Portal of 7-29-13 ~ Manifest What You Want Now ~ Metatron via Anna Merkaba


And so it begins the first stepping stone into the golden age has been built. We congratulate you children of light, we congratulate you for everything that you have done with all of your might and light. We congratulate all of your efforts, especially in the last few days of your earthly time.

You have finally passed through the gates, the gates of heaven and earth. All of you who have indeed opened their merkaba’s and have fully aligned with the purpose of your being, have transcended this reality and have arrived on the other side of the veil. Yes indeed it is true dear children of light. For many of you have been experiencing laps of time.

The gates of the time and space have been opened, and you are free to walk fully conscious into the new world of your choosing. Yes of your choosing, for the choice always remains with you. Which door are you going to ascend through, that is the world that you will find within.

Yes, the message is clear, for we have been sending this message to all of you for eons. The positive thinking is indeed the road building block of the new world. Yes your thoughts are indeed manifesting at lightning speed at the present moment, and in a few hours of your earthly time. You shall pass through another gateway, and yet another gateway and yet another gateway. Until the moment that you reach your higher selves, and will be able to say that you are finally home.

What do we mean by when we say that you will all reach your higher selves? We mean that you will reach the highest potential of your spiritual evolution by believing and by anchoring your thoughts in the moment of now in the positive creation of your being.

And that takes work and that takes time. Worry not children of light, for in a few hours so of your earthly time and space you will merge with the creator once more you will dance a beautiful dance of love and devotion, you will experience an uplifting of energies to such high degree that most of your perceived obstacles and problems will seem to have disappeared if even for a moment. That is the preview our beloved ones, that is the preview of what you are cable of achieving. That is a preview of your true state of bliss and complete abandonment of any and all such attachments to the physical world that you have create with your minds. For you are to be in the moment of now, the purity of light and the purity of being on this magnificent planet at this glorious time.

Yes dear children of light, we welcome you yet again and again and again to the new age. The golden age.. the age when it all begins anew.. You will go on and built new societies, you will go on and built new infrastructures on your on the planet that you currently call your home. And you have a lot to be proud of, for you have done the unthinkable.

Sure your missions are not yet complete, as the remnants of what humanity has created still remains on this planet, and yes there will be moments in time with “obstacles – if you perceive them to be such” will occur. For you are riding in a newborn baby that has just entered into the new world and has not yet found its place, and has not yet learnt how to maneuver the new body that it has created for itself. And yes all of you individually will still be going through a variety of ascension bridges and loops and gates, but collectively.. collectively you have indeed arrived on a new platform that has been built. And so, NOW is the time for you to REMEMBER just how WONDERFUL this platform can be. You are to understand that you are the driving force behind whatever will become of your new world. For at this very moment in time it is a BLANK slate. But each one of you carries with you your own vibration, and it is YOUR CALL as to what you wish to bring forth with you.

You are all finding yourself in the new world, a new earth a new way of life. And to that we say SALUTE! SALUTE to all of you for coming thus far, Salute to all of you fopr not giving up..

Many beginnings and many ends await this planet. For the old is finally slowly disappearing off the planet earth, and soon will dissipate completely. The old energies are going to remain in the old earth, and you are all welcome to visit this earth whenever you are so inclined to do so, until such time of times when the new earth has finally settled in its new ways.

And so, many of you are confused and asking each other but what about my dearly beloved friends and family, what shall happen to those that whish not ascend? And our message to you is loud and clear dearly beloved children of the universe, NO ONE IS GOING TO BE LEFT BEHIND. For all will ascend into their true selves, eventually so, and until such moment that the last of the earthlings will finally decide that he or she is ready to move forward into the new way of life, thinking and being, until such moment, the old earth will remain a habitable place to be, while the new earth is populated more and more fully with those who have found their way to their true selves.

You will simply continue to exist in two different worlds that are running parallel to each other and yet on the same timeline. Yes a very difficult concept for all of you grasp, but it is so, and so it is.

Pay close attention to your thoughts our dearly beloved children of light, love and the universal energies of the sun , the moon and the stars, for your thoughts the real core of creations, and so at this moment, at this very special moment in the time of the hour, we ask that should you wish to create a new future for yourself, at the new NOW moment in time. You are able to do so with your thoughts.

In a few hours of your time the portals will once again open and a massive amount of light and love will bask you anew. NOW is the time for you to request that which you wish for, to truly focus your thoughts on that which you are ready to welcome into your world.

Find a heavenly place for yourself and concentrate deeply on everything that you wish to let go of, and everything that you wish to come your way. Write down your thoughts, or speak these thoughts into a device known on your earth as a “voice recorder” record all of your thoughts be they, what you perceive to be a negative view or a positive one, release all the negative ones and keep the positive. Keep the ones that you wish to manifest into your reality and remember them and ingrain them into the AKASHA, send them to your higher selves for quick manifestation into the present moment.

To help you focus your intention, we ask that you also build a grid, a grid for yourself and for mother gaia. You can build a grid out of various crystals, or simply draw a grid using all colors of the rainbow frequency, draw a six pointed star, draw a tetrahedron, use all colors of the rainbow and encircle them in a vivid violet light of St. Germain and the rest of the angelic realm.

Once the diagram has been created by you, we ask that you place your own thoughts and manifestation requests into the very center of the grid. Place your intentions into the center of the grid and visualize as the violet light is absorbed along with your intentions, dreams, and desires into your very core of existence, into your heart and into your whole body. Allow these vibrations to permeate throughout your body. Anchor these vibrations within your being, and then simply let go. Let go and allow that which you wish to manifest into your life.

Remember that many more such portals will open for you in the future, and it is up to you to walk through them now, or take your time and wait until another such portal of manifestations opens up for you. It is your choice, and your choice alone. Whatever you decide, whichever way you wish to go, know that we will be with you every step of the way.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Here is the timetable for the Star of David, Star Tetrahedron, and MerKaBa alignments in succession:From Pamela Johnson

The Stargate opens: Moon enters Taurus 1:43am EDT
Moon sextile Neptune 9:45am – Star of David is activated
Moon opposite Saturn 10:41am
MOON SQUARE SUN 1:43pm EDT – Star Tetrahedron is activated
Moon sextile Jupiter 3:12pm
Moon trine Venus 5:48pm – Merkaba is activated
Moon trine Pluto 7:17pm
The Stargate closes: Moon sextile Mars 10:09pm EDT

AA Metatron – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL – http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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