unified field of light.

Sue asked a question about the experiences she had had whilst giving two different transformational sessions recently. In both cases she and the participants receiving shot out of their crown chakra’s in an explosion of light, unifying the solar plexus to the crown and beyond in one unified field of light. Which was followed in one case, by a renewal of every single cell in their bodies. One session was more about evolving consciousness and one was more about integrating where they were in consciousness into the physical body. The  first and second chakra’s have yet to be completed!
Mirra had had a similar experience alone, but from the first and second upwards, so you see we are all completing our part! Enjoy!

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December 15th, 2014


This is Mother Mary:

You have always been fully in the light. You were born and initiated into it when you were created, but the manifestation into your earth vehicle has not been complete in your personal awareness until now. Because the Earth herself is now ready to enter, dimensionally, her star self (her higher dimensional being which you call the New Earth), and you are creating a body of light in the New Earth, you are remembering who you truly are and always have been since your inception. If you had not always been this you could not manifest it; it could not be. 

The Mother is a reflection of the divine light of the Father and he finds his completion, his fulfillment, his manifestation and his supreme divine ecstasy in her. That is why you say, “I am that I am”, for I is the original concept and Am is the being; “that I am” is the realization of oneness, union and divine light.  Congratulations!

Your question relates to your own realization. The totality of Being is already complete in its light, but you are remembering your star birth, going back, making a full circle to the memory of your creation, becoming the full embodiment of the supreme divine; and you will move from dimension to dimension in this full light, just as you are moving now into the realization of yourself and the earth as a higher dimensional being. As you complete this task, you are ready for the next one, for there is no end to the heavens of expanded spiritual bliss. 


Everything is truly Divine and totally in alignment with your individual soul’s journey.  Whatever you are experiencing is exactly the way you need to go through and experience this integration of the Light, be it from the heavens to the earth, or from the core of the earth towards the heavens.  Each of you comes from your own individual perspective, and neither one is better than the other–it is just the way that is best for you.  Trust this unfolding process as you move higher and deeper to greater heights of awareness. In all ways you are delving into the depth and core of your being and at the same time ascending out and beyond the perimeters of what you have previously been able to attain. This is, as we stated before, an ongoing evolution of your Soul’s journey and expansion in consciousness. This will never cease or end, for this is the ongoing evolution of a soul’s individual journey. It matters not where you are within this spectrum of development, for you all came in at different times for different reasons and with different goals for this particular lifetime; so wherever you are on the scale is your particular part of the puzzle for the whole.  Some of you are working out this aspect, some of you are working on another aspect; and every single aspect is valid, important and a part of the whole picture.   The whole is not complete or would not be complete without each and every individual’s learning process.  

So you see, beloved ones, no matter where you appear to be on your evolutionary journey, it matters not.  For you are exactly where you need to be for your particular evolution or evolutionary process.  There is no higher or lower, or better or worse; for you are all completing your part, as agreed, for this new evolutionary step.  If one of you are missing or falls away, we require someone to step up and take their position and complete this particular piece of the puzzle.  So you see, beloved ones, each and every one of you incarnated on the earth at this time belongs to, and is an intricate part of, the evolution of your species and planet.  So know that if you are playing one of the unfortunate roles of a so-called “bad guy”, you agreed on some level to play this part  so that others could expand and grow through it, as well as yourself.  There is no “you” and “me”, there is only US.  We are all a part of the ONE BEING that has yet to be fully realized as the Light and a full incarnation of the Divine manifested in human form.  

This is the journey you are all participating in.  So we advise you to let go of resistance and allow yourselves to flow with the stream and automatically be carried with it.  As the light embraces the dark, and the dark embraces the light, you will all come in to one unified field of Light.  

This experience will be for each one of you, individually, in your own time/space reality, an experience that will happen when you are complete, when you are ready and in perfect divine timing.  So please, beloved ones, let go of all attachments to any dates or time frames, because this is impossible to state with so many millions or billions of individuals participating in this process.

We hope you have gained some enlightening insights from our shared transmissions today that will help you be able to soar higher and dive deeper.  Blessings to you all, beloved children of the rainbow!  We love you, we adore you, and we enfold you in our love as always,

The Mother of All.


Susan Michele Moll


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