Message from Archangel Haniel ~ Your Journey has Always been Touched by Synchronicity

Message from Archangel Haniel ~ Your Journey has Always been Touche…

For most of you, the word synchronicity was not one you grew up with. The understanding of synchronicity may not be clear within your mind because you have not paid much attention to it. And we have noticed the things you don’t understand or pay close attention is quickly exchanged with comparisons that don’t necessarily provide the actual meaning for your comprehension.
As a result when synchronicity occurs, we observe many dear souls overlooking the occurrence as synchronicity and label it something else that they do understand. Phrases like, “I just got lucky”, “That happened just in time”, or “this came suddenly and unexpectantly” are experiences of synchronicity at work. And every occurrence you ever had is stored within your memory but not under synchronicity but with luck or coincidence.

Synchronicity often occurs during situations that are filled with intense emotional commotion. Many dear souls experience synchronicity through major life changing situations such as birth, death, ending or beginning a new relationship, etc. Your awareness and ambiguity is always increased during moments of great challenges that bring on great changes. During the time you spend trying to sort out the information and moving out of the confusion or even from joyous situations you are bringing yourself to soulfully appreciate the reason of the joy you are experiencing, you are opening yourself dear ones to receive more information from all sources, including divine guidance from God. During such times, synchronicity reassures you through unseen forces that any missing piece to your life journey will be provided and sometimes this missing piece is given to direct you into a new way of seeing and doing things.

From the many life changing events that often filter into your daily life, worry is an often companion and sometimes your worrying creates disruption in your normally calm routine. When your calm is disturbed, your thoughts begin to focus on the changes… you already begin trying to understand and this dear ones allows your Self to be more open to suggestions and guidance. Think back to a time that was hugely disruptive, no matter how welcoming or disturbing it was, possibly a death, a birth or another great change. Think about how you felt after the whole process was over. Was your life changed or did it continue to exist exactly the same before the disruption occurred? Many times great disturbances produce new challenges and through these new challenges you are left trying to bring solution to your new issues and suddenly, out-of-the-blue a word is spoken, maybe you recognized a phrase, someone called with uplifting news, etc., that would have provided the answer to your new issues created from your new challenges as the result of synchronicity, something you would have explained as being lucky or coincidental.

We ask you to think about how it was when you discovered you were in love. Remember the feelings you felt, the joy and happiness. At first for many, love is not there at the beginning to be seen, through time of being together feelings increase and become more and suddenly before you know it, you are in love. Synchronicity is everywhere. It brings meaning and understanding to many areas of your life that are not merely coincidences. The term that is loosely thrown around many of you, “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is also the workings of synchronicity even if that throwaway item was not discovered for years after, an event occurred that brought you to that new treasure that was someone else’s trash.

Synchronicity surrounds many important phases of your life’s journey including relationships. We have witnessed many great relationships suddenly become severed because one of the two was afraid of something. And the one who was experiencing the fear was the one severing the relationship. After an off chance discussion about your relationship with another they suddenly realize their relationship was not meant to be severed but to be worked on and strengthened. Sometimes dear ones, precious realization comes to you out of nowhere, but it comes equally with meaning.

Another life changing event such as death can bring great change into your life. Death confronts you suddenly with questions and wanting to seek more information about many things. Death brings synchronicity into play because you become open to guidance from others; you are willing to listen. Through such huge life changing events, you think about the dialogue, the stored information and other things that suddenly fall into perfect place at that precise moment. Events that occurred many years ago can suddenly provide the missing piece to your life’s puzzle at any time. You already know everything has a reason and purpose, and you know each of you are connected even though you cannot see where the chain of events took place that brought synchronicity to your doorstep, understand and accept with full faith and trust all happens as it should and as it is meant to. Some things do not require details on how or why something happened, simply accept that it did with appreciation for the opportunity it gave you to grow more and become more of your Self.

Any major life changing event creates within you a deeper openness and you are more responsive to the world around you and to the world that is always within you. It is through your major life changing events that the environment for synchronicity is created and welcomed. Understand dear ones synchronicity can occur even during the most mundane of places such as while you are waiting for the bus, in the grocery line, browsing the library, etc. Synchronicity can occur at any time at any place. When you become more aware of yourself and of your surroundings you increase the possibility of synchronicity to occur. Regardless if synchronicity occurs during mundane or special occurrences, it can be recognized as being intense or as soft as a gentle breeze. The understanding of the occurrence may come to you in a flash of knowing or years later, and when it does change flows into you journey which will forever change something inside of you and your journey that cannot be unchanged.

The simplest way to understand when synchronicity happens is through single events where there is a visible beginning, middle and an end. Simple synchronicity is explained simply through sudden yet simple events. You may pass someone on the street, and realize this person you know them, they were a friend from school, whom you haven’t seen in years. When realization sets in you step forward and talk for a bit, when the initial conversation is over both of you continue on your way. Remember what synchronicity means dear ones, it is when an overlapping of events, both inner and outer occurs without any explanations; they are unplanned and cannot be explained by cause and effect yet is still meaningful. What would make this example of synchronicity not be synchronicity is if the sudden meeting of an old friend didn’t mean anything, it didn’t come with any power to bring the flow of change into your life even if that change was small and minute.

Synchronicity can also carry more complexity when other events come into play. Maybe after bumping into your old school friend, a song played on your radio that was from the time your friendship began that brings your thoughts back in time. Sometimes synchronicity can be found through what you choose to read and you see the first or last name of your school friend in an article that continues to build your memory and focus on your relationship. This occurrence is not by chance and it is meaningful because it brings change because after all the years that have passed, the relationship is still there to develop once again.

Synchronicity can happen through single events or within strings and multiple events. They can occur within numbers or repeated words. A word or number can begin a sequence of events that leads to something important and life changing. Synchronicity within multiple or cluster of events will involve a sequence of connected synchronicities that involves different levels and types of occurrences that are impactful and merge over time into eventual understanding. Many times it is from a cluster of events that will bring out a clear message on where and how your journey is to flow and become deeper through changes you will make as a result.

The more you understand how synchronicity has been a part of your life, the more you will be able to recognize the innumerable ways that God and the Universe speaks to you. When you fully comprehend the language that is within synchronicity you welcome the many manifestations that flow as an outcome.

Your life and all its happening has never been a coincidence. Your time here and to who you touch and become part of all has great importance. Open your mind dear ones to the endless opportunities that surround you each day.

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Haniel through Julie Miller

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