Ashtar: “NESARA is The Divine Solution!”


Ashtar: “NESARA is The Divine Solution!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 

July 22, 2014

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are in such joyful anticipation of what you might call the next steps upon your timeline!You have reached such a point in your history/herstory that we know, and we see, and we carry in our Hearts, the Truth of it to you.  Your Freedom is ordained and the messenger is NESARA – a law which transcends all of the dramas that are currently playing out upon Planet Earth.

“NESARA is the solution to every aspect of your lifestyles which needs to be healed.  NESARA is divine, divinely inspired, and put into words – simple words, simple and easy to understand words.It lifts the yokes of slavery from every man, woman and child upon the Planet.  It opens the door – literally pushes Humanity through the door – to the Golden Age and the Higher Dimensional lifestyles to which you are entitled to return.  It is from there that you came, Beloved Ones.  It is from there that many of you came specifically to be in these human bodies at this particular time, and NESARA is the instrument, the document, the means! It is the modern day Declaration of Independence, and it has the simplest guidelines for how to treat your brothers and sisters upon Planet Earth.

“It is the teachings of all of the Ascended Masters, and all of the Divine Gods and Goddesses – Mother Gaia herself is represented!It is indeed inspired by Love, the Love of Mother/Father God for all – all of the children upon Planet Earth and beyond.  It is the return to the loving Lemurian Lifestyle and the lifestyle of, shall we say, early Atlantis before it all got so disrupted by those who came from other places, as well as those who bought into the various teachings, programs and fear-based agendas which were foisted upon the planet, in the name of power and control.

“You have seen many instances of this even in your modern day lifestyles, and you now know beyond the shadow of any doubt -you know in your conscious minds what you’ve always known in your Divine Selves, which is that there is no action of violence which those who have been in control will stop at doing.  They have perpetrated all wars – they introduced the very concept of wars in Atlantis, and in other places.  And they’ve been going at it ever since.  There is no war, big or small, there is no war even between two individuals, which is not a part of their ‘divide and conquer’ program.

“And you have so many examples of this in your history/herstory and it is YOURS to completely turn around, to HEAL and to move on and up into Higher levels of Dimensionality where there is only Love!!!  And you know this.Open your Hearts, Beloved Ones, and FEEL the Love!!!

“You have heard some beautiful words as simply stated as, shall we say, the ‘prescription’ for the Golden Age Lifestyle.  You have heard it read by our Beloved Master Tara and it is Truth!*  It is the Truth that was taught by Yeshua and all of the Teachers who have come to this Earth to prepare Humanity for its Homecoming, that which you call Ascension.

“And as you know, there were some concerns, or some considerations that perhaps Humanity would not make it this time, but would instead blow itself up!  And I tell you this – the very most heinous actions of those who wanted to have Planet Earth blow itself up – oh, they were going to escape, either underground or off-Planet and leave the rest of the World in its nuclear, radioactive ruined state, but then they would control it all, or own it all -the most heinous actions have served the exact opposite of the purpose for which they had been intended.

“Remember how the consciousness rose before, during and after the events you call 9-11?  And the same is true with the other disasters, before then and since then.  Feel how your Heart opens when you hear the words that you have heard tonight repeated, words which are of Love and talk about being only Love and expressing only Love.*  It is these very words of Love which actually strike fear into the Hearts of those who are so close to leaving the stage forever.  Oh, there is more to be heard from them, because there are those who are not as aware as you are.  There are many who have been listening to a mixture of Truth and untruth.  And there are those who have bought completely into the untruth and they, Beloved Ones, are about to receive the education of all of the lifetimes upon Planet Earth.

“And it isn’t that there isn’t a part of them that already knows -their Divine Selves, that which you call your Higher Selves -already know.  Nothing is hidden from that aspect of every human; however, in our conscious minds there is going to be what you sometimes call a rude, awakening moment.  Oh, it will not be rude, but it will be powerful!  It’s all coming from Love!!!

“And so it is to pave the way with NESARA.  If you have any concerns that NESARA might bring about chaos, civil actions of a non-peaceful nature, put them aside.  There will be one gigantic ticker-tape parade – you know what those are – celebrations Planet-wide when NESARA is announced, because it will improve the lifestyle of every man, woman and child upon Planet Earth.

“And it is from the Highest levels of integrity, which are fueled by Love, and by the simple rules of helping each other, of loving each other, that NESARA will be officially enacted.,There is not one human who is currently feeling the yoke of some kind of taxation, debt, lack of shelter, food, water, and so on, who will not recognize in NESARA that it is a Divine – and very personal to each individual – remedy or solution.  There is no problem existing on Planet Earth today which cannot be resolved by NESARA!!!  All it takes is for the Humans to open their Hearts and join hands around the World to welcome Peace and the Joy that Peace brings – and the Freedom!

“And it will be, as you say, ‘going viral!’  And there will be people who suddenly are set free.  NESARA is about abundance for everyone in all things – not just dollars, or yen, or rubles, or whatever.  NESARA, most of all, is about abundance of Freedom and Love and humanitarian helping, from within the Kingdom of the Humans, extended outward throughout the entirety of all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth.  It is about paving the way for us, your Starseed brothers and sisters to come and be among you as your brothers and sisters – not as invaders!  That is not our role, and, of course, you know this.  It is for us to come and be with you, hand-in-hand, to clean up your airs, your waters, your lands – to share the technologies that we have! 

“Some of the Higher Dimensional level technologies are already here and openly known!  And they were given first to those who would enslave. But now there is a veritable wealth of technologies that are here and just waiting to come forth in all areas that you can possibly imagine!!!  And NESARA literally opens the door for these to come forth, for us to bring them to you and for you to come as a visitor to places other than Planet Earth, within your own solar system and, of course, our great galaxy, and even beyond!

“And, again, this is all divinely ordained.It has always been your plan, your intention, to come Home, to ascend back into the Higher Dimensional life from which you came.  That’s where you originated and that is where you are returning.  But, oh, what a wondrous ride!  What a journey we have together!!!

“So stand tall, Beloved Ones!  Stand tall, join hands, join Hearts! And together we are accomplishing that which you set out to do so very long ago, that which we have been here to support you in, that which we are now empowered – by the audacities, by the cruelties and by the very outrageousness going far beyond what was originally agreed to on the part of those we call the dark hats.  Their actions have sealed their fate.  Their insistence upon continuing their programs and agendas of control, enslavement, and cruelty, depriving as many, many millions as they could possibly deprive of everything that Planet Earth has to offer, poisoning the Planet in the process, and killing – wantonly killing without regard, without Compassion – all of these things that they have done, Beloved Ones, have given us the permission, that is, have inspired the Galactic Federation to give us the permission to partner with you to an even higher degree.  And so it is!!!

“We are here!  We are with you!  We are in support of you and we assure you – NESARA is law NOW – it has only to be announced and the time is close!!!  So as the Masters have said,* it is for you to join with us in focusing upon getting this momentous turnaround, this change, this open door, announced.  And when this happens, Beloved Ones, when this happens be ready to lead in the celebrations throughout all of Planet Earth below, on and above! And we will be right there, dancing with you and welcoming you into the Golden Age, and all the wondrous events, technologies and healings that it has for you!!!

“Step right up and access it at any time that you choose, so that you can share in the feelings of it even now.,Because it’s there, Beloved Ones, it’s there on the timeline of Planet Earth and it is you and your Love and the empowerment that you give to NESARA which are causing all of this to come about very, very soon,as you measure time!

“And so we thank you all for being here in this Gathering.  We shall continue hearing from a most special guest who is called by many different names but he comes with the name of Neptune.**And so, we love you beyond all words.  We thank and honor you for your presence here in this Family of Ashtar.  And so it is!Salut!”


** Neptune’s message will be published in a later email.

Transcription by Marta.


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