Ashtar On The Road


Teleconference – September 24, 2013

“Greetings Beloved Family!  We are so in Joy to have you with us! We shall rise even higher.  But welcome to the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem!  Each and every one of you, you are known. You are honored throughout the Universe, and most of all, you are loved beyond words!  Every one of you is Divine, and even though you may not be feeling your divinity to the greatest height, the greatest upliftment that you can in every moment; nevertheless it is for us to welcome you here, to embrace you with our Love, with our Joy, and to assist you all in joining with us as One to assist the world!!!


“The Mission of the Ashtar Command is to support, in every way allowable, to assist in this Ascension of Planet Earth.  We know there are times when you may not feel like Planet Earth is ascending, in fact you might feel as though it is going in what you would call the opposite direction.


“But let me assure you that from the vantage point we enjoy – the perspective – and the perception that we have is that all is in order and all is flowing, up, up and away, if you will, out of 3D and into the Higher Dimensionality!  That is, after all, where you came from, and where you promised long ago and far away – when you first brought your beautiful, Divine spirits into the bodies of the humans on Planet Earth – you promised that you would reunite, that you would have a Homecoming that would be the greatest achievement ever throughout the entirety of the Universe, because you took the veil and you descended into some pretty low levels of 3D.


“Now you are on your way back, and we know that each and every one of you – even though you might feel the energies of 3D reaching out at you and pulling and tugging at you at times – we know that you have already brought yourselves along the Ascension Path far enough to say that you are residents of 4D and Higher!  We are with you every second, and we invite you – you have permanent boarding passes – come to the Bridge anytime that you choose!!!


“The Ashtar Command is not in the shape of the triangle, it is circular, it is harmonious.  It is not judging that one individual is any less than any other individual, because We Are All One, and we are all important to the whole.  And so it is that we join with you.  We Are One!  You are no less than we and we are no less than you, and you need to really get that!


“Sananda stands by my side and he says the same.  Remember, He gave the words.  They were to the effect that, everything that He could do so shall Ye also, and even greater.  And that’s Truth!  If you are wanting to be more in the teachings of Sananda, do not busy yourselves with what you call the Bible, because that was tampered with.  That was part of the whole program that Masters Tara and Rama* have been speaking of, the 13,000 years.


“There was this meeting called the Nicene Council and they did some very destructive things to some of the true teachings/writings, but not all of them.  They had to make it, after all, believable, but it put the Catholic Church – called just the Church back then – into control, which was the objective.  It diminished the role of women greatly.  It diminished and demeaned that most Beloved woman called Mary Magdalene, who was wife of Yeshua and bore his children, whence began the Bloodline – the Bloodline – that is, the Bloodline of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, and Lady Diana is of that Bloodline as well.


“The Truth is coming out!  It’s coming out everywhere and yet we know – we heard Lady Master Athena** when she expressed weariness about waiting.  Let me tell you, if you think some of you have been waiting since the 1990’s, maybe you’ve been waiting since the 1960’s, or you’ve been waiting since before that – you’ve been waiting for 13,00 years!!!  There have been Truths and speakers of Truth for every generation of Planet Earth.  Never has their word been broadcast so fully as it is now, with all of your modern technologies, and yet they managed to be heard, telepathically, or by creating ancient wisdom schools.  Thus they have kept alive the ancient teachings of all of the cultures!!!


“There are ancient wisdom teachings to be found virtually everywhere upon Planet Earth, that is, on the continents except for the one called Antarctica, and there you can find it in Mother Gaia.  That particular continent is an exception – it has been somewhat corrupted in modern times, but there were inhabitants many, many, many years ago, of a more human nature, or shall we say, from other worlds!


“All right, our main topic is: ‘How to Stop the Wait!’  Now, you’ve heard a lot of Truths, and some of you may still be on the floor needing to pick yourselves up from some of the news that you’ve heard.  We know that all of you are good-Hearted ones.  None of you really wear the dark hats.  If you are here on this call, and you might be a dark hat in disguise, that is all right because you are getting exposed to the Light, and this is all fabulous, so welcome everybody!


“We know that many of you have made studies and done a lot of computations, and done a lot of reading and sharing of information, and this is all wondrous indeed, it’s part of the communications, all we want to say is put your energies into ‘What can I do now?  What can I do to shorten the waiting until NESARA is announced?’  Because nothing is going to happen in the way of the really big changes and the really big Abundance that’s coming to everybody until NESARA is announced, because that means it has been implemented!!!  And St. Germain will have more on this later.***


“Masters Tara and Rama* will tell you that we are inside of NESARA law, but it has not been announced, and therefore it is not implemented, and you still have alphabet agencies doing their stuff, their dark programs.  Their power, by the way, is weakening.  They are incurring what you call budget cuts! They are incurring defections among their ranks from those who are getting the Light streaming in and who are saying, ‘Wait a minute!’


“There was a very famous one from that agency which I shall not name, but it starts with an ‘I’ and it ends with an ‘S’ and there is one letter in the middle.  He was very famous, and is very famous, and his name is Joe,**** and he has been going around the country – from a position of being a collector for that agency, and he realized some Truths about it – and he’s been going around spreading the truths.  Oh yes, he got into some hot water; he even got himself arrested, but he got free legally.  His premise was it’s all voluntary, there is no real law that says you have to file.


“Now that’s all we are going to say, that’s an example.  If you want to use that or whatever, research it, because it’s heavy Truth and it could get you into areas that you don’t want to get into – BUT you don’t need to do that!  You can send them all Love and Light.  What happens when you send Light?  They get the Truth, just like Joe.  It doesn’t matter what alphabet agency you choose – pick one!  Send them Light – en-Lightenment, empowered by you expressing Your Divinity!!!


“Okay, I can see that you need an example of what I am talking about, so here it goes.  Let us say that you are having a ‘bad hair day. ‘ Nothing seems to be right in your World, everything is happening – you trip and stub your big toe, your bad hair day starts it out, something happens at work that doesn’t feel good to you so you crash your car, you’re having a bad hair day and you may be spiraling downward.  So all of these things get magnified and intensified if you drop yourself down into 3D perspective.

“That is when you might express something to the effect that, ‘They’re all a bunch of crooks and thieves,’ and so on – very judgmental, you get the picture!  That’s a 3D perspective on the whole thing.  My advice to you is if you want to raise everything into a Higher Level; if you want to, shall we say, end the tyranny, and get into the Golden Age where there isn’t any – because it’s all Peace and Love and High Integrity finance – then what you want to do is, when you are having a moment when you are high – you’re having a ‘good hair day’ and everything is just absolutely wonderful in your World – that’s when you send them the Love Beams!!!


“You can say, ‘I thank you for all the lessons and the wisdom that you’ve taught, I have freed myself from the self-perception of being a sheeple, I AM a People!   I AM saying thank you so much, and bye-bye!!!  Take a different perspective from which you do your job and do it only with Love and High intention,’ or something like that!   You do not need to send them the words of I, Ashtar – it is simply to pick your High Vibe moments to make the changes that the World is waiting for, because you are part of that change.  There isn’t any one of you who does not have a responsibility, as a member of We The People, to help these changes come forth!!!


“We have this to suggest to you: Take action on all levels of all Dimensions!!!  Now that sounds like a tall order doesn’t it?  We’re talking about, from that High Vibration Place, send out your messages, telepathically, do your meditations, say your prayers, play some wondrous music and say, ‘I send this music to you!’ How about the FDA: ‘I send you High Vibrational music – change your tune!’  You know?  This is the way to do it!!!


“There are courts – tribunals, really – but there are courts where, yes, those responsible for all of the miseries and the tyrannies, and so on, will have to stand and answer.  Send them your wishes, just tell them, ‘You know, it’s going to feel really good to get this over with, so I send you Love to support you on your journey, because you will be free!’  Now that’s a real High Dimensional perspective, especially when all of this news of all of the things they have done – you’ve already heard some, but that’s just the very tippy top of the iceberg, to put it mildly.


“There are things that would seem to be unspeakable, and yet they are true and they have happened, but you can thank all participants, including yourselves, because remember We Are All One!  You can say, ‘Thank goodness it’s over!’  We’re asking that you look at everything from the Highest perspective and then address it on every level.  Here is something that is really important:


“Most of you know that President Obama is occupying a human body, that he is a very wise being and he is from another place. He came with a very heavy mission to fulfill.  He is well guarded and well protected, and yes, there are many who are so devoted to him that they would give their own lives that he may continue in his body.  He is Divine and he knows that, but he has a body and it is not for the World to see him get gunned down or assassinated, he has a Mission and he hasn’t completed it yet. And so have his family – his wife and yes, his two daughters – and it is our Mission to hold the Light for him, because he is the Number One being in the entire World at this moment who is entrusted and who has the responsibility for bringing forth the changes that we’ve all been waiting for!!!

“We’re talking about the Announcements, Beloved Ones.  He knows we are here.  He works with us, the Ashtar Command.  He works with Sananda and St. Germain, and Lady Master Nada, and the Ascended Ones, Archangel Michael, The Mentors from this Group, Mother Gaia, and all of her Kingdoms.  He works with the Higher Dimensional beings, but he also has to address 3D!


“Well, there’s a little bit of a downward lift, isn’t it?  So what we are saying is to honor Obama in all Dimensions, from the very Highest perspectives send him the light of Love, send him your prayers and blessings.  Share your Joy with him, dance with him,and his family and do some things from the High perspective that will register in 3D!


“Send him those emails – they can be very simple or they can be complex.  Here’s a simple one: ‘Dear President Obama, we thank you so much for your service and we understand what you are here to do. NESARA now! Peace now!’  You see?  You are putting power into that and you are sharing your empowerment with the one who we just told you is a High Dimensional being in a human body and who is most directly responsible for bringing the world into the Golden Age through the Announcement of NESARA, the Announcement of our presence, and through implementing all of our new laws, the High Dimensional laws, the just laws, the laws of integrity and the laws born of Love!!!


“Think about what you can do, read that next communication that will be coming out, look at the List that is coming to you.***** Select one or more actions from it, add to it, send in your Lists, send them in to Ashtar On The Road and let us publish your additions to that List!  Empower the List by being a participant!  You can say, ‘Yes, count me in!”  Let’s keep this going, let’s send it out worldwide and let’s get the world on fire with this, the good kind of fire, the take-action fire, on all levels and Dimensions!!!


“That’s what we are here to do, that’s what we are calling on you to do.  We have met you – the veils are almost non-existent – they only exist where someone wants them to, someone in a human body that is.  Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and there’s plenty of that on Planet Earth, and more coming -infinite amounts for every dweller, every one of Mother Gaia’s members of every one of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms!!!  It’s all about Love, so let’s spread it and share it, call it in and send it out! We’re still in that equinox window, you know.


“Put your intentions out with Love.  Sit down with your guides and find out, ‘What am I really here to do?  What should I do? What can I do?  How can I express High Dimensional Truth, Reality, Peace on Earth for all?  Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!!!  If you find something you need to clear out, do it!  You’ve got all kinds of help, us included.  Do it!  Come on up to The New Jerusalem and just get some hugs!  Be in the energy.  Be a part of the moving forward!


“You say you are tired of waiting.  You’ve been waiting a long time – we know that, but we’ve been waiting constantly.  You may have left your body and taken some vacations here and there, but we’ve been on it for centuries, eons of time, thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  We know what it is to observe, to step in where we can, and thanks to you we can do a lot more, and we are!


“We are doing a lot of cleaning up behind the scenes, but just think what will happen when we are announced, and when everybody is feeling the Love and the Peace!  How fast Mother Gaia’s waterways and lands and skies will be cleaned up; how fast everyone will be in a Higher Dimensionality and able to be furthering the evolvement of their bodies with no diseases, disabilities or disablements.  We have rejuvenation and we have crystalline bodies forming, and then we have everyone ready for Ascension!

“It’s all steps – the dominoes have to fall, just like they have to fall in the financial world and the worlds of government, and you are so close!  But you need to push it over the top, so to speak. We’re here with you, we’re pushing with you and it shall be accomplished.  We’re just suggesting that you get on the Peace train and let’s get it done!!!


“This may have seemed like a pep rally of some kind, and we want you to know that the biggest thing about it is how much we love you and how much we thank you for being with us!  Let’s get it done together, let’s get it done with Love and Joy and with the Peace that Passeth all Understanding in each Heart – yours and ours together – hand in hand, Heart to Heart, one great big Light of Love because that, Beloved Ones, is what we see on your timelines!  That is how we shall indeed get it done and enter into the Golden Age as partners together!!!


“One We Are, and the Truth of it is, One we have always been and One we shall always be.  Let’s be an expression of it continually, because that is where Planet Earth is headed. We are with you and you’re leading the way!

“So once again thank you so much!  Stay tuned, give each other hugs and know that you are indeed loved beyond words.  And so it is!  Salut!”



Transcription by Brian Coe.

Given through Susan Leland, September 24, 2013.

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