful
    1. It can also be done prior to, with or following your daily devotions
    2. Or with, during or following your daily rituals for spiritual advancement
    3. Or with or following your daily meditation
    4. Or with a simple prayer
  3. our Healing Hands can be activated anytime during the day
  4. When not using your Healing Hands, it’s recommended to deactivate them
    1. You can deplete your own energy
    2. In which case, place your healing centers together and empower yourself
  5. Never use your Healing Hands without the permission of the recipient
  6. Permission is implied anytime you send energy for their highest good
  7. Permission is implied for any former or present (friendly) clients
  8. Permission is implied whenever recipient is incapable of asking
  9. Yes, you may ask plants, animals and minerals for permission
  10. Once the energy starts to flow it will continue to flow without you
  11. This is not a hands-on technique
    1. Your hands should be a minimum of six inches from your client
    2. Your hands can be half-a-world apart from your client
  12. It can be used as a hands-on technique but this is not recommended

The effectiveness of this technique depends upon:

  1. Your client’s intention (60%), attitude (10%) and belief (10%) = 80% total
  2. Being attuned as an Apprentice Essene Healer = 20% total

As you can quickly see, your client’s intention, attitude and belief is 80% of the equation and you account for only 20%. Don’t let that fool you. Your client’s intention, attitude and belief is very much dependant upon how you work with your client. The more they believe in you, the more willing they are to believe in themselves. Most Master Essene Healers believe about 80% of their client’s intentions, attitudes and beliefs about healing themselves are a mirror of the Master’s own intentions, attitudes and beliefs.

Healing Hands Attunement

Healing Hands is part of the Attunement a candidate goes through in order to become an Apprentice Essene Healer. The technique will deliver some benefit even though the healer is not fully attuned. However, after the attunement, much more energy will flow through your hands and body. The morning empowerment should be practiced daily for several weeks before the candidate is attuned

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