Crystalai 2013
Those who are in their 5D template before 2017 will wake up in Tara in 2017. Those who still have a little bit of DNA activation needed before they can open their eyes to the new reality of Tara, will be in the New Earth where Earth has already risen into oneness with the accretion level of Inner Earth. Some of you may know Inner Earth as Shamballa or Agartha. Those will complete their 5DNA activation in Inner Earth. All that you know about the magic of these places will appear before you on this Earth as she is transformed through the Light of the entire Cosmic Matrix of 12 Cosmic Light Fields streaming through the Earth and all who are upon her in December. So, you see, even those who aren’t completely fifth dimensional will have a wonderful new reality to meet.
We are now in a particle universe–meaning physical substance. We are moving into a anti particle universe– meaning spiritual substance. It turns out that not everyone on Earth is ready for the complete shift into the spiritual universe, so our Cosmic Creators arranged for a half way house which is half physical and half spiritual. That place is what has been known as Inner Earth or Agartha. Those entities who live in Agartha are living in the accretion level that the Earth will morph into. Agartha has a spiritual nature, but it still has a density. The density is only half as dense as this present Earth.
Some of us will be able to become a part of this half way place of particle and anti particle as early as 2014. The shift in density is being created by the stardust that is coming in from Comet Ison and the photons coming from the solar winds and the CME’s.
That substance that will be falling from the skies contains the hydrolaise H2O2HE3A, which means Spiritual Substance or the substance that Stars are created from.
It is the crystal liquid light energy that will be brought into the Earth’s atmosphere. The hydros from the Central Sun is being sent directly into the Earth’s Core- the etheric core. That chemical transformation will change the Earth’s chemistry from the inside to the out. It will come into our biosphere and through our bodies.
It can most easily be activated through the water of the particle universe. We can connect our consciousness into the light realms of the Cosmos, and into the photons and into the stardust. We can enhale that crystal light energy and then exhale it into water before we drink. Or exhale it into water when we swim. The exchange of energy between our consciousness and the water is the beginning of the eternal life process that we will soon learn is the normal way of life that those who live in places that were not placed in fallen and reverse spin situations have always enjoyed.
We will soon learn that we will inhale the hydrolaise into our cells and our skin to cause a transformation through the cellestilline that causes continuous activations in the DNA. A normal entity lives in this hydrolaise, which is an atmosphere without gravity. A normal entity walks through the air. A normal entity activates enough cellestiline into his or her system by the age 33 that they become an eternal life system of their own called a Christ.
Our Blue families from Inner Earth will appear to those who are awakening into their new consciousness. The appearance will be gradual as those on Earth awaken gradually. It is not that they aren’t already there, it is just that the 5D perception will be required to see them. New buildings will appear out of nowhere as our vision is aligned through our higher selves to see the new reality. The new perceptions will grow into complete new structures, passageways into Inner Earth will appear, new plants that sing, new birds, new realities of the imagination will grow each day. This group of human consciousness will grow completely out of their 3D perceptions into this new reality of 5D. Those who need help in this process will be assisted by our Guardian Families from Inner Earth.
As the mind rises into the at one ment with the higher self, when the Ego and the Higher Self become One, the third eye perception that allows us to see the invisible and the visible realities around us. The 5D perception is the invisible realm becoming tangible through the multidimensional transition in accretion level. As we transform into the New Earth realities, and the Tara realities, our bodies become less and less dense, the physical forms become less dense, we begin walking above the earth and above the water. The body will find itself in perfect health always. There will be no need for hospitals. The healing centers are for removing crystal seals, aligning DNA strands and transforming the entire biological structure into the silicate matrix.
Those who go into Inner Earth will be transformed by their Blue Families who will use crystal water healing pools, rainbow waterfalls of light energy, crystal temples of healing and other high technologies of transmutation. Our Blue families will assist all who are on the New Earth reconnect into their Divine Blue Print that allows them to engage their souls on Tara and Gaia. Those who already have their 5 DNA strand will have the opportunity to be teleported to Gaia and a few will go on to Aquafaria.
When we wake up from the three day particle acceleration period we will feel a little disoriented, lighter, the atmosphere will feel light, we will soon perceive a different relationship between the water, air and ground. We will feel a different relationship with the Earth and the natural forms.We will realize we are one with all elemental forms and all plants and animals.
The Earths angular rotation of particle spin will be transferred into the rhythm of Inner Earth, Agartha. Those who raise their frequencies into the Earth’s higher vibrating pulse will perceive Inner Earth as their new realtiy. Those who don’t raise their frequencies will keep seeing the old 3D Earth because they are still only carrying that old perception in their minds of their EGO instead of allowing their higher self to allow them to see a higher reality.
The more those on Earth connect their minds into their higher self, their 5D strands, the frequencies of Inner Earth, the more harmonious the three days of acceleration will be. Everyone on Earth will notice that there are massive gamma eruptions, solar flares, earthquakes, electrical interruptions, etc. However, only those who have a low 3D perception will have intense negative reactions to these changes. If one raises their frequencies into activating the 5D that is available to all on Earth, their negative experience will be minimal.

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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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