Yeshua speaks of ascension

Nama sika; venia benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I send the energy of who I am in this now moment out to each one of you so that you may feel the wave upon wave of my love that I have for you the individual, for all of humanity as you live upon the earth.

Speaking just before this call, Shelly was talking about the intense transformation that she has been going through. I know that many of you too have been finding these transitions that are taking place not only in your physical body, but in your thoughts and in your emotions. All of this is setting up the energy so that not only are you creating the essence of how you want to live your life, how you want to portrait yourself out to the world, but you are creating the changes that will in turn manifest within you in your life.

Today upon your physical earth is Easter. Many of you who follow these teleconferences also follow that religion and so because of that there is a very strong energy or essence of Yeshua as he makes himself known to all who are here and all of humanity upon the earth.

For so very long there have been specific divisions of the religions that which was, say for example, Judaism, Muslim, Christianity, Sikhism, I could go on and on and on. I know there are some very important ones (names of religions) that are not flowing through right now; Buddhism, but all of these religions have had the purpose of assisting each individual with finding something in their life. Perhaps a purpose, perhaps a meaning for what their life is that they are experiencing, perhaps people are looking for a reason for why there is even humanity upon the earth and they find many of these answers through the religions.

One may also go within each of the religions and find a huge variance of how each religion is interpreted. There are those that are very dogmatic, there are those that are very open and in the flow and of course myriad of differences in between. There is no right or wrong when it comes to religion; there is only that which is your doorway to the spirituality and how you may be choosing to express it in this lifetime.

All is God, all is Goddess and all of source energy is that which is the purest sense of love, of compassion, of the expression of been for an individual to be who they are.

I choose to express myself through this individual and I choose to have the foundation and the topic of all that manifests or becomes the experience to be that which is love, which is acceptance, which is the manifestation of that universal light within each physical human individual.

It is there. You are manifesting. The key is about how much do you accept, how much do you allow to be in your physical expression in your everyday life. That is what all of these journeys are about. The focus may be upon one thing or another but ultimately it’s about the empowerment of you, the individual; the empowerment of your life expressing the God source energy howsoever that may be reflected through you.

You are a beautiful, glorious, absolutely perfect individual to me. That will never change. I therefore invite you to seek out and experience what that is for you. Can you accept that for yourself?

It is unusual for me to speak at such length at the beginning here, but I had messages and I wished to convey all of this to you in this now moment. So I ask you to take a moment and just breathe deeply, breathing down within yourself, centering yourself once more and allowing that energy to go through all the way into the earth. It links to the earth and then you let it come back up within you anchoring you, around your solar plexus and then send your consciousness as if you reach upward, as if you reach out from your physical body.

Allow your consciousness to expand into the space of your higher self and as you look around know that this is where you very easily flow in and out of as you move through your day.

Your higher self has always been there as a support for you. Although at times it was just something in the background, something that was not particularly of which you were conscious. So let this be an opportunity to embrace the consciousness of your higher self.

I invite you to have a sense of allowing your consciousness to stream even further as if you reach out towards your divinity or your I AM Presence.

As you find yourself moving into this space take a moment and allow yourself to recognize how much more you are becoming aware of what is here. There is a transition that’s taking place within your divinity as if doors are opening up that allow you to become much more conscious of who you are within your divinity. So look around. Open to receive that information as it’s being given to you.

Allow yourself to merge with your divinity. As you do so it is as if you reach out and embrace all of who you are. As you do so you can almost feel yourself expanding bit by bit by bit as your consciousness merges with your divinity.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I open up my consciousness as I reach towards you; and as we embrace allow yourself to feel the complete unconditional love and awareness that I am sending to you right now in this moment.

Be open to receive and as my energies merge with yours there is a shift that moves everything into the All That Is.

As you find yourself moving into this space, look around. There is always a certain degree that is consistent with each time that we come together as this group.

Allow your consciousness to open up becoming aware of the celebration that is still going on. Many, many of you have visited this space during the last couple of weeks. Many of you will do so at some point in the future. Be open to experience all the energies that are here.

During our last experience, we received messages or you received messages from some of the individuals with whom you have worked so diligently over the last 8 to 10 years. This evening some of those may continue to speak with you, but in particular, due to the request not only of the one individual (who spoke prior to the conference)  but with the desire to hear from Yeshua he has agreed to step forward and speak with you for a period of time.

Yeshua speaks:

Greetings, loved ones, welcome!

I invite you to come and sit with me.

I so much more prefer when we can have gatherings in which we sit together. Sometimes on the ground, sometimes on rocks, sometimes in what one might call an amphitheater or even what you may call a church in this day in which you live.

I Yeshua, choosing to come forth and speak with you at this time and gathering together much of the energies of the individual who walked upon your earth, those many years ago. As the Goddess spoke at the very beginning, it is not about one or another of the many, many religions being better or worse; it is about the very many, many, different pathways that will assist an individual into finding whatever it is that they may seek to have within their life.

Is there something within you that feels empty? If so, take a deep breath in, breathe in love, breathe in your divinity, let it fill up that space and then relax.

Is there something within you that is seeking answers for why your life is unfolding the way in which it’s unfolding? Close your eyes breathe deeply down into your heart center and into your solar plexus. Open up the door and receive the answers that you may be seeking to have.

Do you have questions about the universe? What is happening in the universe and how it reflects upon your life on the earth? Do you have questions about why humanity can sometimes be so cold and cruel to one another? Do you have questions about the purpose in your life? Do you think that perhaps there is no purpose, you are simply going through the motions, living your life, feeling disconnected?

The answer to some of these questions can become very elaborate and convoluted if you stay within your mind. The answer to some of these questions is free will. The earth plane is an experience of free will where every single individual is choosing the life in which they are living. One may say if it’s that individual’s free will to show violence against another then there has to be a reciprocal free will agreement that an individual has violence within their life or it will not happen.

Some of these agreements are put forth well before you come into the earth plane. Some of them are patterns that have been in the flow from lifetime to lifetime. Some of them are there with the very distinct purpose of nudging you forward. Perhaps that nudge comes from looking at global situations and your choice of how to react. Do you get caught up in something which just amplifies the energy of the pain and the sorrow or do you see something and you choose to flow compassion and love into that situation? 

 As I lived my life, that was what I was teaching; not that I was any better than anybody else but that I went into that life and a number of people very close to me in that lifetime, that were the support of me in that physical life, had the memories and the realization that this was how the life was going to evolve. You are thinking, the disciples; not all of them were conscious. You are thinking, Mary, who was my mother, indeed; she was conscious. It doesn’t matter. It is all about the experience that set up potentials and that created a rift in the current energy of what was happening at that time space reality so that change could take place upon the earth.

Many of you have been seeking your entire life to get to that point of what you call Ascension. That you have ascended beyond the place in which your daily life was stuck in the strife or your daily life was in that moment of consciousness or that repetitive motion of consciousness. It’s somewhat difficult to define Ascension.

Some consider it that you physically transition out of the physical body that you have and back into soul essence in a conscious manner, you have ascended. Some people consider it that you no longer need to be upon this earth plane. Perhaps you’ve learned what lessons you would like to learn in this manner, so you ascend.

Perhaps there is nothing to do with a lesson. Perhaps it’s about a choice of how you want to be, a choice of how you wish to express in this life, that is your Ascension. Some say that the Ascension process is to be Godlike, to be more like I, Yeshua or the purity of Mother Mary or to be God manifested into the human form. That’s already a done deal and it always has been. The difference is that so often people have that perception of disconnect, the perception that they are not good enough, the perception that God is here and they are here, the perception that as a human you are less than God source energy.

May I say to you, what is God source energy if not the expression of each one of you? Whether you’re living a human life or you are living pure conscious energy, you are God source energy manifested in that form that is you.

So the many, many times in which people express discontent with the way they look, discontent with what they perceive as blockages, discontent with their emotions, their thoughts, whatever it may be you are expressing your disconnection from your source energy.

I am here speaking to you through this individual and I am within the God source energy that is also within each one of you. So, at any given point close your eyes, breathe deeply, open up your heart center and let that essence or that energy come up from within you and let it encompass all of who you are. Let it start perhaps from the very cellular structure of your physical reality. Let it move into your thoughts and your beliefs, let it move into the emotions. Let it move into every part of who you are.

You can be the homeless person sitting on a corner; you are God source energy expressing it in this lifetime. You can be a person in power thinking to control and manipulate many other people; you are God source energy. You can be the individual living your life on a daily basis just going about your business; you are God source energy.

I mentioned how during my lifetime as Yeshua I went into that lifetime with the full consciousness of what I was to do. Now, in saying that, did that mean, on this date I would have the event with the fish, on this date I would have the event with the tax collector going on and on and on? No.

It’s never about the structure or the controlling of events. When I say that I was born into that lifetime with pure consciousness, it meant I knew that I was a part of a transition in the energies. I knew that I was always God source energy. I knew throughout that entire lifetime that there is only love. The healing of every type of illness has its foundation in love. The expression that goes out to every individual is the foundation in love.

Indeed, I was human. Indeed, there were many things that could’ve gone in one direction or another and they went in the direction that they went. It’s all good.

There was a great deal more that took place during that lifetime upon the earth than that of which you are aware. As you know, when people began to keep records of history, some of those records can be lost, can be interpreted in one way or another but I believe 100% that everything that needs to be known is known at the right and perfect time.

The new generation of children being born at this time are being born in the same way that I was, with the conscious awareness of God source energy; with the conscious awareness that there is only God, there is only love and that the love and God source that they are is the same as who that person, that person, that person, that person.

As enough of these children are anchored upon the earth all that you have been working for will be manifested in the next generation.

You make me laugh!  I heard so many of you say, “What? The next generation? What about all that I have done in this lifetime?  When I speak of that, I was speaking of the transition of humanity and I was speaking of the Ascension process in which the entire population becomes open in their consciousness. Most likely it will not be the entire population because the earth is all about its diversity. But enough are there that it will anchor this transcended energy. So each one of you who have been so diligent in your lifetime, who has been so diligent and open as you receive your own personal experience of what the Ascension process is; you have arrived.

Whether you feel it, know it, believe it or not, you have arrived. You do not need to do anything different, you do not need to prove yourself to anybody. You need only be open to the experience of who you are. You need only be open to the acceptance of the love, the acceptance of your energy as complete.

The consciousness of the earth has ascended. It created the opportunity and the potential for you to step into. It also was able to ascend and transition in the exact manner it did because of all of the things, of all of the work that each of you have done. You have all been integral in this transition and I thank you.

I am Yeshua Ben Joseph and I am here as always for you. I send love from my heart to yours.


It is I the Goddess back once more.

How enjoyable to have such a long conversation with Yeshua! He is here as a part of the celebration that’s taking place. So know that if you wish to communicate with him further, you need only arrive, you need only ask and he is there for you.

As Yeshua was speaking of the Ascension process and the transformations taking place, I invite you to now go inside of yourself as if you are breathing down, as if you are allowing your consciousness to open up and then be open to receive that much stronger awareness. Accept for yourself who you are and what is happening right now, within your life.

We have had a series during these teleconferences about each one of you opening up your consciousness to a greater awareness and perception about accepting that you are even bigger than what you have perceive in the past. That is exactly what Yeshua was speaking about. You have ascended. You also chose to come back living the life that you have for the express purpose of becoming or experiencing this transition taking place upon the earth.

How is that playing out for you now? What is your awareness as you look around?

It’s almost as if joy just bubbles up within you. It’s almost as if you simply open up your eyes and it is there and if for some reason the perception is that nothing looks any different now than it did a moment ago, clear it out.

Any sense of lack is a perception on your part created by you to create that distance or to enhance your life in the way in which it is.

Breathe deeply. Open up and here within this space as if you invite your divinity to come and chat with you, allow that energy to come in. Be open to receive the acknowledgment that you are so very loved. You are filled up with energy and light to support you. You are always within the flow of your divinity.

As you ask yourself the question, “Have I ascended?” What answer do you hear?

I’m so very pleased that the overwhelming answer was, yes. But of course I heard so many of you saying, “Yes, but it’s not good enough. It’s not where I thought I was going to be. It’s not what I thought it was going to look like. I’m still lacking these things.” So in essence, the core foundation within you is open to appreciate that you have ascended but then the mental part of your consciousness is there to argue and state, “Maybe not. Why doesn’t it look better? Why isn’t it different than what my life is about?”

Experience all of what that may be for you. For anything within you that you feel a need to explain, criticize, defend or that just feels a little off kilter or out of balance from that space of your divinity, then let love and acceptance move into that space.

Indeed, I hear you saying, “Not good enough. Not cutting it.”, into that place within your consciousness within your thoughts that always its being critical as if you pull it down, as if you wrap it up in energy. Let it move. Let it move down within you into this experience of who you are.

Just open to the relief of saying, “Ok, ok. I will allow this to come in, without definition, without specifics. I will allow love, support, expansion to just come in and swirl through me, my physical, my mental, my emotional bodies. I will just be in that flow.”, and there I can feel so many of you now shifting into something that feels better.

I invite you to come together as a group. As you do so, be open to experience not only yourself as you are within this Ascension energy but look at everyone else around you. See, sense, feel, the individual that they are as source energy, not what they may be wearing, not what that may look like, but as you look at every individual let it be source to source energy.

And as this group is creating a woven energy of light, have a sense of the hologram of the earth coming up within.

As this hologram spins and turns within everyone present, infuse the energies of you in your Ascension process, but we also infuse the Ascension of Yeshua and everybody else who is here creating and anchoring and stabilizing energy within the hologram. It is almost as if there are sparks of light and energy that move in every direction.

Experience your own divinity knowing that you’ve already moved through this and you are but experiencing it in the now moment. Let it all flow within that hologram and then you release it as if it drops from the group, as if it shifts from within the group. You have a sense of the hologram. It shifts outward, it shifts in different directions. Some goes out to the universe. Some energy moves into the earth itself.

In particular as it flows through the energies of the crystalline grid, it is filtering out and enhancing all of those energies that amplify the Ascension process and it shifts moving further and further down into the earth.

As it moves into the earth it goes within anchoring within those crystals that are a part of the center of the earth. It merges and it blends and then it begins to emanate out from there. It expands bigger and bigger and bigger all that was a part of you within your own Ascension process comes up within and around your physical being. It is filling you up from that space of anchoring within the earth. So too, that which is of the general consciousness of the collective consciousness moves up through the grass, the water, the trees, filling in all that is here.

This is what is anchoring the transition upon the earth. As it weaves in and amongst all of that energy which is current in your now moment, filtering it, cleansing it, blending with it so that love as the source essence becomes the foundation of this Ascension process.

Your consciousness is still split between you and your human form and the All That Is. So, allow yourself to re-align with the All That Is once more and as you do so have a sense of separating from the many energies with whom you were speaking during this journey and have a sense of allowing your consciousness to come back within that space or that place of your I AM Presence.

As it does so it then begins to filter down. It moves into your higher self and immediately there is a flow of energy and light that moves through everything. Your consciousness continues to come back. You are bringing all of it back within you. You take a deep breath and breathe it down through you sending it all the way down into the earth and as you link with the earth, as you merge with the earth connect with that that was already anchored into the earth and allow it to bring you back within your physical person. Allow it to bring you back into this now moment as you anchor and anchor and anchor.

Become aware as you once more ground yourself of exactly how big and expanded you are. Become aware of all of those thoughts and the realization that you have ascended, that you have shifted, that you have transcended so much of your everyday life. So, let it come through, let it anchor back within you.

Allow you as your source energy to be the foundation with how you express your life.

As you continue to move through your days, honor yourself for being human in the life in which you are living. Respect yourself for the experiences that you have had within this life.

Trust that you are fully aligned with your divinity. It’s there in support of you. It’s there to fill you up at any given moment in time.

Be open to the flow. Be open to accept who you are. Ascension is something that happens in so many, many, different ways. So indeed, you have ascended. You have arrived. And howsoever you choose to move forward to whatever next comes to you in your life, be open to receive whatever that may be.

Beloved family, I love you dearly and know that I am ever with you.




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