Element-al of the Heart

– Lady Mary Madgalene

28SundayJul 2013

Under the guidance of Lady Mary Magdalene, I have an insightful conversation with my heart when I was trying to understand, of the four elements which made up the human body, which does it resonate with most.

It’s the water element.

The basic function of the human circulatory system, making up of the lungs, heart and blood vessels, is the transportation of blood and other substances around the body. The key determinant of a healthy circulatory system is flow and movement through water, since blood, consisting largely of blood cells and plasma, is extremely high in water content.

Oxygen carried by the blood can be equated to Love. Once an organ in the body is deprived of oxygenated blood, it dies. If the flow of blood to that organ is obstructed, the organ begins to malfunction. Just as all organs survive on Oxygen, all beings live on Love. When love stops flowing abundantly within and through us, the Spirit in us begins to dwindle. Consequently, there is a good chance the body then begins to manifest heart-related diseases. As Within, So Without.

In a nutshell, heart problems are often associated with the flow of love not being fully experienced, accepted or expressed in a person’s life. Re-balancing the Water element of these patients is what Lady Mary Magdalene recommends as an enhancer to the medical treatments or therapies they may already be receiving.

More On Elements and the Human Anatomy Systems at the GODDESS DANCE WORKSHOPS

Additional details about the program have just been revealed to me by the 8 Lady Masters and Goddesses overshadowing the workshop. They will conduct lectures (and healing demonstrations where needed) on healing the following anatomical systems using the elements gifted by Nature:

  • Reproductive System – Goddess Kali
  • Skeletal / Muscular – Artemis
  • Nervous / Endocrine- Green Tara
  • Digestive – Lakshmi
  • Immunity – Kuan Yin
  • Respiratory – M’aat
  • Excretory – Sekhmet
  • Circulatory – Mary Madgalene

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