Melchizedek’s Weekly Message Your True Beauty is a Perfection of Nature

As channeled by Julie Miller
The very foundation of the path many of you are on to unite not only with your own true heart but with all of humanity truly does begin within your soul. The process which your journey takes is based on the energy that moves within you and all around you. You are drawn to many interests and each one helps to develop your Self. It is well understood dear ones that each of you are already living within your eternal consciousness. When you climb the ascension ladder to reach higher realms of consciousness you are indeed reaching new heights within yourself that is undeniably demonstrated through the purity of your actions. Your soul dear ones does not require ascension as it is already enlightened and infinite perfect. It is your experiences that you meet that provide you all the growth required to connect once again with your natural self that is intertwined with Mother Earth and with your infinite Self on a Universal level. When you are able to recognize this connection that is within you, you will then find yourself home with the Prime Source of ours and of your creation and that would be God dear ones.

The grand illusion of separateness is a ruling thought form that was born through an Egotistic complex of ideas derived to have you believe you were truly separated from your soul and from Spirit. With the Ego under the spotlight, many people that walk among you are realizing the Ego is contentious and because it is such a trouble-some division of the mind it is unable to contribute clearly with the Miracle of your Life and has been known to be a menace to your independent conscience and natural connection with Nature at a spiritual level. The Ego is filled with mechanical behaviour that causes divisions within your complex spiritual nature that has the ultimate ability to be in balance with all that you are within your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical faculties. The Ego will create false forms in your mind of how you are to live by guiding you through your emotions, actions and reactions. By observing others that manoeuvre through their journey with their Egos directing them you are able to learn from their experiences. Second-hand experiences: learning from other’s experiences is a beneficial way of increasing your own wisdom. You are able to see and learn what happens when people allow their Egos to rule. The person that lives through their Ego lives within an artificial form of Self. When you are able to walk away from the controlling Ego, and begin living through the purity of your heart, you soon discover how much more liberating and naturally healing it is to live in balance of your whole self that you are able to discover when you go within and find your true beauty that is a perfection of nature. When you add substitutes to increase your journey’s experience and development you are really disconnecting rather than connecting – becoming asphyxiated through your own humanness thus bringing your eternal soul into behaving in a robotic automatic way.

When you take the time to connect with the divine nature of your own wisdom and intellect, your soul rises and over-rides your Ego’s concept of control and reality and you begin to discover the spirit that has always been within your body and you work to ground and reconnect this spirit into every fiber of your being. When your soul is unhindered with its own divine abilities and divine intellect you now are able to contribute openly with the Miracle of your Life that is one with the Living Earth to reach deep spiritual understanding through direct communication with the Divine. This Somatic enlightenment described is a simple concept and is available to each of you dear ones.

Of course there is a blending within all things even those that are different. It is within the union that enables the connection to the multiplicity of your relationships – bridging together different ideas and concepts together as one from working with the important life energies as well as the patterns that were produced from the inter-relationship development as a multifaceted, essential and flexible approach into inner organizational change and development. Even though there are many beliefs, values and feelings that can range from one extreme to the other, help to develop a kaleidoscope of prospective possibilities. Definitely dear ones there is a doorway that enables you to cover the synthetic aspects of your nature and it is up to each of you to know when to learn when it is time to let the illusions go and embrace your true self.

When there are multi-layers of synthetic density there becomes a common purpose to blanketing the falseness and that is to allow yourself to regain any amount of tangible natural human essence which will also encourage a re-organization of your alignment within your somatic self and fusion with the creative and spiritual energies that flow through the frequencies of the Universe which each of you are an essential part. When you move closer to the inner sanctum of your Inner True Self, you will begin to illuminate that natural Child of Mother Earth that you are and this inner knowingness unfolds your creative purpose that has come into the physical body which you currently inhabit.

The inner sanctum of your Self is an intense essence of altering luminosity that is found through diamond-like structure of your beautiful heart. When you recognize your Inner-Diamond dear ones, you then see your soul as a crystalline recorder that is found within your heart and this matrix of pure feeling is increased when you receive true unconditional Love, Grace and the unmistakable brilliant Light from God. Understand dear ones with the clarity found within your heart that duality is Not the nature of the Universe. We encourage you to understand that duality is an illusion created of a certain reality held by commonplace accord. Duality dear ones is the end outcome of definitive balance that is distressed.

Many of you comprehend that Polarity is all about opposites; attraction vs. repulsion, positive vs. negative, etc. and that polarity flows through the masculine and feminine energy. It is understood that creation does bring dynamic opposites through its developmental outward force. On the surface yes there is opposition and within the central core the centering that is taking place generates equilibrium, understandably opposites have known beginnings that are within the basic center of unity – understood as the two in the One. All Unions is the merging of two becoming One; therefore the attention of masculine and feminine spiritual energies is to discover the creator being within the other.

In order to come together and unite within the center of Love, any inner separations or holes in the consciousness must be fused and connected in order to truly identify with the other on a profound level of awareness. There is a certain amount of separateness between your head and your spiritual heart and there is no exact measure because it is very individual and is based primarily on your perception.

Your initial energy pattern rests within the integrated masculine and feminine forces of your natural self and within these aspects of your life is your potential to develop balance, peace, and most definitely transformation of your Self. Although it is understood that not everyone is on the same track and there are some that are missing important content that causes difficulties in this development. Understand dear ones, the ability to integrate the polarities of both masculine and feminine concepts and approach to life that is balanced does require you to expose any inhibitions in order to enhance them through development and aligning their inner and outer multi-layered complexities that will in time and with great effort bring them into fruition that will be for the greater of good. A fusion such as this dear ones will align you with the Divine energy that is found through the Wholeness of Unconditional Love. With your pure intent and tireless effort you continue to bring yourself closer to your True Self that is authentic and natural and this energy that flows through you reweaves your progression in order to fill in any holes that may have been created from fear, trauma or pain. When you are finally on the path of love, you and the energy you emit enlarge the boundaries of your own perception. And through your ever-expanding awareness, your Self learns and discovers the necessity to persevere during any commitment made towards change and allows you from the inside to experience the fullness of the moment – an endearing and loving relationship with your Self is admired and worth the effort to realize its specialness.

So much growth and development is always possible when you make your journey a priority and you embrace your journey with love that is pure and love filled that is always unconditional. All your answers dear ones as soon as you mutter them can be found by paying attention to the answers that are found within you.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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