Step 1 -How to Heal Yourself And Others – Understanding Energy Healings


Step 1 – How to Heal Yourself And Others – Understanding Energy Healings

This posting builds on the first posting about how to heal yourself and others. You can view that posting by clicking HERE.

Before you can attempt to heal yourself and others, you need to understand how an energy healing works and you need to understand exactly what you are doing when you are performing an energy healing.

There are basically two bodies that we all have. We have the physical body that we are all aware of. And we also have an etheric energy body. This energy body basically resides on top of our physical body and is connected to our physical body.

The energy body is what you are healing in an energy healing. By healing the energy body, you are basically healing the physical body. The energy body has different energy centers throughout the body known as chakras. These chakras house your energy that is needed for your physical body. You have major and minor chakras. The charkas are located throughout the body.

I will go over chakras in another posting. When you are not feeling well physically, it is probably due to one or more of your chakras being depleted or congested. Depletion or congestion basically means that there is either too much or not enough energy in the chakra. You see, everything is energy and you need to have the right amount of energy for you physical body to function correctly.

In addition, and maybe more importantly, you need to make sure that the energy that you do have is not dirtied, or grey or blocked, or stuck or diseased. So basically, in a nut shell, when you are performing and energy healing, you are observing the patient’s chakras and making adjustments to the chakras energetically. You are cleansing and cleaning the charkas as needed and you are energizing the chakras with new energy.

I will talk about how to do this in another post. You will be sweeping away all diseased and blocked energy and anything that does not serve the patient’s highest and best good and anything that is not of the highest and purest light. By sweeping bad energy away and energizing the chakras with good energy, you are healing the person’s etheric body which means that you will be healing the person’s physical body in the process.

Energy always follows your thoughts and intentions. Thus, it is important that you focus on your thoughts and intentions during the energy healing. You need to be good at visualizing what you are doing. You need to force yourself seeing the person’s chakras. The better you can visualize yourself healing the person or yourself, the better the healing will be.

Anyone can do this. It just takes practice and you will be a pro. You will be able to heal your children, your family and your friends. We all need energy healings at these times as so much stuff needs to be released that does not serve our highest and best good. Other future posts will go into greater detail on what to do exactly, step by step when you are healing.

But for this post, just remember the following:

1. You have a physical body and an etheric body, which sits above your physical body and is connected to your physical body;

2. The etheric body has chakras or energy centers;

3. You are healing the chakras by removing diseased and blocked, and stuck energy, and;

4. You are energizing the chakras with new energy which will heal the etheric body and the physical body.

I will show you how you will bring down Divine healing energy from Mother/Father God’s heart into your heart and then pass it on and flow it into the person you are healing (including yourself). You never tell the energy what to do and what to heal. All you are doing is being a conduit of the energy. The energy flows to you and out from you into the person you are healing.

The energy knows the person it is healing and will do for that person what is in that person’s highest and best good. I never tell the energies to fix this pain or to eliminate that disease. There may be karmic reasons why the person does not get healed. You job as a healer is to ground the Divine energies in your heart and then to flow them with your loving intention to the person being healed.

Again I will show you how to do all of this in the upcoming posts. Just know that in energy healings, you are healing the persona’s chakras by removing diseased energy and energizing the chakras after. Doing this will allow the person to usually feel better physically.

In addition, a lot of mental and emotional issues will be allowed to come up to the surface to be released that may have been subconsciously suppressed for lifetimes. Thus, you are also healing the emotional and mental bodies, not just the physical body.

Energy healings allow the person to be able to better heal themselves and all their bodies by allowing things to be revealed that must be dealt with. These things must be dealt with by the person being healed. The healing gives you that push you need to help you do the things that need to be done by YOU to heal yourself.

In future posts I will show you how to affirm that the healing is for the person’s highest and best good, how to connect with Divine energy, how to build the energies in your body, how to merge your energies with the person you are healing and finally how to allow the energies to flow from God’s heart to your heart and then to the heart of the person being healed. I am sending all of you many blessings. Love..


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