All Actions Are Selfish


 As channeled by Simon NightStarr

You cannot perform an action without a sense of “self.” Try it. It cannot be done! Higher Self asks you to be more honest with your Self, your Divine Self. You cannot separate your actions into two categories of “selfishness” and “selflessness,” for even the act of trying to do so is a selfish act. All actions are selfish, and this is the only way to behave. Your human definitions of selfish are not what Higher Self understands selfishness to be. For Me, there is no moral right or wrong about any action. Yes, you have karma in your world, which is simply the law of cause and effect, and nothing more, but there is no judgment against any of your human behaviors.

I see all your actions as equal expressions of your belief in your “self” as you define yourself. All humans have a sense of self; even your infants have a sense of self that is expressed from their own soul. All of you, whether you are aware of this or not, always act with an inner knowing that when you give you will receive in return. Most humans are very dishonest about this, often pretending to have “selfless” motives for doing certain things. Nothing is selfless, because you obviously always have a self. Even Higher Self is not “selfless.” Everything I do is selfishly done for My enjoyment, even as I hold an intention to share My joy with you.

Now here is something very important for you to understand. The reason why many high-level spiritual teachers and spirit guides often encourage you to be “selfless” is because they are speaking of surrendering your ego, your lower self, to your Higher Self. They are very aware that even they still have an ego, or else they wouldn’t have a personality. You NEED ego in order to have incarnation. Even angels have ego, because they are incarnated beings; not incarnated in the same sense that you are in heavy density, but nevertheless they are still beings, and all beings must have a sense of self, regardless to whatever degree a sense of self is identified with. That is why you have the term in many of your channelings, “multidimensional self,” because even those entities that know themselves as a “collective” are still operating from a sense of one-self. This is not easy for most of you to comprehend, because the idea of there being just One Universal Self is not something the ego really wants to embrace, even with all its talk of there being only one God, or one Source. Higher Self sees God and Divine Self as One and the same Being.

Because most humans still identify so heavily with their human identities (even most of you who identify yourselves as “spiritual”), with their jobs, labels, beliefs, definitions, emotions, conditioning, etc., it is no wonder why Higher Self must often use the concept of being “selfless” in order to deprogram you and gradually wake you up from your sleep of perceiving yourself as so “different” and separate from others and from God. The ego even uses the concept of “I am spiritual” to try and separate itself from others who are perceived as just “religious,” “non-spiritual,” “atheist,” etc. Just more convenient boxes and labels for the ego’s erroneous thought system! Let Me remind you that you are ALL spiritual, for spiritual actually means “of Spirit,” and that is what you all are, regardless of whether or not you have a “spiritual practice.” Consider this: Every lifetime, each incarnation, is a spiritual practice, for God is Spirit, and Spirit is “practicing being human” through each of Its human incarnations, just as a dog is really God pretending to be a canine.

When I speak of “surrendering ego,” I never imply that you will not have any sense of an ego or a self as you become more enlightened. That is why you have your term, “Self-realization.” Simply because humans are supposed to realize the Self (Divine Self), awaken to the Self, not dispense with It. As a little joke, you already have ego-realization. That is the way you wanted it to be before you incarnated. However, as a soul you also knew that you were giving yourself another opportunity to make further spiritual progress in the illusory playground of space/time reality, and part of this process involves becoming disillusioned with the very ego, the very “little self,” that you agreed to embody. Practically speaking, surrendering ego is simply a process of loosening your grip on your limited self-definitions about who you think you are, and learning to quiet the mind enough that it begins to receive clear glimpses of the Clear Light that exists behind the dark veil of fear and ignorance.

Higher Self doesn’t advise you to make a big deal of trying to rid yourself of ego, of a sense of self. This is the grand mistake that so many humans make in their spiritual practices, whether of a non-dualist, Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, pagan or any tradition. The Buddha knew that “after enlightenment” he still had a sense of self, and that he still had desire, and that he was still growing and expanding in consciousness (and that this would continue even post mortem). It is those masses who are not perceiving Divinity at a level that he was that may make the mistake of assuming that one must somehow totally give up desire or one’s sense of self in order to be like the Buddha or like Jesus–yet this is impossible for any human to do, including your “avatars” as you may term them. It is always those who do not deeply understand such “avatars” as you term them who metaphorically place such HUMANS upon pedestals (or in some cases, as beneath them), and greatly distort their teachings. Again, the universal teaching, for example with the Tao, that “Ever desiring, one sees the manifestations; ever desireless, one sees the Source” is not intended to persuade humans to give up all desire, which is impossible, but rather to not be a slave of your desires. Perhaps some of you that read this are truly ready now to stand firm in a solid conviction that you will always have a sense of self, and thus desire, until you are totally done with the illusion of incarnation/manifestation/separation and realize that all along you are God.

Although all actions are selfish, recognize that in your illusion of duality you have two basic types of “selves,” Higher Self and ego. In this sense, Higher Self is “love-ish” and ego is “fear-ish.” The only power that you possess is the power of discernment, the power of choosing one or the other. You can never really serve two masters, even while your subconscious mind can hold contradictory beliefs and intentions. Why? Because both the emotions love and fear are aspects of consciousness, and Divine Consciousness is the True Master. It is ultimately seen that your entire lifetimes–all of them in entirety–are in service to soul consciousness as it awakens to Divine Awareness, which is God-Realization. This is Home, and in Home there are no “mistakes,” meaning no choosing of fear, and not even “choosing love” as you may perceive it. Home IS Unconditional Love, you see.

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