Ashtar: “We Are Your Partners in Ascension Preparation!”


“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are in such Joy at our togetherness, here in this moment and, indeed, in all moments when you welcome us and invite us into your Hearts, into your fields of energy, into your consciousness.  It is ordained that we be One in Unity with the entirety of the Universe, all living beings, all members of all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms, and beyond Planet Earth.  And it is ours to savor and to enjoy this Oneness! For it is true we are all Divine – every one of you among those listening in the human bodies, and all of us who come to join with you in this manner.


“And it is true that you all planned to be here, not only in this moment, at this Gathering, but in this lifetime.  You all have Mission and purpose.  You are drawn to this particular Gathering because of your membership in the Ashtar Command.  And some of you are here also representing some other Kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of the Fairies, or the Angelic realms.


“And it is that you brought your Divine Selves into your bodies to participate in the greatest event ever to happen on Planet Earth, and it is called ‘Ascension!’  And, yes we know, that it is not always easy.  There are times indeed – we understand very well that there are times in your lives, your individual lifestyles where you are weary, where you are saying, ‘I don’t know how I can keep going!’  But you’re all warriors in a way, warriors bringing Truth and Peace and most of all, Love, to Planet Earth. And so it is simply NOT that we see you giving up, or quitting!!!


“Now this does not mean that you have to always be actively engaged.  Yes, by all means, make those phone calls or send those emails.  We have long been advising those kinds of actions, because it is to let the ones know who think that they are, shall we say, keeping you in the dark.  Oh yes, there is a part of them that knows that the real Truth lies in the Light, and that their days of keeping the shadows so visible, and so felt upon Planet Earth are really over.  Nevertheless, it is a very good thing and a very helpful thing to let them know that you know!


“Now we have also been advising, along with emails or phone calls or tweets or whatever, that you might want to start telepathically engaging.  You could engage the whole Congress as a group, for instance.  And you could say, ‘I know who the Bearers of Light are.  I know who the Tellers of Truth are, and as for the rest of you, I send you the Light of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, because by all of the darkness that you have created, you’re showing me and the entirety of the Universe where the Truth lies and where it does not!’  And you can use your own words and go from there and say whatever it is you want to say.


“We, in the Ashtar Command, are not what you call ‘glory seekers!’  Not at all!  We are rather your humble servants in the sense that we understand full well what our Mission is, and that we are overjoyed that you have invited us to come to partner with you in this grand Ascension undertaking!


“And so when I say ‘humble,’ I simply am saying we could not do what we do without every one of you, and all other holders, keepers and sharers of the Light, for it is most important that we have your permission and, I might say, your enthusiastic invitation, to partner with you!  Because of the fact that together – it is not about just about simply, shall we say, removing those who are causing the challenges and the difficulties and all of that – it is about our bringing Planet Earth into Peace and Love and making possible the Ascension, the Homecoming.  You can’t take fear-based baggage with you – it just won’t work!


“So we have, with your permission and your partnership, created an interval wherein you will have Freedom, you will have Abundance, you will have new technologies unveiling so fast you will hardly know which one to pick first.  We’re calling it ‘The Golden Age.’  And it is going to be officially announced with the Announcement of NESARA and, soon to follow, the Announcement of our presence!


“Now the timeline at this moment shows the NESARA Announcement to come first.  If there are continuing blockages -which we do not foresee, but if something changes because, you know, everyone has free will, then it might be that this will all be reversed.  And in the meantime, through the efforts of Drs.Bassett and Greer and others – many, many others, the ground crew – the conscious information, knowledge and Truth of our existence and our, I should say, friendly existence, is coming forth more and more with your help!!!


“All is looking extremely bright on the timeline of Planet Earth. We have greatly curtailed – Mother likes that word – greatly curtailed the activities of the dark hats.  They are running out of money.  They are running out of new schemes.  They’re experiencing vast shutdowns in their programs everywhere!  It is quite difficult to find a citizen of Planet Earth, at least in the so-called first world countries, who does not understand some of the doings that have been going on, for instance, the bankers and what they have been up to and how they have literally swept away the middle class in their march toward placing everyone into what you might call poverty status.  And they have done so with many means and with many allies among the dark hats – the corporations – most of the corporations.  And please do understand that the employees do only what their leaders tell them to do.


“So, for instance, if you have been buying a particular kind of, oh, let’s just say soup in the can, you know, easy and quick for ‘on-the-go’ busy people.  And all of a sudden the leadership of the company says, ‘Alright.  Now we’re going to make this soup taste even better and we’re going to sell more of it because people will come back for more.  So we’re going to stick in a couple of things that haven’t been in it before, like, oh, you know, sugar and high-fructose corn syrup of the GMO variety.’  I, Ashtar, am quite informed on these things and I tell you there is no GMO that is good for you!!!  And then, of course, there is that favorite of the dark hats to get you addicted to whatever they want you addicted to, and that is called MSG.  And yes, I know how to pronounce it and I see that you do too, so just go right on from there.


“That is an example, but there is Truth in the example because it has been happening more and more in the corporations.  And there has been an overall plan which has really gone back to the 1800’s of buying up everything they can or gaining control over everything they can by, for instance, mortgaging your home and when you can’t pay, they take the mortgage away. Why? Because the corporation has caused you to lose your job, so you have no

j-o-b job, so you can’t pay your mortgage.  So the bankers, the heads of the banks, have decreed that, of course, somebody will come around and you will be invited to leave your home, and so on, and so on. You know all about these things.


“I’m only telling you that we’re aware of all of it!  We know every scheme and every schemer.  We know every dark program and every dark programmer.  And, yes, there are those who have, shall we say, literally ‘sold out’ to the dark hats in more recent times.  They are voices that you have come to trust and, well, they have succumbed for one reason or another to the monetary influences that have been, shall we say, waved under their noses and, in some cases, blackmail, because the dark hats have all kinds of tricks.  So it is that you will be seeing a veritable parade. It will be seemingly endless and yet it will stop when all of the Truth has come out!


“And do not think that just because someone has done a dark deed – one or more, that they do not deserve Forgiveness. They deserve Forgiveness as much as anyone does.  If you have ever said a cross word to someone, you are forgiven.  The Universe sees you as forgiven.  That is, the Universe is not sitting in judgment of you for saying a cross word.  And by the same token the, what you call, the CEO of a corporation who fires or, shall we say, lets go, or tells people to go, or gives them their pink slips -let us say a thousand people – is forgiven, just as much as you are.


“That we know is difficult, because here you are – after all these eons of time and all these lifetimes – you are very used to the concepts of judgment and crime and punishment and so on and so on.  And we’re here to tell you that there is none of that in The Golden Age.  There is no room for it as you are preparing for your Ascensions.


“So it is simply to shine your lights and if you see something that looks dark, shine your Lights all the more!  You’re here to dispel the darkness.  You’re here to be the ground crew. You’re here to be the ones who create and bring about this Grand Uplifting Shift, never before accomplished on Planet Earth, but in accomplishment mode NOW!!!


“We are removing the most determined of, shall we say, dark hats, those who absolutely will not come to the Light, don’t want to hear about it, want to continue.  And they’re trying, of course, to start war somewhere.  You’re not hearing as much about Ebola these days, are you?  That was another big program they had, had hoped would just keep the population of the World so much in fear that nobody would be able to rise above the fear and come into the Light.


“Well, they’ve been getting away with these things, as I’ve mentioned, for many, many, many centuries.  But it’s not happening any more and it’s because of you and all of those who hold the Light of Love, because there has never been such a High reading on what you might call the Love Meter of Planet Earth!!!And this is because people are looking and shining the Lights and finding the Truth within their own Hearts.


“And this Truth is universal.  This is what we’re all made of, Beloved Family – every one of us!!!  And it is Love that is empowering this Grand Shift.  So hang on and hang in there! Know that your efforts are greatly appreciated and that you are honored and loved beyond all words because you’re here!!!  So we join hands with you.  We partner with you. And we come into our Communion of Oneness with you, so that Planet Earth can continue upon its chosen path!


“So be joyful.  Dream happy dreams!  You can require only happy dreams, you know.  And create your visions of yourselves as citizens of the next era upon Planet Earth which is, of course, The Golden Age.  And this, Beloved Ones, is where you will be soaring, leaving your burdens behind and entering into full preparation for your Ascensions, even as you assist the Ascension of Planet Earth.  Thank you, Beloved Ones, and Salut!”


Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, November 11, 2014.

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