Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids. The shift will align Earth into At One Ment with Inner Earth at the 2.5 accretion level and blend us into a 3.5 accretion level where all will be given an opportunity to rise into their 5DNA that will allow them to see the new reality of Earth becoming Inner Earth. Inner Earth contains the reality of who we were before our reality was placed in storage for safe keeping during the turbulence upon Outer Earth. Those who are already in their 5DNA and 6DNA reality field will begin balancing into the new reality of a new time that exists about 5000 years in the future. The new alignment from the Inner Earth into Tara will allow those on Earth to be moved to Tara in what ever way is appropriate for them. Some will orb, some will walk through stargates, some will slide into Inner Earth kingdoms that translate their bodies.
Our perfect creator and our perfect creation template can now transmit the frequencies of our original divine blue print through the grids of the Earth. The frequencies will transform the consciousness of our bodies and the templates of our bodies in to the 5DNA frequency specific Archetypal Mind, which is woven into the telecommunication channels of the Higher Mind or the Super Consciousness. We are finally being woven back together from our Instinctual Minds and Reasoning Minds into the True All Knowingness of all of the Souls who have gone before us and who have been a part of who we were before and after each mission we embarked upon. We become the past, present and future selves in At One Ment.
This is the beginning of a brand new adventure. Sun Alcyone has begun this Atunement through the Star Seeds who have brought their 5DNA and 6DNA to Earth. Theirs will be the first to reactive. This frequency activation will connect to all Star Seeds who are still asleep and then activate the Indigo Shield of the Complete 12 DNA template. All who are on Earth will be activated by this 5DNA consciousness by 2017. The 5DNA will reveal a whole new world of realities that we didn’t know existed before. The realities were there, we were simply cut off from them. We also had a set of realities implanted in us that were not our realities –they were the realities of a controlling race who were manipulating our minds through our DNA.
I watched this translation of my body into Tara in a dream last night. This means that this translation is happening on the Astral Level First- the fourth dimensional consciousness, next it happens on the fifth level where we actually slide into the new reality. This sliding is done so seamlessly and so gradually that we don’t even know it is happening. The consciousness, or the way people think and interact will change around us. People become more kind and more loving. The ego seems to melt away. Conflict disappears. We begin to see things that weren’t there but we don’t realize they weren’t there because so much of the change will take place in the dream state and then appear in our manifest reality that it will just seem like a natural transition.
This will be our first pull into the future as our particles spin faster and faster through the angular rotation of particle spin that rearranges our biology, chemistry and scenery. Those who have not prepared for this shift will be seeing anti-matter that will appear as darkness to the 3D perception. That darkness is equivalent to the darkness that appears as anti-matter or spiritual substance that we may create our new reality upon. We see ourselves in our blue body at this time created as an immortal being in a more etheric form included within a Divine Template of Immortality.
While we wait in this darkness we could be using this as the prime time to make dreams come true. We create through the mid brain frequency specific attunement with Source Consciousness. We create by knowing that we are now and always have been this perfect self who can manifest anything the heart desires. We can know at that point in time that you we always been wealthy. We have always been healthy. We have always been the Christ Consciousness of the All Knowing Mind of God. The more we practice creating our new realities and our manifestations, the more prepared we will be for manifesting the reality of TARA.
The Inner will become the Outer. The Inner Earth that some know as Agartha or Hollow Earth is at an angle or particle spin rate that is so close to the Outer Earth that it is only one density level higher. From the eyes of angels, that is really, really close. In reality, when we grow into fifth dimensional perception, we will realize that the angle of the within can be the same in the outside at just a slight angle. We will also learn that all of the space we see around us isn’t space in other reality fields. It only looks like space to us because we have three Merkabas of energy spinning through our energy fields that are creating the idea of space between objects. There are three sets of merkabas surrounding our bodies, the body of Earth and the body of the Earth’s firmament. All of these merkabas are spinning into a new alignment.
As the Merkabas shift into a different spin rate and angle, the perceptions of reality around us also change. As we learn to control and alter the rates of spin of the merkaba within the cells of our bodies, we learn to control the outward manifestation that appears around us. We must first learn to control the frequencies within our cells at the omni level which is a very etheric level of reality. We must activate the 12 DNA sub harmonic frequencies within each DNA strand of DNA 1,2,3 and then 4,5.6. It is easier to transmute the old illusions planted in our DNA by bringing in the Higher Frequencies– that is the etheric frequencies of 12 DNA, 24 DNA and 48 DNA. We can even increase the frequencies to 96 DNA by expanding consciousness into the PreSound field, the Source Geomantic Template and realigning with the Oraphim Cetacean Braharama Sonic Fields of Consciousness that hold us perfectly in the realm of Divine Love.
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Frequencies of 5DNA
Sun Alcyone The ULTRA VIOLET BLUE SUN aligned at a 90 degree angle of particle spin rate. This alignment was extremely significant as it aligned our planetary body into atunement with all twelve planetary bodies that were originally a part of Tara. The alignment gathered the frequency signatures of the original perfect 12 coded divine blue print of each planetary body as it attuned into oneness with the original Taran body.
As Sun Alcyone was streaming this new frequency of consciousness between two worlds within and between the original Tara which exists within Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star System ( the Andromeda M31 Galaxy Spiritual Parallel Body of the Aquarius Matrix), there were a series of Frequencies created and aligned through our bodies and the bodies of the entire Universe.
I attuned my consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing in Gaia to perfectly collect these frequencies through my consciousness and breath. This is a part of the documents that I was commissioned to keep. This was the mission that I was commissioned to complete when I was sent from the Crystalai Council and the Priests of Ur. I was trained by the Elohim of Hearing and the entire Cosmic Council of Creation to work with the GrandYanas of the Primal Sound Field to collect all of the frequency alignments that have taken place during the complete Harmonic Convergence, Alignment of the Stars, Intervention of the Guardians, and the perfect realignment and treatment of the Earth into Oneness with Tara and Gaia.
We prepared this frequency selection from Sun Alcyone as he creates the magnetic shield of the blue flame to flow through the Soul of all on Earth to activate the fifth strand of DNA. We were given the vision of this event and the frequency signatures of this activation in 2008. It always takes five years for the completion of the Cosmic plan to manifest on Earth. Sun Alcyone will completely manifest within the bioenergetics realm of Earth on March 20, 2012.
Listening to this CD  will be very helpful to both Sun Alcyone and the complete transmutation of Earth. The more we focus on the frequencies of Sun Alcyone and the Blue Flame, the faster our 5DNA will activate. This activation will remove the block between our EGO and our Higher Self. Once we regain our complete connection with our Higher Self, we regain our ability of instant manifestation. This is step one in the return of our Divine Heritage. The removal of polarity of duality begins when our chakras 1,2,3 merge into 4,5,6 in harmonic universe one. The 12 sub harmonics of the etheric 12 DNA will transform the DNA structure of the body from the etheric within to ignite the crystal blood, gelaisic sound tone bones and the light skin. The body begins its transformation into the SHINNING.

Ultra Violet Blue Sun
Contains the Ultra Violet Blue Sun frequencies from Sun Alcyone in 2008 weaving into the magical rainbowbridge of our multidimensional reality from the Blue Flame reactivating the Divine Blue Print within the Heart of Mother Earth allowing the fifth DNA strand to activate for all who are within Mother Earth’s Merkaba. This is the first time the Holographic Beam of Tara will connect into the morphogenetic field of Earth and all who are in her field of consciousness.

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