Heavenletter #4842 If You Want to Help the World …

There is a preponderance of love in the world and in your life. You may be so involved in the troubles of the world and the troubles in your personal life, that you do not see all that which extends far beyond the troubles of the world. Surely, you don’t think the way to fix problems is to kick at them, do you?

Fighting doesn’t solve difficulties, beloved. Has war brought peace? End of war doesn’t necessarily mean peace.

If you are someone who is appalled by the news and can’t get over it, and you feel upset in your gut, what good are you doing anyone? You, perhaps only in the privacy of your thoughts, are appalled at the misdirection in the world, and, by your thoughts, you star what you don’t want and so you support that which you do not want.

Beloveds, you have to get away from your attention on what devastates you onto that which uplifts you. Why would you hesitate to emphasize the insatiable goodness in the world and choose heartlessness to focus on? Do you think it is a waste of time to focus on the positive and a good use of time to focus on the negative?

This is not a new thought I am expounding. Songs have been written about emphasizing the positive. You would not commit deliberate unkindness and selfishness. You would not. You are opposed to unkindness and selfishness. Why not propound that which is closer to your desires for the world? Your heart is good, and, yet, I have to ask: “How do you help the world by expounding on its inadequacies?”

This occurs in many areas of life, in the public domain as well as in personal lives.

There are parents who harp on the inadequacies of their children. There are teachers who point out the failings of their students. Children are not going to excel in everything. Not every child is a great athlete. Not every child is a great academic. It seems obvious that, if you want your child to excel, you have to notice what he is good at and what is meaningful to him. Are grades in school more important than love?

If you must be appalled at what is wrong with everything, be appalled that your attention is on what is wrong rather than on what is right. Why are wrongs the topic uppermost in your mind? Perhaps you like the idea that you have a voice in important things in the world. Perhaps you like the idea that you point out the irregularities of what goes on in the world. Perhaps you like the idea that you are a good citizen who wants to wipe out all the world’s wrongs.

If you want to help the world, uplift your thoughts, beloveds. Complaints are a dime a dozen. It takes no talent to see what the world must do. What must you do, beloveds? You must find some good news to occupy your thoughts. The good news is also apparent. The world seems to have taken on the idea that marketing bad news is more important than marketing good news. Bad news does not need any help from you. Good news does. To whom are you leaving the reporting of good news to?

I ask you to emphasize the beauty in life. You cannot extol it too much. You cannot say too much about the majesty of creation and the munificence of the world.

One ounce of love is worth a million tons of negativity. I do not speak of trumped-up love or pretended love. I speak of awareness that it behooves you to bless the world and stop pointing out what is wrong with the world. Bless enough, and you will change the world. Take care. Stop fighting. You don’t have to condone the wrongs you see. Just stop touting them. Make peace with yourself.

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