The channel wishes us to discuss this wave theory which has plagued her, confounded many, it seems, and so the request has been made to lay it bare for you today.
This is a discourses with as many levels as you posses, our angels, and so, the discussion will have relevance for many, and some of the details may indeed seem obscure to some. And so it always is, so is the way of things within time.
The historic relevance to the theory of waves of enlightenment is one which is longer than known by man. The waves which are built into awakening change from multiverse to multiverse, and what is needed for the collective, for their attainment, is that which is offered.
We wish to give the writer visuals now, as this seems to assist the transmission. Please stand by.
First is the image of an old woodcut painting, oriental, of a tsunami wave, you have each one of you this image within. Wave imagery is deep within those who know the way.
We next gave images of Japan’s tsunami. Many were drawn, counterintuitively, to these images. Those who do not look for photos of disasters did indeed find themselves studying on these images. And then came the aerial photo of the base of the Colorado mountains, a plain flooded, deluged, we say. Finally, the picture of an ocean in curled motion. This is an important image to start with. A wave.
Why is it, loved ones, that you have within you the need to call this enlightenment one which comes in waves? Have you ever asked yourselves?
Why is it, do you think, that water imagery is so prominent in your subculture, in your private thoughts, in your meditations? And why is it that it is today that you have come to ask about waves, water, enlightenment, and ascension? These are not idle questions, and of course, neither are the answers.
As the Earth complies with the plan, you are to see that this cooling, this water cycle, this mini ice age is indeed more upon you than not. “The weather is changing” is a phrase you will lose interest in saying, thinking, as this is a given. Your consciousness, your individual and collective consciousness is changing. Why, dear ones, would not the earth respond to these great changes, why do you imagine that she is inert, we ask?
We give you the wave analogy for a reason.
A wave has three parts, let us say, three distinct, interrelated parts. The base, the floor of the wave, this base is what allows the wave its momentum, its being, its magnitude and its velocity. The foundation of the wave hears and responds to movement that is imperceptible to the crest, to the shore, to those inland, responding to ancient and true movements which are the poetry of the multiverses.
The center, middle, portion of the wave is the structure, that which makes it a wave, giving it height, color, and depth. The middle point of the wave is the place where the reality is beginning to truly be appreciated, where free movement, an unsticking from the base, occurs.
The crest, it is bubbling, white, cresting, frolicking, vibrant, shimmering, easily communicating with sky, able to actually touch birds, effect cellular alchemy, in the air, perhaps a bit of it misting into vapor.
The wave is a unit, purposeful in its intent, allowed to be due to intent, and due to deep movement, deep purposes known only, and that knowing is not entirely clear, to the base.
Think of this wave, when considering the body of humanity now awakening form their slumber.
Can it be that each of the parts of this wave can come to know that they have compatriots, and these other pieces are allowing its own part to be?
Consider the tippy top of the very first swell of a tsunami, and consider this tsunami’s wave is indeed consciousness itself.
It is, perhaps, the tip of the wave, the bubbling, frolicking, playful part, which will come to understand it has the most to do with the world from which it does not originate. The top portion of the wave is the part that will indeed wreak the most havoc, is it not? If not for the tip of that mighty wall of water, that top portion which will soon kiss earth and decimate kingdoms as if they are matchsticks, it is this top portion which is the interface, so to speak, the physical messenger of something deep and mystical, the force which creates the opportunity for water to meet land.
Consider the top portion of a wave the children, sent forth in great numbers, into homes, into schools, into playgrounds, and when in communion with itself, there is indeed cohesion and recognition. But the top of the ave knows that what it is to meet cannot stand, cannot remain, once the full force of the entire wave is felt.
Consider the base. The base of the wall of water may only slowly realize what earth feels like, what a human face looks like in extremity, for its home, where it dwells, is beneath, underneath, the considerable weight of wall of water. The wall, brothers and sisters, is from the base, of course.
Is it not silly, just a bit, to think that a wave has separate parts? And even so, we say it is the truth of it.
So it is with you.
There are those who understand the underpinnings, the source, and have variable success at its translations. There are those who move, flow, and do not know why, feeling, perhaps, from time to time, caught in between great forces it feels no compulsion to understand, or even acknowledge, so fully does it embody the base and the tip. And the playful ones, the reckless, young, fine ones, at the very tip of the thing, the tongue which will flick, tremble, and then help to consume something it has always known it must.
You do understand, do you not, dear ones, that it is not logical to imagine that what you are in the midst of is a rogue wave? Do you not see that the potentials exist for wave upon wave upon wave to emanate from this ocean?
We tell you now that there is a structure to awakening, to breaking through, which is older than time, more beautiful than grace, as comfortable to you as your favorite slippers. You know this momentum. You have been in a wave such as this before.
Where you find yourself within this wave is less interesting than the fact that you are aware you are in it at all. See to it that you never forget the idea, the truth, that a wave is a unified field. It is a force that is unified. It is quite possible to parse the meaning and profundities of a sea wave for hours, but can you not see that a wave is a wave because these parts work together, not because they take meetings and exchange notes, but because they are, in fact, the same entity?
This we tell you is wave theory.
The channel wished for specifics and is nonplussed with all the poetry. We allow her her tantrum, and understand that specifics are helpful in these times, and so we will add a few thoughts, to linearize this concept further, and make it more accessible. We do honor your willingness to stay with our poetry, and we honor your need for descriptors.
Wave upon wave, this is more true than you would think.
We wish for you to see that there is much integrity among you, those who are becoming aware of yourselves. That you are thinking on these thoughts, this is admission enough that something is occurring and can you not feel how many who you would never suspect of being soft to such ideas, they are turning toward you now, they are softening now, they are open now.
This is landfall.
We wish to dismiss from your countenance the imagery of a wave’s destruction. Very helpful, we suppose, for those who are wondering if this is real, and if so, how it might effect the whole, but we say, wave theory extends beyond the waves, beyond the water, and should be seen in larger context.
Are we really talking about water, after all? These waves you ride, that you inhabit and think are you, these waves are expressions of source. If we say that a base of a wave is closer to a deep movement that the tip may not even be aware of, what we are saying is that there are those among you whose knowledge touches the core of this earth. There are those whose shoulders you ride whose feet bounce along the floor of the cosmic ocean. This is not to say that the entire wave is unaware of this movement, because that is not so. A wave is proof of this knowing, and being part of it is proof enough of your involvement.
There are those among you whose jobs may result in destruction. Of social norms, of societal expectations, of group agreements. Who better to accomplish this than those with giddy enthusiasm, perhaps, or an airy quality, above the fray, happily both observer and knowing participant. Many in this part of the wave are the children, here to shake up and teach the elders.
Do you imagine that a tsunami looks upon itself and condemns itself for its destructive fore? Does it feel a sense of doubt, or profound questioning of its right to be what it most definitely is? Have you seen this sort of shamelessness blazing form the eyes of your children? Think on this, then. They are. They know they are. And this is enough for these bright lights. They are. They are. They are.
This is a totality of isness, not the “I Am” many have come to associate with awakening. This is an ancient and true knowing, the I Am That I Am that you all know as your most ancient song.
And so we get specific to close.
Quite specific. We see a is it.
1 – Greet others warmly. A simple admonition, but we tell you, this is a fundamental which requires repeating. Greet others warmly.
The metaphor is this. Land, land can see, for miles, for hours, perhaps, when a tsunami is approaching. Land knows the way of the earth, dear ones. Land is sisterbrother to water.
Land, knowing, sensing, that water is nearly there, nearly there to sweep away what has been built upon it, it nearly quivers in anticipation.
Greetings, friendly greetings, each for the other, in whatever role, in whatever portion of the land or sea you are in, this is critical. Allay fear. Greet all warmly. See all as friend. They may not see you as friend. See to it that you do.
2 – Own that which you are embodied. If you sense you are a deep one, a structure one, a playful one, or land, own this awareness, love this awareness, and then see to it to see that you cannot be separate from that which is happening within and around you. Own your awarenesses, we pray. This is our constant wish for you.
3 – Celebrate change. Expect things to change, by virtue of the age. Neither hide nor curse change. Does an ocean wave ever sense anger toward itself for its momentum? Trust yourselves.
4 – Consider totality. An ocean makes not much sense if it is not contained on an earth. A wave is meaningless if it is not contained within motion. Atmospheric conditions, magnetic conditions, even the balance of salt, all of this combines to make a wave. Do you see that as you walk through your day, you can see yourselves as much not within each person you encounter? In an elemental sense, you are united. In a genetic sense, you are all family. Consider this.
5 – Allow, rather than argue. It is fine and well to tell others what they should and should not think, consider, believe and love. That is fine, many do it all day long, we tell you. But is this not something which you have come to find creates dissonance, disappointment, even resentment, among your fellow travelers? We ask that you consider the freedom of allowing all others to see and do and think and speak as they see fit. If you are in your totality, you will know that all expression is valid, and that your presence alone can engender behavior which would otherwise not erupt?
6 – Smile to connect to Source. We wish to tell you now that it is this simple. A smile of recognition, of simple happiness, a smile, with no meaning assigned to it, too, a smile, in an of itself, this connects you. Did you know that?
7 – Allow for the impossible. Please do not turn off the tap by telling the tap what it should be producing. Are you someone who will turn off the tap when the tap begins to spout diamonds, or wisdom, or friendship, or cash, or recognition, instead of water, because water is the only thing you have come to expect form it, the only thing you have ever seen it produce, and further, the only function it can physically have? Will you be someone who does that? We ask you consider this in silence.
8 – Consider it complete. Know that these heart’s desires and last remaining insecurities about timing and place and function, let these pass form your countenance now. Can you not see that these are details to enjoy the unfoldment of, they are your song, your stories, these days that are now playing out in front of you. See things more whole, we ask, that you think on this, in quiet times, and feel that you have within and without set the condition for having no worry, no anxiety, and this is because you understand that just as a babe in swaddling clothes, to use an old metaphor, your needs are being met by a cosmic mother you can dimply, only dimly see, now.
9 – Laugh. Laugh, masters! Stand up, stretch, look into the sky, up to the stars, even if you are in a shelter, feel the stretch, and then sigh your breath down into your hips, thighs, calves, toes, and deep into the earth, and please, we ask now, that you consider doing this with increasing frequency. Sigh, breathe, into your body just as often as you breathe out. Use your physical body as a cosmic windmill, shall we say, taking Gaia’s motion up and into your body, up into the heavens, and the heaven’s winds blow into you, through your core, and into the very dirt you stand upon. Do this often. You are conductors in more ways than one. See colors, hear sounds, but feel this energy as benevolent, as grandly lovingly unconditional. Windmills.
We leave you now to think on things you indeed asked for, and if the presentation is a mysterious one, let it be so, for all time, and let it be as simple as what a child knows, the first time they see the ocean. Let this be your wonder, let this be the bliss and awe in which you dwell and remain all your living days. In awe. In wonder. In ownership of sanctity that cannot be argued with, cannot be hidden and cannot be exhausted.

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