Your Divine Bounty

            The angels are asking people to open to receiving their divine bounty on this earth. The word bounty means a reward, inducement, or payment, especially one given by a government for acts deemed beneficial to the state, such as killing predatory animals, growing certain crops, starting certain industries, or enlisting for military service. The ‘b’ word can obviously bring a negative connotation under this definition!              

When combined with the word divine, bounty can indicate that you are a member of an all-volunteer army of souls who have brought their energy to this time period in an effort to create change on the planet. So this message is often spoken to ‘warrior spirits’ or very passionate people with holy missions. The message usually contains images of a cornucopia filled with the various fruits of life.
Your divine bounty indicates abundance, and anyone who is dedicated to living a life of purpose or being in service must know that rewards are part of that journey. With a culture filled with people who are often attached to the energy of lack, the angelic guides are offering a reminder to those in selfless service. So remind me, angelic beings of light, ……where is my divine bounty (tee hee)?

  Like an inheritance, there is an energy that has been handed down through the centuries. Everyone on earth at this critical time in the evolution of humankind has their own piece of that energy. All it takes is the willingness to claim that which is yours by right of your very existence.

            The elevated view holds information behind such a message. Issues of deservedness, attachment to lack, perspectives on salvation, faith in the higher power, past-life energy, and becoming mired in the human drama can contribute to resistance in the heart opening. Each person must work with these energies to balance giving and receiving.

            Creating the balance of energies that align with Cosmic design is available to all who choose to be part of this present moment. The current energies hold no agenda from God, Source, or the Universe. Instead, it is a time for humans to fulfill their destiny of evolution. Consciousness can not be reversed, and moving forward fearlessly means seeing yourself in the image of creation.

            Give yourself permission to receive your divine bounty and then discover anything that you may have been missing. This is your chance to shine in the glory of being alive and to demonstrate the richness that life has to offer. The afterlife holds one giant reward, while this lifetime holds endless opportunities to receive your divine bounty.     

            Experience each moment that becomes illuminated with your energy of love.

About QuantumCraig

Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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