New Moon Catalyzes New Energy 2/28

If you have been feeling uncertain or blocked making decisions or taking actions this month, the winds of change are bringing in some new energies starting on 2/28. Knowing this now can help you to relax more over the next few days and to let go of pushing for answers or actions that simply are not yet within reach.

Use your time now to meditate, do inner contemplation, and focus on healing. Ask spirit to help you connect with an expanded sense of your progress to date and the bigger picture of your life journey. Doing this is time well spent. A larger perspective, after all, can help you to skillfully jump ahead to the next spot on the path when things open up for you.

Inner work during a Mercury Retrograde month like we have had in February can be a wonderful tool. You may connect with insights typically out of range – gaining more understanding of your situations and blocks to moving forward.

This is a Horse Year, after all, with lots of fire energy and potentials for forward movement. Even though this is background energy for 2014, there will be ups and downs and times when you need to make preparations for upcoming stages of progress.

Do not discount the importance of those times when you are making preparations for what’s ahead. Sometimes this will require planning and assembling a team of people around you. Other times, it will mean taking actions. The sequencing and timing of your actions have a lot to do with how quickly – or if – your goals manifest.

Remember: there is no such thing as wasted time when you are conscious and present and applying a grounded spiritual focus to your life. Spirit and your inner wisdom will guide you to the appropriate ideas, people, projects, opportunities, and action steps. Take time to listen deeply to that wisdom, in all of the countless forms it can come to you.

5 Ways to Benefit from 2/28 New Moon

Here are five ways to benefit from the new energies coming in during the Pisces New Moon of 2/28 to 3/1.

First, create an intentions list of what you want to manifest. Consider five specific things that are short-term goals and five specific things that are a part of your larger vision. Examples:  “I intend to connect more tangibly with my inner voice, in the moment when I need to hear it.” * “I intend to have more recall of my dreams.” * “I intend to let go of past blocks with more ease.” * “I intend to use my energy to bring a heart-centered approach to my business and its employees.”

Second, work with your intentions at the New Moon and throughout the month for continued energizing. Add benefit by reading them out loud and placing them on a sheet of paper in clear view.

Third, we have some helpful energies coming for the forward movement you want.Remember, however, the overview of these times of great change when you begin to take actions. Success will come from skillful riding of the horse energies – apply patience, planning, divine timing, intuition, emotional intelligence, and persistence. You want to avoid getting ahead of yourself, or taking action just to feel like you are moving. This can backfire.

Fourth, enjoy this next phase more by taking things less seriously. Worry only magnifies your problems without providing clarity to solve them.

Fifth, move into increased confidence and a higher frequency by remembering just how supported you really are. It’s normal to sometimes feel like you are alone on your journey. At the deeper levels, of course, you know that this is not true. Want more tangible support from spirit and the universe? Invite a more tangible feeling of support today and regularly. Yes, you can ask for it. Keep in mind, as you do, that this support is always there – sometimes, though, you may be so distracted that you can forget.

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