Illuminate Your Unconscious

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Our unconscious is quite massive and has a greater affect upon us than we may sometimes realize. This is where all you are seeking resides until it manifests into your life.  When things don’t happen as anticipated, it could be there’s a blockage in your unconscious.  If you keep receiving information or insights and don’t know where it’s from, it could be your unconscious.

Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects are parts of what creates your unconscious. The way in which the Goddess described it was that it’s you as your human self, just as it’s aligned with the universe and your divinity.

During the channel the Goddess spoke of opening a door to the unconscious and walking through.  As we did this, I immediately felt the energy of immense potential. I could see where people walked right up to what they had been seeking to manifest.  In fact, it gave you the opportunity to feel what it’s like to live what you are seeking.

For others, it was as if a separation occurred.  This is where people had the opportunity to clear out whatever was separating them from what they seek.  It’s a really powerful tool to create change in your life.


Nama sika; Venia benya, Nama sika; Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out to each one of you sending my energy, sending my light, sending my consciousness so that we may create that link, so that we may create that alignment that you have all of the time.  It is always available to you, but as you open it up in this way let it fill you up.  Let it help you to amplify your own energies so that no matter what is happening within and around you, you can in this now moment be centered and focused.

When we have these gatherings there is always so much that is taking place.  Not only are each of you making that conscious choice to come and share some time with me, but I the Goddess and the other Beings of Light also make that commitment to also be here and available for you.  There is a flow of energy between the earth plane and the universe that is broader and more available than it has ever been before.

This flow is what gives each of you the opportunity to not only know your own divinity with a greater ease, but it also allows you to create deeper alignments with the stars, the planets that are out within your galaxy, with all the many layers that are available.  There is joy in my heart for this opportunity to be with you!

I wish to share at the beginning here that many times when you come and join me for these journeys I recognize that you do so because they feel good.  You are seeking to create a change or perhaps even you’re seeking answers to some of your questions.

More and more each one of you has the ability to create change in your life that will happen instantaneously.  You have been asking to manifest with greater ease – check.  You have been seeking answers for some of those ongoing questions – check.  You’ve been seeking to find that balance and that awareness for who you are within your life – check.

What I mean by that is that you have already done all of the work for these answers that you are looking for.  You have already manifested everything that you seek to have.  It’s right here.  You have already expanded that alignment between your divinity and your human self; call it your ego or your personality.  It is here.

It makes me smile whenever I make statements like that because I can already hear you saying ‘no, no, no you are wrong if I could manifest it I would have and it by now’.  So my message to you in this instance is that I invite you to peel away the layer, or the layers, from within your belief systems that keep you from being able to seek, have and do whatever it is that you are seeking.

I like to speak of this while we are still here very grounded so that you can make that conscious choice.  ‘This is what I am choosing to know about in my life.  This is the direction that I seek to go.  This is possible and I am open to receive and accept that truth for what it is’.  I say this not as a criticism, but I can already see so many of you saying No not me, no I’m still here in my same old place.

If when you have an opportunity to shift into something new or create a new belief system for yourself the over-riding energy is no that is not possible for me or no to anything.  It keeps you held back and in that space where you may be stuck or where your potentials seemingly are unavailable to you.

So beloved family as you are here in your everyday reality as you call it I invite you if only for this next little bit that you go into that place in your mind and just lovingly turn it off.  Turn the corner; shift it around, whatsoever you need to do.  Maybe even give it a hug, but make that choice that you are looking and open to an alternative.

Take a deep breath in and send that energy down into the earth.  Let yourself feel the energies of Gaia.  Let that anchor you so that you breathe out.  Let your consciousness shifts out as if it bursts out through the top of your head.  Let your consciousness stream up until you find that alignment with your higher self.

As you look around within this space allow yourself to know what that is.  Be open to the blend of divinity and your human experience as it is represented right here.

Allow your focus to shift even further as if your consciousness streams to the end of that beam of light that links you as the human with your divinity so as you follow it out it just connects automatically with your divinity.

Open up your consciousness.  Have a sense of realizing how much is here and available here for you from within your divinity.  First and foremost feel the warmth, the love, the embrace for who you are.  This is that one place where you don’t have to prove a thing.  You don’t have to be anything.  You need only have to be yourself.  Feel that genuine acceptance from you as your source energy.

I invite you to look around as I the Goddess move in and amongst you or each one of you.  I reach out my energy to yours.  I embrace you and as our energies merge we shift into the All That Is.  Look around at what is here for you.  It may be things that you have been working on.  You may find some of the other people from your soul group are here for you.  There are many of the various Angels and Beings of Light who congregate within this space.

The energies are still gathering as I pause in this moment because there is a great deal that is taking place both upon the earth and out in the universe.  Humanity likes the big immense, dramatic changes so there is no doubt it happened; something occurred; here I am.

So too out in the universe when there are transitions taking place in the universe you like to see those great big huge transitions.  It does not diminish or make less than for you if the transitions taking place are very subtle.

I invite you to have a sense of opening up your energy, opening up all of your consciousness here within this space so you could take in all the subtle nuances that are here for you.  See? You have way more abilities than you give yourself credit for.  As I said that I could immediately see the flow of energy that has shifted all that was here, all that was taking place.

So often people will ask ‘when change is going to take place upon the earth; when will there be peace?  When will I manifest what I am seeking to have?’  You have probably already realized that there is a great deal that is taking place in the unconscious energies within and around you.

Just as your consciousness is created through your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your perceptions, your experiences, your divinity, so too all those various energies create in your unconscious.  Part of the difference is that when you focus your awareness on the things that you seek to have or you want to have you can think about it, you can focus; you can work with the energies or your emotions.

When it comes to your unconscious energies it may be that there is something that is sabotaging you.  It may be that your unconscious energies are also there in full support of you.  It may be that your unconscious energies are seeking something even better and works therefore to keep you from manifesting what you think you want so that you may have what you do want, ultimately.

As I speak of this I hear people in the background saying ‘I have the free will to make my own choices.  I have the free will to make my own mistakes if it be’.  Your unconscious energies are part of the human that you are.  It is not that your unconsciousness is something outside of you trying to control and manipulate.  They are just as much a part of you as what you can see and feel what you know you are thinking about.  It is simply that it’s vibrating in a perspective of which you are not aware.

Indeed there are times when your unconscious energies is what is vibrating at those higher levels of awareness.  So too there may be strains of energies within it that are vibrating at the lower perspective.  When they speak about the mind and the consciousness of the human and how it is barely tapped into its potential they are speaking about what you are conscious of so that unconscious fills up a huge space.

Let us shine the light of your divinity upon this place within you.  Let us shine the light of the universe and that crystalline energy to create a balance so that you may merge.  A part of your unconsciousness is just the foundation for who you are in this lifetime.  You may not even think it is necessary to open up to that knowledge or awareness and perhaps it isn’t necessary, but if you create a greater flow between your consciousness and your unconsciousness then as you seek to manifest and you seek to create change it will facilitate all that happens within and around you.

I invite you to have a sense of looking at this in whatever way that works for you.  If you have that sense of going within your consciousness until you reach that doorway as if you are opening up a door.  Open up the door to your unconsciousness and walk through into this space.

As you move into this place you may see it as if vast landscape.  You may see it as waves.  You may feel it as a pure energy.  Walk through the door and I invite you to first of all strengthen the alignment within this space so that it more fully supports you.  What I mean by that as you’re here in the energies of your unconsciousness be open so that you may expand your perceptions.  Ask first of all what is most important for you to know in this now moment.  Feel, see, sense, know the wave of that energy as it flows within and around you.

I sense that some of you are actually creating an energy or an essence that will be like a guide that will assist you within this space.  That guide is you.  It is not anything outside of you it is you simply stepping up as a means of interpreting what is here.  What is that main issue or problem that keeps coming up again and again for you?  Ask to see what the vibrational alignment is within your unconsciousness.  Perhaps there are some answers of which you are unaware.

Look around again as if you are stepping up outside of that box of everything of which you are aware.  Open to the subtle nuances that are here communicating here with you.  If your life was a particular way look through your unconsciousness and see, sense, feel or know what the perception is that is here for you if your life was the way you would like it to be.

What I find interesting as I look at this is this is where I see some of you stepping directly into and living in the dimension in which everything is right there exactly as you are seeking to have it.  If that is the case amplify those energies as if you are there with them.  Amplify those energies and allow them to integrate into your conscious.

There are others where I see them that they are seeking to have something that is all spread out, but yet the energies here is several steps away from that.  What is does is that is it gives the vibration or the essence of what you are seeking to have that sense of not being real, or not being authentic, or not being something viable to you.  So the majority of your consciousness or your focus is in this place of lack, or that place that doesn’t believe it’s for real or that it’s an illusion so that it remains in that space that is separated from what you seek.

As if you open up the heart of your consciousness flow unconditional love from your divinity as if you are in the All That Is into that space of where there is that lack, where there is a perceived invalid or less than whatever it may be.  You need not judge.  You need not consider or analyze simply flow love into those energies and the love that you flow is automatically from your divinity and here with the unconsciousness, even though we are in the All That Is, it still has energies of the Ego or the Personality surrounding it creating like a barrier.

So flow the energies of Love, of Light, of unconditional acceptance into whatever that may be.  Whew I could feel a shift taking place.  I could feel people opening to acknowledge what that is.  Perhaps there is a message there.  Perhaps there is some sort of protective mechanism.  Be open to receive or acknowledge whatever that may be, ~whew~ let go anything at all that no longer serves you.  If you are feeling things within your physical reality, clear out the energies, expand the energies.  So too here in the All That Is don’t forget that you too can expand the energies.

Once you have created this shift and you have infused unconditional love into that energy that was keeping you separate or apart from what you desire have a sense of realigning, of shifting, of asking again for that which you seek and see where everything lands within it at this time.

For some it is as if I am seeing you shift into a higher potential than what you were asking for yourself.  For others that gap that I saw before is much lessoned, or greatly lessoned.  Have the intention of here within your unconsciousness of reaching out, finding the alignment and creating the flow and the balance that supports you.  Again the energies of your divinity flow through illuminating all that is here.

And if there are shadows or things that are hidden from you shine that light to illuminate all that is helpful for you to know at this time.  All that is here that will assist you in moving forward.

I invite you to go back to that doorway again or whatever it was in your perception and as if you stand there on the threshold look at everything of which you are conscious and then look at everything that you are unconscious.  Already there is a much greater amount that is illuminated within your unconsciousness, but as if you weave together these patterns of energy, weave together so that you have just your consciousness.  So you can become aware of all that you need to know about to assist you in your life.  So that if you are seeking to manifest something and it is not happening for you, you can now look around and say ‘okay I release whatever that may be and I then I embrace that is in the best interests of all involved’.

Allow that to fill you up.  Allow that to assist you so that when you look around there is only that which is supportive of you and if you find yourself out of balance or alignment with that you will find yourself being pulled back in with so much greater ease and then as you look around at your life you are open to receive.  You are open to experience all the many different potentials that are here for you.

I invite you to open up your consciousness in such a way that you allow yourself to integrate even more of the light body energies as if it is a beam of light that comes from the universe.  Be open to that which is within the alignment with your own divinity.  For many people it comes from your divinity.  It is the aspect that lives out in the universe.  So let that flow here within this space and amplify all that you are doing.

Yes this is where you may receive your information.  This is where you are anchoring the energies within that higher, lighter, finer vibration.  So be open and let it wash through you, immediately you feel your vibration rising even higher.

Your light body energies or your crystalline body is associated with the 5th dimension and higher in regards to your earth.  Dimensions have different perspectives when they were out in the universe.  It is much less linear so we don’t categorize a shift in consciousness.  It is what it is.

Is it possible that as you are living your life upon the earth you may begin to seek to live your life in whatever the vibration is that feels good to you, letting go a particular number; letting go a particular category.  Instead allowing yourself to be in that full balance between your unconsciousness and consciousness.  Be in a place where you make choices that fully support you and all that are around you so that you manifest the life you are seeking to have with much greater ease, because you are in alignment, because you are open to receive.  I feel all this joy just bubbling up out of people and I see you making that adjustment within your life.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you look around what is your primary focus or awareness? Who is here within your space and be open to recognize that it is an even greater expansion because you have shifted so much of your consciousness into your unconsciousness your potential to perceive is that much bigger.

So take it all in and know that you first and foremost you are supported by your own divinity, but you are also supported by all the Beings of Light that are here.  Not just the Angels, but all the others here that come in this space seeking to support each other in your own personal growth.

Allow the hologram of the earth to come up within the center of this group.  As the hologram arrives within this space pay attention to your expanded perception of what you see in front of you or around you.  Have the intention of infusing all that has taken place this evening, including that alignment with your Light Body into the hologram.  So too it is like there is this beam of light that is that pure crystalline energy that is supporting and amplifying all else that is taking place or shifting within here.

Have a sense then of releasing the hologram.  It moves through who are here.  It follows that crystalline grid.  It follows that pathway that just moves down and into the earth.  It goes down with the center of the earth.  It is almost as if there is this spiral motion and the hologram itself is anchoring into the earth.  It is shifting creating an adjustment and it then moves up coming up through every layer of the earth, coming up on top of the earth through the water, the grass, the trees, your own energy and your own essence comes up through you.  You may feel it coming up through your feet and your legs.  You may feel it coming up through your energy body.  Let yourself be open as you anchor and receive all that this is to you.

Look around at this perspective of the earth as you are looking from your divinity and your All That Is to see if there is anything you need to know from this higher perspective.  Is there anything that is in your benefit to know?

I then invite you to have a sense of letting go of the All That Is.  You allow your focus to come back within your divinity.  As you feel yourself within your divinity once more look around with this hugely expanded consciousness.  Look around at all that is here.  Allow that to flow through as it streams down it comes through your higher self.  Your consciousness comes back down within you.  As the human you need to expand the energy that is around you so that you can integrate this greater awareness of who you are.

As it is anchoring within all your energy bodies from your earthly perspective open up your mind.  Open up your consciousness and feel the flow between your unconscious and your conscious.  Feel the flow and the movement so that you can open up that doorway and in your everyday life have that greater awareness so as you make conscious choices and decisions within your life you do so in a way that fully supports you.

Take a deep breath in.  Allow that to anchor and integrate within you.  You have everything that came up within the earth and you have everything that is in the human space let it all blend and merge.

Alright beloved family, as you move through the next days and weeks upon the earth remember that you have illuminated your unconscious mind.  Remember that you have chosen to weave together your unconscious and your conscious.  Remember that as you seek to manifest letting go of anything at all that no longer serves you and opening up to that intention of awareness will assist you of in moving forward in your life.

I am always with you and within you.


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