Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Channeled Messages

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May 16, 2013
Dear Ones, we would like to ask you, how much suffering you have been conditioned to accept? Many of you have grown up under difficult circumstances. Many of your parents, having grown up under difficult circumstances themselves, have thought they were doing the right thing to “toughen you up” to accept that life is hard. You simply cannot step into a life of joy and ease if you are carrying those old belief systems. Life is not meant to be hard! You are not thrown onto your planet to suffer! You are on the planet to find your way back to your creator self, back into your authentic power, to know yourself in your truth again. Release the idea that you are unworthy, born a sinner, or deserving to suffer, or that you must suffer to earn anything better. Shine, Dear Ones! Love yourselves! Create a brand new reality for yourselves that includes joy, happiness, ease, grace, health, support, LOVE, and whatever else you might wish to experience! You are the creator of your life expression, and there is no rule book that says pain and suffering must be part of the experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 17, 2013
During a time of deep release and energetic refinement, such as you are experiencing right now, it can be difficult to feel the subtle energies of spirit. This can result in people feeling quite separate. During such times, it is also common to feel as if you are in a holding pattern, seeming like you are very far away from your creations and forward movement. These are both very temporary sensations, Dear Ones. There is very accelerated movement going on “behind the scenes” if you will, and the energetic shifting you are experiencing internally is preparation for when the movement starts to be experienced in a more tangible way. You have not lost your alignment and you are not doing anything wrong! Everything is, as always, divinely perfect. Resist the temptation to fall into worry, practice tender self care, keep focused on your heart’s desires and spend time in practices that bring you joy. You are almost through this challenging time and the fruits of your labour will be considerable. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 18, 2013
How purely and whole-heartedly you surrender, and how purely and whole-heartedly you can stay in the flow has everything to do with how fast you experience desired change in your life. Think of a stream of water flowing down a hill. If there is nothing in the way, the water moves very quickly, unimpeded to its destination. If the stream is filled with rocks, debris and other obstacles, it takes much longer, and the water is no longer taking the most direct path. In fact, if there is too much in the way the water sometimes ends up somewhere else completely! Is your path filled with large rocks of doubt and the debris that is caused by fear, indecision and lack of faith? Clear intention, focus and consistency (surrender, faith, flow) creates clear results in record time. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 19. 2013
Are your actions and choices supportive of what you wish to create? Do you seek balance but don’t bother to make time for meditation or whatever practice helps you keep it? Do you complain about your health yet don’t make the changes required to support it? Do you wish for love yet treat yourself in ways that are anything but loving? Do you seek awareness and then indulge in activities that numb you? It is common for people seeking enlightenment to continue old activities by habit, not recognizing how unsupportive they truly are. Congruency and consistency is so important for the enlightening human being to truly shine, truly bloom, to navigate these changing times with the most ease possible. Look around your life with new eyes. Are you living in a way that is supporting you to become everything you wish to be? Love yourselves, honour yourselves enough to become an advocate for you, and make all of your choices based on what will lift you up and help your life become a complete expression of who you really are. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 20, 2013
When you allow yourself time to be in the energies of creation, doing what you love or feel passionate about, you are most aligned with Source. Have you ever noticed how, when you are doing something you find very enjoyable, the time flies? That is a clear indicator of having shifted into a higher energetic state. Doing what you love is like conscious meditation. It supports you, it lifts you up, it places you in a space of wellness and contentment, so we urge you to seek out those activities on a regular basis. They are so very good for your soul. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 21, 2013
A great many of you are experiencing vivid dreams, often times featuring people you have parted ways with or with your passed loved ones. Please know that this is yet another way of healing, purging, balancing, releasing karma and wrapping up soul contracts. Your ascension is a multi-layered, multi-faceted process, and healing will be occurring on many different levels. The beauty of these dream meetings is that it is offering healing not only to you, but also to the others who are featured in your dreams, even if they are now out of the body and residing on the other side. What an incredible opportunity you all have to balance and heal! You are in remarkable times, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 22, 2013
The very intense energies being felt by humans at this time are not only about shifting, releasing and balancing, which, of course, are essential aspects of your energetics at this time. They are also about forcing you into practicing self care, something helper souls often have a hard time doing. It is during these times of intensity that humans finally understand the importance of finding a firm foundation and point of balance first before you can extend your hand and be of service to others. This is such a vital aspect, it cannot be stressed enough. You cannot truly help others from a place of imbalance and emotional instability. By placing the highest importance on your own health, wellness and energetic foundation first, you will be able to be a wonderful support to others from your consistent stability and by being a marvellous teacher by example. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 23, 2013
Dear Ones, we know you often experience fear about your futures, fear of change, fear of the unknown. But it is not really fear about any of those things. It is fear of creating unconsciously. This comes from your earlier experiences that suggested that life was something that happened to you, that there was no rhyme or reason to what occurred other than the whims of an angry, vengeful God. Doesn’t that sound silly to you now? You have evolved beyond that belief system. When you grab the reins and embrace your role of creator self, you no longer need to fear anything. When you are the conscious creator you can face the future with joyous expectation because you know the energies you have been sending out. Life is scary when you live it by accident. Life is delicious when you live it on purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 24, 2013
Surrender is the energetic antidote for resistance. Resistance is what causes discomfort. Therefore, surrender is the means of finding the comfort you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 25, 2013
Dear Ones, there is a vast difference between surrendering and giving in. Surrender is about navigating your life expression with flow, choosing your highest alignment and embracing your authentic power. Giving in means denying what the the soul really craves, often in an attempt to please another, which is giving your power away. One is empowering, the other, disempowering.

Let us be clear, you cannot be responsible for another person’s happiness. Happiness can only come from within, and you, being the expert on yourself and your own life expression, are the only person qualified to know and give yourself exactly what is required to shine in your own life expression.

Attempting to assume responsibility for another’s emotional state, or complying in order to buy another’s happiness, approval and satisfaction, is always a short lived success. It is always doomed to fail, because you simply cannot assume responsibility for another’s happiness. It will always end in disappointment and frequently resentment from both parties because it cannot be done, and is completely disempowering to all involved. We cannot emphasize this enough. Such attempts, while often well meaning, are indicators of unhealthy boundaries and being out of balance. They indicate a desire to control rather than flow.

The best way to serve your soul, others, and the planet is to stay in surrender and flow, embracing your highest alignment and authentic power, and encourage others to do the same. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 26, 2013
A great many enlightening human beings are accepting that surrender is a vital part of the process. But they are waiting to surrender until they know which direction they wish to go in because they fear making a mistake. Dear Ones, the whole point of surrender is to move into your highest alignment with the assistance of all your guides and helpers in the easiest, most direct way! You cannot make a mistake! The beauty of the flow is that it is a self-correcting course. It only knows how to take you to your highest good and will sweep in effortlessly, regardless of which direction you are pointing, to take you there. Surrender is deciding to get out of your own way. Waiting to figure out how to get out of your own way to use a tool that helps you get out of your own way doesn’t make much sense now, does it? Surrender! Take that grand leap into the unknown as a complete and awesome commitment to your greatest good and highest life expression then allow the magic and wisdom of the universe to take care of the rest. ~Archangel Gabriel

May 27, 2013
It is your ego self, the part that seeks to keep you small, that is on the continual lookout for what is wrong. It loves to stay on high alert and in troubleshooting mode, which keeps you spinning in energies that will only find more of what you do not want. It does a very good job of distracting you with this illusion, of perpetuating this cycle, because it realizes if you step out of this illusion, it will cease to have control.

You are so much more evolved than this! This is why we urge you to do whatever helps you to stay in your highest alignment. When you are in your highest alignment, you know that nothing is ever wrong. It is from that vantage point that you can truly feel your divinity, and the divine perfection all around you, and that, Dear Ones, is experiencing heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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