Being Authentically You

While it may seem as though nothing is occurring, so much really is! We are integrating a lot and more and more folks are awakening and wondering, “What is going on? Everything is falling apart!” Well yes, everything must fall apart in order to build anew. We can’t just build a new structure on top of a garbage heap. We must let go of the garbage and begin to build who we are becoming. Here is an exercise for you, if you choose to take the time to do it:

Write a story of who you were; then write a story of who you are; and finally, write a story of who you intend to be (what kind of life you intend; who you are as a person, etc.) burn the first story and as you read the second story, notice how different you are from the first story. And then see how the third story is so much like who you are already.

This exercise will show you just how much life has shifted for you and what you are moving towards. Remember, this is a journey; not a goal that we put a timeline to. Several people have written and asked, “When will this end?” They claimed they could not take one more step, and actually a few blamed me and what I share for their despair.

Yes, it has been difficult to say the least, yet there is a sense of profound Joy beneath any perceived despair. Take a breath and see it all as a journey, for Ascension is infinite. You reach one plateau and another is there for you. This is the New. In the old, there were goals and a place “to get to.” No more; life continues to unfold infinitely. As a person’s consciousness grows, so does their Awareness and so does life. Through new Awareness, we make certain choices and every choice creates a particular thread of life. So you see, life doesn’t simply happen randomly; it is created by you; every single aspect of it. Do you like what you see? Then continue to make choices based on your Joy. Do you not like what you see? Then make a change. It is all about Joy. Follow your Bliss and you will live a Bliss-full life. And it is all within, for extraneous circumstances don’t bring you misery or happiness; these are perceptions based on having one’s focus on the outside of themselves. Joy is within. It doesn’t matter what is going on “out there.” No-one or nothing can take your Joy from you. Happiness or sadness, on the other hand, is dependent on outer circumstances. Every event is a learning gift and always points the way…to more Joy.

There is no one way to interpret. Every event and dream are multi-leveled; yet we can choose what in the message or dream resonates the most for us. For instance, you might dream of a person. The person represents a part of you; the dream represents something from your past; the dream represents something in your future. It depends on what you choose to empower in the dream. If you dream of a baby; does it symbolize you and your New Life or the past or future or all of it? When you experience something in life, go beneath the surface event and see what the messages are. There will be one message that stands out to you; that resonates based on your feelings. Go with that one. Yet, don’t limit yourself to one message or one meaning. They all are guiding you. No-one can tell you what this or that means, for they come from their own experience. Only you can do that. In the old, we could look it up in a book of symbols. That doesn’t fit anymore, for we are much more than one-dimensional beings. That is why there are so many things to choose from. Each choice creates a particular pathway. There are no wrong choices. Each choice simply takes us on a particular journey and brings new Awareness. Even a non-choice is a path. Yes, there is no single path in life. There are many and they are all designed to bring you closer to your Joy. If there is one purpose to have, it is to be in Joy; it is not the form that matters; it is the essence.

There is a new Understanding we now have, and we see that so much has shifted and expanded from a singular view to a multi-dimensional view. Perhaps those who have always been multi-task oriented were really preparing for this time. Have you ever been in a conversation where the topics flowed randomly and yet you were able to follow it; not in a linear way, but in a non-linear, free-flowing way? That is part of being multi-dimensional. Our Souls communicate in the same way. It rarely tells us what to say or do, but comes through as feeling and resonance. Then it is up to us to just follow the feeling. (This is not to say that our Souls are separate from us; we are One and the same. However, not everyone is Soul-merged at this time.) In the old, we would assign a certain meaning to a certain thing. Now, in the New, we realize there are many different meanings to one particular thing. Many want to know what they “should” do and what they are “supposed” to do; well, drop these words from your vocabulary and consciousness. There are no shoulds or supposed-to’s. There is only choice and that is entirely up to you.

Some choose to have things difficult and complicated. O.K; that fine. Some choose to have things easy and simple; O.K; that’s fine too. Whatever you choose is just perfect and each choice creates. A lot of folks just want to choose things to be predictable and controlled. Well, that’s their choice and still it will bring experience. So whether a person chooses to fly into new territory or cling to what they know, there is no judgment in either. In both scenarios, there is growth. One may think they’re better if they are always stretching into unfamiliarity, judging the ones who want to stay in their comfort zones. There is no better or worse than. There is simply choice. By realizing it is our choice to do or not do anything, we also empower self-Responsibility.

By realizing that how we see life is a personal choice and is based on where we are in consciousness, we take full Responsibility for everything in our life. This isn’t blame; it is simply realizing that we create everything in life and every choice and perception brings us closer to that realization. Truly, what good does it do you to blame yourself, your parents, an ex-wife or the government for anything? It actually stops your growth. When you can realize that by taking Responsibility for yourself (and not for others’ actions) and making your own choices as to how you want to live, you are freed from ongoing patterns of victimhood. Have you ever been around someone who complained about an ex-lover, ex-wife, outer circumstances, parents, childhood, etc? What does your energy do?

Our energy tells us everything we need to know about making a choice. When your energy is lowered, it is telling you that this isn’t where you belong. When your energy is high, it is telling you that this is a good thing; “More please!” It is all so simple. Do those things that raise your energy; your vibration. Leave behind those things in which your energy drops. It is not about what someone else does or doesn’t do or say; it is how you feel energetically. This is resonance. You either resonate or you don’t. It’s that simple. Of course, this takes Awareness. If you are not aware of how your energy is guiding you, you most probably are still blaming things “out there.”

When you listen to or read someone’s words, go beneath and see what you feel. This is really big for lots of folks, since we’ve been programmed to believe everything a person says or writes; especially those we put in the “authority box.” For example, a person can put anything on their website and if you pay attention to the energy beneath, you will discover the truth. It’s a fun exercise actually. Recently, a local newsperson reported that the big ball of fire in the sky was “space junk.” I thought, “Hmmm; really?” And then later I saw that it was a rocket that burned up. “Hmmm; really?” It doesn’t matter what it was; all that matters is that we question and follow our own energy of what is true or not true…what we resonate with or what we don’t resonate with. And truth; isn’t that up to each person’s Awareness and perception anyway? So let go of the details and focus instead on how you feel.

So yes, we truly are in the New. There is no doubt about that; none at all. Everything is changed. We cannot live in the same old way as before. There is nothing to control, manipulate or try and get. There is no trying at all! There is only being in this Moment. There is no figuring out or planning our next move. Everything is out in the open, so there is no pretending to be something you’re not. There is only being authentically you. From this place of radical Honesty, you will be guided to your next choices. All there is to do is to clear your own self and allow for Grace to guide you.


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Awakened and helping us all to ascend with Terra.I am an energy healer working with the Ascended masters and Archangels We are all beings of light here visiting University Earth,through our oversoul and monad. We are currently about to enter the 5th dimensional frequencies of light and exit the 3rd dimensional duality we have been entrained in over thousands of years on the birthwheel. I am the empty bone for spirit to work through. We are all One
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