Cosmic Weather – Monthly Snapshot for April, 2014

Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out. ~ Hafiz 


Hello friends. I have been joking about this forecast that I actually had so much to say about it, that I didn’t really even know where to begin. Also that it ran the risk of being so long it could put some people to sleep, so I will do my best to cut to the chase and share on what I think are the highlights in this very *pivotal* month ahead in the Cosmic Weather.

I feel this wonderful quote by Hafiz sums up April’s energies quite well. There may be some shocks this month alright, but there will also be grace too. There always is, especially when we open our hands and hearts more fully to it, along with the healing and transformations that can also travel closely by. April very well be one of the most powerful and significant months of 2014, with late October to mid-November following as a close second. It’s important to keep our sense of humor too, and remember things have a way of working out and it’s best not to keep testing the cake when it’s still in the oven.

The one term that came to me when looking at the energies for the month ahead was “Harmony through Chaos.” Harmony here representing: peace, presence, joy, and centeredness in the Self. Chaos representing: illusion, separation, ego-centered thinking, selfishness or aggression.

Well just to start: We’ve got a direct hit of the Cardinal Cross Re/volutionary Square on 4/21, along with a Solar and Lunar Eclipse in the front and back end of it, on April 15 and 28, respectively.

Don’t get so caught up in all of the powerful energy that you fear making choices.

Looking at the Sabian Symbols for the Cardinal Cross itself (Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn) we come up with this: 13º Capricorn: A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence. Firm establishment upon immemorial principles. Consciousness of absolute unity. Depth of soul-penetration. Self-conquest. 13º Aries: A bomb which failed to explode is now safely concealed. Intangible fears of nascent selfhood: the creative stirring up of a new perspective and a new identity suddenly revealed. (Source: Cornerstone Astrology)

So we are looking at some very powerful potentials for growth, depth and consciousness expansion here. The form in which this takes will take different identities for different individuals. Some may find the energies too “hot” and may seek relief from a different kind of “Spirits” (from a bottle, perhaps.) It is highly doubtful that these energies will have no effect whatsoever, especially sandwiched in-between two eclipses.

So why is unconditional love a good practice? It reminds us of our true nature as beings love, light and expansiveness. It reinforces this every time that we do. Unconditional loving acts can be potent acts of magic that expand our consciousness into a greater reality and our ultimate potential. I recommend we use this as a “magic charm” in the month ahead for not only our own protection from psychic debris, but also as an blessing for the collective and all who may be having a bumpy ride, as it were.

I also did something that I don’t normally do for the forecasts, I consulted the oracle of the IChing and came up with three hexagrams for April which I found very accurate and interesting, considering the astro-cosmic energies at hand.

The Intermediary energies: Hexagram 51. Shock. This is a shock that may have a lot of impact. Although one is alarmed by it, there is no real harm done. When it’s over, one might even look back and make fun of it.

1) The Base of the matter: Hexagram 16. Hesitating. Being hesitant may bring misfortune and cause one to miss out.

2) The Intermediary energies: Hexagram 51. Shock. This is a shock that may have a lot of impact. Although one is alarmed by it, there is no real harm done. When it’s over, one might even look back and make fun of it.

3) The Completing energies/Outcome: Hexagram 4. Return. Progressing. Going out and in without distress. Returning to one’s path. It is beneficial to have a goal to move to. Returning from what one was doing to something better. A good idea to not lose sight of one’s aims.

The interpretation of this is quite clear, with the greatest warning at the introductory Hexagram which cautions us that if we are hesitant out of fear or other reasons, they may negatively impact our path.

So this month as you align with your heart’s desires don’t be afraid to step out leaving fear and hesitation behind. You’ve got the entire Universe as a “Springboard” at your back, propelling you to where you want to be. On the other hand for situations that have become clearly stagnant, don’t be surprised if you find a bit of the Cosmic “Skakabuku” (i.e. butt-kicking) coming to call. We can do it the hard way or the easy way, it’s up to us. As a person with an Aries moon myself, I completely get it about what can happen when we insist on not paying attention to the signs and doing it our own way, when perhaps it clearly isn’t up to us in that moment. It’s also not a time to ignore your “gut feelings” whatsoever, no matter how wonky they may seem in the moment. With so much potent energies and change afoot, the term “crossfire hurricane” comes to mind (thank you Jagger/Richards.) This will be a very important month to decide which dramas you which to attend and which ones to decline, (this also may include your own.) Work towards being a calm in the storm as opposed to a chaos party host/ess. There will be plenty of those to go around, I have a feeling.

Speaking of new beginnings, I am moving my home base to a new city and am throwing a Virtual Housewarming party on Facebook for the month of April. Please join me here at:

Have a great month ahead and remember to keep it Cosmic!

Monthly Dates of Notes:

Lunar Eclipse (15 Libra) on 4/15 at 12:46 am PDT/3:46 am EDT

Sun Enters Taurus 4/19

Earth Day 4/22

New Moon in Aries 4/28 11:04 PDT – 4/29 2:04 am EDT

Solar Eclipse (8 Taurus) 4/28 11:04 pm PDT – 4/29 2:04 am EDT

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2014. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.

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