Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the one; I AM the whole


I greet you beloved family!  I reach out my arms so that I may embrace each one of you.  I so appreciate the opportunity to come and speak through this individual and to find the alignment and the balance between each one of you and myself.

I am even more present upon the earth than I have ever been before.  This continues to happen again and again and again, because the difference between the energies of the universe and the energies of the earth are much less distinctly different than what they were before.

You may ask what does that mean.  Does it even matter to me?  The importance of what that means to you is that you have access to your divinity with an even greater ease than ever before.  It means that the energy, the light, the vibration around you is more fluid.  It is less dense.  Therefore if you are seeking to create a change within your life you are not having to move through a thick hard density, instead you are creating change and a flow that is fluid and rhythmic.

What does it mean to be within the fifth dimension?  It means that you are still the individual that you have always been except now your reality is changing all around you.  Every change that takes place begins within you.  Now you may say no I am changing from what happened outside of me; what happened at work, what happened in relationships. That may be the trigger, but the change actually was created within you at the very beginning.

You are a human individual living out your life a life that is influenced by the universe.  It’s influenced by your emotions, your thoughts, your physical body and the reality all around you. But you have the opportunity to make changes at any given moment.

Indeed I see at times that there are people that want to throw out everything that they are, everything within their life, and everything around them; as if to start from a clean fresh slate.  It need not be as dramatic as that.

You will find that if you begin by changing one thing that will lead to another and another and another.  Yes indeed some of those things from one to the next to the next may come very rapidly, one after the other. But there can also be a gentle flow in the movement and the energy that is within and around you.

Take this moment to look around at where you are and if you listen to this more than once look with fresh eyes with a new perspective every time that you stop and take a moment to see what this may be.  As you take stock of what is around you, you may take a moment and feel what the energies are, take in in a mental way what you perceive and you may also feel in a physical way and all of that and more is what creates your reality.

Here we are starting a New Year starting a new moment of stepping in to whatever your life may be. Let this be a new beginning for you.

I invite you to breathe deeply, feeling that breath as it moves down through you; you may feel it as you send that breath of light and that breath of energy all the way down into the earth. Feel the energies of the earth they are changing also and let that come back up within you and then send it out, send it up as if you allow your consciousness or invite your consciousness to move out so that it may align with your higher self.

Look around this place, it is yours.  It is that blend of your divinity and you as the human person.  Since this is a fresh start, a new beginning, let’s take a breath of light and a breath of energy and let it just roll through; whew! Let is clear out your higher space and your higher self.  Let is clear out so that you may feel as if you are having a new beginning.

From there I invite you to allow your consciousness to move even further.  You reach out, your reach up within the soul plane, you reach out towards your divinity in whatever matter it may come to you. Perhaps it is a ball of light, perhaps you see yourself as a human, allow your energies to reach out so you may align and embrace your I AM presence.

Think back to when we first began doing these types of meditation.  For some of you it was many, many, years ago for others not so long. But I invite you at this time to take a moment and consider what is your perception of your divinity now versus when you first began reaching out to your divinity in this manner.

It may be that you have a greater perception of who you are.  It may be that you discern more colors, textures, perhaps life experiences that make up your I AM presence whatever it may be.  I say this because I would like you to begin to understand how far you have become and how much more open your energy is.

Here within your divinity, your god self, your energy of pure unconditional love acceptance, awareness is always here.  This is the foundation of who you are in this lifetime and every other lifetime.  Open to see, feel and accept what that may be.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace each one of you as I merge my energies with yours it creates a shift that moves all of us into the space of the All That Is.  Look around at the All That Is.  The perception that is being shown to everyone tonight is somewhat different than what it usually is.  There is almost a sense of a market place or a sense of a gathering place.  It is filled with energies and light.

These energies some of them are the masters, some of them are the Ray Lords, some of them are your own personal Angels.  There are also many, many ET’s that are here.  They are choosing to come and gather with all of you because of the transition that is taking place upon the earth.  Now I am sensing with some of you, you have made a bee line to some of those individuals that you would like to speak with.  Completely fine go wherever you would like to go.

I have invited a certain number of energies to come and be present to speak with you.  This evening is the stepping off point of the many different things that will be taking place in your calendar year.  This evening no matter when you listen to or read this is a stepping off place for whatever is going on within your life.

The first energy that I would like to come and speak with you at this time is our dear friend St Germain:

Greetings beloved friends I AM that I AM St Germain! 

I am walking amongst you in a more prevalent way than I have for many, many, many years.  I have worked with many of you over the past year in creating these changes to your physical body.  I have spoken of the DNA, I’ve have spoken of the crystalline vibrations.  I’ve spoken of the physical biology that makes up you as the human.  We are going to take that to the next level in the coming year. 

I love to be human.  I love to be upon the earth.  I love to talk with people.  I love to play jokes, to have fun and I also love that humanity is just so amazing with the diversity that you show. 

You have those ecstatic, light happy, joyful, you have those in the deepest of despair anger frustration and of course millions of potentials in between and that is just it; it is very rare that you have a whole entire world filled with billions of people who can co-exist on a planet and can have such diversity of beliefs, of experiences, of lifestyles.  So I always love to spend time upon the earth and I will be doing that more so, because the vibration has risen to a point where it is so much easier for me to walk amongst you.

I know that many of you have felt very particular changes within your physical being in particular in the last month, well 2- 3 weeks since the solstice.  Indeed the person speaking to you is demonstrating that to you in the changes to her vocal cords that is taking place.

Your physical biology is changing in such a dramatic way from your DNA opening up to the higher lighter more crystalline vibrations that is the foundation for the change in your physical reality. 

As a response to that your blood flow is different as it moves through your body. 

As a response to that your muscles, your bones, your skin, your hair and every bit that makes up you as the physical person is being recalibrated and is changing in very dramatic ways. 

Some people will move through this transformation in a very oblivious manner.  Other people will move through this transformation and never feel anything different, but the majority of people will feel one thing or another, their digestive tract, their respiratory tract, their physical aches and pains. 

So I invite you to pay attention to what is happening within your body, within your physical reality.  Become aware of the foods that you eat.  Become aware of the liquids that you drink.  Become aware of all of the influences around of you that are having an effect upon your physical body.  It may be that you need to spend more time in the water, perhaps with baths, perhaps salt baths, perhaps swimming in the oceans or the lakes, rivers or whatever it may be, but water is an amazing transformative element. 

I invite you to have physical movement within your life.  As much as you can tolerate because the physical movement is one way that will help to integrate these changes within your body. 

I look forward to working with you, some of you one on one, others through this individual.  There are so many ways that you will be receiving information this year. Be open, allow and see what that is for you.  You know that I am always here with you, I am always available to you, you need only reach out and ask. 


It is I the Goddess.  Be very aware as St Germain has spoken. Think of the ways in which you can support and nurture your physical body.  Without the physical body you are no longer human.  So as long as you are within this human experience manifested in the physical body that you have I invite you to follow your heart, to follow your intuition, listen to St G as he is speaking to you and you may receive information that may assist you.

Melchizedek is here and would like to speak with you:

I am indeed Melchizedek and I appreciate you inviting me to come and speak with you this evening. 

I am one of the ancient ones.  I am one of the energies that was a part of the group that first created life upon the earth.  Many, many of the religions have acknowledged me in one form or another.  So I have been spoken of within your culture, around the world in many ways over the many millenniums in which there have been people inhabiting the earth. 

There are ancient societies of knowledge that many of you were a part of in what you would consider your linear history.  There are more master energies upon the earth than ever before.  There are more old souls upon the earth than ever before.  Many of you are here from Atlantis, many from the middle earth of Camelot, many from the ancient earth of Lemuria.

I invite you to take a moment and breathe in and ask, “What is your source” in terms of a lifetime that most resonates with you.  The reason that I invite you to reconnect with these past memories is because here within your I AM presence, within the divinity that is all around you, is your alignment to those lifetimes.  Lifetimes in which you lived through magic or what you call magic.  

It was normal everyday life.  You could transform materials from one to another.  You could bi-locate from one location to another.  Shape shifting into any form that you wanted to have was quite easy to do.  When you looked at one another you saw that person for who they were. Yes there has always been the turmoil, the light, the dark, the right, the wrong.  There have been countless experiences in which an individual living their life upon the earth was able to make choices for themselves upon the earth and that’s where you are again right now.

I am here to remind you of your ancient memories and I’m here to remind you that they are not forgotten; that you may reach out and the memories are there with you. 

I’m going to pull back the veil and I invite each one of you to go deep within your I AM presence go deep within your divinity and ask to know what is most important to know right now. 

You have been among the first people to live upon the earth.  You have also lived out in the immense universe with countless beautiful, sometimes stressful experiences again giving you the opportunity of choice, choice without judgment, choice with acceptance.  ‘I had this experience just because.  I acted in a particular way just because’. 

We say this not as a means of allowing one to infringe upon another’s rights, but we say this as a means that each one of you, within your own life and within your own linear timeframe of who you are, have experienced every aspect of the light and the dark because it is but experiences.  Take that within you, allow it to integrate within you, allow it to flow through you so you remember who you are.  When you think something is too big to be accomplished you remember who you are. 

There is great fear upon the earth right now, this great discord because so much of what has been hidden is rising to the surface it therefore creates fear, anger, frustration.  In any situation like that I invite you to remember you need not connect into the situation.  You can create change by letting the energy transition, by aligning with whatever may be going on and seeking peace, seeking balance.  Change is here.  That which has been hidden will no longer be hidden.

When you vibrated at a third dimensional level you were unable to see what was at the 4th and 5th dimensional level.  You are now vibrating at the 5th dimensional level so you see things differently. 

There are ancient civilizations that will be coming to your knowledge.  There are pyramids, there are Crystals and there are pathways of alignment that you will become aware of.  This is happening right now and it can assist you in your everyday life to create greater ease for you.  

There are many, many parts of me that are scattered throughout and some are even a part of you.  So I am here for you I invite you to know that I have great love and respect for humanity and I thank you for this opportunity to speak. 


It is I the Goddess.  The energies as they speak through this channel are vibrating quite differently than some of you may have experienced them in the past.  Be very aware as you read the many things upon the internet that the vibration finds its alignment, or its balance, with whomever is bringing through the information.

So too as each one of you is doing this for yourself, be aware that you are bringing in and manifesting this information.

There are still a number of energies that would like to speak with you.

(An ET Alkazar speaks)

Greetings I am here as Alkazar. 

I am known by other names, but I’m here to speak with you this evening about the crystalline energies.  I’m also here to speak with you about the earth itself.  You have heard about the transformation of the earth that has allowed it to expand into the higher lighter dimensions, as you speak of them. 

Within the earth, within your physical reality of an earth are dimensions different from your own.  Within the universe are physical realities and dimensions that are different than your own.  When one speaks of divinity we speak of a vibration, of a pure energy and this pure energy could be manifested in the physical, the nonphysical, the crystalline, a potential, a thought process, it can be manifested in ways in which you are already well aware, but ways in which you have not considered. 

The more that you work with your divinity the more you will be able to access the vibrations and the energies that are different than what your consciousness is now aware of.  Your divinity has always been limitless.  Your divinity has always been filled with light.  Your divinity is your link to the many other life experiences that you have had some of them upon the earth, some of them out within the universe. 

As you allow your physical body to complete this transformation through which it is going you will begin to find that thoughts and memories that are in alignment with the new higher lighter vibration will come into your reality; perhaps within your dreams, perhaps in your writing, perhaps in your meditations, perhaps in the words that you speak to the people around you. 

I invite you to become aware that as your vibration becomes thoroughly imbedded within these new dimensional realities, that it is then a link with your alignment so that you may find the part of you that lives within the inner earth.  I just heard someone say does everybody have a part within the earth.  No but many of you do, because the people that live on the earth are the people that were a part of the original inhabitation of the earth.  If you feel a resonance that maybe I do have an aspect that lives within the earth then most likely you do.

I will say this, every single one of you does have an aspect of you or more that lives out within the universe.  You may call them Arcturians, you may call them PleiadiansSyrians and the many, many other stars and planets of which you are aware.  They may feel foreign to you as if it is somebody else and it could be just as you work with the billions of other people upon the earth so too there are even more out in the universe and the galaxies. 

So yes it could be someone else, but it could also very likely be you, that it is an aspect of you that it is an energy of yours and it is now coming into the alignment so that you will have greater ease within your life. 

The universe is not coming into the earth to wreak havoc upon the earth.  The universe is blending and creating pathways of assistance so that people will have greater ease upon the earth.  Our intention is that as you have a more balanced life then you are at ease. 

As you have a more balanced life you can manifest changes that you would like to have.  As you have a more balanced life you feel that joy and that contentment.  Look around and consider the very many, many people that are discontent in their lives.  It is because they are disconnected from their divinity.  It is because they are seeking to have changes or seeking to have a life that is built around an illusion or a facade. 

So be aware that as you live your life you have the potential to move about in your everyday reality just living, experiencing all that is here and being very focused in the moment and letting it connect you to all that is around you.  You can do that without thinking about your divinity, without thinking about the universe and the energies, but ultimately there is a breakdown. 

Ultimately there will come a time when every individual needs to make that conscious choice of alignment with divinity.  Some call it God and we are not speaking of the God of a religion that is put forth as a persona; we are speaking of that God source energy that is the foundation of who you are. 

That is the foundation of your balance.  That is the foundation of everything that is happening around you.  So when you are living your lives and it is one obstacle after another, then take a stop, take a moment, regroup, feeling yourself as the person that you are; feeling the emotional, spiritual, all aspects of who you are, feeling that divinity letting that flow down disregarding everything else that may be happening around you until you have that very powerful flow energy that is you. 

And then again look around at your life; look around at what you are seeking to have and if you are still continuing to have those obstacles then it is time for you to recognize your inner patterns and that pattern is no longer working for you therefore turn around look behind you.  Energetically disconnect and leave everything that you wanted and that you are seeking, leave if behind you, turn around and look in another direction.  

Consciously remove the veil, find the balance, find the peace, understand who you are.  Life should be filled with joy abundance, excitement.  Life will also be filled with stress, frustration and anger because those are very human experiences.  So where is the majority of your life right now?  Is it filled with the stress, frustrations or is it filled with the joy, the happiness, or ease or the abundance? 

I want each one of you to have the life that you are seeking and it can happen.  There will be more energies of the universe coming in to the earth on a very continuous basis.  Your lightbody energy is your link to all of these other crystalline energies. 

When you are stuck and mired breathe in that alignment to your divinity and then recognize how the lightbody crystalline energy is the conduit that takes that energy and moves through your life. 

I have walked upon the earth; I have spent time as energy in the universe.  I am crystalline energy and I am here to assist you in integrating the crystalline and finding that balance within your life, ~phew~, I send that out to each one of you. 

I heard someone say if it could only be that easy.  Indeed it can.  Allow these energies to just become of your mental body, to become a part of your thought process, so that your beliefs may change. 

Create a belief that is filled with balance and potential.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.


The Goddess of Creation Returns:

We have many more that would like to speak with you, but we know that it can be quite time consuming.  I would say to you be very aware that if you found yourself going off in another direction, perhaps you in your own personal experience of this channel have been working with another energy completely different from these who spoke this evening.

Part of the purpose of why I invited this situation or created this situation for you was I want you to know that you have resources available.  You have a greater and greater ease in flowing your energies into this time space reality so that you may align with whomever it is that you would like to learn from.  You through your I AM presence have the knowledge that you need.

Many people speak of the Akashic Records.  They are indeed a record of humanities experiences.  You are indeed within those records.  So too you may access everything through your divinity because if you come from one area or another for what so ever works best for you.

There is a constant flow that moves through each one of you and invite you as I speak with you right now of having a sense of sending that flow through this space down through like a column of light into and around you as your human experience.  As this energy is flowing through allow your consciousness to shift with it.

I want you to come from this space back within your physical reality knowing that you are anchoring your energies, that you are anchoring your alignment, and I want you to know how easy it is to flow within.  Let yourself be very grounded and look around you and then let your consciousness flow.  As I look at you it is as if I see bing, bing, bing like a ping pong ball.  People are just creating a greater ease for yourself by practicing this at this time.

This is a little different than we usually would finish this, but I am working with your energies as we speak and all those other energies of light are here with you also as much as they be helping you to ground.

So breathe deeply within yourself sending that energy down within the earth.  Just let yourself feel what it is to be upon the earth and send out a vibration and clear out everything around you.  Clear out any old debris, any old experiences, clear out the pain, the sorrow, the frustration, just clear it all out, Phew be done.

This is a new beginning, this is a new year.  Start fresh with these energies of the evening.  Start fresh with your energy and its alignment within you own divinity.  Be the balanced individual that I know that you already are.

It’s a joyful time to be alive upon the earth.  This year will bring great change.  Be open to what that may be for you.

Now most likely Shelly will not do as many questions as usual, but we will attempt to come back within the room and answer a few questions.

As you move through your life starting here from this now moment and being a new beginning; look for the balance, invite in the balance, invite in all the energies of support that are here for you and know that you have all of it within you.

Let that emanate out from you so that your life reflects a balanced energy.  Beloved family I am always with you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation

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