Life in Atlantis by Diana Cooper


All people lived at a fifth dimensional frequency. Those enlightened ones enjoyed psychic gifts, including healing, clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis.
They developed awesome advanced technology based on crystal power and they were deeply contented.
In the Golden Days of Atlantis psychic gifts were highly regarded and all latent abilities in children were honoured, valued and developed.
Everyone was clairvoyant and because they could all see auras, no one ever told a lie or hid a secret. Everything was open and honest, and this meant that people felt safe.
They could see the fairies, angels, unicorns and guides and hear what they said without any crackle on the spiritual telephone line.
They were able to send clear moving pictures from mind to mind, so if a child wanted to send its mother a picture of a dolphin she was swimming with, she would transfer it like a video film to her mother’s third eye.
All were telepathic over long distances, and clairaudient.
Many developed teleportation, mind control, telekinesis and levitation; and buildings were created in this way.
The way they maintained their high level of psychic attunement and spiritual connection is very simple and available to us all now.
They interacted with and loved nature, relaxed and filled their lives with simple fun, creativity, laughter and contemplation.
They lived totally in the joyful present and there were no past or future tenses or negative words.
At first individuals would regularly visit the temples for a health check and the priests would balance and realign their mental, emotional and spiritual bodies using sound and crystals.
So there was no illness. As the civilization continued people experienced accidents and relationship problems, so they needed help.
When someone died without resolving all their issues they returned with karma, which reflected in their bodies and often needed more advanced healing.
The early Atlanteans were excellent herbalists, aromatherapists and hypnotherapists and the healer priests were skilled spiritual and crystal healers, who used crystal laser wands to perform psychic surgery.
Temples of sound were circular and created to a specific height and width – the height being half the longest measurement, so that the pitch within was perfect.
Here, sound was used for healing, to knit bones, regenerate limbs, detoxify, and to help maintain a high-frequency. People also went there to align their chakras.
All the healing methods they used then have been returned to us and we need to develop them.
However, we now often need medical intervention as we have more entrenched karma to deal with.
Marriage and Children
Marriage was considered a sacred contract, for parenthood was and still is an important spiritual responsibility.
No one was allowed to marry unless their spiritual levels were compatible.
When they wanted a child, the parents-to-be meditated to connect with the incoming soul before conception and consequently each baby was welcomed and cherished.
Soon after birth a priest would examine the aura of the child for his latent psychic and spiritual gifts, and these would be developed and honoured by the family and the community.
From the earliest age everyone was encouraged to do what they had a natural talent for, so all they grew up with a sense of self-worth and integrity.
When they were about three, the children were gathered into groups for education.
This took place outside in nature, where they able to express their creativity and learn through song, drama, music, art and play.
The aim was to expand their right brain, which keeps the connection to Source open.
The first qualities to be developed within the children were awareness and respect.

The youngsters learnt to watch the energies of plants, animals and people, so they knew if something needed help.
Being psychically open, they could see the energies and sense the needs and feelings of all around them.
They learnt that all is interlinked and you cannot hurt anything without hurting yourself.
At school, the children’s gifts were carefully developed.
They were taught self-discipline and elementary mind control. If, for example, a child was hungry and wanted a banana from a plant, he could simply focus on the fruit and it would float to him.
Music was used in the temples to assist the children to go into a state of relaxation, so that they were easily able to absorb the information telepathically imparted to them by the priests.
While they were in trance the children practised visualisation, so that they could develop powers of manifestation.
This disciplined training conferred immense power on the youngsters and helped them to be responsible and grow spiritually.
Reclaiming Your Gifts from Atlantis


1. Find a time and space where you will be undisturbed.

2. If you wish, light a candle.

3. Close your eyes and sit or lie, breathing comfortably until you feel relaxed.

4. Imagine a golden path spreading out in front of you.

5. Steps rise up and you climb these easily whether or not you are physically capable of doing so.

6. A High Priest or Priestess in a deep blue cloak awaits you and greets you warmly.

7. He or she is leading you back through a portal of light to the Temple of Truth.

8. Here you are shown a gift that you possessed in Atlantis.

9. Experience and feel yourself using this.

10. The High Priest or Priestess brings you out of the Temple, back through the portal and into the present.

11. Give thanks.

12. Open your eyes.
© Diana Cooper, 2006
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