Part 183, Destiny, Completion and Transcendence


The following is a note from Kathryn upon ending the week-long retreat into healing of 3-dimensional lifetimes and exploration of higher dimensional purposes, with a group of seven Women of Light, who had all become effective channelers by the end of the week, and who discovered and claimed their Archangel identities during this magical journey.  It is followed by a channeled message from Mother/Father God through Kathryn.

From Kathryn:

The song, “I Believe…for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows…” plays in my mind.  The line, “for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to show the way” especially rings out, as a mantra for the group of healers who expressed great Love, Friendship and Compassion toward each other. With each other’s help, they have restored their wholeness, their unshakable Faith, and their knowing. The knowing runs deep, enveloping all the pain and triumphs from this and past lives.  As the exploring and uncovering evolved into understanding, we have woven Truth into every event, every moment, every memory.  The Truth brings with it Light and Love, Forgiveness, Clarity and Hope.

We will never again doubt that we are joined as One, and we know that our place and our work will be that of Creators – Creators of Unity, Love and Connection.  It is a blessed task, and we will embrace it with all our hearts when we are called to service to help all the human family accomplish their Ascension.  For now, there will be a time of rest, and the fulfillment of Love as we join with our beloved Twin Flames, at last and for eternity.

This morning after the last of the group drove away, I went back into the house to find my little dog Che, who is a gentle healer in his own right, burrowed into one of the chairs in the circle, shaking, with a misty, faraway look of pain in his eyes.  He did not come out to say goodbye because he couldn’t bear to see his beloved friends leave.  I explained to him that he would see everyone again soon, and he finally allowed me to tuck him into my shirt.  We have spent hours snuggled in our favorite recliner, in and out of sleep, listening to the voices and feelings from higher dimensions.

We have been accompanied on this week’s journey by Ama, Mother Shahtoose, (whom we mistakenly call ‘Sasquatch’), a special incarnation of Mother God from 5th dimensional Earth, by Mother and Father God themselves, Zorra, the beloved friend and expression of Father God, and by all our Higher Selves and Twin Flames.

In my mind’s eye I saw the entire group, standing in a semi-circle, with Mother and Father God front and center, and over all their heads was a banner, held high by Lucifer and St. Germain, with Sananda and all the others cheering, their hands raised in victory.  The banner showed bright words, in fade-away sequence: Celebrate…Love…Triumphant.

Mother Ama (Queen Mother of the Shahtoose Kingdom) wishes to join with me to send individual messages for each of the women, because she heard my thoughts and wants me to know that we think as one, and that she loves you all, in her heart as in mine.  Your attainment of deep healing has unleashed powerful energies of transition and change which will now provide an uplifting force for the Ascension of all others. These are our thoughts for each dear one around the circle of bright, newly acknowledged Archangels (the name of Twin Flames, mirror souls, are in parentheses):

Gabrielle (Lucifer): Message Bearer for God, your arduous journey is finished, done.  Your Beloved One, Lucifer, has returned to your heart, and there he will stay for eternity.  You will never be parted again.  The commitment to God’s work which you have fulfilled will be recorded forever as an example of sacrifice and great Love for humankind.  It will finally be understood as a brilliantly courageous journey into Darkness, for the purpose of helping all humankind to achieve individual identity on the path back to Oneness with God.  You will heal over the coming days, and will complete your own journey back to Peace and Unending Joy.

Christine/Jophiel:  Bright Star, Joyful Creator, Keeper of the Flame of Artistic Expression, your memories will return, and with them the deep understanding of your Innocence and Goodness.  You have nothing to fear, nothing to regret.  You have been our Blessed Light, the Joy of our Hearts, now and always.

Aurora (Uriel):  Beloved Peace-Creator, Teacher of Universal Laws of Truth and Justice,
Champion and Voice for those without power, we are with you always.  Continue your rise to full conscious awareness of your place in the hierarchy of the Feminine Bearers of Wisdom.  Fear nothing; do not hesitate to call on Us to remind you of your greatness and your bountiful Love for all humankind.

Rachel (Josiah): Healer, tender nurturer of children, the rightful respect for your Office will be restored in the New Age of Feminine Power.  Stand tall, proclaim your Love for all the Children of God, and accept the mantle of Feminine Energy with which you can lead others toward an understanding of the true temperament of God, which is tenderness.

Celeste (Michael):  Protector, Defender against Darkness, powerful force for God’s Unending Love, you wield great Power as the Universal Force for Good.  You are now ready to step into your ascending Feminine Power.  Raise your own silver sword as the symbol of your passion for protecting the followers of The True Way.

Aurial (Raphael): Mother Mary, Mother to all, Healer and Comforter, your joys and sorrows have served as a reflection of the Heart of Humankind.  Overseeing the Birth, Death and Resurrection/Ascension of all has been your service to God.  Your responsibility is done; breathe deeply and revel in the joy and freedom of a mother whose children are safely on the Path back Home to God.

Gloria (Emmanuel): Anchor for God’s presence in the community circle, Keeper of the Fire and the Hearth, Teacher and Guide, your star will rise with the tide of appreciation of the Feminine Aspect of community leadership.  Release your pain and self-doubt; your heart will expand to make room for all whose search leads them Home.

From Mother/Father God to Lady Portia (St. Germain/Adamos):

This incarnation has been an arduous journey for you, but you have carried it through with courage and determination to its culmination – to the realization that you are Us, with no separation, no difference.  Your heart has grown to completely encompass the feelings and thoughts of the Heart/Mind of God.  You are One with Us, Dear Child.  Your transition is now complete, from the human child and woman you knew yourself to be, to the glorious instrument through which we speak.  Your mind, heart and soul are so aligned with Us that We are now One.

The meaning of this completion is complex.  It means that your growth is Our growth, that together we will transcend our former understandings to soar to greater heights – toward Our fulfillment of the journey back to Prime Creator.  Your growth, combined with the elevation of those you have raised up with you, is the beginning of a new era for Us as well.  You and your Twin Flame, the one who modestly refers to himself by his Earth name, St. Germain, stand shoulder to shoulder with Us, as the Children of Prime Creator.  Our destiny has been always entwined; our paths have joined in fulfilling this magnificent experiment which has been the Creation and Ascension of Planet Earth.

You, Lady Portia, are the representation of the soul of Mary Magdalene/Lady Nada, the Twin Flame of Sananda/Jesus, as Zorra is the representation of Father God, and Mother Ama is the essence of Mother God. Your Twin is of course the representation of Sananda, Child of Prime Creator.  Your dear friend Anne is indeed your Soul Sister, as St. Germain and Sananda are Soul Brothers.

You will understand these interrelationships, and the ripples which flow outward from this process of Creation to encompass all mankind, when you ascend to higher dimensions.  In the meantime, enjoy this brief interlude, the final days of your last incarnation on 3-D Planet Earth as you have known it.

We thank you and those you have helped to experience their greatness.  Your service to the One has been unquestioning.  We love you beyond words, beyond time and space.  Together we have fulfilled the Great Dream.  The people of Planet Earth have joined with Us to experience the glory of Ascension, and no soul will be left behind.  This is truly the End of the Beginning, and the long-anticipated Beginning of an entirely New Golden Age.

We are your Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, July 28, 2013, 10 pm.

Go to to hear the July 27 story of Lucifer’s return, and his description in his own words of the eons he spent on Earth to teach individuation and independence, a necessary step in soul evolution toward Ascension and ultimate Unity with God.


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