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Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family.  I welcome you to this time of joining together with one another. I so look forward to the opportunity to be more fully present within the earth plane as I come together with you during the times of these channels.

This year 2014 is a year of integration. It’s a year of creating a new level of balance within yourself and as you are creating that level of balance or as you are integrating the energies within you, you will find that the entire year is going to set up for you giving you new opportunities.

How much of your life is spent feeling as if you’re going around and around and around in a circle? How much of your life gives you that sense of trying to make a change, go in a new direction, find something else that will resonate with you and then feeling as if it’s not quite there or you’re almost able to touch it but it falls short and then it causes you to feel as if you are falling short?

This is an opportunity for you to have the experience of letting go that sense or that feeling of not being good enough or not doing it right or having things just plain not work out.

When you come upon these journeys with me, I encourage you to use it as an opportunity to just be in a space of love and awareness. Use it as an opportunity to let go of all of the stress that you may have within your life and instead focus only upon the love, the support of the Angels, of the universe and of all these energies that are present and available for you.

As we move forward I invite you to take another deep breath in where you breathe down within yourself and I want you to send that energy all the way down into the earth as if you feel the vibration and the essence of the earth allowing it to fill up the space within your energy, letting the Earth’s energies come back up within and around you so it may anchor you in this space where you are.

As you are ready to do so you then let go the energies of the earth as if your consciousness, as if your mind, as if the energy of you streams outward, moving up within the energies of your higher self.

As you move into this space have a sense of looking around. Open up to acknowledge that this is a place of your creation. And as you do so you may have that sense of having created a place that feels almost like home or it feels like a place that is just filled with the nurturing energy that is available for you.

I keep looking around and I can see how each one of you have your own unique energies and you have your own space with which you work. From there, you shift your focus allowing it to stream out as if it moves up from where you are in your higher self, streaming out into the energies of the soul plane.

The soul plane is a dimension, actually its multiple dimensions. They have a common link or a common vibration that allows you to be able to align with your divinity. Your divinity is you as your I AM presence, you as the summation of all the lifetimes and levels of consciousness that have created you as the soul essence you are in this life time.

As you allow yourself to expand moving within this space, you may feel as if you reach out to embrace your divinity; for some is a sense of just a color or an energy or you may even have an image of a human, so your divinity allows you to have that perception as you create the alignment. But as you allow that energy to integrate with your consciousness feel as if you become a part of the whole, feel as if you are merging with your own essence and it allows you to expand. It allows you to be a part of the whole. Let it all wash over you. Feel the love, feel the energy. It is you in all of your existences.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst you. I reach out to embrace you as your divinity and as I merge my energies within you, you may feel as we shift our focus into the All That Is. I always feel such excitement as I step into this place with each one of you. This is a place that has been created by humanity as a place of creation. You may wonder, what does that mean? How does that impact me?

Each one of you as a human, have your human thoughts that have to do with creating your life, creating an existence and then there’s you as your divinity that for some is very conscious and for others is a little more unconscious but all of it comes together and it creates a place of existence in this non-physical reality.

Here, just as we do with all of these teleconferences, you come and you practice what you seek to have in your everyday life. You come here way more than when you are here upon this call. You come in your dream state, you come when you are meditating, you come sometimes as you link to your higher self, it takes you into this space. So be aware that it is a part of you, it is a part of humanity, it is a part of the universe.

I always have so many ideas of what I would like to speak with you about whenever we get together for these journeys.  In part I love to come and let this be a time of play. I love for it to be a time of existence and awareness; I love for it to be, whatever it is that you are seeking to have when we get together.

But for right now as I’m reaching out to each one of you, I’m taking in the energies that you emanate to see what direction we would like to go for this evening. As I do so several potentials are coming to me.

This past week upon your earth, you celebrated Valentine’s Day, which is worldwide known as a day of love and as a day of relationships.

As I look at humanity and at those of you who are present, there was, well there always is a very mixed response to this holiday. There are those of you who reach out to this time and just embrace it with your family, embrace it with your loved ones and make a big deal out of it because it’s a chance to do so.

There are others of you who find it to be a time that shows to them, in their face, “you are alone, you don’t have anyone” and it creates a sense of sadness or rejection. There are others of you who say, “It’s just another day, another book on the calendar” and you don’t really care one way or the other. And it is because of these wide ranges of diversity in response that I wish to speak of it at this time.

As happens from time to time, there are other things happening out in the universe that can amplify something that may be going on upon your earth and this was one of those years. With your full moon that was taking place there was an alignment with the universe that brought in an even greater amount of crystalline energy and vibration that in turn was amplifying about the love energies.

Now we’re speaking of love, in terms of increasing the flow of love, acceptance and well-being upon the earth and moving throughout the earth. And this is what I would like to speak about with each of you this evening.

You are born upon the earth and 100% of you come in by the blending of two individuals that created you. That was the very first relationship in your physical reality. For some from there went on and you had many glorious joyful times others from there went on to separation, abandonment. We could look at one end of the spectrum and this is it and then the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Each of you chose for your life to have various experiences and for many, many of you it started at the moment of your birth.

As you look at your life and you consider relationships, you realize that relationships are a part of every single thing that you do. Indeed there are those that live a completely solitary experience, separated in their own reality and that is their choice in this lifetime, but for many, many others you still have various relationships within your life.

The people that you see upon the street, the people around you, perhaps in your family, the people you may see when you go to work, the people that you may connect to through the Internet, the people that you know, sense, feel in a very non-physical form. All of these are relationships and at the center of each one of those is you.

We are laughing because we hear people saying, “Well no I’m not the center, I’m just a part of everyone else’s”. Indeed that is true. You are part of other peoples but they are at the center of their relationship. So it’s like you see all these multiple little circles that intertwine with one another and that’s what leads to gather the patterns of energy and the patterns of relationships as they take place upon the earth.

Let’s take a moment to talk about your relationship first and foremost with yourself. As you go inside and you allow your focus and your consciousness to ask that question, “What is my relationship with myself?” Be open to receive whatever that first response may be.

It makes us smile because we even heard a number of you say, “What? What’s the relationship with myself? And for many that may be the very exact question that comes to them because they had not ever considered what that may be.

Your inner thoughts, your inner beliefs, the emotions and the feelings that you have, as they pertain to you, is the foundation of your relationship with yourself. So as you go inside the first thing that I want you to know or become aware of for yourself is “who am I?” and as you breathe in, allowing your consciousness to relax; who are you in this lifetime in which you live?

As you feel that flow of energy or that essence as it moves through you open up your consciousness and allow your divinity to flow through you. This is increasing the consciousness or increasing the awareness supporting you from your God self or that unconditional love of your divinity. Let it wash through you supporting you.

Again, knowing that this is about you, for you, I ask you, how do you feel about yourself in this life time? Indeed, some of you give yourself a very hard time. You have expectations for your life. You have a way that you would like for your life to be experienced and is not happening. It creates disappointment. You think, “I must be doing something wrong”.

So, we also are picking up on, as I’m looking around at everyone and feeling the energies that you vibrate; some of it may be in your unconscious like it’s hanging out behind you, others of you may feel this right up front; energies where you give yourself a hard time. So anything at all, be it conscious or unconscious that has to do with giving yourself a hard time, struggling, any of that just let yourself reach out for whatever it is, in whatever part of your energy field and have a sense of pulling it in, bring it in, bring it in, bring it in, and then as if you bring it up from within you, ~whew~ let it go.

Are you worthy to have love within your life? If there’s anything less than that, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go.

“I feel so different from everyone around me. I feel as if I am isolated. I feel as if I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to go”, bring it all in, bring it in, bring it in, bring it in ~whew~ let it go.

How many of you, as you are thinking about yourself in this lifetime, how many of you hear someone else’s voice in the back of your mind or how many of you hear somebody else telling you, “You’re not good enough. You didn’t do that right. What makes you think you can do that?” and other phrases such as this. There are a lot of you. Perhaps it was what you grew up with; perhaps it is a relationship you’re in right now. So anyone else’s opinion, no matter what it may be, reach out to whatever that may be within you, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and  let that go.

Because so many people had a sense of feeling criticism as they were growing up, it created a pattern that they have fulfilled in their adult life. Let yourself go back to whatever that pattern may have begun. For some, before you were even born, for some as you were first born, for others on all those years as you were growing up.

Go to wherever that may be, whatever that pattern of being judged or told you not good enough came from, go back to that source of wherever it was in your life and have a sense of just taking that and bring it in to you again. You want to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~…~Whew~

There we go, into the place that you were just drawing energy out from. Flow the energy of love and acceptance into whatever that may be within your life. So as you breathe down your divinity, let it move through your consciousness, let it move through your unconsciousness feeling it up and feeling you up with your divinity.

Take a deep breath in and feel that breath of light as it moves through you. You are a beautiful talented, amazing creation. The fact that you have this lifetime that you are living and you are the person that you are and that you chose to come in at this time of such amazing transition upon the earth; it all supports that you are an amazing individual.

Now, that being said you are an amazing individual simply because you are your divinity that took on a biology. But you are used to as a human having things around you that supports you that say, “Ok, I am this way because this shows me, this shows me, I bring in all these different things that support that reality”. So, I would be glad to do that with you. But the foundation of everything, you as your divinity, as your soul essence that created the foundation of who you are in this biology is pure unconditional love.

Therefore, that very first relationship with yourself is love. ~Whew~ I could feel that washing over you. I could feel that going within every one of you. In this moment bask in this energy; bask in that feeling that you are unconditional love just because you were born, just because you are the miracle of life upon the earth!

(The Goddess felt such sorrow about people being hard on themselves that she was weeping as she spoke this.) It almost brings up a lot of emotion for me as I say this because I see so many of you going into that place of judgment, “but I’m alone, but I’m fat, but I’m poor, but I don’t have anyone. I don’t have this that or the other”. You are not defined by the things you have or don’t have. You are defined by the glorious light of your divinity and nothing will ever take that away. Please open and accept that for yourself.

I the Goddess see only love, and I want only love for you. Your divinity that is there wants only love for you. Of course you have many, many other things going on in your life and of course you get busy and you get distracted and you get pulled in one way or another but at the core of everything there is only love and that is the love of you as you divinity, as your God source energy for you as the human walking upon earth.

I invite you to open and feel the wash of that energy and if you have any thoughts at all that want to come in and make less of it then ~whew~ let it go. Let it go at least in this space of the All That Is. Let it go…There we go.

Some of you have so many years of experience that have entrained you with feeling “less than”. So, whatever it takes even if you need be a jackhammer, use it.  Break it up, let go those old energies. Because as you begin today from this now moment, as you open up your heart and you allow the love to be there filling up your heart, let it move through you, let it move through your bloodstream, let it move into every cell within your physical body knowing that this is your foundation. ~Whew~

I love you. I invite you to love you too.

I have a sense of like pink, reds, gentle whites, all these various colors that are just full of love and nurturing energies just flowing through every one of you. Letting it feel you up on every level of your consciousness and I see, I see, a change taking place in every one of you.

As you embrace this within you let’s look to the side for a moment. Consider your relationship with other people. Bring up, whichever one comes to your mind at this time and as you think about your relationship with that individual, how does that make you feel? You feel empowered, you feel joyful, excited when you’re around them? You feel a deep sense of connection knowing that this relationship is one that you want to be with every day?

It may be that it’s a relationship that you see every day, but it may be that you wish to transition certain aspects of it.  So, as you consider this individual when you are here in this place that your heart center is filled to capacity, your conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself are filled with the acknowledgment of who you are from your divinity, look at how that changes this first relationship.

Perhaps you have more value than you did before. Perhaps you have a greater sense of speaking your truth with this individual, perhaps it allows that relationship to move to the next level for both of you.

If there is something you would like to communicate, send it out. Send out your impression and your intention to that individual at this time and then let that go. Think of another relationship that you have in your life. Perhaps one that‘s there, it’s not going to go away, it’s going to be a part of you no matter what but you’re either frustrated or you would like to see it transition, you’ve been stuck in a rut. Let that energy come up of that individual and again you are here, you are filled up with the energy and the essence of who you are. As you connect to this individual, what you want to say?

Indeed, how many of your relationships cause you to feel frustrated, angry or defeated? When you are here in this place that is filled up with this energy, take a second and consider why do you feel angry when you think of this person or defeated. Is it their opinion of you that’s causing you to feel this way, if so, ~whew~ send it back to them. That’s their opinion not yours, ~whew~ let it go.

Indeed, I hear you, “Well I’m still in a relationship with them. It’s my mother, my father, my spouse, my children, they are not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere”. Indeed, that’s fine, but no matter who it is, their opinions are their own. So if their opinion, makes you feel less than or makes you feel hurt ~whew~ get rid of it.  Get rid of it. Send it back to them.

Let it flow away from you, because their opinion is their own and then when you once more come back into that loving, nurturing space of your own divinity supporting and anchoring you, you go then into that relationship with that individual and when you realize that perhaps what they’re speaking to you is their own pain and sorrow and suffering then you may feel compassion for them, but it is not yours it is the theirs and you do them a disservice if you think that you can fix them by taking on what they believe. So send it back, let it go.

Again, you let that energy of your divinity wash over you. It makes me smile because I see some of you are going, person ~whew~ fill up, person ~whew~ fill up, person, as if you are going down the line and doing it time and time again. You may do this 100 times in a day if you so choose, it is limitless. You willnever, ever run out of the love from your source energy, from your source essence, impossible to do, it is limitless and it is there for you all the time, 24 /7.

So as you are in your relationships with others which being human means you were going to have relationships,  some very casual and some deep and intense but no matter what it may be always recognize that when you come from your space of your source energy then you’re looking out at others with love, with compassion, with allowing.

And as you let their beliefs of you go by the wayside, because they’re not your own, then some of those people may turn away, others of them may suddenly begin to find their own greater alignment to their divinity because you are now emanating that out into the people around you. It creates a sense of calm, it creates a sense of acknowledgment and awareness and that vibrates into their space, into the ethers, into everything around you.

You may therefore consider that your life is founded in the essence of love, in the essence of acceptance and allowing. Be aware of how this can change your life. It can be phenomenal, beginning with you feeling good about yourself, you feeling good in your skin, you honoring and respecting yourself.

Pull all of you back together, whatever part of you may have sent out in your various daily activities pull it all back together and bring it in, in this moment, clearing out whatever no longer serves you and embracing even more of your divinity. As we look around here in the All That Is, it’s here, it’s you and you can create from within this space.

Now, the fifth dimension upon the earth is vibrationally more so in alignment with love, compassion, honor; so that is one of the ways in which it will support you in your everyday life. The full moon that is happening right now, it’s not quite as full at the time of this channel, but the essence of it and the energy of it, is amplifying the energy of love upon your earth.

The crystalline vibration continues to fill up the spaces within and around your earth anchoring from within the core essence and expanding out from there. These are the ways in which you may find support in your everyday life. Excellent, we just felt everyone kind of shifting and adjusting with that.

I am going to flow through a river of love and energy to clear out this space and as I do so I ask you to close your eyes for just a moment.

Open up knowing that you are the physical embodiment of your divinity and then look at your life with new eyes, with a fresh perspective, with the eyes of love and compassion. Let it flow from you. Let it move into all your relationships. Let it move through your work. Let it move through your home, the land, the community, let it move through everything and when you’re looking up at the sky know that it’s another way that is amplifying your divinity.

You may feel disconnected at times, but you are never disconnected. Your divinity knows exactly where you are and it is always there for you.

Have a sense of gathering together as a group and from within this group you may feel or sense the energies of the hologram that comes up. This hologram has evolved just as the earth itself has evolved. So, as you look at the hologram become aware of the patterns of energy and the vibrations that emanate from within.

And as you send forth that transformation that you went through this evening let that enhance and amplify the love as it is going into this hologram and into the earth. Then you allow it to be released and it shifts moving into, the crystalline grid is not a pathway per se, it is within and around everything and it aligns with that crystalline grid, it shifts moving in every direction.

It moves down the hologram itself, it moves down into the core of the earth and as it moves into the core it feels the energy of the crystals, it feels the energy of the earth itself, it connects to Gaia, that soul of your earth, and then from there it expands out. As it does so it’s going to come up through your grass, through your water, your trees, your flowers. It is going to come up through everything. That essence of love, compassion and awareness is going to just become a part of all who are upon the earth. Let your own alignment with yourself come up anchoring within you, anchoring within your physical reality.

Let it clear out on a physical level everything that you release in the space of the All That Is. Let it clear out on a physical level other people’s opinions of you. ~whew~ Let it clear out your own harsh thinking of you ~whew~ and fill you up the essence of love, compassion and acceptance.

And as that continues to soak in around you, your consciousness returns once more to the All That Is as if you were still split in two places and so you align with the All That Is and you allow your consciousness to begin to shift, moving. You may have a sense of it pausing for a moment within the soul plane and then it comes back down pausing around the space of your higher self and you clear that out of any old energy, and you let it get filled up with you in the space of alignment with your love and your divinity.

And then you stream even more of your consciousness allowing everything to come back down within you. You send it through you linking with the earth and already where you have anchor it from the earth you bring it down from your divinity and it all merges together within you. You may feel it within your heart center but you let it swirl through clearing out your mental body, clearing out your emotional body, your spiritual, so that you are here in this moment in a space of balance. And as you allow yourself to come back within that, I invite you to come back within the room.

Alright beloved family as you move through your days, I invite you to remember that you have created a new foundation for yourself. That foundation is that direct alignment with your divinity, with your God source energy and with all of who you are as your sole essence.

Let that fill you up completely first and foremost and then let it reflect out into your daily life knowing that you are there, you are complete, you are whole within yourself and that you have limitless source energy available to you.

Know that I am always with you and within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.

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