Paul the Venetian

I am the one behind the deeper meaning of art. I am head of the department that is writing the codes and inspiring artists to deliver them.
You may ask “what are these codes and the art you are talking about?” Well, let me put it like this.
Picture yourself walking by a certain painting every day and the painting looks the same every day. And there comes a day you walk by and suddenly you see or realize something in this painting you’ve never seen before.
Most likely, you’ve just encountered a code. It has been there all along but you were not ready to see or comprehend it; you were simply not ready for it. At a certain point in your life, however, you suddenly can see, feel, or sense this code.
And the code will reveal a message to you.
Automatically, you know exactly how to respond to this message and what to do—it’s a Life Changer. It’s this kind of thing that I am referring to. I am the one who writes these codes and I select the artist who will attach them or imbed them in a particular piece of art.
This occurs in most of your transformational art medias. It is the single most important Game Changer since the beginning of time when art was invented. And art has been invented partly for this purpose.
Art, with all its different expressions, has changed your societies and your ways of living so many times– and it will again. Evolution requires a balanced combination of heart and mind and art is delivering just that. The Ascension Codes have been embedded in art, so be aware of that. It cannot be any other way.
So let this be my basic introduction. There is more to come, but I do have to speak about another topic first because this topic has a deadline attached to it. The message must be delivered immediately.
This message is about setting intentions for the year and being proactive in doing so. Since 2013 is such a unique year– the beginning of a new paradigm– it is critical for individual and group entities to set their intentions.
Intentions are essentially your job application to the Universe. In your intention, you state who you are, what you would like to do, and what you would like to share in terms of ideas, visions, and dreams with the greater collective. If you missed announcing your intentions on the March Pisces New Moon, do not worry. There is still an opening between the New Moon in March and the end of the Spring Equinox (March 22) to do so.
Make sure to use this window in time for last-minute requests and intention-setting for the year 2013. Metaphorically speaking, put your seeds (intentions, ideas, visions) into the fertile soil. Make your intention about you, the individual– things you can do or create, ideas that may be beneficial for you, concepts that may just work, challenges you want to explore, connections and partnerships you want to establish.
Make yourself available by speaking your intention clearly and out loud. In doing so, the frequencies of your voice and the topic of your intention begin to resonate in the ethers, telling divine creation that you are available and ready for the task and that you are ready to follow-up to manifest your projected intention. In essence, you are applying for a job.
You can assist the collective the most by being “selfish“ and making your intention about yourself. You will then become the reflection or the representation of your intention which inspires all who experience your energy and witness your manifestations.

March is planting season; this is what Spring is all about. Some Intention-Plants will grow faster than others. This means there can be amazing growth and harvesting which continues all the way to Fall.
Your conscious intentions will grow, your garden of intentions will flourish and you are the designer and co-creator. Every day you can see your creation grow and this in and of itself will be a rewarding and fun experience.
Don’t forget to plant some flowers in your Garden of Intentions. Your intentions should be filled with beauty and nourish you at the deepest levels of your being. Flowers have no nutritional value in the form of food, but their beauty nourishes our souls and fills us with inspiration. Make sure your intentions carry this energy.

All your intentions must be completed before March 22, 2013. At this time, as we move from Pisces into Aries, Aries will add life-force for the seeds to sprout and grow. At this point you can kick back. Now comes the time for you to observe and nurture all that you have planted.
In the new paradigm, all intentions, ideas, and concepts are needed and welcome. Set aside 60 minutes of your time and set the stage for calling forth your intentions. Meditate on these creations of yours. As they are manifesting in your minds and heart, express them by their name–speak the names loud and clear. It is advisable to repeat the sounds several times.
Also write the intentions on a piece of paper or record it in another way, both to anchor these ideas in your psyche and to do additional work with this subject matter at a latter time, if you so choose.
Again, this is a perfect time to do this and should be everybody’s priority to do so. It is your life and it is your opportunity to create what you wish. You have nothing to lose–just imagine what you can possibly win.
The power is yours, the opportunity has been provided. The outcome now depends on your input.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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