Lady Portia on Freedom Through Mindfulness


Lady Portia:

I have chosen to speak through my incarnated identity at this time because of the exciting changes that are taking place, and because it is time for the feminine aspect to come to the fore, as a representative of the Aquarian energies which are now flooding the planet.  St. Germain will continue to speak as well, but we wish to acknowledge to all that we are One, the mirror souls of the identity which is known in higher realms as Freedom Star.  This is what you might think of as our soul family “nickname.”

St. Germain and I have worked together for thousands of years, along with Sananda and the Company of Heaven, to bring freedom and liberty to the souls who incarnate in human bodies on Planet Earth.  Of course, we were working within the confines of planetary energies which had been overtaken by the invaders who brought Dark energy into the mix for thousands of years.

It was agreed in the Councils that the Dark Ones would be allowed to stay for a time to provide humankind with the greatest test of their integrity and their ability to maintain a connection to God in spite of the manipulations and temptations presented them by the Dark agenda.  In fact, it was the representatives of the human species who were most insistent that lifetimes of encounters with some of the darkest entities in the Universe was just the thing they needed to develop into the sturdy and brilliantly resolute Creator Race which was the great expectation for their future.

And so ensued the struggle with which you are all familiar.  You have all had your personal brushes with what you call evil, and you have grown stronger and more aware of your own abilities to withstand adversity with every challenge.  This is the stuff that heroes are made of, you know, and you will be seeing it come to the surface in the most unlikely places in the coming weeks and months.

This heroic quality which emerges from the DNA of the human species has lay dormant to some extent, except for moments of glory in wartime, and the occasional act of courage by individuals who risk all to save another’s life in a spontaneous act which comes without thought or planning.  It is one of the most endearing and admirable qualities of humankind – this ability to act on what is right and honorable regardless of the consequences to the self.

As the Veil grew heavier and the influences of the Dark Hats more pervasive, it became ever more difficult to access this innate quality we think of as Heart.  It is the essence of Godliness, Love and Goodness which comes directly from Creator energy.  It is the hope of the Multiverse that this quality will continue to flourish and grow in these days leading up to the Ascension of all humankind.

All around you are the signs of awakening.  A group of ranchers stands up to the threats of heavily armed “law enforcement” troops to speak of freedom from oppression, and a spark is lit in the hearts of all Americans – a familiar echo to the times of rebellion and revolution when freedom from control by colonial forces became intolerable.  Those “outside forces” are more subtle in this era, but no less oppressive.

At the same time, there is an awakening across the globe to the deep connection you have with all the Kingdoms, and new friendships begin to form between species.  Hunters put down their guns to honor the wildlife they have previously slaughtered with abandon.  Recognition of the consciousness of Mother Earth brings a new dawn of connectedness and love for the very source of life which has sustained us all, as she persevered regardless of the selfishness and greed which destroyed her forests and caused great pain to her body.

The changes have come gradually, over a period of years.  Environmental activism is an invention which grew in response to the Industrial Revolution, but the idea that human activities might bring “climate change” or pernicious poisoning of the food, water and air was violently suppressed by those whose massive wealth depended on it.  Thus, the real war of the modern age was fought in the minds and hearts of the people.

This current war is the resistance against vs the battle for individual freedom, but it goes much deeper than the right to possess land or to determine one’s religion without interference. It is the right to realize and live in the light of Higher Consciousness.

This is the challenge you have all faced as you read these messages. We have tried to offer you an introduction to Freedom of Thought, and Freedom to live by your own Heartmind rather than the teachings of others.  There have been many teachers throughout the development of humankind who have brought words of wisdom to help enlighten their fellows.  In every case, they came as emissaries of God to lift the hearts and minds, step by step, starting with the level of understanding which existed at the time.  Each was a prophet for their own time, working to raise the consciousness of the population to the next level.

It is important to see the teachings of ancient prophets in the context in which they taught, just as it is important for you to see our teachings in a similar light.  These are words for today; they are thoughts, ideas, predictions and offerings for Now, and they are intended to help you raise your vibration and open your thinking to new ways of seeing yourself and your culture as the work in progress it is.  Each lesson, each message you have received, and the book I wrote with Kathryn, “Who Needs Light?” were all intended to carry you step by step through a process of healing, stretching and opening to Higher Consciousness.

What is this HIgher Consciousness of which I speak?  It is the mind we call God, which is pure Love.  It is the goal of all souls, even those who are completely unaware of their origins and higher ambitions, to evolve toward higher consciousness.  It is the thrust of energy throughout the Multiverse to expand, to increase in the ability to experience Love, and to increase the ability to experience yourself experiencing Love!  This is the Heart of Creation, of Being, of Life.  Nothing else matters.

Here on Planet Earth you have experienced all manner of distractions and illusions which led you to believe that what you see and touch is all there is.  This, of course, is one of the greatest teaching tools available on the Earth plane.  What a challenge it is to maintain your connection to the Heart of God when you have no “proof” of its existence!

It was necessary to invent the idea of Faith to help explain what this feeling is – this deep connection to those whose presence you feel as loving, kind and nurturing, but whose faces you cannot see.  It is quite a juggling act to try to develop Faith without becoming blind, without relinquishing your free will and your ability to discern the difference between false energies which are designed to titillate or seduce you and those of true Love.  So too with the ideas which were intended to short-circuit your minds into believing you should disregard your deep intuition (the voice of your Higher Self, in fact) to listen to argument, persuasion, propaganda and “logic” which was designed to play into the baser emotions of anger, jealousy and rage.

These tricks of illusion – the attempts to play on your emotions and your physical appetites – are the work of the Dark Ones.  It is a fairly simple formula once you get the hang of it.  (The Dark Ones are not all that imaginative or resourceful, after all, since they are disconnected from the wisdom of Higher Consciousness.)  Let me see if I can give you a good rule of thumb to recognize manipulation when you experience it.

First, you must be very aware of the state of your physical body.  When you have resolved childhood issues of unworthiness and fear, this is much easier to accomplish.  Notice the peaceful flow of energy throughout your body.  All systems are designed to work in harmony with one another.  Any disease or illness is either brought on or aggravated by dark feelings, so address any physical problems from the understanding that all, regardless of the source, will be healed by love, compassion and forgiveness.

Next, accept the calm flow within as your normal human state.  Anxiety, depression, anger and other dark feelings are not a normal state, but are imposed upon the body by the toxic instillation of Dark thoughts.  Refuse to instill yourself with Dark thoughts and you will feel free and healthy.  The theory that humans are innately selfish and aggressive was a construct of the Dark Ones.  While this attitude can be cultivated within the human mind, it is not innate.  It was intended to slander God’s work and cast doubt in everyone’s mind about their ability to be in command of themselves.  Leave it on the trash-heap of history, or in the Museum of Dark Lies, and free yourself from this burden forthwith.

Now that you have freed your body, cultivate the state of mindfulness to the extent that you are omni-aware of any shift in your feeling state.  As you move through your day, be ever conscious of the flow of energy around you.  In a state of calm, you will be able to identify the source of any energy coming to you from the outside.  This is your powerful radar – the most effective tool in your sophisticated toolbox of discernment.  Like a dog sniffing the wind, you can detect the energies of emotion from other humans with laser accuracy.  It is a simple thing then to identify who feels what, and where it is coming from.

Be aware of the primitive tools the Dark Ones use to capture your attention and throw you off your Center.  One simple way is to titillate your sexual feelings.  Any energy sent your way which creates a tingling in your genitals or produces images in your mind of sexual pleasures is to be mistrusted – always.  It is designed to manipulate you.  Here you can make the simple comparison to the deep feelings of connection and Love you can share with your Beloved, which have none of the sudden, sharp or intrusive effects we speak of.

Notice how much of the world’s advertising, and how often those who want to separate you from your intelligence or your money will use these primitive tools to distract you.  The second grossly obvious tool of manipulation is to play on your most primitive, childlike feelings of fear, and to instigate actions of aggression.  One who is in fear can be easily manipulated into acting in a violent way, and that violence is the tool of control by which dictators and despots of all kinds control their minions.

Now you have the simple formula:  Stimulate the basest of human feelings, and you can control those who are unaware of your manipulative tricks.  Add a well-articulated philosophy of life which extolls, honors and compliments the reactions you have just sparked, and there you have it:  a Master Plan for controlling an entire country, or an entire planet.  (Aggression is Courage!  War is honorable!  Pornography is free speech!)

It seems so obvious, doesn’t it?  Why have these simple tricks succeeded over and over again throughout human history?  Because people have lost their balance, have stopped paying attention to their best abilities and have instead been persuaded to listen to the words.  I suggest, Beloved Ones, that you will be free when you can ignore the words you are being bombarded with and listen instead to your heart, and the inner voice of your Higher Self which also resonates through your heart.

First you must be true to yourself by finding your internal state of peace.  I encourage you to learn the 15 mantras we gave you to raise your vibrations during the 15 day Harmonic Ascension training. which began April 1, 2014.*  It will help you to remember to cultivate mindfulness and connection to your Heartmind/Higher Self/God Presence.

Once you have practiced constant awareness of your inner peace, you will be so much more aware of the negative tricks swirling around you that you will feel completely immune to their attraction.  Listen to your new thoughts and observations – your private, original realizations which do not need words.  You will find yourself learning from yourself!  You will also notice how insane the world around you has really been, and how entrenched in the darkness of facile lies and manipulation everyone has been.

Shake yourselves off, Beloved Ones, and stretch toward the Light.  You will be the leaders of the New Day, the creators of new institutions of learning, new social organizations which truly nurture freedom for all to grow and thrive.  Know that worries about what others think of you or concerns about how your awareness will be received by others is one of the fear-inducing ideas that has crippled creativity and self-reliance.  Throw it off, and reach deeply into your own fountain of strength. It was put there to carry you through the hard times, to help you experience your genuine courage – the courage to be true to yourself, in Love and Light.

Now, as the Light increases on Planet Earth, in the flow of powerful Light energy from the cosmos, lift your voices and your spirits to join in the celebration of rebirth and renewal.  Know that we are with you, encouraging you in every way we can. Sometimes we use our manifesting abilities to teach you how to create the change you are wishing for.  Sometimes it takes you over the top; sometimes you fall back to renew your energies and try again.  Each time you reach for your Dream, you grow stronger.  We reach together, Dear Ones.  We push, you pull, and together we lift ourselves and our beloved Planet Earth to new heights.

Please know that when our efforts seem to have failed, or our predictions seem to be inaccurate, it is only because the Dream is in the process of being built, one brick at a time.  The fulfillment of our Dream is in the making of it.  We are the Creators, the Dreamers and the builders.  Together and individually, we prevail.

I send you my unending Love and deep appreciation,

Lady Portia.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 23, 2014, 3 PM, New York

*Reference to the 15 mantras will be found on Healing for Ascension Tour Facebook page, called Harmonic Ascension Daily Meditations. They are also posted on YouTube, read by Mary Kay Severin, under the title, Harmonic Ascension Mantra Meditation.

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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