Merlin: “You Are the Magic!”

Merlin: “You Are the Magic!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – December 9, 2014

“Greetings!  I am Merlin and I am honored to be here in this Grand Company.  YOU Are the Magic!!!  All of you, each and every one of you, for you have come at this place to participate in bringing the Magic which is occurring here in this time, as you measure it.This would not be happening without your presence here!  It is vitally important that you understand that you are a part of a group of volunteers in human bodies all over Planet Earth, below, on and above, to assist in the magical transformations which are occurring, even now.

“And as you lift up into Higher Realms, as many of you have done – and whether you are permanently there or not makes no difference – as you come up into the higher levels of what you call the 4th Dimension, you will be meeting many, many, many beings whom you have until this moment regarded as magical creatures – the fairies, the unicorns and so on and so on!  And there are others.  They are all in residence on Planet Earth. Some have even been visible to people who have not recognized that they are actually looking into a Higher Dimensionality!

“Take the children, the very young ones, who speak of their magical friend who is with them all the time.  This is not a made-up kind of a situation.  Children are themselves magical and they know when they are conceived – they already know that they are a Heavenly Spirit coming into a human body!

“And when they are very young they are free with their expressions.  Nobody has told them that they have to be completely quiet and nobody has been able to indoctrinate them, unless their parents are ‘off the charts’ indoctrinated themselves.  No one has been able to indoctrinate them with ideas such as ‘Oh, no, it’s an imaginaryfriend.There is something wrong with you and you need to stop talking about it or other people will think you are crazy,’ you know, and all that.

“How many of you remember that you had a friend?  Perhaps it was a 3-D friend, a teddy bear who talked to you.  Perhaps it was an angel that you could see or hear singing to you.  Perhaps it was a little fairy who flitted about your room.  I am presenting these expressions to you so that you will smile, so that you can relax and remember a time when you were innocent and free as a child!

“Some of you may have had that innocence destroyed at a very young age, but I ask that you simply lose yourselves for a moment.  Go back to a memory that you have retained as a child that was golden, or what you might even call magical.

“For many of you it may have been the first Christmas that you can remember. ForThe Voice it was her father reading the story of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and seeing the Christmas tree on Christmas morning at her grandmother’s house.  And even though she looks back upon her childhood as being somewhat heavy, she has those memories, those pictures in her mind.And when she remembers them, it brings back the almost weightlessness of the young child!

That is Magic that you can give to yourselves in any moment.Why not, when you have a bit of heaviness, why not recall a memory such as that?  You were all children – well, almost all of you had childhoods after being born as babies to mothers on Planet Earth.  Some of you have walked in to bodies, but the body you walked into had those memories.  Access that one’s library and adopt a memory, a Joy-full memory for yourselves!

“This is a simple gift.  It is but an example of how you can give to yourselves during this fabulous time, this Season, as you call it, of the Holy Days.  There is so much that is happening, and it is because you have stepped up and waved your Magic Wands, as it were, to come together, first in agreement that this time the Ascension of the Planet would be successful!!!

“And more and more you have continued reaching agreement on what is important, on what needs to be done on what you might call the practical level and it always comes from Higher Levels, does it not?Access the Higher Levels within your own Divine Selves!

“Move energy throughout your bodies by moving your hands, even if you don’t have a wand.  Move the energies and if you have a wand, then use that.  You are simply using the wand as an extension of yourselves.  You are giving it life and if it has a crystal in it, or if you have a crystal that you can hold in your hand – no matter how big or how small – you are further empowering yourselves with what you are perfectly free to call the ‘Magic’ of Who You Really Are!  You have powers and capabilities within yourselves, Beloved Ones!!!

“And so it is to activate your own powers, bringing yourselves up into Higher Levels, and when you do this, you feel the Magic of it all.You feel the Bliss, the Freedom and the Joy and you become One With All of Us in one grand, magical moment.  And so it is that together, we are accomplishing what many said or thought could not happen!  But it is!!!

“So thank yourselves.  Give yourselves credit and then you can thank those of us who are joined with you.  This includes your Ancestors, your Starseed Brothers and Sisters, those of us you call the Masters, the Angels, the Archangels, and the dwellers of the Higher Kingdoms.  Know that we’re all together in this!  Know that you are the ones with the power of the magical wands! Know that you are the ones that are calling forth and creating the accomplishments, those which have already happened in your Earth time, and those which lie ahead for you upon the grand timeline of this Planet!!!

“And know that I, Merlin, am thrilled to be with you!  I have been around a long time.  I am part of a greater identity, but my excitement, my Joy is seeing all of the transformationsthat are occurring.  In my lifetime as Merlin, there was a great blooming across the land.It was called a ‘Code of Honor.’And while it had its bloody moments, it was nevertheless a grand expression of how one human should treat another!

“And it was a grand celebration of life and, yes, of Love in all expressions.  And there was a place – there were many places -that today might be regarded as magic or imaginary.  I’m here to tell you, they existed!  And they are waiting for you – Avalon, Camelot and all of the places that you may have in your Hearts!

Many of you were there.  And I greet you as my Brothers and Sisters in mission and service during that wondrous age.  And there have been many since then and there were many before then – bright moments, bright moments, shining moments upon Planet Earth!!!  And I promise you, we have been together all this time in the Oneness of all life.  And we continue the journey into the Golden Age and beyond, together!And if ever you are doubting this, you have only to look no farther than your own Hearts!

“Bring forth the Magic of the child and there I am with you to share with you your own magical moments!  Orperhaps you will see a dragonfly, someplace or other, and know that that is my greeting to you.  For my favorite shape – and I took this form many times, even though you may be more familiar with that of the owl – it was the dragonfly that was most special to me and still is!

“So I live in the dragonflies.  I live with you and I am most honored to join you in celebration of the return of the Magic! And so it is. Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.

Given through Susan Leland, December 9, 2014.

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2014.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted

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