Part 174, The Day After the Day After – With Love


Well, it is now the day after the day after, and some of you have simmered down a bit after the first wave of outrage when you concluded that we were either evil manipulators or Kathryn was a charlatan.  Wrong on both counts, Dear Ones.  Yes, we did make an announcement that there would be an announcement tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow is here, and not yet here…you are living in a time warp, while you still feel the presence of your 3D world.  Your planet and many on it are living in 5D in their hearts, in their dreams, and in their hopes.  They are not disillusioned because they have already felt the changes we speak of; they cannot be discouraged or outraged because they feel our Unconditional Love and they know that whatever it is we have said, there must be a good reason for it.

Yes, there was a good reason for giving you this very brief and merciful lesson to test your patience.  Did you pass the lesson to your own satisfaction?  You are the one who is to evaluate that, of course.  It was for your own experience, and for you to have a deeper glimpse into your subconscious, to see if there is anything still there that you need to examine, turn over in your mind, and consider changing.  You are the ones who can change your reactions, not Us.

We provide the loving support, and sometimes the tough challenges which throw you back on your strengths, encourage you to reach deeply into your soul to feel your way back to the Light and to Us.  Is there an obstacle course for each of you in this lifetime which you need to complete in order to reach your fulfillment?  Absolutely.  Do we participate in the creation of those labyrinths and obstacle courses, along with your guides and your Higher Self?  Certainly.  Do we tell you the truth about all the things that will happen to you as you are going through it?  No.  If we did, you would be deprived of the valuable opportunities to exceed your own previous limitations.

We keep the Veil intact as you proceed through your life, and even if you go to the most clever psychic, we do not permit you to know beforehand what the most difficult challenges will be.  That would create dread and foreboding which would color all your days and spoil all your fun.  It is not our intention to make you miserable, although certain misery can be a powerful stimulant for change.

You, Dear Ones, have as a race helped to create the challenges, shifts, surprises and delights which you encounter day to day.  The serendipitous friendships, the precipitous falls, the love affairs and the children who come into your life – all are planned as part of the primary timeline you are intending to follow for your maximum learning potential.

You were aware before you came here of the pervasive Darkness which has held the entire human race on Gaia in servitude for thousands of years.  Every single one of you reading these messages – rich, poor, black, white, East, West, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jew – all came here in whatever form was suitable and available for you to do one thing:  to defeatthe Darkness and restore your beloved Mother Earth to Love.

In the process, your overall goal was to achieve greater enlightenment to further your own ascension process, the ladder you all climb over hundreds, even thousands of incarnations on the way to returning to Us in absolute Oneness.  These lifetimes, Beloved Ones, are the practice which perfects you as an individual, and as the I AM Presence which is the God in you.  You have within you Our presence, our love, and the feelings of Love which is the pure feeling of our hearts.  You also have the potential for anger, hatred, rage, defeat, despair, and profound fear.  Those are the feelings you must learn to manage and eliminate from your repertoire.  These are the greatest of the obstacle/challenges you are presented with here.

It is unfortunate that the teachings of the Dark Ones have succeeded in clouding this Truth:  Your Mother/Father God do not experience these lower vibration energy/feelings, although we feel them when you do.  They are a problematic part of your DNA, which will be changing with the rising energies and with the Ascension process.  This DNA is not accidental.  You were created in our image, but with some variations which were created to allow you to experience the widest possible range of feeling.  In so doing, you can choose of your own free will to modify, adapt and meliorate those feelings in such a way as to choose to be ever more like us, ever more loving and compassionate and forgiving.

This learning process has gone on for millions, well, billions of years.  Many have gone before you, and many have ascended the difficult path to Enlightenment, but never in the history of the Universe has there been a training ground more perfectly suited to test your mettle, and to put you into circumstances which will cause you to choose, as this 3D, free will experience of Planet Earth does.

You are tested day by day, to demonstrate your character, your resilience and your resolve.  This is indeed the fast track to higher dimensions if you are able to avoid losing your connection to your heart.  However, it is sometimes the slow track for those who spend their time here looking in the mirror and combing their hair, or pursuing fame and fortune for their own sake.

The Dark Ones have prepared a perfect trapdoor into temptation, ego aggrandizement and disconnection from the Heart via drugs, impersonal sex and the lure of material wealth and power.  It is they who teach manipulation for the sake of gaining power over others, and a favorite ploy is to convince people that God is vengeful, arrogant and careless.  By doing so, they have encouraged those qualities in you, rather than helping to modify or overcome them.  Thus, insensitivity and aggressive behavior is socially acceptable, even lauded, giving children and adults license to behave dishonorably.  And so the cycle has continued.

There have been dark times during the history of Earth’s difficult journey.  There have been eras during which nearly all on the planet were co-opted by the Dark Energies to such an extent that all lost the connection to their spiritual foundation and to Us, only to return at the end of their lives to review, renew their resolve, and return for another try.

There were many across the Multiverse who believed the one Mother Sehkmet has called “My Baby” would never recover, and should be dissolved because of the predominance of Darkness here.  It was because of the dedication and the undying belief in her and in this strain of humanity on the part of the Kumaras, who came from Venus to help restore her to her former beauty, that you now find yourselves on the verge of Ascension.  You know them as Sananda (Jesus), Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene), Ashtar and Athena, St. Germain and Portia, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, and others who are less known to you on these pages.  They are the keepers of the Seven Rays. They brought with them the Elohim, of whom there were only 144,000.

They have worked for eons to help humanity overcome the hold of the Dark Ones, and the triumph which history will record as the beginning of the New Golden Age has come to fruition now.  They have all incarnated many times, as you have, to represent Light and Love in the midst of horror and misery, and little by little they and their younger soul/students have lifted the vibration on Planet Earth.  Now is your opportunity to join wholeheartedly in the holy project of establishing harmony, tolerance and good will across your world. It is time, Dear Ones, to forego all anxiety, anger, impatience, intolerance, annoyance, jealousy and rage, for those are the brain-generated emotions which separate you from Us.  Banish these feelings and all expression of them now, forever.

We know you are saying:  “What? These are human feelings. I’m entitled to feel them.”
Not really.  These are Dark-inspired feelings which have been conditioned into your nervous system and behavior after eons of mind-control efforts on the part of the Dark Ones.  These feelings create a great rift between us and amongst yourselves. Even worse, they create a rift between you and your heart.

These negative emotions were not created to be a major component of your makeup, nor are they a necessary requirement for your survival.  They are not so much your protection from danger as they are the cause of it.  You are designed with great intelligence, intuition, resourcefulness, creativity, passion, and Heart.  These are God qualities in you.  Use them, cultivate them.  Do not settle for less than the perfect balance of those positive qualities, without the Dark alternatives.

It is now the time for Unity, the Oneness you have longed for in this life.  By eliminating the negative feelings from yourself, you are doing your best to raise the level of vibration on the planet.  We measure the aggregate consciousness on the planet in our decision-making process of when to allow needed interventions which you have pleaded for, and which have been granted because you earned them by raising the global energy level. This assistance is given not as a reward but as an intervention allowed under Universal Law, which forbids interference with free will.  If the planet had remained in Darkness, we could not have intervened except in the case of actions which endanger the rest of the Universe, as in the threat of nuclear war.

We do not take liberties with Universal Law, which we helped to establish, nor do we toy with your feelings or usurp your freedom.  We do work with you to help you lift yourselves out of the centuries of training which aggrandized your negative responses and belittled your positive ones.

We understand that this conditioning runs deep and persists, even with constant effort.
It is only with a zero-tolerance standard for yourself that you will be able to finally rewire your brain to create pathways upward to your spiritual connection with Us rather than downward into your fight-or-flight response.  You do have the choice.  Every time you opt for annoyance or anxiety, you groove in those channels, as Kathryn often says.  Change your feeling reactions and your brain will follow. You will find to your own astonishment that you no longer even feel resentment or fear.  Yes, that is human.

We are your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, June 26, 2013  1 am.


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